Thursday, February 15, 2018

Quick Glance at the Florida Shooting

Q. Hi, Lynn! 

Was the shooting in Florida on Valentine’s Day real? Did people die? The school was supposed to conduct an active shooter drill the same week. Also, footage purporting to show the shooter being wheeled into the hospital was clearly an empty gurney. I also noticed that 71 people died in the Russian airplane crash the same week, 71 people died in the Grenfell fire in London and now 17 people are said to have died in the Florida school shooting. Any idea what these numbers are about?

Thank you so much for all you do!

[Note:  The following link was shared with me.  I didn't resonate with it, but I wanted to share other perspectives too:]

A.  When I tuned into this I (almost to my surprise) saw this as a real event.  Tragedy does occur, and when I tune in I see a panel of alt left democrats watching this play out on the television (almost in odd excitement).  When I ask, "Why, what is this about?" I get it serves as a great distraction, and also helps to reinforce the agenda to ban some guns and create a "creative taxing opportunity" depending on type of gun and barrel length.  

I also see the media being encouraged to cover this non-stop to keep emotions high, and to keep people talking about it.  This serves the purpose of getting into the subconscious, creating gut reactions, and also giving attention to the criminal(s) and sometimes patsys.  They are intentionally putting A LOT of emphasis on the shooter, which keeps this repetitive activity going because people suffering from imbalance can (when the imbalance is really off) get enamored with having that same fame.  I hear a message that "we need to sympathize and pay attention to the victims of the crime and not the one doing the criminal activity."  

The PTW (Powers That Were) are so terrified of losing control, they have to keep the fear alive.  I hear "the alt left doesn't realize it, but they are just a tool to get to the end game."  Eliminating guns won't stop a person from harming others if they chose, they will just change the medium they use (car, baseball bat, false flag, etc).  I also hear, "where there is a will, there is a way, and criminals will ALWAYS find guns- ask the city of Chicago." Eliminating guns does, however, create a society that is easier to control.

In closing, I'm having a flashback to the following quote:
"The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government." -Thomas Jefferson

[Quick addition:  Hi Lynn, I understand it was a real shooting and people died but Who was behind it ? was it set up because of some agenda, was the shooter MK ultra’d or something like this ? Just a disgruntled ex student seeking revenge?
A.  I guess I didn't really answer that part of the question (I saw it in my mind, but didn't actually put it in words..) I see a person that looks like a teen (but was really an adult working as PTW "minion") coaxed and planted ideas in the shooter's mind until he cracked and followed through..]

If you have 5 minutes, I highly recommend this video:

(Again, I realize that there is some oddity with the numbers, but I could not connect it.  If any of you study numerology and have any insight, please feel free to leave a comment.)

And that is all I have for this reading.  Please take a moment to send some love, light and healing to Florida.  

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A Fox said...

Hi Lynn, I understand it was a real shooting and people died but Who was behind it ? was it set up because of some agenda, was the shooter MK ultra’d or something like this ? Just a disgruntled ex student seeking revenge?

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@A Fox: Thanks for the comment. I guess I didn't really answer that part of the question (I saw it in my mind, but didn't actually put it in words..) I see a person that looked like a teen (but was really an adult working as PTW "minion") coaxed and planted ideas in the shooter's mind until they cracked and followed through.. I will add this to the post itself too.

The Sharing Bridge said...

Touched so deeply by this as our family member was one of the teens shot and killed in the Florida shooting. I intuited the exact same as Lynn’s reading confirms here last night when we first got the news of their passing. It was all too strange - the shooter was in ROTC classes? A suspicious comment made on a you tubers page by an individual with the same name made months ago - and when it was reported to the FBI they said they couldn't trace it? Are you kidding me? I have worked in tech in the Bay Area - there is no way they couldn't trace an individual user on the internet. So much doesn't line up and before we knew the victims names I saw Senators twitter pages calling for more gun laws - btw that was fricking disturbing. When I think of our loved ones and what they are facing - all I have in my heart is love and more love. Keep the Vibes High. Keep High Vibe thoughts and let LOVe into your hearts. LOVE conquers all.

Kelly Palmer said...

