Friday, November 3, 2017

Five for Friday #47

by Lynn & Da-da

Hi all, and welcome to an expanded Friday Five #47. As usual, Lynn’s words “are in quotes,” and Da-da’s questions are [in brackets]. Here we go.

Image #1. Ancient Footprints
Here are some apparently 3.6M year old footprints found in Tanzania. Who made them and what's their story? Are those from shoes?

What Lynn Saw
"Hm. So, I see some kind of volcanic ash mixed with mud. The ground is semi-cooling, but still kinda hot and mushy. I see these prints made from bare feet. It was an ET, drawn to this area to see what was going on with the earth. There’s some kinda special natural resource near this area that they didn’t want damaged, like a mine of some sort. I feel like there are more than just these footprints around there. It looks to have been a non-glowy version of the Tall Whites. They needed whatever the nearby resource was for their ship."

[Don’t say Tall Whites to me.]

Image #2. Something Glitchy This Way Comes
So, this happened. A glitch or something else?

What Lynn Saw
“Mm... glitch." 

Image #3. Something Wiggly This Way Comes
Is this just a rocket contrail, or something else?

What Lynn Saw
"This is kinda cool. You’re seeing an active portal here. That darker purple center is the nucleus of the portal. The other stuff is the energy thrown off the portal. When it becomes activated, the portal spreads out like this, otherwise it collapses into itself. Wow. 

Image #4. Bat Wing Over PA?
Is that… part of an enormous bat wing?

What Lynn Saw
"I get it’s part of an actual dragon wing! They phase in and out of our reality sometimes. That was a neutral one."

Image #5. The Coventry Tunnel
This is a pic from the digging of a tunnel under London in the early ‘70s… only no one can remember what it’s for or who built it, or even where it is (besides Coventry). Any idea?

What Lynn Saw
"I get that they DO know who built it and who it’s for. There’s this whole big tunnel system under London, designed to evacuate the elites from danger. It’s not pretty, but it works. I see that some people own these golden passes that allow them to get into this tunnel system. It’s a fancy elite way of evacuation. It’s not something publicized, since it’s for the elites."

[What do the tickets look like?]

“They look like "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Golden, admit one)" tickets. I get the entrances are in cathedrals, churches and historic landmarks."

Image #6. Strangeness Over Somewhere
I can’t remember where this was taken, but what’s going on here? (I hate to say this, but UFOs are starting to bore me.)
What Lynn Saw
"This feels really dark and creepy. Each of those four corners of that diamond can pop open. The ETs are inside the middle, and the corners. That long line is how they’re being transported from the craft to the ground. They teleport to that line and go down to the ground, which is kinda strange. The shape also feels odd. Oh. This is the mothership, and those four little corners can pop off and travel up and down that longer line, like an elevator. The line is also like an anchor or a dock for the mothership."

[Which ETs were they? Are they still around?]

"I couldn't seem to figure out who they were. I do get they are gone now."

Image #7. Elephant Rock
Here's an odd structure near Lake Mead. Anything notable about it besides its shape? It looks carved.

What Lynn Saw
"That is cool, but honestly, it was naturally made."

Image #8. Indiana Jones Boulder on Mars
Ok, what’s going on here? 

What Lynn Saw
"It’s not a meteorite, because it would’ve exploded. When I tune into this, I visualize this boulder moving around. That movement over time is what created that crater-like look. There's some kind of ET base beneath it; you can almost see the entrance in the photo, just to the right of it. If you went into that valley beyond, you’d see another opening to that base. All the movement of opening the “door” of this boulder has made this indentation." 

[Who’s in there?] 

“I get a species related to the greys, but not the ones we experience here on earth. Something about the high levels of iron oxide in their bodies have changed them, or morphed them into a different race. They’re more docile; not super positive, but less hostile than the greys."

Image #9. Weird Imprint in Brazil
What made this odd imprint in this Brazilian brush?

What Lynn Saw
"So… I am getting that this is related to a weather-related HAARP thing, to manipulate the weather in Brazil. Looks like the PTW are trying to create some kind of economic crisis in Brazil, so they can try to take over, there. It’s alarming, cause it looks like something's gonna happen there."

