Monday, November 13, 2017

Betz Mystery Sphere

Q.  Hi Lynn, what do you think the Betz Mystery Sphere is about? Here is a video explaining it:

A. When I tune into this, I see an ET connection.  It looks like these devices were used as location markers to track where they have been.  They also look to be a beacon for a possible return while extracting environmental information in their absence through a subtle pinging (???).  I see other "mystery spheres" out there doing the same thing, some have already been discovered. 

The outside of the sphere looks to be made from a rust proof metallic material (so it would not oxidize) and the interior looks to have some kind of magnetic gears and cylinders within a sealed environment.  I also hear there is a component of a lightweight gas inside (I want to say hydrogen or helium).  The combination of metallic components with the gas enables frictionless movement. ??

The environment (hot, cold) creates vibrations within the sphere (makes the cylinders and gears react).  I get noise can also force a vibration (because noise itself is a vibration). 

Who are the ETs that left them? 

They look like a relation to the Greys.  They are sage green, around 5 feet high, dark eyes, slits for nose holes and slits on either side of their head (no ears).  The most distinguishing feature is their hands, only three finger and a thumb "ish" finger, and the fingers looks to be a foot long.

Will they be back for them?
I hear "Yes, they have been coming back, and actually never really left.  They have had a presence here."

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


A Man Called Da-da said...

Are the ETs the same as the turquoise ones, or the same? (I recall the turquoise ones were friendly.) If not the same, are these sage-greenies friendly, neutral, or hostile?

A Man Called Da-da said...

And YES, I doublechecked to make sure I spelled "turquoise" right!

wendy tascione said...

Mean or benevolent?

Portis said...

Where is the sphere now? Does anyone know?


Beloved Shiningstar said...

Lynn, maybe you can update your alien section to include the ets mentioned in readings like the sage/blue/reptilian monkey/ tall whites/ watchers/sirians/sphere beings/avians etc. That may help everyone keep track of which is which. Fyi the CIA released about 1000 pages of classified UFO info. which has been interesting!! Thank you for all you do!!

Buddhist Lady said...

I'm beginning to think that there are too many damn ETs on this planet. Go home!

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Dada: They feel neutral to me. They don't feel good or hostile, just sort of there.

Beloved Shiningstar: Good idea.. I see so many versions I get them mixed up to. Trying to figure out who is related to who is like a tangled web.


Ma'at said...

Are you familiar with Bashar/Daryl Anka? The Essessani People? The Yayel? I'd like to read some material that is objective about them.