The Sharing Bridge....Many positve thoughts and prayers to you, your family and anyone else touched by this horrific act!!!♡♡♡

Watchand Knock said...

The official narrative of just one shooter has been repeatedly questioned, check this video from Jordan (

Robert Schoen said...

Pray for the real victims and their families. It's incredibly frustrating that the monsters behind these attrocities are never called out while the truth is suppressed by the complicit media. A reporter on the scene interviewed a student who was walking with the alleged shooter when the first shots were heard and joked to him that she thought he's be the one doing something like this. Also suppressed were all the student reports of two shooters or visits to the school by the Secret Service. The numerology of the body count, the timing of this with the 666 market crash, anthrax scare and other events show how fake our law enforcement, FBI, the media and Congress are for not calling out the obvious pattern behind these evil deeds that citizens journalists and others clearly see. Just another deranged lone gunman.

These calculated acts that have been going on for almost two decades since Colombine are designed to provoke public outrage to ban guns, but more staged massacres will keep happening until the public wakes up and gets outraged at all the complicit media and government actors that have misled and betrayed them.

Chatty Cathy said...

"No one really ever dies." - Lucy

The PTW know this which is why, historically, they've shown little regard to loss of human life, especially in wars where many, many, many millions have succumbed.

No mind/spirit really dies, we just start over either at the same level (if we fail to polarize positive or negative) or we start at the next higher level (because we have ascended).

Sure, our family and friends left behind will mourn for a period. But only those who lack this understanding would mourn themselves into lifelong misery from which they never recover because they do not understand that this life is a Game with infinite levels yet to be lived.

Chatty Cathy said...

Regarding how death and war are catalysts to encourage us to polarize, this exerpt is from the Law of One. I encourage you to read chapter 34 sections 14-18 but this is section 14:

34.14 Questioner: Can you give me the same type of information that we’ve been working on now with respect to the self relationship with war and rumors of war?

Ra: I am Ra. You may see this in relationship to your gadgets. This war and self relationship is a fundamental perception of the maturing entity. There is a great chance to accelerate in whatever direction is desired. One may polarize negatively by assuming bellicose attitudes for whatever reason. One may find oneself in the situation of war and polarize somewhat towards the positive activating orange, yellow, and then green by heroic, if you may call them this, actions taken to preserve the mind/body/spirit complexes of other-selves.

Finally, one may polarize very strongly third ray* by expressing the principle of universal love at the total expense of any distortion towards involvement in bellicose actions. In this way the entity may become a conscious being in a very brief span of your time/space. This may be seen to be what you would call a traumatic progression. It is to be noted that among your entities a large percentage of all progression has as catalyst, trauma.

* This should be fourth ray. Ra corrected the mistake in the next answer.

Robert Schoen said...

I want to recommend "YouarefreeTV" on Youtube as one of the most informed and articulate independent researchers whose video below puts into context all the factors behind the Florida school shooting.

It's so important these days to find reliable sources of information. Besides following the Q Anon posts, there are so many good independent voices on youtube everyone should know, among them "Destroying the Illusion, Jerome Corsi, BPearthwatch, Dustin Nemos,James Munder, prayingmedic, anti-school,tracy beanz, and Thetruthfactory, among many others. Some good websites to check out are, Wakingtimes, Thedailysheeple, the Millenialreport, Stateofthenation2012, among others.

All of those listed above do this doing this at great financial sacrifice and risk while getting attacked by hackers trying to shut them down, their reports are demonitized by Youtube, yet they do it out of a sense of altruistic duty to report the truth. It is really beautiful that many of these are young people not fooled by the mind control. Alex Jones Infowars is a lavishly funded operation which gives out some of the truth in a "limited hangout" while ignoring many key issues like pedophilia. The worse thing about him is that he is probably a deep state plant actor, much like the Bush loyalist Michael Moore, who deliberately acts like "Yosimity Sam" to make the truth look ridiculous and easy to dismiss by the sheeple. He really is Bill Hicks who hit the bigtime. Just compare him to some of the authentic voices listed above to see how he discredits the truth with his contrived ranting.

