Friday, October 27, 2017

Random Read: Dark Web, Virtual Chips, Weinstein, Ceres, Alaskan Triangle (Group Post)

Q. Was it really regular people who were behind "silkroad" the dark web place where you can buy ANYTHING via bitcoins? Does it still operate under another name? I find it hard to believe that regular everyday people could get away with running a site like that for so long, or were they just really that good with computers and anonymity?
A.   I hear that it was everyday people running "silkroad" BUT it was funded and sponsored by the PTW (Powers That Were).  The PTW needed a face (or faces) for their operation.  This was indeed a marketing tool to sell drugs and sex, and the profits are in the billions (tax free and untraceable).  As the operation grew It became a communication tool in purchasing people (trafficking).  

Even though "silkroad" was shut down, I still see a platform operating in the same form.  I hear it is Linux based (maybe symbolic of the type of code??).  The code has to be written intelligently, but in an older format. This mode of marketing is too valuable, and I get the "sponsors" will always stay one step ahead.  To be more clear, I get that as soon as one platform is operational, they begin a new design so as one is seized there is a smooth transition to the next.  

Q. Hi Lynn,  Do you think it's possible to implant a virtual chip in someone's brain? What I envision is someone with advanced psychic/tele-transport capabilities having physical particles implanted in their brain while they're sleeping that work like a radio or tracking device?

A.  I do think it is possible, and I see it being done now.  It looks as though if someone wants to track you, they have a couple options.  One I hear is called "micro chipping" and works the way you described in the question.  The other tracking mechanism is through psychic means remotely. 

Micro chipping would involve removing the hardware from yourself.  Locating it feels to be the biggest challenge.  (Please use common sense as you approach this), but I get the human based chips are accustomed to being in 98.6 degree temperatures.  They can fluctuate, but loose effectiveness if the temperature change is too great.  If you feel you have been a victim there is something you can do to attempt to find it.  Take a cold shower for some extended time (a few minutes, and again, trust your intuition and don't over chill yourself) you will find a tingling spot and it may even give you a warm, mild, static shocking feeling right under the skin at the location sight.  If you do locate it, I suggest you seek some help to have it removed (I see it looking to mimic a hair in a hair follicle).  

Setting protection is the best way to counteract psychic attacks or stalking.  YOU have the power to shut it down through your own mental intent.

Q. What is the real reason the establishment has come down hard on Harvey Weinstein? I find it hard to believe it is just his habits with women.

A.  This behavior does go on in Hollywood, and I hear he was the "sacrificial lamb" to expose it.  i get he was close to retiring, wanting to step down somewhat, and cut a deal with the PTW.  This story has flooded the news and gave more fuel to protests.  People are enraged, vibrations are low, and we are being blasted with a horrible reality show in our media.  This is more about keeping people enraged rather than awareness.  

Q. Just was wondering if you could read into the dwarf planet Ceres. There are 2 bright spots and a pyramid shape on it that is baffling scientist. They thought the spots are given off are a reflection of ice, but that is not the case.  
Here is a link to get you started:
A.  Every time I focus on Ceres, I see it like an ET base (or rather pit stop).  Ships come and go, with underground docking stations.  The lights that are shining through feel to be the illumination from the base and/or space crafts.  The pyramid (I get) is an antenna that have been covered with dust from the atmosphere, yet is fully functional.

When I ask who is there, who are the ETs, I get "all of them."  It appears that many races of ETs frequent this area, and it is a shared space (there is a term for it, but I cannot make out what they call it).  

Q. Hi Lynn,  What is up with the so-called "Alaska Triangle"?

This is a wilderness area of Alaska where hundreds of people have mysteriously disappeared. They are there one minute, people see them, talk to them, then *poof* they just vanish into thin air and searchers can find no trace of them, and they are never seen again.

What is causing this...Portals? Aliens? Crytozoology (dangerous unknown animals)? Criminal activity such as serial killers? Or some mix of all these?
A. I get the ley lines that run to and through Alaska have created a portal that allows travel in and out of this reality.  I get that when the portal is active, and in use, the air has a strong "ozone" smell (so strong you can even taste it).  

Many types of ETs know of this portal, and it is utilized a lot.  I get that many UFO sightings also occur in this area.  

During times when the portals are active, realities / timelines are open.  If a plane is in the air, and that are cruising at a high enough altitude, they have the ability to (involuntarily) to to that other reality.  

The other phenomena that occurs is abductions... These ETs (mainly Greys and also something that looks like a reptilian with the body style of a monkey ??-that one is new for me). 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


jake travis said...

Why are these portals triangular. (Bermuda & alaskian) there must be some significance of this shape (pyramids) why not an alaskian circle or a bermuda octogon? Anyhoo I really enjoy these informative Q & A posts...kudos

Astrolofting said...

