Wednesday, October 25, 2017


Q. When we dream and there are other people participating in our dreams that we don't know, are they dreaming the same dream at the same time? Are we anonymous participants in their dreams just like they are in mine?

Or, are the people in our dreams created to help with the lesson our Mind is trying to teach us in our sleep? 

Thanks for your blog Lynn.

A.  Dreams are a tool used by our subconscious to process, work out issues, gain insight, communicate and learn.  When people are in our dreams, it could be someone you know in this life, a past life or even a future life.  It could also be a random person currently living, or in spirit.   Our subconscious is good at manifesting what it needs to illustrate a point or give you what you need, so if you need a "scary" or "happy" emotion evoked, it will show you who / what you need (which could be totally made up).  

We can also participate in other people's dreams.  They may need you to learn or understand something.  Perhaps there is a message that you are unable to understand (such as an impending illness or event) so your subconscious pushes an image of you into their dreams. 

Dreams are unique, and can mean many different things.  We often don't remember them because they work in the subconscious, and when we transition to a conscious state many things get "lost."  When you have the ability to remember, ask yourself Who was there?  How did you feel?  Did it evoke an emotion?  Look at the overall dynamics of the dream?  Some may feel like nothing (and that is ok) and others can be insightful or comforting.  

I'm left with a message that it is fun to analyze dreams to get a deeper meaning, but also keep a perspective that they are just a guide.  Someone may see a dog and feel fear, and someone else may feel excitement- dreams can mean many different things based on the context and personal connection.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


Robert Schoen said...

A while back I had a very strange experience in which I was invited to a group that explored the meanings of dreams. The night before this meet, I had the worst lucid nightmare in which I did horrible things. I then attended this group and immediately had a bad vibe about it and told the person it was not for me. I then found it was a notorious cult. I thought the person who tried to bring me in projected this nightmare onto me so as to make me feel desperate to want to attend. I'm no wondering if people with dark intent can target others when they are in a dream state and if there is a vulnerability when one dreams to suggestions like with hypnotism.

Unknown said...

In dreams, I often go to landscapes and houses that are the same from dream to dream, and while they represent locations in the waking life physical world, they are not exactly the same. They are distorted versions, sometimes much more spectacular than their waking life counterparts.

Sometimes it can be months or years before I revisit the same location in another dream, but it will still appear unchanged.

I wonder if I am going to the etheric realm, where the idea-shapes of the physical world originate. Do other people have the same odd experiences with recurring dreamworld locations?

Kalamota Kook said...

Observing my dreams is one of the most useful techniques I've learned to straighten my crazy head out. I have another tip or two to add to Lynn's excellent advice, and it's nice to see Dream Moods in the post - I've been a frequent visitor for years.

Some people make a mistake when they want to know what one dream means, on its own. It's not until you get into a habit of recording your dreams that you realise each dream is just a short episode in a longer narrative, with recurring themes that alter as the issue is processed in your life. When you look at a 30 second clip from the middle of a film or a soap opera, you have no idea what's going on or what it means. If you watch for a length of time you start to understand the plot, context, story, characters, etc. Dreams are like a running commentary on your waking life.

A lot of imagery has archetypal meaning and symbolism (see Dream Moods) and some will have specific personal relevance. It takes a little discernment to balance the universal with the subjective meanings.

When you start to pay attention to dreams, they will start messaging you very clearly ('NOW s/he's finally listening!')

Jung observed that a lot of dreams are compensatory to what is occurring in daily life. If you're starting to become arrogant or complacent, you'll get a dream of humiliation or being brought down, like a warning. When you're low, you might get dreams with a feel of hope and optimism. I used to wonder why, when I had black depressions, my dreams were euphoric and beautiful. This is one way dreams help to steer you in the right direction and make sure you stay on track.

Jung predicted World War Two and that a great [holocaust] would happen - the word wasn't really around at the time of course, but he knew humanity was about to plunge into its darkest hour. He knew this because the thousands of dreams he heard from people in his clinics, through the thirties, built up an ominous bank of common imagery that spoke like a collective hive mind. I believe there is a website that tries to do something similar now (Cliff High? I don't know much about him.) All the ideas about creating our reality, manifesting our beliefs and fears, and thoughts becoming form, tie into all this.

Everything and everyone in your dreams represents a facet of yourself, whether you're aware of it or it's a shadow or subconscious impulse. Of course they represent people in outer life too, as your outer world reflects your inner subconscious co-creation. It's when you start ironing out the troubled 'people' within that the people and your relationships around you change too.

