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Metatron's Cube
Q. Hi! I figured with the upcoming year, and the shift, it would be fun to talk about Metatron. For the longest time, his symbol (Metatron's cube) kept popping up and I had a lot of synchronicity going on. I did some digging and it seems like the cube may be related to the new grid / 4D realm. (Interesting note: people have found connections to Tesla's 3,6, and 9 within the cube). Metatron has also relayed many messages about the upcoming New Age of Aquarius, which lines up with some of your readings. He refers to himself as an archangel. I know the term "angels" has been used to describe an ET because these beings look different and play the part, etc. There are some people who say Metatron is actually Enoch, who was given a new name when he ascended. So... who, or what is Metatron? And his role? Thank you so much for all you do!

A.  When I tune into this I see a being (in spirit) float upward.  This being looks to have an energetic tether to several dimensions, and manifests as a handsome male figure when connected to the 3D realm. I hear the phrase "he has his foot in many worlds, all at the same time."  

When I ask for clarity, I see him as being another extension from Source that was created (or rather sculpted) to aid and assist in the ascension of humans.  He was first incarnated on Earth near the time the ETs were seeding earth with life.  He lived a long life in 3D form, so long he was able to grow and expand through experience.  When he transitioned into spirit he was chosen by Source to continue the ascension process.  

When I ask, "Is Metatron in fact Enoch?"  I get "they are one in the same."  When he first transitioned into spirit, he was given the name Enoch as some way to signify he was in "training" (His 3D existence had another name..??).  As he matured and ascended (it comes through like a "promotion"), he was renamed to Metatron as he took his final position as a guide to humans through their ascension.  I also see that many people even have visions or connections to him as they cross over into spirit.

I get Metatron's Cube is a form of sacred geometry that illustrates energetic flows and how it flows through the molecular structures within humans.  I see this symbol being a powerful tool in healing by promoting a healthy flow of energy to and through a life force.  This symbol can be visualized or drawn to strengthen the healing intent.

And that is all I was able to see.  I'm happy to address questions in the comments.  (I feel like there is more, but this is all that came forward). Love and light- Lynn
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Beloved Shiningstar said...

@Lynn .. Mind. Blown! Once again you've blown me away! I always thought Enoch was a human being.. Noah's grandfather etc.... can you focus on his 3D name and who he was as a human? Was it Adam?

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Beloved: Interesting... To be honest, it felt like something difficult to pronounce. Like when I tried to get the name, I felt in a tongue twister. I can say it felt like I wanted to say something that started with an "L" or "EL" or even "AL." It could even be that they name "Source" gave him was the "difficult" name, but it was recorded and spoken a different way in the 3D. I need to think on it. Great question!

Yad Daniel said...

Which is his speciality? I mean, which areas or which rays are most related to him?

And how we can work with him in order to grow and get more understanding?

A Man Called Da-da said...

Actually, he changed his name to Metatron because he was tired of people saying, "Enoch, already!" That and "Enoch-knock" jokes. Sorry, I'm weak.

Lynn, serious question: what's the best way to connect with Metatron? (I'm guessing making jokes about his name is not one of them. ;)

Beloved Shiningstar said...

@Lynn- very interesting because Elijah and Enoch are the two people known for ascending without dying. When I tried to focus on my main characters name I kept getting El too! I went with a similar name as a result. Let me know if you come across his 3d name after you think on it 😊

@dada- you cracked me up! That was a good one 😂

Beloved Shiningstar said...

Thank you again so much for focusing on this and answering my questions!!!! Much love!!

Watchand Knock said...

Thanks Lynn! If a person decides to build a house following the sacred geometry of metatron cube scheme what are the benefits for those who will live in it?

wendy tascione said...

Lynn if you tat the symbol will it cause life long healing

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Yad: I saw that he is here to help people through the ascension process by helping to strengthen intuitive abilities (more the trusting of them). Meditate or even have quiet time and call upon him. He wants to help, you just have to be open.

@Dada: LOL. I just mentioned to Yad, call on him like you would your guides. He feels like he is there and waiting to help, you just have to welcome him (sort of like giving permission for him to assist.)

@Beloved: I didn't get it yet, but still get the "L" sound (like a version of "l"ove??? but a name). I'm curious what you got..

@Watchand Knock: I see it being a very spiritual place. Feels full of health and light energy. If you were to do this and created a place for people to do energy work, it looks to amplify your intent.

@Wendy: It would aid in it. You would still need to put the effort and energy into the intent of healing, but it would make the intent stronger. It also looks and feels to have grounding properties.

Thanks for all the comments!!

Beloved Shiningstar said...

