Monday, March 5, 2018

Monday Short Answer (Nazi Germany, Muhammad, Taos Hum, Ball Lightening, Voynich Manuscript and The Mary Celeste)

Hi Lynn,  Can you give your thoughts on the following random questions: 

Q. Why did Nazi Germany actually try to invade Great Britain in 1940?
A.  When I tune into this, I see that Hitler didn't want to invade Great Britain.  It looks like there was some kind of negotiations going on.  It doesn't look like it was a negotiation in the form of a peace treaty, but more of a negotiation of where Hitler felt Germany's border should exist (as if the border or footprint of Germany shifted a lot over the previous years).  The "new" border that Hitler was fighting against looked to isolate parts of the country in ways that they were landlocked, and the country itself was much smaller.  Hitler wanted to regain land that was once owned by Germany pre World War I, or at least regain most of it.  

It appears Great Britain and their allies were against this, leaving Hitler the choice of accepting their new fate, being submissive, or fighting to get it back.  He chose to be on the offensive rather than defensive to show Great Britain how he felt and that his land and country were worth fighting for.

Q. What actually happened when Muhammad saw archangel Gabriel
A. I get that Muhammad was at a point in his life where he felt really lost on the inside.  He had so many questions, and didn't know what to think.  I get he was hoping for a direction and was constantly "in his head."  Right before this event occurred, I see Muhammad took time to "find himself" and try to make sense of the things in his mind.  He felt time away and time to think was important, so he went on a retreat.  It looks like around the time Muhammad left he began a fast to help gain some much needed clarity.

During part of the detox process, he reached a vibration that was high enough to make contact with archangel Gabriel.  I hear that Gabriel was always around, Muhammad just didn't feel open and ready to hear the message.  Gabriel manifested like a hallucination, but the interaction was very real.  This started the first of a few interactions with Gabriel.  These interactions were recorded into what became the Quran, but I hear just how many times a picture can't give an amazing view justice, the Quran can't begin to explain the interaction and connection Muhammad shared with Gabriel.  It truly was what felt like a magical experience.

Q. What is the source of the Taos Hum
A.  I get that all over the world there are energy vertexes and portals.  Above this region there is a powerful, and very active portal.  Various ETs know of this portal, and use it to come and go.  I also get that there is a lot of UFO activity in the skies above Taos as a result of this portal.  Some people are more in tune to hear it, and others are better at ignoring it, but it is always there and constant.

Q. What is ball lightning?
A. It looks like during specific conditions gas within the atmosphere displaces.  I see this visual of methane "burping" from the earth, and the "methane ball" looks encapsulated, or stays in tact.  The methane then gets ignited by a static charge, and creates this explosion. 

Q. What is the Voynich Manuscript? What is its purpose?
A.  I looked at this during a previous Five for Friday reading. In that reading I saw it as a channeled survival guide. It looked like a Pleiadian was the source of the manuscript. The history of life was explained in conjunction with how to survive our ever-evolving environment. I got this was very ahead of its time. The reason the letters appear so strange is because it was not an earthly language being relayed.

Link to previous Five for Friday reading with Da-da:

Q. What happened to the vanished crew of the ship The Mary Celeste? 
A. I did a short reading on this quite some time ago.  I saw that the crew suffered a horrible illness, and weren't prepared to endure such harsh times at sea.  They later hallucinated (due to a sickness and dehydration), and in a panic jumped overboard.  

Link to previous reading:

And that is all I have for these readings.  Thank you.  Love and light- Lynn
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The enlightened one said...

How could Mohammad, if he was such a peaceful man, engage in war and conquest and murder?

Serene said...

It might be pretty much the same with what happened to the Bible. Others people came after and changed scripture to suit their own agenda, which likely did not include peace and prosperity for all. XOXO

Raymond said...

I wonder if the Taos Hum and other 'hums' have the same tone or vibrate at the same HZ?
Is there any special quality to them, like being able to meditate deeper or is it limited to portals and annoying people affected by them?

Thanks for your blog Lynn.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@enlightened one: I see his view was it was necessary as self preservation. Every event and action can be viewed as good or bad depending on what side of the fence you are standing on.. He felt he needed to do what he did for his people.

@Serene: There are LOTS of modifications made throughout history to support agendas. :-(

@Raymond: The hum almost feels annoying. In theory, you would think a portal would be a beautiful thing, but this noise feels like it would make it difficult to meditate. It conflicts with some kind of internal frequency.