Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Living in the Matrix?

Q. Dear Lynn, Thanks for all your eye, mind and soul opening readings! I came across an interesting article on BBC that quotes many famous scientists expressing doubts about the reality of us and our world. They say there are evidences and clues that we are living in simulation created by someone (in another cosmos or another Earth) for fun or experiment. Whatever we do, see and experience is pre-programmed like lab rats or computer games. In short, our whole world, that includes the whole cosmos, galaxies, our Earth in it, every moment of our lives and of that of every person who has lived here or will live here) is just a computer game designed by someone in much the same way as we ourselves play simulation games on computer.

The link to the article is here:

What are the clues or evidences that these mighty scientists are talking about? Can we also know those clues or glitches?
A. When I tune into this I get the phrase "history is bound to repeat itself" because it does.  In fact, the past, present and future all work in tandem, and when we incarnate we pick which track of the DVD of life to jump on. Things repeat in cycles, and it is just a different version of the same chapter within a story.  By studying the past, may valid predictions can be made with regards to the future (when focused on one timeline). The cycles discovered through a study of astrology even further support how our lives (and events around us) run in loops, and this was also the start of how our ancient ancestors began to see how our lives and reality really works.  

Even when we break the cycle within our timeline, which alters our life path, we eventually reunite back to our path (we call this fate).  Our experiences change, but we are faced with the same lessons to conquer (and if we don't we incarnate back in to do it again through another series of cycles).  

Glitches occur all the time.  The Mandela Effect is a perfect example. (I have done a few readings on this topic, and included a link to one of them below)

Q. How to find out the truth? How to come out of it? Do we humans even have a choice to exist outside this simulation? 
A.  Until we cross into spirit (and become "all knowing"), the best way to discover the truth is to get in tune with your higher self.  Seeking answers, true answers, requires connecting with higher vibrational sources.  You can do this through meditating, or even quiet time alone with your thoughts.  

You can disengage to some degree, but I see our reality being a result of our perceptions, which is how our "world" is created.  The individual thoughts further come together to create a collective consciousness, which drives the direction of our environment.  Even though we can't completely "quit," we can come together to shift our world into a place where you "want" to be.

Q. It is eerily similar to ancient sayings in all cultures and religions of the world that the world is just an illusion and not real. Even Plato said so and the Indian Mythology has even a name for it: Maya. This brings up another question: How did ancient people know about something that has taken science thousands and thousands of years of study, experiments and costly machines? 
Definition of Maya
A.  As I mentioned above, our ancient ancestors were brilliant at reading the stars.  They understood our current astrology, and also the ancient forms that have been lost (and some have been "intentionally" lost as they reveal too much accuracy and truth).  They could see how most things weren't random, and could be predicted in cycles.  It became clear that things were not always random and unique, but rather pre-planned, causing them to question the "illusion" of the world.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-
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A Man Called Da-da said...

The ancients were serious sky enthusiasts, dramatically so. It was one of the most popular subjects of the day, if not THE most popular. Farther back, they would even do SKY MATH for fun (think polar coordinates), and work problems in base 6.

Robert Schoen said...

This examination of connective reality and your reading really touched me and seems extremely relevant for this transitional time which anyone can feel is pregnant with the promise of change while we are on the cusp of "The Event" which will hopefully bring about a great mass awakening.

As a society we are all programmed or mind conditioned into a limited belief system and way of seeing and thinking about things. Only the intuitive and intellectually curious make efforts to break through this matrix of limited perception. From my own personal experience I can say I've had a hard time fitting in because I couldn't relate to or embrace the values and beliefs that society tries to impose on us. When you recognize what seems obvious to you that is contrary to what is published in books, taught in schools, or reported in the media, that's how you see the cracks and break out the matrix, but only with the cost of being ridiculed or even shunned by those around you still trapped in the false paradigm or belief system. I can only say it is worth the effort.

