Friday, March 2, 2018

Mass Shooting Awareness and Agenda

Q. Lately, I've been depressed about the "mass shootings" that have been happening with increasing frequency. It is my belief, after much research, that these are completely staged by the deep state--a powerful group of government, corporate, political, and financial elite--for the purpose of moving towards an unarmed citizenry with a one world government. I'm depressed because I thought that Trump's administration would have put a stop to them. I mean, how hard can it be to go after the perpetrators, since they're hiding in plain sight? (Start interrogating the crisis actor who claimed to see dead bodies or the coroner who signed off.) I'm also depressed because my family, after 2-3 years of valiant effort on my part--still think I'm crazy and these shootings are real. I know in the depths of my soul that they are staged, and besides that, I've got plenty of research to back up my hunches. 

My question to you is...will the general public ever wake up to these? If so, when? Will the Trump administration be able to put a stop to them? Or will they just go on and on until the masterminds reach their goal of an unarmed citizenry? It just boggles my mind that normal human beings can't see what's right in front of them. I'm worried more about the warped psychology of children that is based on a lie than unarmed citizenry, but both are dangerous.
A. When I tune into this, I see a huge divide in the population.  There are some that watch the television and believe the media.  They don't want to think they are being lied to, and feel outrage at these shootings.  They are so emotional and upset they would give up their rights freely (which is part of the genius agenda driven by the PTW, Powers That Were) in the name of safety.  It is easier to trust what they are told rather than open up their minds.  Once you "know" something, you can't "unknow" it, so they take the path of least resistance.  I am told it is important to realize that the truth will always nag at their subconscious, and slowly (sometimes VERY slowly) makes it's way to the surface.

The other group of people see things for what they are.  They have sought out truth, and crave it so much that it starts to find them like a magnet (Law of Attraction at work).  Crisis actors come forward, even recycling some of the same ones from event to event.  I hear the phrase "The truth always hides in plain sight."  The PTW taunt us to see just how much we will tolerate.  They sprinkle in truth, and lately these events have been horrible, lives being sacrificed (please take a moment to send love to these families because this really has been a horrific event), which tugs at our emotions and makes the event feel real, questioning our intuition, when in reality that is just a small part of the truth that has been manipulated to serve their agenda (then I hear "que stage left as if it is a master plan being worked out.")

As the collective consciousness and awareness rises, there are people shifting to the more questioning side.  People realize this doesn't feel good, and when they look at why, they start to realize most of what they feel isn't genuine to their own self, it is what others have pushed on them.  

The PTW are preying on emotions to keep the division going, and working double time to get agendas in motion to where they are difficult to reverse.  They started with stirring up feelings on race, feminism, religion, gender, immigration and now guns. I hear in a cynical voice "and now they've hit the bullseye with guns."

I do get that Trump sees this for what it is, and is trying to delicately deal with the situation.  He is for gun rights, but also knows everything he says and does (good, bad and ugly) is under a microscope.  He is looking for a balance, and I hear "he is working on putting out the fire."

I see two major agendas emerging.  The first is the most obvious.  The PTW want to slowly disarm the country, and create opportunities for taxation (tax to keep, license, sell, etc).  They know they cannot eliminate all guns, so they are smart enough to start slow.  They instigate some false flags with long riffles to put them on the radar. Fear is powerful, and they (the PTW) are using it to their benefit.  I hear that "some of the most outspoken people know the littlest about guns, but are effective in spreading fear"  "AR does not stand for assault riffle, it stands for ArmaLite rifle, a clip is not the same as a magazine, and most guns are semi-automatic (it isn't unique to long guns)."  Then, I hear "they conveniently forget to mention that some of the areas with the most gun control have the highest violent crime" because that doesn't support their goal.  Evil people will do evil things with or without guns, and laws only apply to those willing to honor them.  I hear "drugs are illegal, and are we in an epidemic right now?" The PTW spread fear as fact, and forget many actual facts. 

The second agenda is to create situations that get people that haven't been able to vote (teens turning 18 and people that haven't established citizenship yet) upset, siding with the the Democrats and ready to get involved in the next election.  The PTW are giving a voice (and tv time) to part of the population that was previously overlooked. The Democrats used to try to win the population by proposing things that appealed to their party, but now that they are losing their advantage, they need to create a new voter base.  They have their sights on the 2020 election, and anyone they can "turn" to their side, they will.  It isn't about helping people (and the real reason they didn't vote to give 1.8 million undocumented immigrants a pathway to citizenship- as they couldn't vote by 2020), it is about trying to get back some power by growing a NEW Democratic party.  (As a side note, I'm not sure how this fits, but I get that the teens from Florida are somehow involved with drama clubs, and the PTW promised them some kind of fame if they became outspoken, enraged and help spark a movement with kids their age ???????)

Please, please take a moment to send some positive thoughts and light to our country and the world we live in.  SO much balance needs restored, and healing needs to happen!

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Cheryl said...

I so wish more people would wake up to these false flags, or at least be willing to analyze the inconsistencies in what's being fed to them. I'm sick of being called a crazy conspiracy theorist!

On another note. . .on the subject of Democrats getting more people in their voting pool, on February 18th the Chicago Tribune ran an article about how Chicago is coming out with a new municipal ID card that you can get without proving you're a U.S. citizen. And that these cards were designed so that illegal immigrants could use them to register to vote. I'm not kidding! The article also stated that you do not have to prove you're a U.S. citizen to vote in the state of Illinois. Here's a link to the article:

Christina Gould said...

