Friday, January 19, 2018

Earth, Mapping and Universe Questions

Dear Lynn, thanks for explaining tricky questions so simply and clearly.  You are bringing light into this world!

Here are some more baffling questions:

Q. The world map is very intriguing. When we look at the map upside down, the landmasses look like they could have been together in one giant mass at the north pole and are now spreading out downwards, like when you put a thick frosting on top of a ball and it spreads and drips down. Was Pangea at the middle of the North Pole without the Arctic winters or was it a mass just anywhere in the middle of the Globe? 
A.  When I look at this, I get that all the continents clustered around the Asia area.  I don't see it to the northern or southern area, but rather the central area, and spreading from there.  I also see that the earth was smaller during that time, and as it grew, it aided in the breaking apart of the continents.  I am also reminded that energy isn't created or destroyed, so when the earth absorbs the sun's energy, the earth has to expel it trough volcanic eruptions or store it, which causes the expansion at the belly of the equator (changing the face of earth to be more oblong versus circular).

Q. We all know about plate tectonics and even the direction each plate is moving. Do the land masses actually move or do they stay kind of stationary but the altitude changes as their surface rises and falls? 
A. I wan't completely sure I understood the question.. But as I see it, the plates do move, some more than others.  The Asia area feels like more of an anchor, but even it moves slightly.  The butting of two plates can create a rise in altitude (like baby mountains being born which continue to grow as the plates press into each other).  As plates pull apart, there can also be a little "sinking" on the edge or newly formed coastlines, but it doesn't look to be significant in Earth's history.    

Q. Looking at a "two color" world map (blue being water and brown being land) it feels like the water encroaches and submerges any low areas it can find. That’s no brainer, but when you look closely at the map, some areas appear to speak volumes. For example, areas between Greenland and USA,  much of Europe and England and the entire area between southern Indian tip to western Australia etc looks like it was once a huge solid land mass and slowly submerged leaving only the upper elevations as the land that we can see now (essentially creating islands).  
A.  I see a few things going on with regard to island formation. In some areas the islands were created because smaller land masses broke from a parent mass.  For example, I see that is how many of the islands in the Greenland area came to be.  If you can image (this is how I see it playing out in slow motion) a large plate being broken in half.  One big mass stayed as Canada, another larger mass became Greenland, and all the shards turned into the smaller islands in between.

There can also be situations in which the water rises in some areas while receding in others.  This looks due to some north pole shifting and fluctuations in the the earth wobble which alters the seas (and tides).  As this happens new lands can be created (such as Shelly Island below) or submerged like Atlantis.

Shelly Island 
Q. Could it be true? Were these island chains once  dry land? If yes, that would change the shape of Pangea as given by Geologists. Can you see Pangea on the globe? (Additionally, geology hardly says anything about submerged lands on the said locations with the exception of Zealandia and few submerged coastal cities here and there. They have even failed to explain why they couldn’t foresee the emergence of many new islands in the oceans that have literally popped up overnight (eg. Shelly Island) and the 60 km long, 8 meters wide East African rift that opened up in just 10 days that was presumed to take place over millions of years. They are in fact baffled to see a very long process happening this fast.)
A.  In many situations, just as how I described the islands off Greenland, there was one mass that broke into smaller ones versus a large mass that was buried.  That type of development doesn't affect Pangea.  

What does affect Pangea are the two MAIN masses of Atlantis and Lemuria that were not included.   Pangea, even though it looks to be an accurate hypothesis, is not exactly correct.  It's basically geologists best effort based on what they do know.  

Q.  This means big unpredictable changes in short time are possible..What other major land changes do you see occurring in the world in near and far future?
A.  The biggest thing I see is the Mississippi River becoming more and more shallow.  The southwestern portion of the United States also looks to become dryer (and struggle with droughts).  

Mariana Trench
Many of the southern South American coastal waters also recede, and land masses may emerge as a result of that (water level lowers).  Additionally, many coastlines in and round Europe look to rise.  (There may be more, but those are the dominant things that come forward.)

Q. Was Mariana Trench ever a dry land mountain chain on Earth?
A.  I cannot see that the Mariana Trench was ever on dry land.  It looks to always be filled with water.

Q. Will the Himalayas become even higher?
A.  Yes, there feels to be a lot of potential energy building up in that area that releases in the form of plates pressing together and turning upward (like putting your hands flat, finger tip to finger tip, and pressing the tips together until they have no where to go but upward into a praying position).  It looks to be a gradual and steady growth.

Q. Can/Will Yellowstone National Park volcano blow entire US away like the Atlantis?

A.  Eventuallllly it will happen, but it looks to be much further into our timeline.  I get on earth there is still work to be done (the creation of a 4D earth and ascension) before it will be allowed to happen. There are some intervening forces guiding and protecting that area.

Q. Was the big bang caused by a black hole suddenly expanding and releasing all of it's matter? 
A.  I see it more like a black hole vacuum taking everything in.  So much was consumed that it created an implosion, which then created so much energy that it (the black hole) EXploded releasing all the matter and energy previously consumed.  From there, that explosion aided in the process to create / form most everything..