Bill Ramirez said...

stones can kill, and have. but they never have been designed by man to be weapons.
taming a lion as a pet, dealing with the nature of a thing , and trouble shows up to remind us. some things are built in. A gun's nature is? it seems to call out an answer to that soon as you put it in the hand of the operator. it calls it out of a person. hand a lover a flower and it calls out something else. we have to reason with our nature and show the delicate respect to what and who we are. Fragile yet sharp to cut..our nature is in all these events and the PTW are representative seats of influence. our parents , our friends, the TV. MOVIES, GAMES, INTERNET etc..we observe and it calls things out, each one to reason.
Anger , Betrayal , GOd, and the DEViL come out fighting like a bell fight. bets are drawn and whos going to win..
like in some high school lunch fight..the onlookers cheer forgetting innocence and running for the betting table.
I cant stand inside this thread to try to outsmart whats obvious to all of us. I don't even feel this my place to. forgive me, I don't find that this is at all even welcomed , feels like im lost and laughed at for even posting this here. I feel we are all victims to all this. and the podium to have a voice is about who can qualify with something to say..or they are nothing.
Loneliness Berayal and shame all play in a school yard with pride, fame and greed..
whatever are the toys they play with soon become weapons.
the nature of a thing rules the day ..for that day
parents peer through the fence in horror ,
who ever thought a penut butter and jelly sandwich could become that..ban jiffy..less peanuts more butter.

im surrounded ..i have a spoon..ahh they shot me.

Buddhist Lady said...

Happy Chinese New Year!!! Gong Hey Fat Choy!! Get out the firecrackers and blast 'em off!! (frightens off the evil spirits) Roll oranges in your house!! (supposedly good Feng shui)

@The Sharing are perceptive and correct. You would hope that most Americans would be stopped cold in their tracks with the fact...not supposition but fact...that the FBI was specifically warned about this individual. "See something, say something." What utter bullsh*t. "See something, say something" is placation for the slumbering masses.

@Chatty...good point. I've read nearly all the Seth material. I need a deeper reading (I will acknowledge). The conundrum becomes how to stop or overcome violence manufactured by STS via human vehicles. We live in a universe where channelers/psychics (not me) reveal that this universe is defined by (1) free will and (2) opposing forces (duality). In other words, other universes, like the one from which the Hathors come [if you believe in them] are not defined by opposing forces but rather balance. Their action in regard to conflict is to use the energy spectrum and disappear. Very cool!!! Their ships, supposedly, have no armaments. You can wipe out the current Feeders (as the Arcturians call them! Too funny!!), but more are lurking.

People need to (1) wake up and (2) become conscious learning how to oppose these forces effectively. Violence produces more violence, but there must be opposition through a growing and dynamic human consciousness on Earth. Stop giving away your powers. However, I must admit, if they want a physical fight, so be it. They will lose. I assure you. The jig's up!! (What kind of fighter woujld you be if you could disappear? You are and you are not. Not simply disappearing into space. Suppose you cease to exist but you exist...where are you?) However, as much as we would like to sock them in their nose, they would just keep coming. So, we humans need to wise up and raise each individual consciousness with knowledge and caring concern/compassion.

Unfortunately, nearly every single psychic or channeler I've read speaks of a time in which great catasrophe occurs here, and that tumult will awaken a great many people...or, as Cathy said, trauma does and will awaken people.

Resident of town outside of Boston said...

Lynn, Can you tell us about the boy— Nicolas Cruz? Is he the same person who said on you-tube that he was “going to be a school shooter someday”? Did he feel strongly about Valentine’s Day? What were his thoughts/mindset that day? Did his mother’s death have anything to do with his behavior? Thanks!

Perun Roberts said...

