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Q. Hi Lynn,  This is pretty out there and there are many videos about this on YouTube.

Does one have really have to "sell their own soul to the Devil" in order to become famous in Hollywood?

A. I get Hollywood has evolved a lot over the years.  It used to be that Hollywood was about talent, authentic charisma and being unique.  There have always been dirty deals, but a hard working, talented person had a chance.  Back in the day dirty deals made it easier, but if it was meant to be it was possible without going to the dark side. 

Once the PTW (Powers That Were) realized the power of the big screen, and the fact that this could be a delivery system that reached millions of people, they were involved full force.  On top of the access to many people, the Hollywood figures are idolized by many, therefore, they knew many people would want to emulate them.  

I want to say the influence of the PTW started to shift around the late 1950s to 1960s.  Those that helped the PTW promote their agenda had a much easier time "making it big."  Early on, it wasn't required, but created a much easier path to success.  Now the market is so saturated with people that want to be in the limelight, if you don't concede to their plan (regardless of your own feelings), they will find someone else who will.  

What are the plans within Hollywood?  What are all (or some) of the agendas people speak of?
A.  As I tune into this, I see five main agendas come forward: 

Youth / Pedophilia: There is a sexualization of children occurring forcing children into a world that they may be physically ready for, but emotionally immature.  This is done with clothing, and behaviors in media that kids want to copy (I hear Disney is the worst violator).  This current trend to have women pluck, shave and wax their bodily hair looks to align with this as well (mature women have hair, and they have it for a reason).  I see them wanting to program people to think hair is gross, and hairless is attractive, which in generations to come will psychologically allow people to view younger girls in ways they should not be viewed.  

Destruction of Families:  I see that a divided society is a weaker society.  I also get the more people in the workforce and the more consumers there are spending, the more the PTW makes.  Our society moved from being households that could survive on one income, one vehicle, and one parent at home to help raise the children, to a costly society where both parents work to provide and parents can't afford to always be home they way they would like.

I also see the PTW working from the top down (in some ways encouraging divorce), and from the bottom up (encouraging disrespect from children).  TV shows used to promote family (like Leave It To Beaver), and now shows portray parents (especially the father) as dumb and the children are smarter than the mom.  All of this is destructive to the family unit.

Masculine / Feminine Confusion:   The overall goal looks to create some kind of androgynous society.  The PTW looks to create a situation in which the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine becomes blurred. 

Immediate Gratification:  Why wait until you can afford something?  You need it now. You deserve it.  Charge it and go into debt!  I hear those phrases  are intentionally drilled into us over and over.   I also see this is how they open the gateway to usury in which lenders (big bankers) make money off of interest.  

Age of Electronics:  People are losing the ability to communicate face to face.  I see this as a way to keep people distracted, and less in touch with our neighbors.  It breaks apart neighborhoods, friendships, and makes talking in person awkward.  

Q.  Are there Satanic rituals performed in Hollywood? 
A.  I hear there are elements of "dark magic," but not Satanic (is there a difference??).  I then hear that the Satanic rituals are mainly saved for the "PTW of England."

Q. Do celebrities who make a lot of money in Hollywood eventually get killed and replaced by their own clones after a certain point? This is supposedly known as the Hollywood clone conspiracy.  Thank you.

A. I get as long as a celebrity plays the game, they are safe.  It is when they act out, and have influence, that they are in danger.  In those situations they are silenced and replaced because it is important to retain their following.  (I then hear that fan acquisition is much like customer acquisition, and it is much cheaper to maintain a fans loyalty than gain a new one). 

The clone conspiracy looks to be very real. 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


Anonymous said...

I remember awhile ago I submitted a question concerning the replacement of a celebrity. I feel horrified that my theory is true, not in respect to the celebrity, but in general of Hollywood.