@lynn I sent you an email about the characters name I got :) I had a thought.. it may help if you focus on who Metatrons parents were if he was incarnated here? I also found out that El holds a lot of meaning in Arabic and enochian language too! I think you did a superb job!

wendy tascione said...

Thank u so much lynn

joy said...

I would like to add a few more bits of entertaining info about Metatron . He is an Elohim (12th Dimension) and an archangel(11th Dimension). He is one of the PRIME CREATORS. they are the first born of the Ocean of Life called ALL-THAT-IS. I have no idea how they woke up from their slumber.(welllll.... I somehow know, not in words) Prime creator is an office that is in charge of everything that is physical. There are many of them. They might be the 144,000. As elohims, these guys are NON-Dual , utterly ONE. When they oversee our 3D , they morph into dual beings ,we call archangels. Here , they create the physical virtual playground and the Game called Life, they then crawl into the playround (incarnate) and play. In a way, these elohims created this virtual playground and then, used it to play. So, Metatron and the rest of this guys are heavily incarnated in this reality. It means they have multiple incarnations, in all habitable sun systems, as good guys and as BAD guys. There is no one to play these roles but them.....geezzzz . You and I do not always know, and certainly they won't tell us if we are their avatars, unless they have some special job to do that needs your cooperation. So, he is closer to us than our egos want us to believe.
He created Light, visible and invisible,.. the raw material for creating "the mansion worlds of light" or the different dimensions. Apparently, he created the first universe called the "Cold Universe". If you channel him, his essence is real icy. He refurbished the New Earth to make it paradise-like. He is involved in cleaning and preparing Earth for her ascent to high 4D. he also tinkered with our lightbodies , placed a crystalline gizmo on the right side of our brain so we can decode the language of Light. When your spirit sends you a message, it will vibrate and turn icy. Yayyyy........Drop down to your heart and listen. Dropping down to your heart is just a way to move your consciousness away from the "monkey brain"
Ok. :)

joy said...

BTW.....if you want to pick Metatron's brain,....good to channel him.
the best book I know about learning to channel; OPENING TO CHANNEL by
Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer. Their info is comprehensive and the channeled 9th Dimensional beings Orin and Daben have good vibes, and they will help you.

Hope said...

When I looked up 'Metatron cube, I came across some websites selling Metatron's Cube in Flower of Life Sacred Geometry pendant.
So, is this Metatron cube symbolic of Metatron? Does he has an identity/image/face like the other archangels. Talking about ancient, I read about Antahkarana symbols, an ancient healing symbols.

Some examples mentioned for its usage:
- Simply sticking or placing Antahkarana in any room is enough to create an illness free and healthy atmosphere.
- Crystals can be cleansed by placing them between 2 Antahkarana symbols.
- Place Antahkarana symbol on chakras to balance chakras.
- Charge your food and water to purify by placing it on Antahkarana. It acts as a detoxifier.

Lynn, what is your take on Antahkarana symbols? Do the symbols act as an amplifier with our intent?

@Watchand Knock,just curious, how does one build a house following the sacred geometry of metatron cube scheme? You don't mean it literally, right?

An interesting topic for the start the year


Watchand Knock said...

Thank you so much Lynn!

Watchand Knock said...

BTW, recently a well known Irish architect mentioned in an interview that he had followed the wish of a client couple and built them a house following a 7 fold simmetry. Short time after they moved in, they started having fights and discussions (in a way they never had before). Perhaps this means that there was too much energy, and that this place perhaps would be more adequate for having temporary guests or seminars. (possibly it could also be due to the land it was built on).

joy said...

Hope, my 2-cents worth ,...about talismans. ( this antahkarana and others.)
They DO work.
BUT..., from experience,....there is ALWAYS a price. The one who is powering the talisman will extract something from you , and you are NOT to know what it is, and you will not be able to connect the CAUSE and EFFECT. Maybe an illness? maybe a bunch of astral entities that will wreck your sanity or will wreck your relationship..? The Karma is on you. Remember that these guys created this reality so they can play. ....and play,..they will, at your expense.

747 said...

Thank you to lynn for this blog. Thank you Joy for your book recommendation. Thank you to everyone who participates, I’m so grateful for this community and the opportunity to learn and grow.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Joy: Thanks so much for the info and the NAME!! I was trying to put it all together and what you shared makes so much sense! I really appreciate all the info!

@Hope: I do believe in the power of the Antahkarana symbols, but only as an amplifier (we hold the intent for our actions). I use them with my Reiki plate when doing distance healing. I always ask my Reiki guides for assistance, and set my protection before I begin.

Thanks again for the comments. This was all very interesting!!

Hope said...

Thanks Watchand Knock, perhaps it's too 'hot' to handle for some. I came across articles too, to be careful when using crystals as healing tool.

