Friday, January 26, 2018

Q & A for Friday [Group Posting]

The following are a variety of questions on a variety of subjects.  As a disclaimer I do need to state that I have never studied medicine, and everything I get is from an intuitive perspective.  Love and light-

Q.  Hi Lynn,  Can you do a reading on Sophia by Hanson Robotics? Is she a real A.I. or is it just a show? What are the implications of A.I. Will they get feelings? Could they transcend like human souls?
A.  I do get this is an example of artificial intelligence.  I see she has the ability to function and integrate due to her complex programming and advanced algorithms.   It looks like she is able to express emotion, but she cannot "feel" the emotion.  This emotion part is a "show" used to help the people around her to feel more comfortable while creating a form of acceptance.  

Her level of intelligence combined with emotion aids in the belief that she is real.  If Hanson Robotics can make people feel she is "real," they will buy into their product (it is psychological).  Hanson Robotics is doing a good job at balancing this out. 

I do not see these robots transcending like humans.  They will only be as good as the programmer and available technology, but doesn't look connected to any kind of spiritual (or similar) transition or evolution.

Q. Lynn, I am curious about the timing of all the sexual harassment exposure going on in Hollywood. Why now?! Who/what is the force behind exposing them now️ I hope its the Universe - its a feel good time that these subhumans are being exposed daily.
A. I see a couple things going on with this.  It looks as though for some time when someone tried to make change, or opposed the PTW (Powers That Were), a sex scandal would break out.  Some claims were legit (and my heart goes out to those folks!) and others were to ruin credibility and careers.  This proved to be a highly effective tool that some of the PTW put in their toolbox for use at a later date.

Fast forward a few years, with a culture where people are outspoken and protests are constantly (being embellished) and broadcast on most media outlets, people have the courage (and the PTW support it as this serves as a major distraction from incriminating news events) to come forward to expose these acts.  Again, some claims are horrific, needing exposure while others are falsified or exaggerated.  It makes it difficult because some people that come forward need our support, while others are using this as a way to retaliate against regretful (but consensual) sex, attention and other ulterior motives.  This entire topic needs some healing to restore balance.

Q. Can you take a look at what are the factors for so many people fainting on Live TV?
A. When I look at this, I get that in general people are bombarded with all kinds of energy and waves (EMF for example).  These types of transmissions look to be on the rise with the numerous devices, electronics, wireless electronics, etc.  When you combine this with, nerves, stress, anxiety and weather fluctuations, the heart chakra gets overwhelmed.  As this chakra gets flooded, it effects the heart, breathing, and the ability to take in adequate oxygen.  The result is a person passing out (which clears that chakra) and gets things back into balance.

Q. I am wondering if there is a spiritual component or decision made by someone with Alzheimer's to not know, not be aware, a life-long tendency toward escapism, etc, that manifests based ultimately on their will. If so, then how much of dementia has a physical cause? 
A.  Many ailments that people have are caused because they are predispositioned through their genetic makeup, AND that predisposition gets sparked through an environmental trigger.  Having said that, if someone does have Alzheimer's in their genetic code, and their life path evolves with patterns of escapism, there is a good probability they will manifest the lessons of their life into physical symptoms.   

Q. Hello Lynn, thank you for all you do. I was watching the news today and saw how they are saying that lots of people are dying due to a " flu epidemic" and are promoting the flu vaccine.  How true is it that is an epidemic?  Is there an agenda that the PTW (Powers That Were) are promoting by fear, or is it a true reality that people younger than 60 are dying and now a 6 year old due to the flu?

A.  I get that illnesses and outbreaks do occur as a result of viral evolution (and our immune systems needing time to catch up and readjust).  The PTW saw this inevitable outbreak (the virus mutates each year) as an opportunity to spread fear, and be a solution by offering a vaccine.  The vaccine offers the best "guess" for the direction the virus is headed, but isn't a guarantee.  The vaccine can guarantee to weaken the immune system (at least temporarily) by introducing a foreign object into the body. 

Q. Hi Lynn,  I've looked up ancient posts and was surprised nobody ever asked.  Who is Benjamin Fulford? Can we trust his intel?
A. When I tune into him, I see him as an honest and sincere person that was always fascinated with the truth and sharing.  He was a journalist even before he WAS a journalist (so to speak).  Reading and finding interesting information feels like it was a hobby.  As he became more and more connected, he had access to privy information, and started to release it.  

I get he has been threatened, and at times really scared, which had caused him (at times and when confronted) to smooth the edges of an abrasive story, but for the most part shares concepts and news that does have facts supporting it.  

Q. With the Sun evidently cooling as we begin entering a new geographical era (Mini Ice Age), will Ascension energies dissipate at this stage? I know that we've been experiencing wave after wave of cosmic or phototonic energy. Are we nearing the end of waves from Source?

A. I cannot see it dissipating for a few more years (at least).  We look to be about 2/3 through the "waves" with the remaining 1/3 drawing out.  I see that some waves will be large, causing a lot of internal shifting, and others will be minor.  Focus on purging negativity and forgiveness to make room for the higher vibes to enter.  Just be patient and bear with it, as the Event looks to have a beautiful ending (spiritual, self-aware, and full of love).