I also agree that it is much harder for people to get into Hollywood nowadays although I didn't think it started as far back as the 50s-60s. Hollywood's agenda is pure evil, and I feel sorry for those celebrities that go against the grain only to have their identities and lives taken from them. I guess there is a price to fame.

Thank you for this reading Lynn.

Robert Schoen said...

I think the more aware you become, the less appealing a lot of the movies being made today look. Last night I scanned through he selections on Netflix for a half hour and couldn't find anything interesting except for those I'd already seen, then watched an old movie "My Man Godfrey" which was impressive how it dealt with basic human issues while being smart and funny and even constructive towards making a better world.

The best thing in the world anyone can do is to cut off cable and broadcast tv and look for themselves for the issues, music, movies, and topics they really want to spend their time knowing about instead of just passively accepting the "programming" of some cable network.There are some real artists making movies in the tradition of Hitchcock, Kubrick, Fellini and other greats of the past and people like David Lynch, Paul Thomas Anderson, Terry Gilliam, Pedro Almodovar, Jim Jarmusch, even Oliver Stone function despite the industry. A film of a few years ago that I loved however, "The Revenant" by Kerry Prior, not the di Caprio movie, got blacklisted for political correctness reasons despite its brilliance. It's like if Kubrick made a zombie movie, but it was taken off HBO and every other service. They also panned "Fight Club" for the same reasons as being a danger to waking up our dumbed down society.

Cheryl said...

Great reading, Lynn! I've wondered if Renee Zellweger is one who has been cloned or replaced. The "new" Renee looks soooo different from the original one--not only do her features like her eyes look different, but even the shape of her face is changed--much longer and narrower.

AL233 said...

I'm in my 30s and can barely watch anything on Netflix either. I enjoy watching videos from real researchers and journalists on youtube and old movies. I used to be so immersed in popular culture and slowly over time i have exited it. I don't find it enjoyable to see all of the programming, social engineering, and propaganda in so much of entertainment. watching it after waking up isn't fun or entertaining at all!

This clone thing is hard to believe but I have learned a lot of things I never would have believed years ago. I still waffle on the whole Paul McCartney thing and i learned that rumor years ago. it bothers me deeply for some reason.

renee zellweger looks very strange, I agree. I have heard theories that Doris Day, BB King, Elvis, Michael Jackson, avril lavigne all being replaced as well.

The enlightened one said...

At what age do you consider children to be emotionally ready for sex?

Jesse said...

Pretty crazy to think the clone theory is legit. One of the biggest celebrities that has this conspiracy surrounding him is Eminem. He does look different now then when I remember him growing up, but he has been through a lot (best friend murdered/pill addiction) so that alone could take a tole on your mind & body. But now that lynn confirmed the clone theory is true I would love to know if it's him or a clone...

Love & Light

Jesse said...

I don't think she was trying to say that children should be having sex at all.... Just that the PTB are trying to corrupt the image of innocent youth into being sexually & emotionally ready when they are nowhere near it.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you for the comments!

@enlightened one and Jesse: Yes, you are right. Children should NOT be having sex and they are being subjected to adult issues at an early age. Children and young teens should be just that, children and young teens and NOT behaving or doing things adults do. Even though they are physically developed (much earlier than past generations I might add due to our food), they are not emotionally ready to handle the responsibility of sex (or disease, unplanned pregnancy, etc).

Chatty Cathy said...

I've noticed that actors and actresses today have to also be, essentially, porn stars, as well. The s*x scenes in uber-popular shows like Game of Thrones, Westworld, and Power are so explicit and unnecessary. They keep pushing the boundary further inch by inch.

I used to watch a nightly show on the Bravo channel hosted by Andy Cohen where he would invite actors on the show and in one of the segments he would "go into the vault" and show all the old movies the actresses had played in. These segments revealed that all the highest paid, most popular actresses have all done a homosexual scene in movies including Charlize Theron, Scarlet Johannes, Rachel Wood, Dakota Fanning, Natalie Portman, Mila Kunis, the list goes on and on.