Ok, I'll chime in on the numbers. Please understand this is just my opinion . The stock market 666 closing was a message from the higher vibration of light to the lower vibration . Similar to the event of the up 911 points stock market close on September 11, 2001... remember? The light is the true power here.and the universe....right? 666 is not an evil number, look at it as a geometric representation of consciousness of matter in form . Think in terms of sacred geometry. Evil is Live reversed and Devil is Lived reversed- just to note this. 666 is also 2/3 or 666% right? We have , currently , 2 strands of DNA intact. As we increase our vibration , the what we call "Junk DNA " ( the 3rd strand) is a reforming/reconnecting as a strand. Therefore, we will have 3 strands of DNA that will repeat and be seen as repeating in say cycles of 4 ( 3X4) with will be 12!!!! See? This is within the secret of the 3,6,9 which is the base 12. So, we have this as seen in 3rds...right? Ok, so let's look at this in finite shall we. We have .333333, .666666 and .999999. Now with the rules of math , to make this divisible by 3 in counting base 10 math we would work the . 666666 as truly purity to have the division become a whole ten we would logically use the .666666 as . 667.... right? This would handshake the base 10 within the true base 12 of the 12+1 in sacred geometry, which is 2 sets of 3 circles around the center circle- repeating forever more to what is the geometric form Flower Of Life!. You see this in, you guessed it, the Metatron's Cube!!!!! So it's 667 the 12+1.

The message was, " Dear dark hearts, your TIME is up! " Each circle in the Metatron's Cube can be likened to a CLOCK. Oh yes, N,E,S,W= 12, 3,6,9 or THE NEWS! Hehe.

These unfortunate events these times of chaos is the lower vibrations recalcitrance to the victory of the light!

The High vibration of LIGhT sent this message! These events are the darkness' lower vibrations recalcitrant response!

Be at piece emotionally as best we can right now, is my intent!!

In my opinion.

Perun Roberts said...

Well isn't this interesting synchronicity I just noticed after my above post!! That post of mine was the 13th post on this thread- 12+1. The time on the blog time was 1:21 !!!!! That's 12+1 twice and 11x11 = 121 or 11:11 lolol. Oh ya, 12x12 is 144 since there was 2 12's plus 1 in my post.

Victory of the LIGhT!


Perun Roberts said...

I meant = 67 (12+1=13) for the 667 when doing math rule , typo on my part.

The Sharing Bridge said...

@Kelly Palmer Thank you very much. Love does change/shift energy!

It is a disturbing thing that took place and many questions looming but in the end there are families in real pain. It is important to keep the conversation open yet calm and intelligent about what is before us as a country. Interestingly enough my friends (All in tech in the Bay Area) with whom I would never have in the past spoken to about the things discussed in the blog or about any spiritual matters in this regard - are totally opening up about the possibility that these events are contrived. If that is one thing we may count as a positive result of this mess it is a start to healing.

Much love to Lynn for allowing us to communicate in this way around the work she is putting out here!! Hearts.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you so much for all the great comments! I've been away for a few days and just now catching up. There is a lot to digest here. Very interesting, and I really enjoy reading the numerology info (as that isn't an area I'm super familiar with). Love and light-

Perun Roberts said...

Lynn, there is a handshake to your reading on the Economist 2017 cover below I have attached for you. Funny how it is a Kryon channeling( Lee Carol) called " The Wild Cards" and the same name as in your reading you referenced as an example. There is a little example of numerology he used also that you may find interesting.

I tried to find the channeling I read one time about a duplication machines coming in the future. Again, similar as to what you said but I can't find his today.

Oh ya, 2018 in numerology is an 11 year- the number of mastery- just to note.

Also may interest:

A quote from the below link from His channeling in New Mexico:

"All of this that Tesla did was created by magnetics, and this was also the basis behind the experiment in his workshop. However, in Tesla's time there were no computers or any of the finite instruments you have today to measure or create tiny fluctuations in magnetic fields. He accomplished the creation of altering the mass of an object, but he couldn't control it, and didn't know exactly how he did it. Frustrated, he was. By the way, he's back. I'm not going to tell you where. Maybe he will read this and know what to do next?"


Watchand Knock said...

Made me even more suspicious: CNN video proves the Florida shooting coincided perfectly with a police drill for a mass shooting.

Watchand Knock said...

Also found this link:

Mr. Yang said...

The single best method to take down PTW is to ignore them all together. Ignore media. Ignore TV. Ignore youtube. Ignore hate. Ignore negativity.

Show love, forgiveness and compassion. All the way and all the time. Embrace positivity and share it wherever you go.