Lynn has helped me greatly over the last three years in historical research where with her guidance we've uncovered some remarkable things no one has recognized before. In this journey I have felt linked to a past life and long ago culture which at times seems to be going on now as far as the discoveries are completely new and retracing these events is a little like living them over. In the process I have developed my own dormant intuitive/psychic abilities and a connection to a higher self source, although I'm still a class dunce compared to Lynn whose more like an Olympic athlete.

The Tao religion speaks of our soul journey and past lives like spokes on a wheel where the past and future are all liked to a common hub. I love the analogy of connected history timelines to a DVD disk that you can choose where to enter or skip to different chapter, and that skips or scratches on the DVD can be portals to a different time or result in Mandela effect changes, which to me are also connected to our dream conscious constructs.

Anyone following Lynn's blog most probably has sensed or experienced these connections. That sense of Dejavu when you travel to another place or feel a connection to anther time is a window into these multiple realities.

(as a side note to anyone interested, today is supposed to be a very significant day of political awakening for many in which those who have followed the 8 chann Q posts for the last two months know Q, someone or a group in the Trump administration, has been posting clues that leaked information of Trump's secret takedown of the Deep State over the last two months. These events are reflected in the airport shutdowns, electrical blackouts, plane turnarounds and even the missile scare in Hawaii, that have all occurred since Christmas when Trump wrote the Executive order to arrest and sieze property of anyone involved in human/sex trafficking. As Trump announces his Fake News awards today, there is a campaign to launch a mass tweet storm on Twitter using various hashtags to raise more public awareness of our own politial false matrix where "progessives" become reactionaries supporting pedophile politicians taking order from the Deep State. The CIA run media reports none of this and recently cant stop talking about sh!t, exactly what the mainstream media is expert at peddling. The idea is to help "red pill" others that have been taken in by propaganda intent on derailing this takedown, in which THEY planned to assassinate Trump in London, a trip he cancelled which may have provoked the attack on Hawaii which was shot down. This could be a great opportunity for those who want to be part of history occurring in their own timeline.)

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you so much for the comments and kind words! I appreciate all the info and sharing. I truly am blessed to have all of you in my life.

xoxo- Lynn

Hulsie said...

This topic is on my mind lately and I have been researching it quite a bit. Most recently I was listening to Robert Stanley's story on YouTube. He says there is a grid or net around earth in the space preventing us from travelling too far into space.. when we pass, we are shown the light and past people we knew but it is a trap and that we should look "up" and find that grid/net and head towards that and pass through a hole that will be in it from others that have awakened and passed through it. I really connected to his story because it resonated with other unrelated accounts I have been finding, but this part is difficult to believe because if there is some sort of grid or energy there, then how have satellites and telescopes gone into space before? do you see anything like this grid or net or energy presence preventing space travel? I apologize if this has been asked before. thanks

A Scholar Heart said...

Dear Lyn, thanks for explaining the tricky question so simply and clearly.
You are bringing light into this world!

Here are some more baffling Earth and map questions:-
1. The world map is very intriguing. When we look at the map upside down, the landmasses look like they could have been together in one giant mass at the north pole and are now spreading out downwards, like you put a thick cake dough on top of a ball and it spreads and drips down. Was Pangea at the middle of the North Pole without the Arctic winters or was it a mass just anywhere in the middle of the Globe?

2. We all know plate techtonics and even the direction each plate is inching in. Do the land masses actually move or do they stay kind of stationary but highly changeable as their surface rises and falls, (turns in and new one from beneath comes up on top rather like clothes in a washing machine) unevenly owing to heat tensions of the core?

3. Looking at a two color world map feels like the water encroaches and submerges any low areas it can find. That’s no brainer, but look closely at the map and some areas appear to speak volumes. Entire areas between Green land and USA, nearly whole of Europe and England, The Middle East, entire area between southern Indian Tip to north Western Australia etc look like they were once huge solid land masses but bit by bit submerged leaving only the upper elevations as the land that we can see now.
Could it be true? Were these large ares once dry land? If yes, that would change the shape of Pangea as given by Geologists. Can you see Pangea on the globe?(Additionally, Geology hardly says anything about submerged lands on the said locations with the exception of Zealandia and few sundry submerged coastal cities here and there. They have even failed to explain why they couldn’t foresee the emergence of many new islands in the oceans that have litrally popped up overnight (eg. Shelly Island) and the 60 km long, 8 meters wide East African rift that opened up in just 10 days that was presumed to take place over millions of years. They are in fact baffled to see a very long process happening this fast.)