I had also noticed the trend of all the actresses having nude photos of them "leaked" via social media (like actress Gabriel Union). So whether it's on the screen or in their private lives, they all seem to be "selling their souls" and being rewarded with fame and wealth by either partipating in homosexual scenes or showing their modesty to the masses, both which are sins and both which promote the Anti-Christ Agenda which makes me think of bible verse Matthew 4:8-11

The enlightened one said...


So someone who is 15 years old is not ready for sex in your opinion? That is the age of consent in Sweden.
I don't know about the US but in Sweden everyone below 18 is considered a child.

How about getting a drivers license then? That requires some ability to foresee consequences and act responsibly as well. I know you can have a drivers license at 16 in some US states. If you are not ready for sex, because of, as you say, the risk of disease etc, wouldn't that translate into not being ready for having a drivers license either?

Anonymous said...

Thank you Lynn for a very important reading. I think your summary of goals of Hollywood is excellent. The "immediate gratification" one is not obvious and you are so right. Hollywood almost has to be evil - anything that entrains our attention and programs our expectations would of course be eventually subverted.

I agree with Robert and AL233 - I can't watch anything anymore except listen to old time radio and watch ancient television. When I do that, I notice, and remember, the HUGE difference between manners then and today. Back in the day everyone, even the poorest of the poor, had exquisite manners. Now the majority of us have become what my father used to say "rude, crude and barbarian." Some people think manners are putting on airs, that manners are false and inauthentic. I think showing others respect is the essence of kindness and love, not insincere at all.

Anonymous said...

Lynn, you said something about satanic rituals being done in england, is that just a term or is Satan real? if so what is his true identity, I am talking outside of religious aspects. Also Dark magic as how I see it is well, all true magic is energy manipulation of the universe, white or dark, I guess dark magic will have negative goals and processes.
Can you also talk about cloning in hollywood, and how it works, I mean other than the physical, how does a person become like another not in looks but in personality and memories and life. thanks for listening, Love and light.

Melly said...

There's a reason why I avoid U.S. mainstream media a lot ever since as a teenager. Even back then, I get there's a constant preying of kids' fragile emotions in U.S. shows/movies/music etc. where they keep putting up that this is what kids should be doing(e.g. 'partying' and the eventual acts that comes with it).

Also, the feeling of brainlessness or mind-numbing U.S. shows have, that I can't stand. They concentrate more on the satisfaction of immediate desires(such as sex, money, etc.), rather than the use of brains or intellect that can benefit humanity.

Melly said...

Also, thank you very much for the reading Lynn. These again were insightful.

A question though, is it true that with sex, there's an exchange of energy, or sharing parts of one's soul between the people doing it? If so, that's also another great risk for children doing this, especially if they're doing it with multiple partners.

Chatty Cathy said...

@ enlightened 1 - Car accidents are the only real downside of giving teens a driver's license and not all car accidents are fatal, most are minor. The downside of early sexual activity, however, can be more permanent, resulting in contracting HIV or herpes simplex FOR LIFE or a child being born to another child who must now be raised by a responsible adult.

I wonder how Sweden's 15 year olds manage unplanned babies.

The enlightened one said...

@Chatty Cathy
As for the "unplanned babies", I can assure you that Swedish youths know how to protect themselves. This is not the stone age. We actually have sexual education in schools over here.

Of course sexual encounters may lead to the contracting of diseases, but that has nothing to do with being emotionally ready for sex, which is what was originally mentioned as an argument against youngsters having sex.

As long as a child is physically capable of creating offspring, any argument against it exploring it's sexuality is simply based on cultural values and norms and nothing else.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you for the comments!