Bill Ramirez said...

Mr.Yang! HI ! I like your Idea allot! I would like to embrace that as a great path to walk, touch only the glorious flowers and don't touch the weeds. they have within them their own destruction, not a whole lot to do but watch it happen.

I kinda cant find the energy to allow myself to walk past a crying child, in my spirit I have to stop and recognize I have a chance to choose to be of service and my efforts follow. ignoring it i find myself like a monk who finds a cave to find enlightenment and then once i find it realize i have to travel down to the village and offer it to those who chose to not look for it in the manner i had to go out of my way to obtain it. service to the least fortunate sometimes means sitting in places that scorn the effort.

fishing to eat ? they asked the fishing man, and he replied , today i eat to fish.
truth is often recognized as a balance of good and bad.
love is active participant can answer for itself, strong enough to stand and testify why it sees a wrong.

we pull the weeds cause it grows . even though it dies away anyway. we eat to fish today.
something like that.

Alice Liu said...

Here is a video of a student "survivor" David Hogg who is also the son of an FBI agent. He is having trouble remembering the lines of his script. Personally, I think it's child abuse to put a child up to this....assuming he is who he even claims to be.

Robert Schoen said...

Alice: I'll bet David Hogg is in his twenties, and he is definitely a crisis actor because the week before he was on a local news program in California as a witness to something that happened on the beach. Hopefully the death rate is much less than 17 or it could be a completely fake event whose flaws will become more evident the more it is examined. The latest is George Clooney and Oprah are putting up a million for a march on Washington. Maybe they should ban guns from anyone in the FBI and CIA.

Alice Liu said...

@Robert Schoen - Did you see the arrest record for the guy in his 20's with the same name? I posted about that on Facebook and I think they are Sheep Dipping: "The phrase "sheep dipped", is commonly used in intelligence circles. It's a way of saying someone has been given an alternate identity." There were kids saying there were multiple shooters on Youtube, and a FB friend knows a parent who said that the Parents Message Boards are full of parents discussing multiple shooters.

Also, why did they pick Parkland?

And, the high school was named after Marjory Stoneman Douglas who was against draining the Florida swamps. (against, "draining the swamp")

Alice Liu said...

@ Robert Schoen I can't figure out how to share to people outside of Facebook, but I have a pic from that shows David Hogg graduated from Redondo Shores High School in California in 2015.

Robert Schoen said...

@Alice: The planning and strange associations within this event have so many angles, including the fact it happened on St Valentines Day that it's a wonder it hasn't drawn more suspicion from the general public because of all the almost comical "bad over-acting" by those put on the news, the unphased almost jovial demeanor of the students, and sloppiness of all the many loose ends such as the drill that day and reports of two shooters, ect.

I keep hoping Trump will come out and say that this latest shooting, Charlottesville and Las Vegas were all programmed false flag acts of domestic terrorism done by those paid to keep us safe, but I guess he has to get his ducks in a row to dismantle and replace the CIA and bad elements in the FBI first. A lot of people who have been sleeping through all of this are in for a rude awakening.

I prefer to concentrate on the good steps being taken behind the scene and the great community of citizen reporters and patriots that are making things better rather than to dwell on dissecting the details of these evil schemes. Just awareness of their true nature is sufficient. I hope as Q says "2018 will be glorious."

Bill Ramirez said...

Putting on the big tin foil hat for this one..

Say a group of "farmers" had a piece of technology to see storms in the future, before they hit the crops. Like they can peek into this "looking Glass" and see events in a time line, they know from the people who gave them the tech that altering the future is a trick of collective thinking..hundred monkey kinda to get an advantage, or to fix a focus, they can create for example, points of focus.(false flags) or place flags in a time line to distract the focus to "steer" a focus - being that free will is still enforced and the argument of prime directive violation wont set off alarms in the collective. well not as many, but slow resets come down the chain, not as fast as to wake people up all at once, to make a panic. soft steering??
so in a way these farmers are tweaking with timelines by seeding perspectives. and the collective makes adjustments that resonate with an agenda inside of free will directives.

so, see the seeds? of course this is hard to show on the surface, some people who have their hands in the dirt digging "feel" them under the dirt..these things are usually caught way late after the seed grows out of the dirt and gives out its fruit. not everyone is into farming , skills are diverse and as needed.
anyway, Had to stop in and throw this "what if" in.

after seeing a car crash off the road and through the woods and run over so many fence posts i have to wonder "who" is driving?..seeing this thing take out just the right fence posts argues with my reasoning and shows that this is no accident.