Thanks so much, Lynn.

Robert Schoen said...

What a great read, and a lot of information I never knew before on the guns in question, the fact that the school shooting and these fake student spokesman were designed to influence the young voters who will be 18 by 2020. I also love Lynn's point that the Democrats don't care about DACA because it wouldn't allow them to vote by 2020 and Cheryl's point Illinois is allowing illegals to vote.

These have been very trying times especially the constant barrage of fake events and manipulative topics obsessively covered in Fake news that it is polarizing many and even created a form of shunning for those who see what's going on and that Trump is the best hope for changing things.

I hope they arrest these fake student actors for accessory to murder. Almost as an expression of contempt for the intellegence of people, they even brought back the easily identifiable long hair brunette, "Merl Streep of Mayhem", who showed up at Sandy Hook, the Boston Marathon Bombing, the Aurora movie shooting and other fake events.

In 2012 they passed a law that allows the government to conduct false flag operations giving these deep state operatives some cover and explaining why in some no one was actually killed. The day after the Parkland school shooting one of the students started a gofundme for a student march where he raised a million and it might be up to 3 1/2 million by now. A lot of money to hire more crisis actors and to create more staged atrocities.

While promoting these fake student actors, they have also been banning young truth tellers by banning them on Youtube so that only the fake voices are heard. Anti-School's Isaac Green came out with a video shortly after the shooting that showed how quickly these fake events can be exposed and he was banned for life on Youtube.
here is that video which is worth a look and sharing with others:!/v/antischool/si9hu31v

Why not write the White House and urge Trump to expose and end these fake events once and for all?

Christina Gould said...

Robert, funny that you said write the president. I pounced on one of Trump's infamous tweets this morning, and saw that my reply would be #26 (just 26!), so I took my shot. My reply to him: "Please stop these staged mass shootings! They are active shooter drills posing as real events!" It felt good.

Brian Planton said...

There is nothing to be depressed about. Most of these shootings nobody even dies in. Remember that. And you might want to pick up the 'dissapearance of the universe' book by gary renard. It can help to realize not to be depressed about this world also.

Anonymous Reader said...

Seeing how things have been going on within the mainstream media and current agendas/trends doesn't really surprise me much. It's midterms coming up and Democrats are desperate to bring the "blue wave" over to congress/senate. It also seems that social media censorship has been ramping up big time, again with suspicious timing and recent agendas.

Somehow, I hope this ridiculous censorship tactics get stopped, but it seems like it'll only get worse before it gets better.

The enlightened one said...

I get that Trump will not deal with this problem. There are like two parallel rulers, one of which is Trump, and another one which is the Ptw, both ruling side by side, and not always working in the same direction, but it appears the ptw have reserved their own area of rule.

But I get Trump was only the first in a series of rulers to come, in response to a calling of the people's wishes. There will be otherones to continue where Trump left off. These will make an end to the power of the ptw. They will make progress, indeed, many small steps of progress, but it feel like they're running uphill, and for every step they take towards the realization of their agenda, it seems the goal is still just as far away.

Some people have always been awake, others will always be asleep. I get it's not in the knowing of the truth with the people that the source of the downfall of the evil ones lie. No, it lies in their inner wish and longing for change. However blind to the truth a human being may be, if she wishes change, it will come.

As for the more private matters touched upon by the author of the question, I think such problems is just a manifestation of the force behind all other manifestations of evil on this planet. As the grip of evil weakens, so will also cease all negative or bothering matters of a private nature.

Buddhist Lady said...

So is now a counter site for videos? Correct? Good.

@Anonymous Reader..."...I hope this ridiculous censorship tactics get stopped...." Nope. Accept the fact that Facebook, YouTube, InstaCrap, Twitter, etc. are actively now engaged in censorship. You are effectively censored at this point in time.

Christina Gould said...

Thanks, Enlightened One, I'm the original question-bearer, and I got a lot out of your message.

Christina Gould said...

Buddhist Lady, true. Today, Alex Jones' YouTube channel has been frozen for the third time this week. This is after YouTube claimed the first two were a "mistake" caused by "rogue" employees.

They keep moving the goal post towards censorship and are hoping they'll get away with it. It's imperative, after all, that the American public not wake up to the false flags, etc.

Beware of corporations that come bearing gifts in the form of "Internet Bill of Rights."

Denise Christensen said...

Great reading, Lynn! Your words ring true for me. I find it interesting to think that some of these kids were enlisted from drama clubs and tempted with promises of celebrity, etc. The PTW get them young when they're malleable and easily influenced. Those who are obedient will be rewarded and find themselves heading to Hollywood no doubt. Speaking of which, this weekend is the Oscars and we will see everyone will have traded in their "Times Up!" pins (from the last award show) for their "Anti-Gun Violence" pins. It all feels so desperate to me. The PTW are working overtime--they must feel the noose tightening around their necks!

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you again for all the comments! I really like reading all the points of view, and see info come together! It really does give clarity and help see even more perspective. Thanks again!

Serene said...

As the relative of someone who is actively in theater...I can see how a person from any business or organization finds a way to get in contact with impressionable theater teenagers and offer them a gig that they think could potentially lead to more theater exposure.

At their age, they can say yes before the idea has even been presented to their parents. At the outset it appears their intentions are to be part of a better world, but they don't see what is behind all the layers. May they see the Truth in what they are participating in.

(Too bad the PTWs are who they are, they seem to be very smart and could make this a gorgeous, thriving world if they really wanted to.)

Virgil Anderson said...


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