Image #10. The Spectre of Newby Church
Your basic english spectre photo. Feels real and creepy.

What Lynn Saw
“Oh, I can’t even look at that! In the basement of this church, some kind of very dark ceremony went down, and this residual icky energy is left over in this church. People should keep out of this church. Anyone who opens themselves up there (in prayer) are making themselves open to this kinda thing that can feed off the people above. This is intentional that this dark thing happens in churches right beneath altars, so these things can feed on people when they’re opening themselves up. I’d keep out of this building. Ugh, I did not like that reading. Yuck. That really wigged me out." 

[Sorry about that Lynn! Luckily, Halloween is over.]

[NOTE: Lynn saw a previously creepy thing (The Coventry Spectre) in another UK church in her *last* Friday 5.]

Image #11. Something Bubbly This Way Comes
Your basic recent giant space bubble, that scientists are claiming is some kind of aurora, but I have my doubts. What is it, really?

What Lynn Saw
"I see it like a "burp" from the earth... expelling some built-up energy as a result of Wave X/SOURCE energy.”

[It happens to the best of us.]

And that’s it. Join us next time for Friday Five #48!


Portis said...

Wow, you two have outdone yourselves this week. Brilliant! The church spectre is very disturbing for me, as I like to stop into churches to pray. What is it with the English? They seem to be way over-represented in the world of creepiness, as though they invented creepiness, or somehow embrace.

John Casey

Beloved Shiningstar said...

Beloved ShiningstarNovember 3, 2017 at 11:44 AM
Wow! What a wonderful reading!!! I have a few questions.. Lynn, you said the greys were our "parents" and do not want to harm us, but then here The word hostile is used to describe them, can you clarify? The spectre, dark box thingy in the churches, do all Catholic Churches have this? ( I don't want to open myself up to these things either) As for the cube thing... reminds me of a Star Trek borg mothership. 😉

Beloved Shiningstar said...

One more, if you can... the dragon... which layer does it come from and it's world.. does it look like war of warcrafts or fame of thrones? 😜

Alice Liu said...

Very, very cool about the Dragon! Regarding underground tunnels for the Elite, there have been booms in California (and another state) recently, and some people believe they are building underground bunkers.

The Sharing Bridge said...

Another fun post! Thank you Lynn & Dada, I appreciate your collaboration! Wonder if there is a past/future life shared there between you two!?

Super interesting the Cali Boom we experienced yesterday was mentioned. I live in SD and upon learning of it I went right to Tom T. Moore's Articles & News section and typed in Boom. What I got was his 2012 reading where he asked Gaia about the same phenomenon which was experienced in the same place all those years ago. Here is Gaia's answer:

Maybe Lynn may comment on this as a natural result rather than another nefarious act by those that are working in self interest upon the Earth/Terra/Gaia?

Good stuff!!

The Sharing Bridge said...

PS: Love the Dragon read. Interestingly enough as these things go, I had just listened to Jennifer Lucas Master Lady Diamond's channeling called The Dragons. I actually meditated to connect with the Dragons. Then I found myself on your page reading about them, again. Love how synchronicity works! For those interested go to

It is broadcasted in one of those silly computerized voices - so if you can put up with that is was a fun listen!


Buddhist Lady said...

Dragons!! Here!?? Cool reading and thanks to Lynn and Dada.

Chatty Cathy said...

Game of Thrones may not be everyone's cup of tea, but if you like Dragons, here ya go - these clips give me life. I started the videos at the dragon action. Enjoy!

Daenerys Frees the UnSullied:

Drogon Saves Daenerys (some violence here):

Daenerys Lands at King’s Landing:

Darryl T. Barnes said...

When I was young (about 9 or 10) I was out after dark with a friend. We both heard something and looked up. It looks like a dragon or pterodactyl flying slowly about two stories above us. Although it was dark you could clearly make out the shape. I'm sure we saw something because we watched it go over us simultaneously. We discussed it briefly and seemed to have seen the same thing.

I've always figured it was a UFO and we somehow interpreted or masked it in the same way. But who knows...maybe it was a dragon after all!

A Man Called Da-da said...