~watching cows run across the road~

Robert Schoen said...

Alice: Here's a website with pics of Many Parkland High crisis actors also used in Sandy Hook as well the the yearbook photo of David Hogg when he graduated in 2015. You can't hide this stuff these days, even though they've been shutting down a lot of twitter and facebook accounts to do just that. I am beginning to doubt that anyone was actually killed and would like to see someone dig up a list of all the newly enrolled students planted for this event.

Alice Liu said...

Thanks so much, Robert! There's so much censorship that I can't find a lot of the links that I bookmarked before, so this is great.

Carol said...

Located this...17 was a warning to Trump:

The recent Florida Parkland School shooting. 17 (SEVENTEEN) students were killed, apparently.

Warning The hospital where JFK was transported to was Parkland Hospital.

Warning JFK birth year is 1917. 100 years to today JFK we would celebrate in 2017

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thanks everyone for the great comments. I saw this as a legit shooting (instigated by some darker forces), but not my mind is really spinning (SO MANY GREAT POINTS BROUGHT UP!).

@Carol: Thanks for the info. Gave me chills and I think you are on to a piece of the puzzle.

Thank you again, everyone! Great discussion!!

The Sharing Bridge said...

Let me just reassure the folks following this page - someone legitimately killed/murdered my cousin Gina Montalto. Our family is very much experiencing her untimely death. I can tell you real human beings are experiencing the loss of their children. They were not actors.

I believe strongly that this was a contrived event. I do believe this is one f*%ked up situation and like 9/11, Sandy Hook, Vegas - some really f*%ked up people with no souls or brains are behind this on some level. It does't matter if the numbers or the stars aligned for this to be some message for Trump. What I want to know is - from a psychic point of view what can we DO?? I don't need psychic info (not to be of any offense to Lynn what so ever) to tell me that stupid, stupid humans do this shit all the time manipulating others/events/political persuasions/resources and so forth - I don't require the evidence anymore. Just someone tell us where our power lies and what is the best course of action from this point forward! Yes, I am pissed. I am sad. My heart is broken and I am so sad for Gina's mother who is still reeling from her own mother's sudden death just before the holidays last year. I am also empowered to take action. More meditation/ benevolent prayers? Who are the good guys? We talk all the time about the bad guys - who are the good guys? Lets focus our attention on them and the strides they are making!!! Lets put questions to Lynn that will better us as a community!

This is all about Gina - the scholarship fund is REAL. I don't expect anyone to donate - just know it is real and to honor a 14 year old girl who had nothing but love and sweetness about her.

In gratitude - I and I really do mean Thank you for this forum/blog platform. I learn a lot form everyone and especially Lynn.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@The Sharing Bridge: I am so sorry for your loss. If there is something I can do, please let me know. Much love to you and your family during this tough time. -Lynn

The Sharing Bridge said...

Lynn - you are awesome. Yes, I will reach out to you for my own reading!! I think that is what I am truly needing/wanting. This really is an inspiring blog. I understand you are exploring Patreon and I will head over there so I am sure to support your work in that way too. Hearts

A Fox said...

It appears ever since the Sandy hoax shooting the PTW realized they have to step their game up and actually kill people, random innocent ones. Not that this wasn’t happening already since 2001 (and probably since forever) but it seems like they realize they can’t do anymore of those false flags with No dead at all . Of course the shooter is switched and reason for the shooting is created but sadly many of the deaths are real even if all the survivors and eye witnesses are fake.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Sharing Bridge: Thank you so much for the kind words. Hugs to you!

@A Fox: I agree. It is sad and I look forward to this mess being exposed and for people see the truth. I feel like the truth is harder to accept than the lies, so it is a difficult thing to swallow. It will happen though..