Thanks Joy, from what I understood, we just print out Antahkarana symbols to be used, no chanting, meditation needed to use it. Anyway, you're right about being cautious.

Yesterday I have a weird dream. I don't know whether it's related to Metatron or not. But after I read that he wants to help, I was "talking" to him from time to time, asking him to guide me. And before I closed my eyes to sleep, I talked to him again. In the middle of the night/dream, somehow I saw a sparkling light which suddenly generated more sparkling light (like a firework) and in the end, a bright white light filled-up the whole view, followed by a blue light which slowly deemed away. During these few moments I somehow got the message that we are all Lights beings, coming from the same Source. I have this question "Who are we?" nagging at the back of my mind for some time now.

Before that deemed blue light completed faded away, I felt both of my legs were clamped, immobilize. Then I felt a cramp in one of the leg and I had to sit up to wait for the pain to pass. It's been sometime that I didn't have a cramp and I would feel a sore part in my leg and would limp the next morning. Surprisingly this morning, I didn't feel any sore part (in fact, I was touching my leg to look for it) and I wasn't limping.

Perhaps that cramp is Metatron shaking me up to accept what I couldn't change and move on ...! Haha! Or just a coincidental lucid dream?

joy said...

hope........hah-hahhh. That's beautiful. i'm so happy for you. Metatron and the rest of the crew are as close to us as our heartbeat. who knows, might be a Metatron incarnation. Some of the Prime Creator's incarnations don't have much assignment. They just go thru life not knowing anything , but as avatars,...we are the tools by which they radiate their power to change anything, without us being aware.
747.........I really should start channeling too. I have many questions that need answers. this 3day darkness. I can't seem to find any info about...when.
Lyn, so glad you found the info useful. :)

Hope said...


Me? ...a Metatron incarnation !!! I sure needed some cheers today - Thanks! But honestly, I humbly think that I'm just a lost soul trying to find my way ... HOME!

joy said...

Hope, ...Yes, we all are . and we're all worn out. you must realize that we are dual beings. the Yin and the Yang. The true self (Spirit) and the False self (the ego-personality. ) It is the Ego-personality that is looking for the way home. Not realizing that in the same body is the way home. Hang in there. We'll soon be outa here.
oh, Metatron is busy raising those crystals from Atlantis. the3,4, 5 storey ones. he has an avatar zeroing in on the Arkansas region. Remember the info that ATLANTIS will rise again..? That is one of his projects. We'll probably see the new refurbished Atlantis in the New Earth.
Metatron also created the Merkabah of Enoch.The chariot of Fire. I heard that he created 5 different kinds of Merkabah based on the Platonic Solids (geometries)
hmmm......we'll see. :)
Metatron also created this firmament...this double-wafer thin crystal panels fitted around the New Earth, make the new earth's atmosphere in perpetual delightful sub-tropical paradise. Since this new Earth is located in the same location as this old Earth, (it is right here, right now. Only different in vibration,)we see all light plays in our those crystalline rainbows that appear everywhere. I think we are seeing the reflection of these ice panels.
Ask him when you talk to him.

Hope said...


Where 4D Earth (New Earth) is concerned, a part of me feel sad at the thought of leaving my current soul group (many still in slumber land) in 3D Earth. So, there is this subtle blockage in me, (the False self?) hesitating to learn more about 4D Earth and ascension. Somehow I have stopped my meditation, feel kind of restless since then. Perhaps it's my False self working overtime?

And why would Metatron create this firmament (which prevent us to travel through the energetic portals) and allow the bad vibes to keep us as slaves through reincarnation?

I wish I have your knowledge and experience in the spiritual journey. One last question though, how do we connect to our Higher/True Self? How do we know we have connected to our Higher-self?

Thank you, Joy, for taking your time to reply.

joy said...

Hope, we are ...what I know is.... we do not have a higher self. True self is right inside you, feel just you. It does not overshadow you around your shoulders, nor does it exist in the Ionosphere as depicted by pictures of the I AM Presence by this Ascended Master Saint Germain, another LIAR.


this TRUE Self is in stasis inside our bodies, acting only as observer. We call this state; ESSENCE SELF...we can only communicate with it while we are also in stasis...deep meditation or under deep hypnosis in the THETA level of the brain cycle . This TRUE self goes out having its own life, when we are asleep, and sometimes you are allowed to remember these adventures.

The reason we (TRUE SELF) are in stasis is because this reality demands us to be in putting us in countless blockaging energies, that we are basically inside the worst prison imaginable. Chakra separator plates were inserted in between our chakras to prevent them from communicating. Crystal implants to dampen our psychic abilities. Our hearts were closed and padlocked. Thoughts that do not belong to us...well, a few hundreds more to keep us (TRUE SELF) in place.