As for dragons... there are LOTS of dragons around these days, the highest of which are the rainbow dragons. They've been in our world in force for a few years, now. Read about them here:

@SharingBridge ~ I don't think Lynn and I knew each other before (I don't remember if I ever asked that question), but we will work together in the future! (It'll be both fun and rewarding.) As for the boom, I'll let Lynn comment, but it's my guess that it's Wave X based. We're getting huge energy right now, and the earth often "vents" so as to not develop too serious an energy build-up.

@BelovedShiningstar ~ Dragon levels are kinda all over the place. A certain kind (like that black bat-winged one) take on the vibe that's present (it was neutral there), but Rainbow Dragons are always the highest vibe dragons. They will also tell you that they're the coolest, but they're certainly the fiercest and fastest. As for the look, they have three "modes": relaxed/happy, energetic/feisty/vigilant, and ATTACK. You want to stay on dragons' good sides. The Rainbow Dragon (who is our latest GYNORMOUS Rainbow Dragon envoy; the last was Quetzalcoatl) actually defeated The Black Dragon a few years ago, and converted him to GOOD. He's now on the Good Team!

Alice Liu said...

@Darryl, I am insanely jealous! :)

Anonymous said...

Super cool Lynn and DaDa. In love with the dragon wing! Saw that creepy church photo last week - very bad vibes.

wendy tascione said...

Lynn can you do more readings on he really the next annunaki in charge and whats he like?

Raymond said...

I don't doubt there are a lot of old, haunted churches. Imagine all the praying that has been done in them, the weddings, funerals and christenings.

I'd like to think that churches were filled with angels and love but I guess it doesn't always work out that way.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

So many great comments! Thank you!

@Portis/John: It is important to always protect yourself through intent. You really never know what is lurking, and when people are vulnerable (like opening up during prayer) you may have your guard down. Always surround yourself and you are safe! Hugs-

@Beloved Shiningstar: I see many relations to the same species. They may have the same parent, but you may have one group as hostile and one as docile. It really depends on the group.

@Alice: Some booms are the Wave X energy, and some are ET intervention keeping Yellowstone in check.

@Sharing Bridge: Thanks for the info!

@Chatty Cathy: I am a GoT fan too. Oddly, I never put the two together (I guess one feels fake for tv and the one I saw in the pic felt more spiritual??).

@Dada: You definitely have lots of experience here! Thanks for sharing your link. :-)

Chatty Cathy said...

@Lynn - I love that you're a GoT fan too. I actually think GoT includes a lot of ETs. Just look at the War of the First Men. They were obviously battling ETs. And just look at Daenerys and the Targaryen bloodline with their silver hair and violet eyes (in the book) - definitely ET. But of course there are healthy doses of fiction mixed in too. 

On the dragons you may be picking up on something that was pointed out to me, that the ones in Got are actually Wyverns and not Dragons. Wyverns are used on European heraldry and depicted as having two legs while Dragons have four legs. That would explain why they seem fake to you. Spot on.

A Man Called Da-da said...

Living with dragons 24/7 for a few years would make anyone an expert. The RBDs are wonderful beings. Highly intelligent. They're just the tip of the higher-order iceberg.

Beloved Shiningstar said...

How do you "live with dragons" please enlighten me! I would love to know!! I do realize it may not work with me, but my curiosity won't rest until I know more 😊

Beloved Shiningstar said...

Wow! Wonderful information! Im falling in love with this dragon info! Thank you so much!

Bee E-lightened said...

Great work guys

Watchand Knock said...

Hi! Great post and dusccion thanks!
Recapitulating missing Flight MH370 here's a recent interview by a former pilot who (according to his own words) went down to Kuala Lumpur to give some advice to Malaysian officials on what happened to the flight: He comes up with a sligltly different version, than what Lynn found oout, but he says that the airplane landed at Diego Garcia (which would confirm what Maldives Islanders stated about having seen a huge passenger airplane (in the colors of the air-company) flying at low altitude: (
He advised the company to come forward and make inquiries, and that a short time later the MH17 was downed (leaving in the air that this might also have been a retaliation to the Malaysian government uncomfortable inquiries). Weird story but would also make sense! The washing ashore of some fuselage parts next to Madagaskar could have been staged