Monday, November 6, 2017

Requests from Webbot :-)

Q. I cannot remember if you have done a session on Kerry Cassidy.  We here at webbot forum are all a buzz because Clif High is going to do an interview with her.  Could you do a short look/see?  Thanks.
A.  (I have not done a reading on her, so I wanted to take a "look.")

When I tune into Kerry, I get good vibes. As I look at her, it appears that early on she led a fairly naive life, focusing on career and being goal driven.  Then something changed, like there was a fork in the road, and the path she chose totally changed her life.  It was a dark and curious path, filled with surprising truths.

I appears she happened upon something, like a truth that you cannot un-know (many people that are "awake" have this "ah ha" moment, and this "fork in the road" was hers).  It made her hungry for truth, stimulated her intuition, and made her more passionate than ever to reveal her findings.  I see her discoveries coming to her like the Law of Attraction- the more she desired to find things, the more things found her. 

Please send her light and protection as she uncovers some very stories and reveals things that many powerful people would like to keep hidden.

Q. Amazon, the product website, uses aggressive selling tactics and it's horrible.  There are even lawyers advertising that they work for sellers who have been ripped off as well as authors who get under cut for their work.  Do not put your credit card info up for grabs either.  Thanks for all you do!
A.   I see that when Amazon works, it works great for the consumer.  But, I do hear the phrase "the buyer needs to beware."   I get that some (not all) vendors sell things on Amazon which are "knock offs" or sub par, and it is difficult to have recourse as the customer without time, hassle and delay. When buying something on Amazon, I see that it is important to see WHO is really fulfilling the order, and determine if it is a reputable vendor. Read reviews objectively.  Anything sold and fulfilled by Amazon feels like less risk, but when a third party is involved, it will be the customer dealing with returns or reimbursement. 

The real issue is that Amazon wants as many vendors as possible to increase their product list and items available.  They don't properly vet the third party sellers, and if an issue arises with the seller or their product, Amazon pushes the issue off onto the customer to deal with on their own. I see this being where attorneys have gotten involved...   The customer can win, but it won't be without time, expense and energy.

I do see that Amazon's system gets hacked from time to time resulting in stolen credit card information.  I cannot see the process that is creating the opening to be hacked, but hear there is some kind of "remote VPN device that runs an algorithm to access their network" ?????  They know it happens, but cannot seem to prevent it.  Use caution entering your credit card (or better yet use a paid debit / gift card).    

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


wodasi in North Dakota USA Charlebois said...

i only use a pre loaded gift card with amazon ..
( cheap to ge from my bank )

Cheryl said...

I JUST finished watching the 3-hour interview Paladin did with Kerry Cassidy, and stopped by this site to see if Lynn had any new readings posted and--bam--a question about Kerry! I've been following Project Camelot for years now and I really respect Kerry and enjoy her interviews. She uncovers so much fascinating information. And, for those interested, the interview I just watched is a great overview to what Kerry knows and the kinds of news she brings to us.

Here's a link: Check out the Project Camelot youtube channel for more.

Jumpin Jupiter said...

@wodasi A gift card is a great solution - Thanks!
@Cheryl Don't you love it when that happens - you wonder what Lynn gets on an issue, and bam, there it is!

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thanks again for all the comments! Hugs!

EA RW said...

Oh nice one, I'm familiar with kerry and project camelot. She really has some nice interviews and interesting people.

wendy tascione said...

Good reading...i like kerrys metamorphosis from ego to more service to others...good info.....thanku lynn