Thursday, November 9, 2017

Random Grouping for the End of the Week

The following was submitted by a blog reader, and I though this would be an interesting read heading into the end of the week.  Enjoy!

Q. Will there be a time where all humans eventually mix and end up having a more uniform look (e.g., skin color, height, facial features)?
A.  I do see that happening, but we are several generations away from it.  I get the closer you are to the equator, the quicker the blending happens.  Not only will it be in characteristics of skin, hair, eyes, etc.. but there is also more of a blur between male and female.  We are slowly becoming a melting pot, and the dominant genes look to be darker hair and eyes (so much so that one day a natural blond or blue eyed person will be a rarity).  

Q. Why do humans have different blood types? What's the purpose of having different blood types?
A. I get we have different blood types because we are from different ET groups.  We used to have three main groups: O, A and B.  Now that we have meshed as a society, we have many more variations such as AB, O+, O- and so on..  There is no real purpose, but rather it is a genetic imprint from your beginning.

Q. Why do humans sleep a lot? Giraffes sleep for less than 2 hours a day. 
A. Humans need time to download and decompress.  Sleep is the time of day the subconscious can work freely, the mind can reconnect with source, and the body resets (when physical, emotional and mental healing occur). I get this is why you are tired when you are sick or depressed because your body WANTS to heal and knows you need sleep.

Q. What’s the reason behind the sleep paralysis phenomenon, where you can’t move your body after waking up?
A.  I have tuned into this phenomenon in a previous reading.  I would like to share an except and link to that reading:
"I see sleep paralysis as a state of existence where your physical body and rational mind are here in the present, and your subconscious mind is somewhere else and hasn't quite "caught up" to where your physical body is at that moment.  (Almost like you woke up too fast for your deep subconscious to wake up with you). I see when you sleep, you rational mind is quiet and allows your subconscious to wander.  You may be here on this physical plane of earth, you may be having a deep connection to the universal consciousness (I see this happens most after meditating a lot), or just wandering and processing information.  Your deep subconscious sort of "disconnects" from you when you sleep.  Occasionally your conscious / rational mind wakens before your subconscious realigns with you, and when you wake, your conscious mind is working but hasn't had a chance to sink back up with the subconscious causing this paralysis feeling."  
Please click the following link to see more:   

Q. What are the advantages of intermittent fasting/time-restricted eating? Why don't health books promote this?
A. Our bodies use a lot of energy to digest and process food.  Without dedicated energy being used in digestion, your body can focus on detoxing and healing.  Additionally, not only are you healing, but you are starving the illness or virus so it cannot thrive. 

(I have not studied medicine, so I must say to use caution if you seek this method out, and do what resonates with you.  You will purge lots of toxins, and you will need to drink lots of water.

Some health books do promote this, but you have to seek them out.  I then here the phrase "where this is no money to be made, there is no press."

Q. Why are there less people in cold countries?
A.  As the world was being inhabited, people flocked to where it was easier to survive (hunters and gatherers).  As time progressed, and technology made it easier, we branched out, but tended to stay where it was easier and more plentiful.  I hear "we are creatures that gravitate toward the path of least resistance." ??

Q. What’s with Lindsay Lohan converting to Islam? Is this a part of PTW propaganda?
A. Yes, I hear most antics resulting from Hollywood are in the name of an agenda driven by the PTW.  Don't look at the event, but rather threw it to see the bigger picture.

Q. Bill Nye "the science guy" - in an attempt to support the transgender agenda, he opposed his previous TV presentation that the chromosomes determine whether the baby is male or female. Now, he claims that all old people must die sooner to help save the earth from climate change! How did the PTW coerce him into doing these?
A.  I hear that if you "aren't with them (the PTW) you are against them."  It looks as though an independent liberal group approached him and offered him a "bonus" if he came out and said these things.  I also get that we haven't heard the last from him... 

Q. How does the universe see killing pests? Is it ethical? Anyway, mosquitoes, as you mentioned, are genetically engineered delivery system that got out of control.
A.  Killing anything is taking a life force, but the ethics come from the intent.  Is it malicious, for sport or for survival?  Slapping a mosquito (I get), based on your reflexes does not carry the same intent as people out poaching because they can.  There is no right or wrong, and things are viewed by the vibration surrounding them.

Q. Do animals have a different set of chakras?
A. Every being has different energetic points, so they do have a different alignment (and number) of chakras.  I hear that most fall in a linear path, but the name, color and amount different between living things (some may only have one).

Q. Where is the lost land of Ophir described in the Bible?
A. As soon as I read this, I instantly got "it is the Land of Mu."  This ancient land (that is now sunk) was an oasis "of plenty."

Q. Now that the flat earth concept changes the assumptions fed to us: Does the moon light itself? Sunlight is consistently gold/yellow and moonlight is mostly white/blue, and sometimes appear to be semi-transparent.
A. I do get the moon provides it's own illumination.  In fact, the inside of the moon looks to be an ET base and houses many of their crafts (I could go on, but this deserves it's own reading..)

