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PRIORITY BLOG REQUEST: Follow Up to Kidnapping of Natascha Kampusch

Like I promised here is my follow up request for the infamous Kidnapping case of Natascha Kampusch and the mysteries and cover-up surrounding it. Here is s a bit of an English summary for your blog's readers:

My questions are below.  Many thanks,

Q. Natascha Kampusch, the girl which was abducted and  kept in a cellar for 8 years
Here is a good English summary of the abduction case including many photos:

When Natascha was kidnapped she said that the car drove in circles for many hours before stopping in a forest where she was supposed to be given "to the others", which in the end didn't show up so she had to stay permanently with her kidnapper Priklopil.

What exactly happened on the day of her kidnapping and is it a pure coincidence that she had her passport with her (this would implicate her parents in the crime who may have sold her)?

A.  I do see a conversation between her and her parents.  It looks as though several days before the kidnapping her parents were discussing an opportunity with her.  It involved travel, education and luxurious travel, like they thought they were doing a good thing for her.  There was a money exchange (like an "illegal or black market adoption," which are the terms I hear) but her parents didn't fully understand what was going to happen with her.  Her parents knew what they were doing was wrong, but didn't realize how wrong this would be for Natascha.

Q. When she arrived at the house of Priklopil. the little dungeon under his house which she was later kept in and which caused all the media sensation wasn't even built yet. Her kidnapper only started building it later. This puts her whole story into question because it shows that Priklopil hadn't even planned to keep her at his home.

So what really happened in those 8 years in addition to her being mentally tortured, brainwashed, a housewife and a sex slave?  The police found photos and video tapes in the house but these were conveniently lost during the investigation.
A. I see in many ways he corroborated the story her parents gave her.  He kept saying "we're gonna" do this and that (he was good with excuses and talking).  Even though she was kidnapped, she didn't "feel" kidnapped.  The horrible treatment didn't start right away, and she was excited about the stuff they were "gonna" do.  He actually built some kind of trust with her while he psychologically started to manipulate her.  

The dungeon may not have been built, but he still heavily monitored her (no phone and didn't talk to people).  The dungeon came together pretty quickly (she didn't have freedom too long).  I get the "dungeon" became her room ("for her protection'), and she would be let out to the rest of the house in exchange for "good behavior."

Q. Natascha Kampusch admits that later she was allowed to move freely in the house and garden of her captor and even went on excursions and holiday trips with him. This brings up the question:
Why didn't she escape earlier? What was so different about the day when she did escape?

A. She stayed loyal out of fear and her self confidence was ruined by the constant psychological attacks.  She was also told lie after lie (I hear him saying something about her parents being deceased.).  He had her convinced that this was a normal environment, and made her question her own sanity and determination of right and wrong.  

I see that the constant abuse brought about a mental imbalance (I want to say bi-polar), and she spent most of the time depressed.  At the time of her escape, it looks like she experienced a moment of manic behavior, and she just didn't care.  It didn't matter if it was rational, irrational, if anyone believed her or how much fear she felt- she was leaving.

Q. The day of her escape (23.08.2006) is riddled with open questions and contradictions.
What exactly happened on that day regarding these 3 people: Natascha, Priklopil and above all, Ernst Holzapfel. (the captor's best friend and main suspect in the whole case but who was never properly investigated and protected from "above")

A. It took a short while for Priklopil to realize Natascha was gone.  At that moment he knew there was no redemption.  He considered fleeing but didn't have enough time to do it properly (fake ID, money, etc).  

Holzapfel is part of the pedo ring too.  He isn't protected from "above" as much as he is protected by those with money that are higher up in the pedo organization.  There looks like some kind of "rule" that if you are caught, you can go down, but you won't bring any accomplices down with you.  That is why evidence gets "lost, misplaced or cataloged" incorrectly.

Q. if she really had a baby with her captor why wouldn't she remember it clearly and thus asks a medical doctor a few days after her rescue "how can I test if I had a successful pregnancy"? And why did the official medical exam "prove" that she had never been pregnant?
A.  She did have a baby, and she CLEARLY remembers being pregnant.  When she went into labor they had her highly drugged up (some kind of anesthesia?? but feels like it lasted during labor and even up to a week after).  I hear the child was "gifted" into the organization. 