This means big unpredictable changes in short time are possible...
What other major land changes do you see occuring in the world in near and far future?

Was Mariana Trench ever Dry mountain chain on Earth?
Will the Himalayas become even higher?
Can/Will Yellowstone National Park volcano blow entire US away like the Atlantis?

I'm sorry for making such a long query but these questions can only be answered by you. Thank you very much!

A Scholar Heart said...

Oops! I forgot to number the rest of the questions...So sorry about that!

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Hulsie: I have seen this as well. It is referred to as the firmament in the Bible. We are still able to travel through energetic portals (it's how the ETs do it), and as far as satellites, I'm not sure we have the whole truth with that either (still wrapping my mind around it before i do a post). Thanks for the comment!

@Scholar: Love your questions. I will put them in their own post. :-)


Hi .. all dear friends of friend.. ( Lynn). I would first off... love to say thank you Lynn, for your care, love and attention to a "world situation".... even if "all we can do is our best".... So Many Thanks. That said... some questions on..."illusion"..and reality" ..I would like to offer "my findings"..(not my wisdom).. Reality.."IS" ..both (at the same time) one of two things... The "essential nature"..of living-existence...(two)... the creative.."anything-goes-part" ..of this "essential-nature's creative-fun (or not so fun)".. So if we live in "a world".... it is "purely creative-invention"..PERIOD. Now the question begets....who created what..and do we like to be part of "that which is a " ...created-situation. So for most humans... the created-situation "what you have today"... (done through the TV, religion..etc..etc..). If you don't like this...then change it (if you can).. (Change you first ..and your loved ones next....then your walmart-shoppers next). Creation is a Push & Shove deal... Who screams the loudest..wins.. BUT..BUT... your truth..your reality.. Maybe a foundation..of.."reality".. IS YOUR.."essential nature". (your haven of joy) BUT.."what" that. Do I know..and who cares
... BUT read chapter 8 of this link... and maybe..just maybe..You will never have to ask this question again.. (that was for Robert.. cheers mate)..
I don't really have anything more to say. Thank you Lynn. You know how much all of you..for your incredible grace. It is nice to know..all of us..are the "spirits of NEW" .. It takes guts..and honesty. I LOVE ..all of US.. We are the good folks. Cheers.

Hope said...

If the past, present and future all work in tandem, and when we incarnate we pick which track of the DVD of life to jump on ...

and if karma is the result of our own past actions (in previous lives) and our own present doings, hence the life we are living now is due to cause and effect of our karma ie linear.

Now I’m confused. Do we get to pick which life to jump on or do we live the life due to cause and effect of our karma?

Any explanation is appreciated. Thanks!

Watchand Knock said...

If we hear a missile alarm and it takes the authorities almost 40 minutes to discover it was a false alarm, where´s the matrix hidden in this story? :) Thanks for the post Lynn!

joy said...

AYEEE.................FORGIVE WHAT I HAVE TO SAY,. but it's time I say it. I hope you're ready:


REMEMBER THE PHRASE.."THE BUCK ENDS HERE"...? How do you think SOURCE, ALL-THAT-IS becomes all-knowing, all-powerful, ..? Thru us. We are the experimental animals. All these designer diseases that have no cure. Who do you think created them..? CDC..? the CABAL..? The CABAL is a tool of the DIVINE, we are tools,...all in the Game of Life., dedicated to ONENESS. Isn't it time we resign from this kind of ONENESS......?