Q. I know you say everything is connected to the Source. Is that true for our universe? Does our universe have a soul and when it dies, does it reincarnate into a new universe?
A. Everything either directly or indirectly connects back to Source.  Source wasn't created from this, Source is The Source from which everything else came to be.

Our Universe is full of energy, has intelligence, and to some extend has a soul.  It feels like a machine full of harmoniously working parts, and when something is off, it seeks a balance.  The goal and life path of the Universe is balance.  I cannot see where our Universe "dies" so it is difficult to see how or if it reincarnates.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-
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Raymond said...

That was interesting. You said........"Source wasn't created from this, Source is The Source from which everything else came to be". Which begs me to ask that if Source (God?) was not created from this then where did God originate?

I assume we'll never know. Perhaps there are some things that we are not suppose to know or maybe we don't have the capacity to absorb, but life forms on other planets might be capable.

I believe that there were civilizations that existed before this one, such as Atlantis. And maybe one that existed before them. So, I began to think that maybe there were universes that existed before the current one and their history was lost to current life forms just like Atlantis is considered to be a myth.

But I would love to be able to see God,even if He is not physical. That has to be one big man with an infinite amount of intelligence. I bet He could carry on an interesting conversation and have some cool stories to tell.


Serene said...

Thank you Lynn....xoxoxox :) Blessings and Light to All!

Watchand Knock said...

Thank you Lynn, wonderfull! May I make a remark from a non-native speaker? In one sentence about SA you state: "Many of the southern South American coastlines also recede, and land masses may emerge." From my imperfect comprehension I would think: if the coastline recedes (due to either sealevel rise or sinking of the crust) one would expect that landmasses may submerge rather than emerge!? Sorry, English tough language! :)
(just citing part of an article which defines coastal recession in the way I interpret it: "The recession rate of soft rock cliffs is on the order of 10−2 to 100 m/y, one or two orders of magnitude greater than that of cliffs at Type-B platforms. Such rapid cliff recession has attracted considerable attention not only from coastal geomorphologists, geologists and geographers but also from civil engineers, planners and .. "

Beware of the Evil Xbots said...

Woah Lynn, you are on a roll lately!

Very interesting readings. Love the blog!

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Raymond: Great comments and things to ponder. I did get that Source (for some this is God) enabled all of this to happen. He sort of wrote the instructions so to speak. I cannot see what existed before Source (maybe I'm not to know???). I get this sense it (or He) was always there in some form.

@Watchand Knock: You are right. I visualized one thing and spoke/typed another (I will go in and correct that). I saw the WATER receding (water level lowering) and islands emerged as a result. I feel this is happening now (but not sure if the news has made it to the media). Sorry for the miscommunication.

Thanks again, and thank you for the kind words!

dmele17 said...

Hello Lynn, anyway you can do a reading on parabiosis, which is basically a blood transfusion from a young person to the body of an older person? Does that physically work? Is there some sort of spiritually ethical or energetic components to the practice that would make it not worth doing? Thank you for all your readings.

Ma'at said...

Hi Lynn,

I would posit that the earth is thicker around the middle, it is through the poles, because it is spinning at around 25,000 miles an hour--centrifugal force--rather than because it is getting fat from accreting space debris. :-) That doesn't go for me, because I'm not spinning on my own axis. :-P

Deedubau said...

@Raymond From what I understand, not everything needs to exist before something else does. As human beings we have very limited capacity to only clearly understand in terms of 3 dimensions and time isn't linear like how we process it. I've also heard that God isn't exactly a he or a man you directly speak to but rather a source of energy that communicates with everything in the universe.

Watchand Knock said...

Thanks Lynn! Speaking of the SA prognosys do you feel confident to give an approximate timeframe? What I checked is that this receding water event happened actually happened last August but its back to normal right now! (it certainly was one of a series of events). Thanks!

Ralib Allen said...

Thank you Lynn, interesting insights as always :)

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you so much for all the comments. Happy Saturday!! Hugs- Lynn

Valley of the Blue Moon said...

And also one big woman to balance out the equation and perhaps an even bigger father and mother of that man ...

Watchand Knock said...

Hi Lynn! Here you state " Inversely, many coastlines in and round Europe look to rise" . Once you changed the previous sentence shouldn`t it start with Additionally.... (instead of inversely)? About the time frame any guess?

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Watchand Knock: You got me again. :-) I went in and corrected it.

Buddhist Lady said...

Deedubau...I've read similar thoughts and ideas in books about Source. Source always was and always will be. I don't think 3D brains can particularly fathom that thought. I also like the term "All That Is." Some of Dolores Cannon's QHHT clients described returning to Source during their session and finding Home...that sense of belonging and ultimate love. Absolute acceptance.

Very interesting reading, Lynn!

Alex said...


Most people tend to equate source to Christian god which are completely different. Christian god was created by ptw to control the masses. Source don't interfere with people's lives even if you pray to it. Neither will it ban you to eternal hell.

Hannon said...

You know it, when you see it.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Charles: I see it like the Big Bang is what created the Matrix