Q. Does the PTW control the beings in the hollow earth too?
A.  I see they have control of the leaders, because the leaders on the inside are related to the PTW on the outside (both are Reptilians).  I will say that even though both groups are Reptilian based, the ones on the inside feel less hostile than the ones above ground.   

Q. As etched in the Georgia Guidestone and clearly a New World Order agenda, one item in the list is "3. Unite humanity with a living new language". Why are they aiming for this and how are they trying to achieve this? Is this the English language?
A.  I do get the PTW are trying to get one language, and that language is to be English.  The English language has been heavily manipulated and altered against us.  Words are powerful, and the PTW are constantly reinforcing their spells through the use of language subliminally. English has gone from Shakespeare's time of saying thee and thou, to our current time of saying you to reinforce we are followers (ie ewe, a female sheep).  There are hundreds of examples of phrases in our day to day speech (Eyes Wide Shut) and we allow it to happen through acceptance.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


The enlightened one said...

"Why are there less people in cold countries?"
Dumbest question ever. You don't need a psychic to answer that one, the answer should be obvious for anyone with a sense of logical thinking.

jake travis said...

I really enjoyed this Lynn. Keep up the good work.

I'm surprised Miley Cyrus hasn't converted to Islam yet. It's strange that anyone would be converting to Islam with all the talk of "muslim bans". Especially a european female. Its like the "PTW" & Lohan are trying to turn Islam into a fashion trend. They just need to get Miley Cyrus on board.

Anonymous said...

@enlightened one...So called obvious questions are great questions for Lynn - I've noticed she gets amazing and often unexpected material in response to them. And if it is so darned obvious, you could flip it and say 'Why does ANYBODY live in cold climates' but they do, obviously.

Christina Gould said...

Are the questions in this post answered by Lynn or someone else?

Alex said...


Animals having fewer chakras than humans is interesting. Does that mean that the more chakras and more colors one soul has, the higher is one's spiritual level?

Robert Schoen said...

What a great and interesting group of questions and answers! These really seem to touch on many basic aspects of human existence we never question but take for granted. The sleep paralysis explanation seems perfect, and I am sure there are no karmic rules against killing or even torturing mosquitoes.

The enlightened one said...

The only interesting questions in this reading were the Earth-related ones.

All the others were quite boring and inane questions. I already knew the answer to most of them, and the rest were simply too mundane in nature to interest me.

Mumbi Kihumba said...

Thank you Lynn for your time and effort.

Barbara Marciniak (?) in her plaedian channelings talks about the moon being artificial, not a natural thing but constructed by ETs..could you expound further in your future moon reading.

Thank you.

Mumbi Kihumba said...

@the enlightened one, please try to remember that we are all at different stages of awareness and enlightenment..what may be obvious to you may be just what another brother or sister needs to catapult them to their next stage of enquiry on their very individual path. Bear with the rest of us just starting out on the path..we will get there.

Much light and love to you.

King of Pentacles said...

Well, you still have one a few things you need to DEVELOP, such as good manners when you are visiting Lynn's blog. Now reflect on this and be grateful.

Beloved Shiningstar said...

I really liked your reading Lynn! I had sleep paralysis every time I did an astral projection. At first, I didn't know what it was and it freaked me out, but as time went on I realized it happened when my body/consciousness woke up before my spirit returned to my body fully. Half in and half out, as I would call it. It has gotten easier to deal with now that I know what it is. Lynn you may like this link: this boy claims to be a Martian reincarnated and speaks of these same ets you mentioned.

Bee E-lightened said...

Hahahaha....I rolled my eyes and said duh when I read it tol

Bee E-lightened said...

Dont be a troll

Bee E-lightened said...

Interesting topics

Beloved Shiningstar said...

@Serene... funny you said that, because during my last experience it felt like I was mildly holding my breath. It wasn't the, "Ah! I need to breathe! My lungs are going to explode!" feeling.... more like I just inhaled and went under water. (you know,the first few seconds the lungs are okay with what's in there, before they need more air..) It was when I became very conscious/aware during the end of the projection, that I noticed the breathing thing. It was more because I kept trying to take a breath, out of habit, and it wasn't happening. I could see where other people would be freaking out, trying to gasp, not knowing why it wasn't working.

Buddhist Lady said...

What an incredibly interesting array of questions and answers! Thank you, Lynn!! A lot of "ah ha" moments here. I particularly liked the message about intent creating a different vibration around any killing. I'm trying really hard to thank each source of food for their care and maintenance of me. I recently went with my herbalist to gather wild chapparel and spoke to the chapparel each time I made a cutting. BTW, I've been "intermittantly" fasting simply because I lost my appetite and didn't want food some days (so, after wising up, I followed what my body wanted). I think this intermittant fasting is the bomb.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thanks so much for the comments. Yes, I did answer these questions (someone questioned that above). I saw a long list of questions and I thought it would be fun to tackle them for the end of the week. it was a fun reading (I like the various topics :-)

Cheryl said...