NO, THERE IS NO SUCH SHHH AS KARMA . WELL..............YES THERE IS AND NO THERE IS NONE OF THAT.. Karma is a program inside your "DIVINE PLAN" that was designed for you by one of these Heavenly Mafiosis (ops...! ) Specific situations that they want to experience and learn from,...thru you/us. We acquiesce by calling it

THE ONLY CURE TO THIS KARMA IS FOR YOU TO BE VERY AWARE OF YOUR SITUATION, STAY CLOSE TO YOUR SPIRIT (that animates your body); DISSOLVE ALL THE BLOCKAGING STRUCTURES WITHIN YOUR ENERGY FIELD, (etheric, astral, physical blockages such as...crystals, implants, armors, plates chakra separators, all inhibiting structures, karmic matrices, thougHtforms, emotions, cellular memories, pictures of reality, veils of idiocy, ETC., ETC,....) and STAND UP TO THESE INVISIBLE MONSTERS, and their CREATORS.. YOU ARE NOT INFERIOR TO ANY OF THE THE PRIME CREATORS. are them. what I'm really saying is,....when your Spirit has awaken in your body and has unified with your egoic consciousness, you can dissolve all karmic programs and all other programs that is keeping you tied down in 3D Matrix.. NOT before. If you don't wake up to your power and magnificence , they (the heavenly goons) will have you inside a gerbil cage forever.

MY RANT FOR TODAY. whewwwwww..!

Hulsie said...

@Joy - regarding Prime Creator who is the single source of ALL THAT EXISTS, that we are all part of , that oneness - what you wrote above about this is the first I have ever come across. My readings all put the Annunaki/Enki and Repitilian controllers and manipulators of our DNA to the level of bad that you speak, but not The Prime Creator. I'd be interested to know what your source of information is.

@Lynn - thank you for answering my question! So do you recommend when we pass (die) to try to pass through those energetic portals and not go to the light? It just that so many people genuinely talk about going to this light in near death or OoB experiences and talk about feeling so happy and calm and joy, etc... also re: satellites and telescopes in space, there are also Youtube videos of moon footage from China that are pretty detailed.. makes it hard to believe its all fake. I do believe a lot of what I am finding out is probably true to a degree but I will never believe the earth is flat for example >> I believe that is a big psy-op. So some of these other things I find myself questioning as well. I look forward to your post on this later. Thanks again, your work is greatly appreciated!

Amelia said...

Great comments!!

(Great Scott)!! (Back to the Future..?)!

joy said...

Hulsie,...hehhh-heh--hehhh. I know. It is shocking. Can you imagine ,...Prime Creators masquerading as the devil. Sure, they can masquerade as Elohims and Archangels, that is acceptable to our psyche....but as THE DEVIl..? Oh, no. But,oh,...yes.

Come to think of it. ALL THAT Is. There is nothing outside of ALL THAT IS.
There will come a time when you reach the crown chakra and you look around. You'll know that EVERYTHING IS YOU. the whole of space , everything in it is you, the galaxies, sun systems, trees, air, humans, etc. I think this is one reason we find out if there are others that is NOT you (ALL THAT IS) so far, there is no one that is NOT you. Dimensions were created to find out if you, (ALL-THAT-IS) has any limit in size, height, in width, in depth, in length. So far, there is none. Other parameters were tested if there are limits to your power, to your far there is none. We will go on incarnating to push the limits of who we are.
At this point,..., we know that there is only ONE. So who will take the role of a bad guy..? anyone..? Who will take the role of the good guy..? anyone..?
the Anunnakies and the reptilian uber bad guys are just tools. Avatars just like us. they took the role of the bad guys in this virtual game of life. We took the opposite role. In all this, we are really just ONE, playing. :)

Hulsie said...

@Joy - but how did you come to these 'truths' - do we have anyone to pray to? You interest me greatly for some reason LOL but what you say is totally different than what I have researched to date. I am just recently awakening and don't have any abilities (that I know of such as remote viewing or channeling, etc)... do you 'know' these things because you have 'seen' something, communicate with someone, etc? where can I find out more of your perspective? do you think when we die we should go through this grid or go to the light? I have so many questions again LOL.. I thought I was getting somewhere now its all up in the air again.. ha ha

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Divine: Thank you so much for the message and info! Hugs!

@Hope: We do pick which track, but the life events that unfold are based upon what we need to do, and what needs to occur to create balance.

