Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Abuelas, Argentine Submarine, Iranian Airplane and Zimbabwe

Q.  May I pose a different type of question today?  During the military regime in Argentina (second half of the 70s), many politically rebellious couples had their babies illegally taken away and given to military families without children. 

There is a very active group of grandmas trying to find these now grown-up grandchildren and bring them back to their real families.  Actually this question gets a little trickier because the military families where told to legally adopt the babies.  As one can see in the linked list ( these mother's all gave birth during this timeframe to children they cannot locate. 

BTW, yesterday this group (link below) partied in Buenos Aires because they had found grandchild number 125! It was the daughter to the late LucĂ­a Rosalinda Victoria Tartaglia who was a politically active law student back in 1977, and was 24 when she got hijacked in the town of LaPlata. Later her family received a note that she was pregnant and would give birth to her daughter in early 1979! What exactly happened to the mom is not known!


Suppose this group of grandmas would contact you asking for assistance do you see a chance for possibly retrieving one grandchild or another? 

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A. They can absolutely contact me.  There is most definitely a chance at finding another child or at least being pointed in the right direction. 

(I just ask that they contact me through my schedule and make an appointment as I would need to reserve appropriate time. It would also be best to focus on them one at a time so information doesn't get crossed or overlap in my mind.)

If anyone out knows of any other organizations or resources that could help these grandmas, please feel free to leave a comment.

Q. Question: what is the exact location of missing San Juan submarine? Argentine offers USD 5 million reward!

A. I tuned into a map, and I am including a pic (a picture is worth a thousand words).  I marked and "x" where I see this sub to be resting. Love and light be with these families!

LInk to previous reading on this tragic event:

Q. Today an Iranian Airplane crashed during a domestic flight and all 65 occupants are feared dead! Would you possibly be willing to tell us what caused it? The plane is a twin-engine turbo prop machine that left Teheran at 4:30 am and was bound to Yasuj, but crashed 14 miles before reaching its' destination. Flight number ep3704, Carrier name: Aseman Airlines. ( Thank You! (Note: according to Q, 75% of all airplane crashes are not due to natural causes as pilots error, engine failure, etc. Referred by Jordan in his video from Feb 18.)

A. When I tune into this, I get the cold, moisture and ice (?) played a huge role in this crash.  I see things symbolically and literally, and the first thing I get is some kind of frost taking over the windshield (??) that could not be melted.  It then looks as though the controls started to seize and from there the pilots lost control. It was like the controls were locked or frozen in position. The plane hit turbulence due to the fluctuations in air quality (looks to be tied to the terrain beneath? or some kind of terrain fluctuations in altitude effected the air above?), and could not be recovered manually.  The root cause of the crash looks to be control/electrical system malfunction.

Q. There looks to be a threatened coup in Zimbabwe. Could you comment on the future there.Thank you.

A. I do see a shift in control, but it feels like a passive "passing of the torch."  Zimbabwe's leadership realizes they are in peril, and feel like that want someone to come in a save them.  They know they cannot fight this off without a tremendous loss of life.  The greater good is to get some control that will make a difference, but I see the new control feeling very intimidating and abrasive.  

I also get that Zimbabwe has many natural resources that aren't being maximized (and the "new" leadership realizes it and that is why they are willing to put the effort into a take over, creating jobs and boosting the economy in the process).  There feels to be something pure about this region, but I see after the take over is complete the landscape will look much different (I get an image of the movie Lorax when the tree cutters came in and destroyed the woods  It appears the geographic appearance will change significantly through the process.

Please send some positive energy that way, as the people are living in uncertainty and need to be able to find peace and security!

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-
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Thank You Lynn, wonderfull reading! <3

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@Watchand Knock: You're welcome. :-)

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Worrying about Zimbabwe....such a wonderful flourishing country in the past....lovely scenery,tourism and people....all ruined by outside interference.

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