Monday, January 29, 2018

Group Questions for Monday

Q. I am subscribed to your Facebook page with a "see first" setting, but since last month I noticed that your posts don't appear in my feeds anymore!  

How is destiny reflected on our palm lines? Is this from the DNA? Does it change through free will or Law of Attraction?
A. I would first like to thank you for subscribing to my Facebook page.  I know lots of forms of media are under scrutiny (for example, de-ranking people on Google), and Facebook is no exception.  If anyone else has experienced this, and has suggestion or work around, please feel free to leave a comment.

Regarding reading our palms.. I see that from the time you are born you are sort of "stamped" with a "life path outline" in your palms.  As you grow and develop, so do the lines on your hands/palms.  The initial lines reflect that initial "stamp."  When you reach goals, gain experience or even inject moments of free will, the lines on your palms can alter.  

I get if you were to take photos of your palms throughout your life you could see when major events occurred that shifted your path (through the changes in your lines). 

The following is a link to a previous reading you may like on astrology, numerology and palmistry:

Q. Can you describe the Kabbalah Centre? It is a non-profit organization that has branches in more than 40 countries. The word is Hebrew and the practice is probably Jewish too, but they give the impression that they teach ancient spiritual wisdom (with references to astrology) that is not necessarily exclusive to Judaism, maybe like how yoga is not exclusive to Hinduism. Do they really want humanity to be more spiritual or they have a hidden agenda?
A. I see that more and more people are looking for spiritual answers, and answers from within, even the stars (looking to the heavens).  This type of mind expanding thought can feel threatening to some religions.  I see the Kabbalah Centre was formed to take religion, and go a step further with showing how a harmony could be formed between having religious beliefs AND incorporating spiritual concepts. 

The goal is to keep people believing in their faith while they still seek answers and insight elsewhere (which made the church that was threatened by the growing number of spiritualists happy).  When people look to themselves to be accountable, and have the power to change their own life rather than believe it is up to faith or chance, it takes power from the church and gives it back to the individual.

Q. Please do a detailed reading about trees. Considering that they do not move from one place to another during their entire lifetime, what does their existence feel like? Do they communicate to each other, and if they do, how? Do they feel happiness, sadness, boredom, or even fear when there's an immediate threat? Are there trees in other dimensions, planets, and in the inner part of the hollow earth?
A.  Trees do "feel" emotions, and energetically react via altered vibrations.  When they are surrounded by positive emotions and activities (laughter, happiness) they thrive.  They also feel more open to receiving nourishment from the earth and sun.  

When the surrounding is tense, angry or upsetting, trees sort of close up and block themselves.  They will still take in nourishment, but only enough to sustain (and not grow).  I hear that this is for self preservation because the more they grow, the more they need, an in hostile environments they want to keep their needs as low as possible.

As I tune into trees, it looks like they have an intimate relationship with mother gaia, and gain wisdom from her.  In many ways they act like antennae, grabbing excess energy (grounding rods, literally) and sending it to the earth.  Energy looks to always be flowing from the leaves to and through the roots. They truly are air purifiers.

There are trees in other dimensions and planets, even the hollow earth, but they are different versions of what we see on our 3D earth. The leaves have variations in size and color (I see one tree that is quite magnificent with bright blue leaves), and the barks look to have variances in color and texture too (I'm being shown a short tree, maybe three feet tall with a spongy bark).  

Q. How did the animal kingdom get divided into mammals, amphibians, reptiles, etc.? Are these organisms from one type of cell a long time ago?
A.  I see that when earth was seeded, different ET groups contributed to the seeding to see what was successful, and what needed modifications.  In doing so, they used some of their own DNA components to make their creations.  The animal kingdom categories are based on their shared genetic commonalities which roots back to the ET group that aided in their creation.  For example, the Reptilians created the reptiles (as reflected in their genetic coding) and Pleiadians look to have created mammals.

The unique thing I see (that breaks the rules) are the creation of humans.  I am seeing that when the Pleiadians created the basic template for humans, it was coveted by other ET groups.  These other groups stole some of the early humans to corrupt and breed their genetic makeup into these beautiful beings.  (That is why humans are mammals, but they have various ET DNA when looking at the group as a whole). 

Q. Days ago I had a weird dream about a big weird-looking reptile telling me that they have the most sensitive (perceptive) senses in the world, then it exploded after that, and it looked like it started from the stomach/mid-spine. Does this mean anything? 

A. Dreams are unique and tied to the person having it.  They can somewhat be interpreted, but things like emotion during the dream, colors and situations in your life play a role.  

At a quick glance, I feel like there is someone in your life that you feel is really sneaky, and you don't trust them.  They know you feel this way, even if you try to hide it.  They are telling you that they know what you really think, and you cannot hide it from them (they are more intuitive than what you think). 

(I find dreams fascinating.  If you have anything to add, please leave a comment.)

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-
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Watchand Knock said...

Thank you Lynn

Nessie said...

Very interesting reading Lynn, many thanks!

Buddhist Lady said... for this reading! In the Pleiadian books I read, they counsel people to connect or reconnect with nature on a regular basis. They related a story about people who lived a long time ago on Earth who were so in rapport with nature that they could actually leave their children with a trusted tree for care while they ventured into the woods for some activity. They'd come back and find their children well, contented, and, evidently, protected by the tree. Cool story, huh?

A Scholar Heart said...

In my childhood I planted a beautiful baby tree in my garden. It would shoot up to colossal height in just a few months then would fall down every summer in stormy winds leaving just a stump behind. It happened four or five times in a row. Then my mother suggested a weird idea out of the blue. This time I got a baby tree, planted it in the garden at the same spot as usual but tied a black ribbon around its slender trunk. In 2 weeks the tree grew as tall as an adult, in another two months well above the house and another six months was completely grown; extremely green, heavy, shady with a graceful form. That summer the storms came but the tree survived. That tree survived many summers after that and withstood many storms each season. A strange thing we had noticed was it would start waving as if in a breeze if we, especially I, were nearby even when there was no wind. That tree answered my silent questions in Yes or no by moving in breeze. People always marvelled at the unusually large size of its leaves that wasn't seen in other trees of the same specie near by.
I believed the tree loved us and responded to us in its own way.
That tree is sadly no more. The government had it cut down to make a road.

Robert Schoen said...

@A Scholar Heart: What a great story, and it makes me want to tie black ribbons around my palms to protect them from freezes. I have long noted how trees in gardens take on the characteristics of their property owners, almost how people's dogs often look like them. A hoarder I know has the most convoluted and chaotic overgrowth you can imagine. I once told him he has an incredible talent for making nature sad. Others have an almost militaristic discipline in how manicured their yards look and the trees invariably conform to the precise geometry laid out. In my yard, the trees form an arcing canopy over two of the entrances, almost like a protective welcoming.

Our planet does seem like an extraterrestrial zoo in which not only animals but even plants seem to come from different planets with similar characteristics. A highly developed AI computer was recently asked what to do with humans and it responded, "Keep them in the human zoo." so it must know something we don't

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you all for the great comments!

@A Scholar Heart: I love your story! Thanks for sharing!