@Watchand Knock: The panic and hysteria created from that created the reality for those involved. It was very real and very scary for those people.

@Joy: Thank you for taking time to share this with us!

@Hulsie: It really is a personal choice. If you want to stay, avoid the light, but if you are ready for your next adventure, the light will tempt you to follow it. I also know some newer theories are difficult to believe- just trust your intuition and do your research. Only believe with your own eyes rather than someone else's.

Thanks again everyone for your time and effort! Lots of great conversation here!!

Watchand Knock said...

Thanks Lynn!This man, a retired coronel, gives the Haway missile alarm story another version (starts 4:00) Very intriguing!

daisy said...

Joy, I think you've nailed it. I think this is the underlying message in all the writings and understandings of our world and I used to come across that concept more often years ago. But the Seth Material did it for me when I was drawn to it in the 90s. That aspect wasn't stressed as the most important part of our understanding and living, it was more between the lines. The reptilian thing got me in recently, but they are part of the One too and I'm letting them go. I really need to do that inner work. ; )

Denise Christensen said...

@joy -- thanks for sharing your wisdom. I've gradually been coming to the same conclusion in my own spiritual quest. As a result, I feel freer, more empowered and joyful in my life compared to how I used to be. Sometimes (often!) I forget and fall into the old traps but then I give my head a shake and try again. No more victim, no more blame game. When you can look at your enemies and see yourself, the hatred in your heart quickly dissolves and you are left feeling incredibly lightened and carefree. I encourage everyone to try it. Pick an enemy and give it a try. There is only co-creation with prime creator. The more people (collective consciousness)who realize their true divine power, the more we can let go of the old matrix (war, disease, hunger, poverty, etc.)and build a new world together(the Kingdom, nirvana, heaven on earth, etc).

wendy tascione said...

I think Joy is close, we are in a simulation our bodies are avatars. We select our storyline some get sucked up by annunaki recycling center and incarnate into horrible storyline. I think our souls got stuck in the game...starseeds came to free the souls by learning forgiveness, breaking karmic cycle raising vibration...only way to get to next level...evolve cause no harm to anything etc.i see same numbers everywhere it could literally only happen if I was in a computer program.i think we disconnected from source and are trying to reconnect now. But annunaki and archons live off our neg energy and use us for various things and don't want us moving to the next level of the game cus they can't go..

Hulsie said...

@Wendy - what you described is more of what I have been reading. I don't see the same numbers over and over though. And I'm not sure we have 'disconnected' from source, I don't think that is possible, we are all part of the source. But Enki and his minions does have some control over us and has manipulated our DNA over time and has us in this reincarnation cycle.. when I die, I will look for the energy portals above to get out...

joy said...

Daisy.......I love the Seth materials..what an eye opener..!
There was a time, perhaps a period of many years, when I go out of my body,....a reptilian would be waiting to kick me back into my sleeping body,..or start beating me up. But, nothing really came up because my astral body is made of light and cannot be affected. So, I sometimes beat him back or just escape. he has not been around in 1 1/2 years and I kind'ah miss our fights. I grew fond of that big croc. Anyway,...I never treated him as enemy, and I think this guy recognizes me as his buddy (I another reality)Maybe that's how he says hello.

Wendy,... What I know is that....the Anunnakis are also AVATARS of the elohims and archangels. (avatars=puppets, tools, fronts) So, when you look at their victimizations, look into who is the puppeteer. THE BUCK STOPS THERE. and NO, you (as Spirit) don't get stuck anywhere in any of the virtual realities that were created. the ego consciousness is the one that gets stuck. It is the one that feels being victimized, and rightly so. Once you see this side, you will think like a yo-yo, feeling like a victim (ego) and the victimizer (spirit)... really crazy.
WE really want to getoutahere...!!!!

joy said...

Hulsie: I apologize. I missed your letter.