One thing i wanted to mention (before a debate starts) is that the main thing i saw regarding Hollywood is that they are nudging children into adult situations that they may not have considered (or even want to do) due to their influence consciously and subconsciously. That premature decision (out of curiosity that is exacerbated by what they see and try to emulate) can result in unplanned pregnancy, emotional stress and disease. I cannot speak for other countries, but being raised in the US, this is a HUGE problem. This isn't a judgement on a perfect age, but rather saying the exposure to sexuality at such an early age (that never happened before) has created a real problem for our youth. The reading isn't meant for an argument, but rather to state that kids may do it on their own (they have done it since the beginning of time), but they don't need Hollywood glorifying it and adding a false appeal because the unintended consequences are very real.

A Man Called Da-da said...

As a parent, one of the most important things you can teach your kids is that there is an OFF button on the TV remote control, as well as on computers and phones (no, really -- there's an OFF button, i swear). You can also teach your kids about this awful entertainment machine and how best to avoid it. Kids are a LOT smarter than they were at our age, and with the massive influx of higher vibrationals coming in...

Chatty Cathy said...

It's interesting about the cloning. When they announced that the sheep, Dolly, was cloned way back in 1996, I immediately assumed that they had been quietly cloning humans as well. If they can do something, I'm sure they will and ARE. Although if the new Renee Zellwegger is a clone, she certainly isn't an identical physical match, so as a replacement she's not convincing at all.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Da-da: Agreed! It is important to teach our kids how to interact with real people versus getting stuck in a virtual world.. Don't get sucked into the programming.

Vegan Ricky said...

I went to see a Spider-man movie this summer. There was a weird scene at the start of the film where the kid was in the back seat of a limo with his handler. The handler was in his 40s and reached over to touch the kid's crotch but then unbuckled the seatbelt. There was a weird silence and then they went to hug and the handler was like "I'm not hugging you, I'm getting the door." It was a really weird scene-- anyway when he reached over towards Spiderman's crotch, my co-worker flinched. < - sign of possible molestation and the scene "triggered" him

Then later in the movie we saw the kid undress a few times into his boxer shorts. If that isn't subliminal pedophilia, then I don't know what is.

John Casey said...

I agree about the "programming" going in contemporary shows for teens. Difficult to stomach. But it happens that I am acquainted with several very high profile actors, and even though they have each been in films that seem to me to have been clearly "designed," in a sense, to put out a covert message, none of these people, to my knowledge, seems aware of that fact. In fact, most actors I know are not all that bright, in a general sense, and fame comes with some very serious downsides that tend to retard healthy interactions with "civilians," as they say. So it is quite possible, it seems to me, to be an A-list movie star and not really understand certain aspects of the business. In sense, I would liken it to "stovepiped" covert operations, in which the only people who really know what the entire project entails are a few trusted servants at the top.

Vegan Ricky said...

A 15 year old is ready to have sex IF they are ready to raise a child.

HIV is not the issue here. The issue is a growing trend of a population that doesn't value long-term relationships. Nobody wants to date anymore - it's all about hookups. The success rate for long-term relationships for gay couples is so low it's disgusting. Straight couples are following suite... :(

Unknown said...

Pedophilia is promoted. When Lynn mentions children I dont think she was talking about sex educated teenage Swedes. I.think she was talking about how preteens and even younger are sexualized way before they are mentally mature enough. Their bodies are developing at 11, 12...yet they are not developed emotionally..... Plus the lack of education and the bombardment of perverse influences has taken the innocence out of just being a kid...Teens may have sex with other teens..experimenting etc. But I.think the problem comes when adults are imposing an agenda that seeks to take advantage and groom immature minds.

Freestar said...

Agreed. Everywhere I turn, there's no mention of the consciousness evolution humans are also making. I gain personal insights from our creator and there seems to be a lack of focus on the great shift and awesome presence and laws of our divine source and origins. Without their dark magic, they have nothing, and even the dark magic is failing. The spells upon us via technology and TV are breaking, and technology is also used for good. Once awake, we are as powerful as we are. They need us to be spellbound to generate the matrix they desire. But god and all divinity are present at all times, we must simply switch focus and be aware of ALL duality in balance. Integrate divine laws and principles (alchemical and hermetic) and uncover our true origin and divinity.

