Friday, July 28, 2017

Friday Mix-Up [Group Post]

Q. Who is behind the push for driver-less cars and trucks. And what is their motivation.

Since truck driving is the most common profession in 38 US states, putting all those drivers out of work in the next 10 years would seem counterproductive, especially as the drivers are probably not people who are going to be able to retrain for other median-paying jobs.

A. I first get the concept was brought about by high ranking government and military officials in an effort to deliver supplies and transport items in and out of secure areas. (I'm then shown the Ozarks area of the US).   It true that it will be difficult for these men and women to find new jobs, but I hear that the government isn't concerned with that as of now.  The safety and security of the country is more important (then I hear at least the safety of the top 1% with a huff). I also hear that job loss won't be as great because this technology will mainly be used for "secret" military and government operations (it is expensive, more expensive than salaries).

Q. Hello Lynn,  There is this door India that cannot be opened. What is behind this door? Here is the link to a video about it. It's in a temple that is extremely old.

A. At first I get this is some kind of portal.  Then, I hear "It is a gateway to the Underworld."  I get that Reptilians used this as a gateway to go to and from the underworld.  During a huge ET battle, a group of reptilians went underground, and sealed it from the other side for their own protection.  Their counterparts, the Archons, headed to the sky.  I see that you do not want to open this door, or even go near it.  

Q. There are a lot of commercials a show about ancestry and getting your DNA. Do you think that this is a way to get people to volunteer their DNA? On the sites that offer this service, they say that you can have the choice of having them destroy your sample after they do the analysis, but what is to stop someone from taking that sample and holding on to it. I don't know. In these times I just don't trust it. What is your take on this?

A. I first hear that the most ideal agendas are the ones that the person being violated willingly gives the violator what they want (with a credit card swipe and a smile).  I see this DNA harvesting of information preys on the curiosity of people while being an ingenious way to collect data.  I get that some PTW (Powers That Were) use this as a way to better trace bloodlines, and even purity of bloodlines.  When I ask if the samples are destroyed, I hear a roaring laugh (so hard they cannot even catch their breath...)

Q. Can you tell us what is really happening in Koh Tao island, Thailand? It is horrific and we need the truth to come out. 

Dark side of Koh Tao: The seven tourists found dead on Thailand's 'murder island' after backpacker 'eaten by lizards'

A. I get there are natives that live in the central part of the island.  The local government knows they exist, but rather than set boundaries, the native's land continues to be encroached on by tourists and developers.  I see the natives are revolting and acting out because they see their land as sacred and belonging and cared for by them for generations.  (I also see an element of cannibalism, but can't seem to see how it incorporates into this- maybe not in the greater good to see???)

Q. Hi Lynn, I was recently in Athens, Greece and took a photo that shows a white appearance.  Around this same time I found this video that shows a UFO - Can you confirm what's in my picture?

Here is the UFO appearance:

A. I'm not for certain about your picture, but this video does look and feel like a UFO.  I see these ships belonging to very pale colored greys.

Q. A businessman and landowner in Arkansas recorded numerous crystals levitating in the air. The levitation was also associated with flashes of bright light. Are these experiences legitimate or is he fabricating a fraud to increase visitors to his business? Thanks Lynn.

A. I get this crystal mine created an energetic vortex.  The concentrated amount of crystals and heightened vibrations afforded an opportunity for a vortex to develop, which altered the effect of gravity on these stones.  The flashes of light are energy travelling to and from the vortex.  I do see these crystals do float in this environment. 

Q. Hi Lynn. Would you like to do a reading on this strange phenomena?

It appears that people all over the world have noticed planes in the sky that stand still for a long while
or even go backwards! Is this just an illusion or is there more to this?
Would love to have your input on this!
A.  I get this phenomena is related to time line glitches.  The passengers on the plane are experiencing a time line shift (a new reality) for those moments until things resync.  In many ways, people observing this are seeing a Mandela Effect occur right in front of them.  I hear that an interview with some passengers that went through this would be interesting.  