1...NO, I don't pray to anyone. If I want something I close my eyes, deep breathe, relax and say "I COMMAND".........then I end it with.... "NOW". I don't look outside of me but I concentrate inside.
2...ummm....Yes , I can channel. My only guide was a catholic saint, a real sweetheart,.. and since I am biased against any religion, I have to let him go. That was 20 years ago. I am perhaps channeling my TRUE SPIRIT SELF, because many things, I never knew before, come to me as information when I focus on a specific subject.
3....Yes, I am aware and alert when I go out of my body. I sometimes come back to where I'm sleeping and check my physical body. In the higher planes, I get only information , to me,these are not real places like the astral plane.
4...If I die and find myself in THAT false light, I'll dismantle it.
THAT IS A PROMISE YOU CAN BANK ON. These are NOT real. They have NO power over you.
5.........and....your TRUE SPIRIT SELF should be your final arbiter of what is true,..among those information you pick up along the way.

Hulsie said...

Thanks Joy! :)

joy said...

Hulsie,...ONE more thing.
When I said I do not pray to anyone , because....
It is because I found out that ALL these religious organizations....catholicism, Buddhism, etc...ALL of them were created by our ancient "creator of humankind" ETs
with an unpleasant ulterior motive. The characters inside these religions, God the father, the son, the holy spirit, archangel Michael, Lucifer, ascended masters, are ALL THOUGHTFORMS. They were programs that were presented to us as real, and with our belief, adorations, supplications(prayers) they become alive, powerful and ?sentient. SHIVA, JEHOVAH and ZEUS are out in the open.. powerful ETs. Zeus said in one of the movies,..CLASH OF THE TITANS,..he said humankind is forgetting to pray to us, and that has greatly diminished our power over them , and we'll soon dissipate. Huh....? my dog said.." BUH..?"
What I see is... we live inside a virtual reality where everything is FALSE, LIES, paper maches, movie characters, marionettes,props... ..that we keep alive 24/7. We give our power to them thru our attention and belief.
The only power here in this reality....,the only truth (as opposed to false) ; the only real (as opposed to illusion) YOU....SPIRIT HAVING PHYSICAL EXPERIENCES.
shouldn't we start believing in ourselves..?
Thanks guys :)

Hulsie said...

hi Joy! I always enjoy what you have to say. So earlier, you said: "when your Spirit has awaken in your body and has unified with your egoic consciousness, you can dissolve all karmic programs and all other programs that is keeping you tied down in 3D Matrix.. NOT before" - so since you seem to be fully awake, do you sort of live in this 3D hologram but have 4th or 5th dimensional visions? when we die, what do you expect might happen since you plan to dismantle the fake light tunnel, he he (thank you by the way).. will we enter a new journey, maybe on another planet, a new 'game'.. is there anything other than this out there?
Thank you again :).

joy said...

HULSIE,... hehhh...hehhh...heh...I ALWAYS THREATEN TO PRIME CREATORS. I WAS BORN BAAAAD. I actually don't have a name for the Elohim that owns me. I'm her monkey here. I think she's from an entirely different universe. She is a massive blinding light.
If I die here, my mental body will die 1 week later, and my emotional body will die 40 days after the physical death. My Spirit will be released back as SOURCE, but my ego-personality will be the one acting dumb and going thru the motions in the Void. This is where the tunnel of light is located. it is between 4th and 5th dimension. It is very black and icy-cold. Those who get there are terrified of the place. HOWEVER, if ego-personality has been infused with light of SOURCE, she will remember that she is NOT in any way under the thumb of the false-light entities......and there will be hell to pay...!
We, humans, when we enter this earth realm,...are fitted with personal DIVINE PLAN. (Fate; destiny.) I don't believe our SPIRIT designed this divine plan. Why is it always lopsided against us..? OUR SPIRIT, however, is absolutely sovereign,...not at all shackled with this illusory divine plan. Sooooo when inside the Void facing these "loving bastards" remember who you are,deep breathe, relax, invoke your power as sovereign being and these guys will just melt into the shadow. THEY ARE SHADOWS. The PRIME CREATORS will not interfere, and will help you if you remember to ask any of them.
Regarding karmic matrices. the story is that we karma ourselves. I absolutely believe that my SPIRIT does not karma me....because I am Spirit and I will NEVER karma myself , unless I am insane. there are those in the internet, including me, that believed that we made "agreements" with other entities for these karmas to happen. I don't believe that. IT IS A FAT LIE. The fact that Spirit agreed to come inside this reality is a BLANKET license for these bad guys to do anything to us.
We are inside this game of life called LIMITATION AND SEPARATION. It appears that ALL-THAT-IS (SOURCE) wanted to find out if she can be fractured (separated) or she (SOURCE) can be limited in any way. The fact-finding experiment is ending and 3d is going to be burned up soon. and the answer to the quest is ...NO, SOURCE CANNOT BE FRACTURED (SEPARATED ) NOR LIMITED. Within our lifetime, all parallel universes/realities/timelines will merge and eventually only one timeline will be left standing...the timeline of (the will) of SPIRIT. This will move us to a totally pristine reality called HEAVEN in religious group, a place called NEW EARTH,much like SHANGRILA. been flying in and out, scouting on this new earth since I was a kid. Relax, we are into the most exciting phase of our earthly adventures...!