Thank you, Lynn! Yes, words are indeed powerful. That link you provided was a fascinating read.

Kalamota Kook said...

Thanks for another interesting bundle of readings Lynn. Regarding blood types, can you tell which groups were related to which ETs? And what about Rhesus Negative people? I've heard various things along the way about them having different characteristics, and even that they're Reptilian. Or Neanderthal. Or lord knows what. What do you see about RhNegs?

By the way, and rather off topic, there was a reading and discussion here a while back about Elsagate and those creepy kids videos. There's a bit of good news today. Journalist Tim Pool has decided to investigate them and posted a video about them. He's going to go deeper. He's got a good reach online and is a respected popular voice, so that will lead to more awareness and hopefully action.

Serene said...

My comment on C-PAP machines is not listed, but yes, I have heard from more than an handful of people the reason their Dr. put them on C-PAP because they have sleep apnea. I've always thought it was a matter of conventional medicine not knowing exactly what was really happening during "sleep apnea." (Thank you Beloved Shiningstar!!)

Melly said...

Thanks for the reading. Also curious if other languages are affected with negative subliminal spells such as East Asian languages like Chinese or Japanese.

lacham said...

Here is an image put out by NASA showing a complete picture of Earth. Does this resonate with you as being a proper picture of Earth. If so, a Flat Earth theorist would have a hard time defending this photo to be proof of their theory. We only see North & South America.

The enlightened one said...


I would have to concur. I don't take any stance in the flat Earth debate, but if you advocate the flat Earth theory, like Lynn does, the least you can demand is that they explain this picture.

wendy tascione said...

Marciniak and lynn are the best source of info on the net.

The enlightened one said...

How do you define "best source of info"?

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you so much for all the comments. I just had a chance to read through them. :-)

@Kalamota: I do feel there is a way to connect certain parent ET groups with blood type. I think I will do a separate read on it. Feels like an interesting topic!

Thanks for the update on Elsagate too! This important issue should be made as public as possible to spread awareness!!

@Serence: Sorry it wasn't included. I must have overlooked it. I am glad it got addressed in comments. If you have more questions, let me know.

@Melly: English looks to be the most corrupted and altered. I don't see it as much in other languages..

@lacham and enlightened one: Those images all have a portion of CGI added. If you google earth images, or even look at various globes, the sizes and positions of the continents all look and feel slightly off. Also, a true photo should show all the satellites, etc in the atmosphere. With today's technology, IF we were on the moon, we would have all kinds of cameras and video feed.. Even if the earth is round, these are still inaccurate photos..

@Wendy: xoxo

Thanks again everyone!

Anonymous said...

Fat (and round like a belly) Earth much better than flat!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if this post will be censored as well!

"A. There are evidences that support both ideas, and when I tune in I see myself float above earth, and what I see looks like a rotating sphere. I keep zooming out, and see the rotation causing night, day and the variations in between in comparison to the sun. Even though there are ideas that support a flat Earth, I CANNOT CONNECT TO IT. "

This is an uncovenient truth, where Lynn stated two years ago that she sees a SPHERE when she floats above earth and that the flat earth idea does NOT reasonate with her!

How comes her unwillingness to comment on this weird change? Is she wearing new glasses now? Intrestingly this post does not appear if one clicks on the "flat earth" in the keywords list!

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@0a5a8196...: I'm always willing to comment. This was a hard topic for me. From birth we are programmed to see the earth as round, so to do an objective reading you really have to let those biases go. When I was very first asked this question, I had to sit on it a while before I did it because of that. Even still, some of that bias may have been there subconsciously. Now that I have meditated and focused on releasing myself from all that, I feel I can be more genuine and objective. I do still see it as circular, but more in the shape of a flat disk. I forget readings after I do them (things work through me rather than to me), but I most likely saw the angle from straight above rather than the side..

When I first started talking about it, it wasn't a hot topic on the blog so I didn't create a tag (probably under "curious questions" at the time??). If you kindly give me the name or date of the post I can tag it. I sense your anger, but I'm not trying to hide from anything. Love and light-

Anonymous said...

TY! But in your old post you state that "day and night alternation is due to the rotation of the sphere" which is our main point and in an example I gave last time would explain why, on a daylight trip from NY to Honolulu the solar exposition period extends to 16 hours or more. On the contrary, traveling back home the day becomes very short! The flat earth model cannot explain this! Your old post is from +/- november 10th. 2015

Charles Smith said...

I totally disagree with you on Lindsay lohan's case. I do not think that she is converting to Islam because of PTW. She's converting because she's stupid. I wish somebody could prove me wrong.

Charles Smith said...
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