Q. A really different question. I finished reading Marciniak's books on the Pleiadians. From the first book, they strongly insist that humans rid themselves of TVs because of the extreme mind altering and subjugation techniques used while "broadcasting" TV. I know that you've warned people about watching TV, too. The Pleiadians went so far as to point out that those who control TV content can actually make people sick, physically sick, through watching TV via incredibly sophisticated mind and energetic control techniques gained via not-so-friendly ET help. They even said to throw out the TV. Do you read that TV is as dangerous as they do? I'm having trouble making the decision to cart my TV out to the curb for the garbage men.
A.  I do resonate with their view of the TV.  TV programs are for "programming."  Broadcasting, is just that, "casting" their agendas over a "broad" spectrum of people.  

Having a TV in your home is a personal choice, and I see it two ways.  One, it creates ideas / thoughts you may not have, and subconsciously does "cast" the PTW (reptilian) agenda through "programming."  

Or, two, you know what it is and essentially block it from touching you, just as you would set protection around yourself before meditating.  You set the rules, and form the boundaries.  Proceed with realizing it is just entertainment.  (It is amazing how differently you "see" things through this set of "eyes."  The "programs" feel so fake and unreal you will wonder how you believed in the messages in the first place). 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-
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Robert Schoen said...

Fifteen years ago I was reading Barbara Ann Chou's "Pleiadian Agenda" and was right at the point in the book where it said using microwave ovens was a bad way to cook, just as I was about to push the timer to heat water in ours for tea. As it went on, all ten of digital readout's numbers lit up and started flipping at a super rapid pace for 120 seconds. Never happened before or since and I was sure it was them reaching me directly and soon after gave the microwave away and never used one again.

We stopped watching cable TV news more than a year ago and just before this Christmas got one connected to Roku for the kids when they returned, and manipulation of programming was so obvious it was almost comical. Completely explains why so many are fooled and hold the opinions they do. It even seems like the tendency to fall asleep watching is from hypnotism. Even the choice of films on Netflix is unappealing. TV's are best used as a monitor for DVDs.

Watchand Knock said...

Thanks Lynn! If we had the chance, our question for Friday would be: How do those bio-energized little steel pieces get energized in order to allow fuel savings after getting inserted into the tank? Has it anything to do with the process accomplished using the so called Orgon-tower (pic)? How effective are these sticks? Thanks again! (

Buddhist Lady said...

What great questions!! I've wondered about the real significance to the flu outbreak this year...again, as Lynn said, knowing that the PTW use outbreaks/illness scares to instill fear and trepidation in people. The Zika virus, for all the hoopla, was a big bust for them. The fainting video was unbelievable. I had no idea so many people keeled over on live TV!

I wrote the question about the TV disposal. Back at ya, Robert. As soon as the finances fall into place, I'm going to an antenna, and I already have Roku. I also look at shows on TV intuiting what's really going on or what the true purpose for the set-up and implementation of the show. I watched "The Four" once because I thought the show would be interesting and help me understand younger people and what they like today. Wow. Mind-blinding strobbing + set designs which set up strobbing-like effects + the sob stories + the yelling and screaming from Diddy...who looks like a crazed Draco mix. When I saw Diddy do his screaming, I realized...uh oh, time to turn off the TV. Bad mind meld.

A Man Called Da-da said...

In terms of "Sophia" from Hanson Robots, they have in essence created a robotic sociopath. NOT a good idea... unless you want to live in a scary scifi movie.

As for Marciniak and TV... you can still enjoy (some) TV if you've educated yourself enough regarding the symbolism and manipulation techniques the PTW use. In fact, the more you see it, the more shocking it is to see it in old shows from long ago. Quite pervasive, but... their symbols are rather pathetic, esp. now that we're so inundated with them. Anything that's repetitive is noise. Once you recognize these symbols, the silly "magic" the PTW uses becomes ineffectual. The best and only way to watch TV, in my opinion, is to only watch things you either record, or have on DVD/blu-ray. This way, you control the spigot. However, that said, the best button on a TV remote control is still the OFF button.

wendy tascione said...

Love this...dada...very true...

wendy tascione said...

I love Marciniak! I use her, lynn, bashar, Simon parks and a few others to squire the big picture on our reality....

Judy Koons said...

And how about those flu shots. If the jury is still out on effectiveness do you really want to inject all that foreign matter into your formula one. It takes some incredible effort these days to discern between what is truth (in the game) and fear based directives.

Diane Hamilton said...

My TV is hooked up to my computer and most of what I watch lately is I've really been enjoying the programs.They cover what we talk about here on this site and I've also been enjoying Kundalini Yoga Master Classes with Gurmukh. I used to do her hour video all the time back in my forties along with other yoga instructors another fav. Rodney Yee. These Master Classes are more informative and more intense and I have to say it's helping kick ass (sorry) when it comes to depression. Get Rid of cable TV (mainstream tv). Keep your internet and watch shows that make you open your mind and some that make you laugh. They do have great shows on Hulu, Netflix etc.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thanks for the comments and insight (and advice)! Hugs!

Watchand Knock said...

Thank you Lynn! Maybe not so relevant forthe self declared ascended audience but, the same bio energetic principle applied to other products enable households to save a lot of money on heating costs even if they still use the traditional fire wood heating! Actually there are many suppliers of those bioenergized products out there, not giving any emphasys on company A or B!