For some reason most of my dreams involve travel and transport and moving around shops and neighbourhoods. This week I've already had two nights of bus stations. Some people have epic dreams like something out of sci-fi or some kind of fantastical mythology. I get bus stations... and flat tyres, losing my shoes, overcrowded train carriages and airport delays. I had a flying motorbike last week, which was exciting. My twelfth house is Gemini. I wonder if that's why (or perhaps I'm just really boring, haha.)

Lynn, when we don't remember our dreams, do they still work? Or do they keep trying until we notice? How much does remembering affect the result? Does it work somewhat in our brain anyway, but paying attention enhances the result?

Darryl T. Barnes said...

I strongly suggest not to put absolutes on your dream interpretations. This ensures that you will only remember dreams that fit that pattern. I've experienced many many many dream types, and most break any rigid dream interpretation methodology. I believe this is because I don't put limits on the experience or interpretation.

Watchand Knock said...

Hi Lynn really intresting and I grant I will spare you from having to read my dreams : ) , but I have a question about a current nightmare: That N.K. lets a nuclear artifact explode in the atmosphere causing an EMP. (reported by a "regular Newspaper from N.Z.

Do you get ETs would allow this to happen? I mean they could easily disarm "the bomb" inside the missile as they reportedly did earlier ( Larry King: UFOs shut down Nuclear Weapons)!
Thank You!

Raymond said...

That was interesting. I dream every night and I record them if I can recall them. They don't always make sense to me but they seem to fall into a pattern if I read them a week or a month later.

It amazes me how the Mind creates a video stream of our waking problems, using people and places from our daily lives and symbolism that we would never observe while awake. How does the Mind know what to create and how to use it?

I wonder how long it will be before we can place a cap on our heads and record our dreams at night on our iPhones? It would help a lot of people overcome a lot of difficulties in their life.

Thanks Lynn, I appreciate the time you give to your blog.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you for the comments. I find dreams fascinating, so I find this really interesting!

I see we travel to all levels and planes in our sleep. It is important to set intent and have some protection, especially if you feel your dreams are dark (or it they evoke a low vibe emotion). They can be prophetic- so look for patterns.

Robert, I am so glad you got away from this group!!!

Raymond, that would be cool, but I am not sure how I feel about the "all seeing eye-phone" tapping into my dreams :-)

Kalamota, Thanks for all the info!! Yes, they work, even when you don't remember.


Robert Schoen said...

My experience was long ago and it was a creepy woman yoga instructor who would try to sell her agenda at the end of the class who peopLe were resting in dead man's pose and a suggestive state. Shold have told me somethimg right away but reported her to the university where she gave the yoga class for unethical behavior.

Austin Shannon said...

Dreams are more real than this reality. They are not part of the subconscious as the subconscious deals with our physical reality. We actually leave or bodies a a dreaming body and go to the dream realms, which are beyond the veil and exist in a quasi-astral form. The dream realm is infinite and that is why we have trouble remembering them when we transfer back the finite.

Beware of the Evil Xbots said...

My dreams augur my own future, sometimes with pin-point accuracy. It is amazing and scary at the same time.

My Picks said...

Sometimes when I am dreaming and realize I am dreaming, I am able to control it and other times feel totally helpless in my dream and cant wake up when I want to. I am not able to intently put it out there that I am going to dream, but I can intently put it out there that i dont want to dream and then I am able to sleep peacefully (or at least dont have nightmares or remember what I had dreamt about).

Watchand Knock said...

Me always off-topic, but let me tell you Lynn that once again you nailed it over a distance of almost 6,500 km! 15 months old Bella baby is recovering fast after dietary changes and scent free soaps where addopted! Her mom asked me to send you many gratitude Hugs. Me gratefull too, THANKS! <3

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Watchand Knock: That is wonderful!! Thanks for sharing!! Hugs-

Hope said...

Once, I woke up very late morning (never been that late before) on a Sunday and immediately jumped out of bed. Somehow, I felt as though I have just landed from "somewhere". Anyway, I didn't have the time to think more about it as I could smell the cooking coming from the kitchen.

Later in the day, I was chatting with my friend who lives in a neighboring country. She told me that she has dreamed that both of us were visiting our common friend in another far away country. But what surprised me the most was the fact that it happened around the same time as I was dreaming that morning. The big difference was that I had have no recall of that dream (except that funny feeling that I have just landed from somewhere) while she was able to give me more details what we have done, visited.

Perhaps this was a case of me participating in her dream without me realizing it!? One thing for sure, she often remembers her dreams in details.