NO, Metatron wanted us to be partying for over 1000 years. So he's putting up everything that would be very entertaining to us.It does not affect our abilities to travel. The portals are controlled by another Elohim, Alpha-Omega. So everything is cool. In fact, this 1000 years or so inside the New Earth, to train us to access all our "lost" abilities such as ...Teleportation,telepathy, Apportation, Telepathy, Power of Precipitation and Etherialization, Power of Invisibilty, Invincibility, and our ability to command the atoms and molecules to obey. You will be able to move mountains....Then, you may want to ascend to 5D or wait for everybody , to ascend as a our stay in high Astral,.. 5D energy will continue to seep down into the New Earth, because of the vacuum left by the burned down 3D.

And ..Yes, will feel the sadness of leaving your 3D home. But you must know that everyone in your Soulgroup will also be there. It's an incredibly happy reunion.

When my crown chakra opened up, everything looked and felt like 'NOT REAL". Oww, I lost my desire to be a millionaire. I became lazy because I could manifest whatever it is I or house or whatever. I always walked around with my pocket bulging with money that some (of these moneys) travelled halfway around the world to find me..! hehhh....I dropped out of the rat race. From then on, I always acted as if I owned the Universe, in the most natural way. :)

Hope said...


TRUE self ! Chakras! Crystals! Meditation! Metatron
You’re too fast for me! Haha!

As for videos and gurus, there are too many in YouTube, so in the end, I don’t know which one to listen to. In the end, I’m all muddle up.

I think I will do my meditation again as the first baby step (but I’m not getting younger :-)
Then hopefully look into opening chakras.
Sometimes when I meditate, I do see purple colour but nothing more, let alone open the crown chakras. I have been curious about opening the third eye but some warned not to do it.Helas ...

Looks like we’re having “private” exchange here in this post with my non-stop questions to you! Haha! I hope Lynn doesn’t mind. And thanks for your time, Joy.

joy said...

Hope, RE: Opening chakras.
I was going to tell you that meditation alone will not open your chakras. In the past 7 years or so, the KUNDALINI energy has been opening up spontaneously among many people. What this kundalini (TUMMO ) fire does is it burns down the major blockages in between the chakras, and unify all the 7 chakras into ONE POLE. called PRANIC Pole.
inside that pranic pole is a smaller tube called ASCENSION POLE that is connected to all levels of your being.(up to the Elohim level and above.) When this kundalini is active, it feels like a serpent undulating inside your spine and out circling your body.
If you continue to do TUMMO breathe practice everyday, will eventually burn down all the blockages inside and around your energy field, cancel all your karmic programs and you will begin to emit means your individuated Spirit can , at this point,.. descend into the physical body.
I have to tailor my breathing exercises to get precisely what I want because there is not one breathing exercise that fit. a good one is the WIM HOF BREATHING.
Yuotube videos are good for referencing, but to follow anyone of them...not good.
When you meditate, make it practical. Prepare questions to ask, then when you are moving about during the day,'ll get the answer. oh, you may want to learn to channel your own Spirit.
This is the only place we can discuss these things without the web-owner getting upset. I'm sure Lynn does not mind. Hehhh... :)

Hope said...


Hold it there! What? TUMMO? WIM HOF breathing?

I googled it and was wow! Monks doing TUMMO and some brave guys subjecting their body to extreme cold water. Brrr !

I read about Kundalini too but the thought of an imaginary "snake"circling my spine ...NO THANKS! Haha! Read that some people couldn't handle it and went 'berserk'. So, I didn't venture further into chakras/Kundalini, I would be contented if I could practice meditation faithfully without break ...

You have an interesting life, Joy, bless you. It was nice "chatting" with you here.

joy said...

Hope, hehhh.....I was talking about the WIM HOF BREATHING EXERCISES. I don't do the cold water stuff. brrrr.....And you can talk to the KUNDALINI if it gives you any problem. Tell it to stand down. Yep. No one understood what the KUNDALINI really is. Gopi Krisna, the first guy who got his KUNDALINI activated went insane.(sort of) his wife had to take care of him.
Good luck :)

Hulsie said...

Hi Joy! Hope you are doing well.
I just noticed you said above that if one wears a talisman, "that there is ALWAYS a price. The one who is powering the talisman will extract something from you, and you are NOT to know what it is, and you will not be able to connect the CAUSE and EFFECT". That is surprising to me, when they are supposed to help you. What about crystals that are said to help people trying to awaken and reach higher vibrations, etc? I've just read about "vogel quartz crystals" and how much energy they hold and was thinking of buying one. What about wearing gemstones or buying quantum healing pendants? are these all going to extract something from the person wearing and/or owning them in their home? Maybe this is a new question for Lynn as well :).
Blessings to you all...