The following is a link to an in-depth reading on the Mandela Effect:

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


Bee E-lightened said...

Another outstanding post

The enlightened one said...

Lynn, it would be really interesting if you did a reading on the new White House director of Communications, Anthony Scaramucci. In the interviews, he has really stressed his loyalty to the country and long friendship with the president. But on whose side does he really stand, with the ptw or against it?

Karl Yu said...

Great reading Lynn!
Regarding the temple, is it still the same temple mentioned in past post below?

Despite being a portal to the underworld, do you still need two people to be able to open the door?

Robert Schoen said...

I find the planes still in midair fascinating, but it does seem suspicious that this one guy driving around managed to capture a couple of these events. Needs more looking into, but you can't discount it could be cgi. I'm still reeling from the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombs being faked and after looking around found there are many people who compelling prove all the footage of mushroom clouds and h-bombs was done in Hollywood or with massive amounts of dynamite.

Speaking of the portal to the underworld, one thing they seem to have been doing for real is creating massive tunnels and underground cities, which you would think would be for Nuclear attacks, but since those are fake, what are they really for?

Raymond said...

I know you warned against opening the door in India, but that just makes more curious as to what is behind it and how they created the fear factor that would intimidate us hundreds of years later.

If the crystal mine created a vortex, can you create one artificially if you had the right crystals or if it was on a ley line? I wonder if the people that live in that area have psychic abilities that are better than the average person? The area must have some unusual characteristics because I have read on a few occasions that in the future, Arkansas will be a metaphysical center as a result of all the crystals found there.

Many thanks for your reading and the time you give to your blog Lynn.

Raymond said...

You often post a pic related to the topic you read. Would it be helpful if we posted a pic or two with the questions to save you time looking for one yourself?

Alex said...

Are all these genetic tests exact or fake science? It seems like fake science to me when you can have 1.2% percentage of ethnic x, 0.5% of ethnic y etc.

Kalamota Kook said...

Why does everything have to be turned into some conspiracy? It's basic maths. Everybody has 2 parents, 4 grandparents, 8 great grandparents, 16, 32, 64, 128, etc. Percentages just mark different strands of inherited genetic influence. The further you go back, the smaller the individual ancestor's impact because you have more divergent ancestral threads funneling down into the living subject who's been tested.

Anonymous said...

@ KalamotaK... well said!
About the real world: "I thought that Trump would fire members of the Inteligence Community (IC) until the leaks stopped, but the president solved the problem with a much more imaginative and deadly approach: He fed the IC false information. When this information was published, Trump was able to identify individual leakers. (...)"
As Lynn once said: the ol'Fox is always a yard ahead!(

Craig said...

@kook, it depends on who has access to the information. Mainly this is about human rights and privacy.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you for all the great comments! I really enjoy reading through these!

@Karl Yu: I do get that they may open it, but the stronger part of the message I received was that you do not want to open it.

@Robert: Great comments and I agree they could be looked at more- good point. Thanks for sharing the nuclear link too. This topic really got my attention (hadn't thought of it before that reading).

@Raymond: Thanks for the comments. I'm ok getting my own pics. I don't want to jade my impression, and I just do a quick good search and put them in when I am done. :-)

@Kalamota: Everything isn't a conspiracy, but much of our world is not what it seems. :-)

@Craig; I agree.

Thanks again. I really appreciate the comments!

Andrew Dyson said...

Lol; I laugh that a temple has it's own facebook page; sign of the times.

Over 10,000 comments and theories on what might be behind the chamber B sixth doors!

More interesting reading, url via that same page; tales of hidden treasure and urban legends, and other such Hinduism folklore:

But sooner or later, curiosity will get the better of them surely?

Anonymous said...

What happened to Da da?


Syoma Nedoma.....Da da stated on July 18 that he was taking a few weeks off to climb a tree and do some reading. I hope that his recreation is relaxing.

A Man Called Da-da said...

Hi, Syoma. It wasn't just me, all The CATs took some time off. We're back and working on a new post. I must say, it's nice to be missed!