As Sarah says in The Labyrinth, "you have no power over me". She simply has the moment of awakening and is free. See, they even have to obey divine law of disclosure, which is what The Matrix and The Labyrinth and all their entertainment is. The trick is that it often isn't seen as disclosure, because the matrix has vibrated slower during the down cycle of the Great Year. However, as the up cycle gains momentum and speed, disclosure is being seen for what it is.

Freestar said...

In a way, acting is split personalities living a fantasy. Some of them literally are mk slaves, apparently.

Freestar said...

I got this wisdom from "upstairs" today... we must be awake and vigilant, but not add to their magic through fear.

The elites don't have the resources to control everything the way they should, in a world of however many billion people and the internet. Especially when they have to do it blindly with most people, in their compartmentalised system.

Hearing "this is how the truth shall prevail".

Unless everyone they want to work for them, enforcing their will, KNOWS the agenda, they can't be counted on to enforce it. And if everyone knows the agenda, most of them WON'T work to enforce it. That's why it's compartmentalised and secret. The KNOW it. It's their catch 22 and you can't have it both ways.

It's crumbling and fast.

I saw a huge wave rush towards me and was shown it's what's happening across the internet. Surf the wave, don't be pulled under, unless you want to.

Freestar said...

* They know it.

That's why they're building all their vast underground bunkers. They're ready to go under when the people real-eyes the truth.

Freestar said...

I was like that, to a degree. I had long terms friends and family, so didn't need a long term partner. But I grew out of it and was ready for more connection from a partner and found a perfect one. Any time a person chooses, they can change it. The "devil" can only lead astray so far.

Darryl T. Barnes said...

So, do clone know that they are clones? If someone is a "walk-in", then they will have the original person's full memories since they are stored within the body. However, a clone body won't have the I assume a clone wouldn't have the person's full memories. Therefore, it should be easy to test them if you had access to a family member or friend as well as the clone.

Chatty Cathy said...
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Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing this. I read a book series Ringing Cedars of Russia. The main character, Anastasia can teleport herself. She went to an alien planet and a room where they had human clones of world leaders etc. She said they get their power from fear. She claimed to have stalled them with her own power of love! We have more power than we realize.

Serene said...

Unknown, thank you for sharing this...I would like to read this series. :)

Wasan Jajou said...

Thank you Thank you Thank you to the poster of this question and to Lynn for answering. It is for sure considered 'out there'. I went down the rabbit hole in regards to this (and everything really) several years ago and once you see, you can not unsee it and ignoring it was just NOT an option for me. I lost a few friends because of this, and I understand now people can not/do not want to handle the rug being pulled out from under their world.

I have not had a TV in years, not interested in their "programming" and honestly, I found most things on the tube to be garbage, same for movies. Most just do not capture my attention and I will never understand the horror, depression and violence in the movie/tv medium as a form of 'escapism' - I can just turn on the daily news if I want more of that, let alone the ridiculous cost of admission and not to mention time of your life you won't get back. Also challenging to listen to music, even good music, that has been taken over by the PTW.

And Netflix...don't even get me started on that. When I went to cancel my free trial, the agent on the line said she was sorry I was going and wondered why I was leaving. My reply, "too much illuminati content." Ahahahhahahahhahahahahah :D

I've replaced that time with being in parks, self reflection, learning, reading books, having adventures.

Anyways, I am super thankful there are others out there who realize this - makes me feel less alone.

Heidi said...

Yes, I feel the same as many posters. I was on Netflix a few nights ago and I was feeling blah going through the selection. Ever since last year I've turned off my forms of media entertainment to a handful of shows. I barely pay much attention to social media. The last two weeks there have been several studies showing the determinatal outcomes to our society.

I believe those of us who are not tuning in will pave the way for good, light and God's pure love to radiate this earth. Fear will simply crumble and no longer exist