Hulsie said...

wow you know I have to read your posts very slowly and over and over.. but the last sentence really got me.. You've been scouting NEW EARTH since you were a kid? how? Since all the planes, like astral etc are part of this matrix, I assume it would be outside that but what dimension? I wish we could go out for coffee or something. I want to hear everything LOL. Do you have any website or videos that share more of your knowledge, etc? How much longer in your opinion before what you say will happen? I know you said within our lifetime but that could be a few years to many years, it always seems to shift...are we still waiting on more people to awaken or some factors to fall into place?

joy said...

Hulsie,'s like I understand.
We are DUAL beings here on Earth. We have a TRUE self (Spirit) and a False Self (ego-personality) inside of our bodies. (This is how the game of fracturing the SOURCE mind was designed ) TRUE self is in stasis (semi-conscious) while we (Egoes)are wide-awake. TRUE SELF is NOT PART of the prison 3D matrix. TRUE SELF IS THE MASTER of the 3D Matrix, part of the PRIME CREATOR batch, that created the 3D matrix.
When we are asleep, TRUE SELF, (Spirit) ,....goes out of the physical body as an
orb -like body or as an angel like body, complete with light wings and lives her own life. True self can go anywhere in the universe,and sometimes, the ego-consciousness gets to tag along....although in my case, it feels like I AM THAT TRUE SElF. When I wake up, I'm my own limited ego self once again. bummer. That is how I spy on what's happening in the new Earth..
Anyway ,..when will we move to new Earth..? I can't find the akashic record, but it should be there in the NOW multidimentional time because IT IS ALREADY DONE.
WE ALREADY ASCENDED TO 5d. (our minds are NOT there yet. Remember...every time line, past, present, future are all cycling inside this SPHERICAL TIME CALLED NOW. Perhaps Lynn could zero in and see how near we are.
The kicker is the 3 DAY DARKNESS. All the markers are coming in fast. Solar minimums, earth's magnetics weakening, earthquakes, earth slowing down its spin.
the bad guys are ready to hang (hehhh) literally. the 3DAY darkness is when we , and the whole universe , will metamorphose into crystalline matrix, and the ending of 3D and everything nasty. The guys ascending us are NOT waiting for anyone to wake up.
They're having a blast......have you seen all the chaos around the world...? Who do you think is doing these things..? the devil..? the Satanists..? These are "tools" , "fronts"like us. and the puppetters are the elohims and archangels.
For coffee..? Thanks. Next time maybe. I live 16 hour jet flight from the USA.

daisy said...

Excuse me Lynn, for addressing joy...
@joy, what do YOU think is going on with the Mandela Effect? I'm so trying to get my head around it.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@daisy: You guys are great! I love reading the dialogue between everyone! I learn a lot for all of you!! Hugs!

joy said...

Dear Daisy,
Mandela. this is an opinion based on my extensive experience that I think the new age community labeled "mandela effect"
One startling experience I had about 6 months ago was...I went to see a dentist in another town. I was told it is located near a pharmacy. But when I got there, it was located on the other side of the street where the pharmacy was, next door to a barbershop. When I asked to see the dentist, the clerk said NO, we are busy. There were only 4 patients waiting. In short, I did not get to see the dentist.