Hi Lynn,

Seeing you talk about dreams and microchips, I had this dream of this famous and new handphone being gifted to certain influential people and they were secretly chipped. Do you see it happening?

I just get very negative vibes from iphone x. Like it is a tracker or stealing valuable data (like the face recognition data) to be used for something else.

Mark Howland said...
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Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Jake- I get it is because it is how ley lines intersect. There is something with 3 (tri) and the 180 degree angle.

@Astrolifting: The "eye" phone is just that. We are invading our own privacy, providing all they data they could ever need (voluntarily).

@Mark: I feel like you were given a gift, a spiritual gift. I see it as a heightening of one of your "clairs." Did you notice your senses or intuition heighten?

Hugs, Lynn

Beloved Shiningstar said...

Marks comment made me think. I don't have a vivid dream where an angel approached me, but somewhere in the last few months I have been picking up sounds. Singing like sounds, sometimes soft talking... thing is, I was born deaf. I am not sure if it's a gift or one of my Clairs highteninf.. but it's interesting for sure m.

JJ said...

Hi Lynn- do you still believe/feel the Grey's are our protectors based on this latest reading?

Enlighten Your Life said...

Great post on microchips, here's some additional info. They operate at a very low electromagnetic frequency and can control energy when the host has a low vibration, such as fear, anger, grief, sadness, or depression. Keeping your energy high helps you counteract and avoid the effects and control of microchips.
Also stating that all foreign objects are removed from your body and claiming your energetic sovereignty also helps. You can also use strong magnets called neodymium magnets to remove them, info is available on the internet. You can buy these magnets online, they are not expensive.

Alex said...

Interesting read on Ceres. It seems that aliens are all over the solar system including Moon, Mars, Jupiter.

Denise Christensen said...

Lynn, I agree with your assessment of the Weinstein scandal as a "horrible reality show" being played out. Does anyone else get the distinct impression that it's part of a larger agenda by the PTW to divide and conquer? Not excusing his behavior but we must keep our eyes open to the manipulation.

Check out Rose Macgowan's recent speech that is getting a lot of media attention: In it, she talks about her "rose army" comprised of "me too's" (other victims) and she openly calls for a violent overthrow of the "monster" (Trump and others). I find her speech and the way the media is portraying sexual abuse in Hollywood dehumanizing and demoralizing. We are all so much more than we realize and capable of great love.

Watchand Knock said...

Hello & sorry I mistyped!
Very intresting this Alaska triangle portal story (not to mention the entire post!), thanks! I would also like to pose a somehow related question if possible:

Untersberg Hill, close to German border to Austria is located in the Northern Limestone Alps and is a REAL mistery area:
"On a 1992 visit to Austria, the Dalai Lama specifically asked to see the Mountain, calling it “a sleeping Dragon” and “The Heartchakra of the World” (chakra refers to an energy center in eastern terminology).

But this was not the first world-famous person to know of the mountain. Hitler was obsessed with it, hoping to gain access to supernatural beings and power to turn a war that he was loosing.

King (later crowned Emperor) CharlesMagne (768-814 AD)is sleeping there according to legends.

Most common phenomena: people disappear for a "short" time (according to their watches) but to their families it appears that they stayed away for a long time!

It's name "Untersberg" means Under-Mountain which by itself gives it a mistic dimension (there's also a huge cave system below it which might also explain the name)!

What is going on there and how can it be distinguished from the Alaskan Triangle?
Thank You!

The enlightened one said...

I love all of your readings involving ET:s! Please do more of them. Reptilian ET with the body of a monkey, lol. That's so absurd nobody could make up such a thing.

The enlightened one said...

@Watch and knock
That untersberg mountain sounds like quite a place. I'll have to concur, that place definitely deserves a reading.

anon said...

Does the Harvey Weinstein scandal coming to light now have anything to do with a documentary on Vaccines that he was reportedly going to do with Robert De Niro?

Haley Carey said...

Do you think you are putting yourself on PTW's radar?

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@JJ: I feel some are and some aren't. There are many groups...

@Enlighten Your Life: Thanks for the comments. I didn't realize that, but does make sense. Good suggestion also, just be careful.

@Denise: Thank you for sharing. :-)

@Watchand knock: Thanks for sharing! That does sound like some interesting reading topics!!

@anon: I didn't get that when I first tuned it, but would make sense why he was also the "sacrificial lamb."

@Haley: I do, but I am constantly setting and holding protection. I only share what comes to me in the greater good, so I feel pretty good about where I stand...

Thanks for all the comments! Hugs-

Beloved Shiningstar said...

I responded to Marks comment and then he deleted all of them?? Did I say something wrong