Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Saudi Arabia

Q1.  Hi Lynn, I wonder if you could do a reading about what is happening inside of Saudi Arabia. Is this a coup, a counter-coup, or a civil war between Saudi elites? Will anything good come from this, like real reform. Or will this lead to greater conflict in the Middle East?

Q2. I came here to ask about Saudi Arabia, but I see that someone got here before me! In addition to his queries, I would additionally ask your view on Prince Mohamed Bin Salman's social reforms. How genuine are these signs of progress, or are they just window dressing to give a good impression as they review their international allegiances? Is the country shifting its strategy for when the oil trade wanes? Will the population grow restive and rebellious as these changes kick in? How do you see it all panning out?

A.  When I tune into this, there feels like a lot of things going on from all different angles, and the current Prince is doing what he can to gain control of it.  He wants to build a strong country and is also creating a vision for the future (and a lot of that focus is on gold and oil, aka black gold).  

Of everything going on, it looks like the single most cause of the upheaval is a strong desire to do trade with gold backed currency rather than the dollar.  Considering Saudi Arabia is on a black gold mine (oil), that doesn't settle well with the PTW (Powers That Were) that depend on the use of the dollar.  This current Prince is working to clean out the corruption, "reset the stage" (what I hear) and shift Saudi Arabia to the next level.  This path to independence threatens the PTW because they want people dependent on them AND the dollar. 

To counteract the current purge of corruption, the PTW look to be working through Iran and funding them through some back door way (money, weapons).  They (the PTW) are trying to cause a fight between Iran and Saudi Arabia to create tension, fear and some kind of destabilization that opens the door for forces on the ground (aka direct influence).  It does look to get worse, and more tense before it gets better, but the people feel supportive.  

The current Prince does look and feel to be genuine in trying to progress forward.  I cannot see the oil trade waning, but rather see him wanting to change the way it is paid for to ensure the country stays solvent when the dollar declines. Converting to a gold based system allows Saudi Arabia to accumulate tangible assets, and strengthen their economy.  It will also put oil dependent countries on alert as many of them don't possess the gold they claim to have.  

Please send the intent of peace to this country.  That is all I have for this reading.  Love and light-




Thanks for the work which you really do.

Been reading that current Saudi prince is more incline with China & Russia than US & there is also rumors about Gold back Yuan. Do you see any truth to the said story.




BTW WebBot predicted correctly Saudi current situation.

Anonymous said...

Is anyone following the Q drops on 4 chan? It is fascinating and asks people to answer questions about the deep state. Q states that only 3 people know everything about what is going down worldwide: DJT, Q and SnowWhite. When I read 'Snow White' I thought the 7 dwarves and the Pleiades 7 sisters star system.

Then I saw this video YouTube Destroying the Illusion he saw that and raised me. Says Trump tweeted about we now control land, sea and space and something about executing military and energy orders. Speculates that we are being helped by " + + + " 3 different galactic groups!

The Saudi Arabian stuff is supposedly first step of globalist clean up?! Love to know your guys take on this.

Buddhist Lady said...

Great reading and info posted here. Thanks for the heads up misshavesham. I will look into what you mentiion. I have been reading about the scalar/laser weapons in space for a few years now--all through whistleblowers or people who have a piece of the puzzle. Very difficult to understand the true situation when so much secrecy controls the world. I have tracked down the use of possible scalar energy weapons in the Mideast...for the reason that the use of these weapons constitutes an unpardonable crime against humanity. Supposedly one reason our skies have become electrified is to better conduct this type of warfare.

Ma'at said...

I think you can bet half your kids college fund on it that the princes and their retainers being arrested and killed are, or were, large supporters of the Salafist/Al Qaeda, and ISIS armies, and the Clinton Foundation. The old witch is weakening while the old guys like GHWB are getting long in the tooth and senile. The younger rounders and pedophiles are finding that they may have some six figure legal bills coming, and soon, just to get a plea bargain that puts them on probation and not in prison. That's a LOT of $billions getting tied up that used to go into politics, disclosed and laundered.

Watchand Knock said...

Great Reading Lynn! Thanks!

Alice Liu said...

Re: Q Anon, someone posted this today (in one of my facebook groups) about Operation Snow White, a conspiracy by the Church of Scientology.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Alice Liu going there now!


It was 17 sealed indictments in Washington DC, it's now 31. Heads are about to roll. And President Donald Trump has played the Obama-Clinton crime cartel like a fiddle. You are about to witness something that was deemed to be an impossibility just one year ago.

@Lynn do you see purging of Obama-Clinton crime cartel? Thanks

They Live said...

What do you think about the humanoid robot, Sophia, acquiring Saudi citizenship?

Anonymous said...

@They Live I know you are probs asking Lynn, but I heard that it is so they can treat AI robots as employees and garnish or tax their income, related to blockchain AI and CryptoCurrency.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thanks for the comments and kind words! Tons of great info here (thank you for the sharing and links!!). I do see the Clinton's being looked at, but some how the story feels intentionally quieted. misshavensham, you are right... follow the money and you will find the motive..


Recently come across the book title "Billions for the Bankers and Debts for the People" which was written in 1989 by a minister (now deceased) who had the courage and inspiration to explain in
very simple and uncluttered language how it is that we are presently being ENSLAVED and IMPOVERISHED by the current "debt-usury (interest) banking system" that we have.