About a month later, I was walking on this same street when I noticed this same dental clinic NOW sitting next door to the pharmacy..........and that the barbershop NOW standing right where the dental office was located.

WOW......I WAS IN A PARALLEL REALITY. a Mandela . And which one of these two realities are true to me..? Who knows..? and... in the first reality, a bastard unseen entity toyed with me. ( the clerk who refused me was probably temporarily possessed by an entity that wanted to upset me) OK,...I said that..

As SPIRIT connects more into our human consciousness, many things will change. Our awareness expands. For some, their psychic abilities will wake up and become more fine tuned. They will know , see, feel the outcomes of certain situations, but that the human egoic consciousness will deny it. So, some of you are well ahead of the game, but your ego will cover it up. As you become more and more LIGHT, become MORE SPIRIT THAT YOU ARE, your observation power will increase exponentially that the ego consciousness will be hard-pressed to deny. :)
The Mandela effects are caused by the descent of your Spirit unifying with your human egoic consciousness. YOU ARE BECOMING SUPERHUMAN. allow,deep breathe, relax.

Thanks, Lynn. You have a wonderful group here.

joy said...

Dear Daisy,

Re: Parallel realities.
Mandelas can't be fully explained without explaining PARALLEL REALITIES.

You as you all know, a VIRTUAL BEING inside a VIRTUAL reality. ooops.. NOOOO...
You are VIRTUAL BEINGS inside multiple realities of your own appears , you are, each of us, 12 virtual beings , called CONCURRENT incarnations, in each earth incarnation..

it appears, THAT each of the 12 YOUs, create many different realities during your lifetimes depending on the decisions you make during crucial situations in your lives. In effect, you create branches from your major timeline for YOU, SPIRIT to explore whatever probability is waiting. These timelines are called PARALLEL Realities, and that YOU are all exploring (living, experiencing) these timelines/parallels simultaneously. there is a healing modality, Matrix Energetics,. where you could go into a parallel reality , past your own present timeline,pick up THAT YOU there that is healthy before your illness, plunk it in your reality, and presto, instantaneous healing occurs. it works. I've seen it.

THAT......we all cycle like children in a Merry-Go-Round in and out of these Parallel realities every nano-second 24/7.
THAT...our human senses were programmed by SPIRIT not to register this changes into our consciousness.
THAT these realities , one time unit,( like one second,).. is like a movie frame , where one frame is not related to the next frame.........all because of this, our ceaseless ride into one parallel reality to the our brain, because there is NO INPUT from our senses, concludes that this is a flowing experience ...much like a complete movie.

THAT inside EACH of these different parallel realities, there are minor GLITCHES.
that are observable, to those awake and alert. The brain ,however, ERASES those that are NOT congruent to its story, so you go on "asleep" to this quantum reality. A building door being located in one side ,instead of where it has always been, on the other side, is a clue, you're in a different parallel.. ooh, my GPS navigation system,. ,know that various anomalies are not always glitches in the map and direction, but I always suspected, by a change of reality. Sometimes, a familiar place morphs into so weirdly foreign, I begin to wonder if I have died and missed my funeral.

This is the parallel universes/ timelines/realities as I understand it.
We have been undergoing this called "parallel mergers" in the past 30 years or so. We are pulling back these parallel reality branches and bringing them home inside light containers,(light particles, light waves) being part of our Lightbodies, effect....the stage of illusion is being dismantled and we are now seeing it with our eyes wide open.

daisy said...

Thank you joy and Lynn,

The internet (our own creation), has allowed us the ability to compare notes on glitches we experience. Whether realities are merging or collapsing and disappearing, it seems the one(s) we're left in is just a little less sensical than before in that my previous version made more sense with the rules I know - grammar on products/in movies, missing information, storylines that don't make sense. And maybe that is the key - the rules I think make sense are just that, rules somebody, somewhere made and need to be reassessed and/or tossed now. Time to let go.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you again for the comments. The deep conversations are great!! I love this!