Thursday, February 15, 2018

Kim Jong-un

Q. Hi Lynn,  Could you do an in-depth reading on Kim Jong-un?
[After reading this question, I thought it was best to break it apart to address each portion one at a time..]

Q. What does Kim Jong-un hope to achieve politically in the short-term and long-term?
A. I hear his main goal is to create a legacy and be remembered.  He has a big ego (I see a distorted image of him showing him much larger than the people standing around him).  He also wants to have his country seen as a super power.  He feels like in the past countries such as Russia, China, United States and European countries have been seen as powerful and influential.  He wants to have N Korea be a part of that list too. 

His short term goals are to align his resources to propel him to the longer goals of having power and influence.  I also hear that he wants genuine respect, but the forcefulness behind his leadership makes it more a respect from fear versus inspiring leadership (this looks like a short term goal he would like to change, but is a huge challenge).  He also looks (I see a spoiled child) like he got his way most of his life, so what he cannot get from genuine actions and merit is obtained through a demanding nature (and he has the power to do it). 

Q. What is Kim Jong-un's opinion of Russia?
A.  He looks and feels to be envious of Russia.  He is jealous of the size, citizens and infrastructure.  He feels if he had control, he could amass an untouchable army. 

Q. What is Kim Jong-un's opinion of China?
A.  When I focus on China, I hear the word "arrogance."  It looks like in his opinion he is superior, and he isn't too worried about China or nurturing their relationship (because he can overpower them if it comes down to it). He also doesn't trust them, and feels like China is wishy washy when choosing alliances (or even being neutral). 

Q. What is Kim Jong-un's opinion of South Korea?
A.  He sees them as weak, and feel like there is too much American influence.

Q. Does Kim Jong-un secretly admire the United States in any way or does he truly hate it?
A. I hear the phrase "hate is an understatement."  He sees the corruption from the outside, and has seen what the US has done to other countries that goes against its' wishes (destabilization, occupation, etc)   He is very much on guard and watching for an attack (even if it starts passive aggressively).  

I see the cover of a movie called "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man" show itself to me:

Q.  Why does he like Dennis Rodman?
A.  I get KIm Jong-Un respects Dennis as a basketball player, and that is what drew the two of them together.  Once they met, Dennis didn't try to pry or talk about politics.  Dennis treated him like a person which was a welcome distraction for the moment.  For a short time Kim could be just a normal person talking about a sport that he enjoyed watching.

Q. Does he actually want to start a war?
A. I get a strong NO.  He doesn't want a war, but he isn't scared of it either (he has a big ego and can't even consider that he would lose).  He wants to build his country and become a superpower that is respected and carries weight in international and political decisions. 

Q. What does he think of his own regime and North Korean people?
A. He is proud of what he built.  He also feels like he has created something that his father would be proud of.   

Q. Bonus question: Does he listen to any South Korean pop music or any Western music?
A. As soon as I put that question out there I hear Psy's Gangnam Style.  I feel this is symbolic and telling me that he listens to Korean pop music (I even see him dancing in private to it).

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-
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Denise Christensen said...

@Lynn - Thanks for the interesting reading--I got a chuckle envisioning Kim Jon-un dancing in private to Psy Gangnam Style! Glad to hear that he isn't insane and interested in starting a war. But then what leader would want war and the risk of losing everything they've built up?

Regarding the big news story today, I can't help but ask if you see the Florida school shooting as yet another black op? The fact that it happened on Valentine's Day is so cringeworthy. My respects to anyone involved. Here is one link pointing to it being a false flag:

Thank you again for all your work on this blog!

Robert Schoen said...

Q anon
posted many hints North Korea and its nuclear program was controlled by the CIA using Kim as the perfect patsy to start WWIII. The missile aimed for Hawaii said to have originated by a sub could have been blamed on the N Koreans with all the media buildup and everyone would have believed it.

Instead, according to Q, Google's Eric Schmidt, who came out of the CIA and was a major supporter of Clinton and Obama, gave them the missile guidance system and other tech support for their missiles. Often the big picture is lost when the focus is centered on an obnoxious cartoon figure like Little Kim. Let's hope there's an uprise and he gets barbecued to help feed all the starving there. I do have to say I love that he introduced the word "dotard," which I intend to put on a T shirt to get Senior discounts and to use whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Raymond said...

Is there a chance that NK will implode any time soon?
Perhaps it will be from people weary of food shortages or the senior military leaders might be afraid of the path Kimmy Boy is leading them down.

Alex said...

The truth is USA is a big bully who controls the world through unfair practices like an overpowering army. Kim is one of a few countries who dare go against the USA just like how Trump dare to go against the PTW.

Portis said...

Well, I do not want to see anyone get "barbequed" but the question about Eric Schmidt's visit with Bill Richardson to NK in 2013 is relevant. Did the CIA facilitate a technology transfer by some cut-out group to NK in order to set NK up, five years later, as a credible threat to the US, which would allow the US to use the supposed NK threat as an excuse to build up more and more weapons systems at its many bases in SK and Japan and right in China and Russia's back yard?


Portis said...

BTW, a reading on the "Q persona" in general, as well as who is behind it, seems in order.