The "official" exam was altered.  The controllers of the pedophilia ring bought and paid for this exam.

Q. From the day Natascha escaped and appeared in the media she was surrounded by a team of consultants who filter everything she said publicly and who make sure that nobody asks her the wrong questions.

Are these consultants related to or controlled by the network who kidnapped her in the first place?

A.  They are controlled by this organization.  They are powerful, influential and have lots of money.  They will not go down easily.

Q. Are there still people investigating (such as the brother of police colonel Kröll who was suicided) and will the truth ever come out?

A.  I get the investigating with never stop.  People know there is more to this story, and the collective subconscious won't let it stay hidden.  I see the truth being revealed, but the real battle is fighting the people that want to keep the truth hidden.  The truth will be met with these powerful people creating holes in the story and creating doubt and confusion.  It is our job to listen to our intuition to know what feels right and not let the opposition obfuscate the truth.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Please send some love to Natascha and other victims of this human trafficking / pedo ring.  Love and light-

Follow Up:  
Q. When Natascha was kidnapped she said that the car drove in circles for many hours before stopping in a forest where she was supposed to be given "to the others", which in the end didn't show up so she had to stay permanently with her kidnapper Priklopil. What exactly happened on the day of her kidnapping to explain the confusion? Did someone else try to buy her and then cancelled the deal at the last moment so Priklopil ended up with her?
A.  I get in many of these "pick ups" they do drive around like that.  It ensures they aren't followed and that they child is really alone.  "The Others" is a group within the pedo ring, but since Priklopil had the space for her, and he was on the "list" as a buyer, she didn't need to be prepped in a staging location.

Q. Was Priklopil a customer of the ring or a regular provider of new victims to the ring such as Marc Dutroux in Belgium? In your last reading you imply he was a customer, however someone sent him a big sum of money a few weeks after the kidnapping rather than the other way round.
A. I do see him as the customer, but I see him also being a part of "The Others."  He had the location and ability to hold girls at his location, and that seems like the down payment on creating this dungeon area and taking the risk to hold other kids until the new owner is ready.  I get that Natascha saw other kids go through that house.

Q. In 2012 another investigative international team including the FBI tried to solve the many contradictions of the case but in the end they only confirmed the official story. This implies that the trafficking ring must have involved very powerful people and extend out on a global scale if they were able to add such a professional cover-up from the highest authorities.  Are the FBI also infiltrated/controlled by the ring?
A. Absolutely.  This ring is huge, and their are very elite, powerful people running it and involved on many levels.


Chatty Cathy said...

Lynn - Do all of the people involved in these rings share a certain dna code or bloodline similarity?

jake travis said...

This reminds me of a movie called Room (2015). Speaking of movies, there is a new one coming out called Geostorm (2017) its all about weather manipulation gone totally wrong.

Anonymous said...

This is beyond tragic, but It is encouraging that Lynn says our united group consciousness will out the truth. I would love it if our group consciousness could create the state of reality where every child is safe, loved and healthy.


Thanks, Lynn as always for your readings. Recently David Wilcock released very detailed article titled - " Something Very Big is Coming Is Wikileaks About to Drop the Nuke?

Wilileaks is about to dump file with regards to HC & her foundation. Her connection with pedogate, Human trafficking.

An anon claiming he was from the FBI and had insider information on the Clinton case has made several posts on 4chan's /pol/ board, in which he answers questions about the Clinton investigation. (emails, Benghazi, etc)

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you for the comments! I am looking to organize another group meditation in which we can collectively send some love and light to those in need (so much tragedy in a short amount of time, and it brings down vibrations).

@Chatty Cathy: I do see a connection to the Reptilian bloodline..

Ma'at said...

David Icke has been claiming for at least twenty-five years that pedophilia and the Reptilians are inextricably linked. He's not the only one, either. Just the most (in)famous.