Friday, June 9, 2017

Life Detective: NEXT #3

by Lynn & Da-da

Hi all, and welcome to Life Detective NEXT, special SOURCE edition, where Lynn looks primarily at the NEXT (dominant) future life of various people who need no introduction. As usual, Lynn’s words appear “in quotes,” and my questions/comments appear [in brackets]. You’re gonna love this one. Here we go.

1. Bush Sr
“This is interesting. In his next life he’s brought up in a very religious, Christian household. As he gets older, he looks to go to different religious schools, elementary, middle, high school, etc. By the time he leaves high school, religion and spiritual contemplation will be the only thing he knows. He eventually becomes... a monk! His parents and strict upbringing drill into him the deep-rooted importance of being humble and giving, and having empathy and compassion for people. Looks like he has a karma reset in exchange for (re)learning these deep-rooted lessons.” 


2. Henry Kissinger
“This is different, too. I see him being incarnated into an African American man living in South Africa. The image I get is... he’s barefoot and wearing this long white caftan thing, beaded around the neck... he’s standing in front of this group of people and he’s trying to convince them of the importance of... peace! He’s like... an African hippy (!) who’s trying to assemble peace protests! Like a future Woodstock in South Africa! He feels like an integral, leadership part of getting this event together. He’s very anti-war, a pacifist, a very different person than who he is now. But that’s how karma works: you often have to have an opposite lifetime to fully understand what’s really important, in order to ascend. You have to see and experience the good and the bad to give you a full scope, in order to feel the balance necessary for ascension. I see the yin yang symbol as I talk this through."

3. Dick Cheney
“Wow, another different one. I get this image of a world map. I hone in on the waters around the horn of Africa. I see him as very poor, barefoot, tattered clothes... then i realize that he's a pirate. But he doesn’t enjoy it. He sees all these very well-to-do, entitled people out there, and since there are no jobs out there for him, he feels he has no choice in his actions, doing this in order to survive. He took from people in his most current life, and he’ll do it again in the next, but this time for survival, desperation; he’ll have no power at all in the next life. He’ll have to live at the whims of others."

[What does Bush Sr’s *in-between* life look like? How bout for Kissinger and Cheney? Lots of counseling? How is this done for them?]

"It looks like, while in spirit before they are allowed to even come back, they have to somehow "earn" the opportunity. Like they have to sit, observe, understand, etc., before they're allowed to incarnate again.” 

['Defending Your Life: The Cabal Years.']

4. Princess Diana
“She’s still in spirit. I get that she’s not going to incarnate for a while in order to guide and influence and protect her children and grandchildren. And Kate, I get she really likes Kate. It’s like she’s trying to counteract any negative influences coming from... other members of the monarchy… which is easier for her to do in spirit, to better give her loved ones this positive energy and protection. What’s really cool is that I keep seeing these blue birds. There are two of them and they’re singing. They're a spirit sign for her loved ones to know and feel that she’s around; all they have to do is look for blue birds, or the chirping sounds they make, all around them. If they see blue birds or hear them, that’s symbolic of Diana."

5. Carl Jung
“I see him coming back and being a writer. It looks as though he publishes books that are very… mind blowing. He takes these broad subjects and makes then these strange and incredible sideways analogies from them. When you read his ideas, you just say WOW. His words are magical. People love his books and are drawn to them. As a person, he’s incredibly introverted, but when he starts writing, he can impart feelings and depths he could never do verbally." 

[Is he alive today? Can you get anything on one of the titles? Or where he lives?]

"I don't think he is alive right now — he’s not back quite yet -- but I get when he does he will be born in Europe, and then later travel to Boston, MA. He will be able to observe nature and make mind blowing comparisons. What I saw reminded me of someone I heard recently say that moss under a microscope looks like mini trees, so maybe we are like ants moving about our version of "mini trees" toward something larger. He’ll point out how our reality is really an illusion of our thoughts of ourselves."

[Reading the all of the above, and seeing the love and perfection worked into the individual threads of our universal weave, all the fear headlines and political separation of today become so meaningless — not to mention totally obliterating people's fears of judgment, hellfire and brimstone. There is such caring that exists just beyond.]

And that’s it from Lynn and Da-da. Join us next time for another segment. 


Bee E-lightened said...

I love, love, love these. I get excited to read them. Way to stay my day. Thanks Lynn & Dada for your work. It's never in vain‼️🙏🏾

Bee E-lightened said...

*way to start my day

East Asian said...

Great readings from Lynn and Dada! One question, what does 'karma reset' mean in Bush Sr's post?

Robert Schoen said...

I love the "Defending your life: the Cabal years" observation! All three of their future lives make sense as far as their core personalities go. Bush Sr.'s veneer of correctness and decency, Kissinger's analytical approach to political patterns and Cheney's bad heart. As a future pirate I hope he gets angina every time he boards someone else's ship.

How about an "instant karma" read on Comey? He's a real piece of work who started going up the ladder while working at Justice when he exonerated Bill Clinton for pardoning arms dealer Marc Rich, then became a multimillionaire as Lockheed's conduit to gov't contracts gotten by bribes to the Clinton Foundation and was put in as head of FBI by Obama to watch Hillary's back and later to collect dirt on Trump. He only made that last minute "reopening" of the Clinton email during the election when the NYPD got Weiner's laptop as damage control and to cover his own ass. A great article on Comey is here:

I've had some symbolic signs from some people who have passed, and the Diana reading rings true.I think this series is also useful for us living to think about making some course corrections in the here and now.

Puffy Biggles said...

Darn, I was hoping the first three on the list came back as victims of elite war mongers who topple and plunder their homelands for oil and other natural resources, leaving them poverty-stricken and hopeless. For Cheney, I was also hoping his loved ones are killed in a false flag.

A Man Called Da-da said...

All of these future lives demonstrate how forgiving SOURCE really is (and by Extension, the Oversoul, that is all of us), since both are literally living love (and both are One). Love does not punish or take revenge. However, Bush Sr will no doubt experience some squirming in his seat while he reviews his Greatest Hits in the In-between Life.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you all for the comments. This was a fun and very interesting grouping. I didn't expect them to turn out that way either, but did make sense. I agree with Dada and the forgiveness and love tied to Source.

Hugs, Lynn

Alex said...


If 'source' doesn't punish, can you explain why so many people died horribly in terrorist attacks all around the world? Most recently in London and France.

I failed to see what's the connection between their future lives and the current ones for the people on this recent list except for Diana.

Could we possibly have a 'life lesson to be learned' section in future readings?

They Live said...

These readings are always great, many thanks Lynn and DaDa. I dreamt of Bush Sr. not too long ago, he was sitting in a presidential like office near a table with his legs crossed. There were files/folders on the table and what stood out were his eyes as he was looking straight at me and I was looking straight at him.

They Live said...

I had a feeling overcome me one day where I felt what Source feels towards us where every person I saw I loved so much and didn't care what ills they may of engaged in. It was a beautiful experience.

They Live said...

@Lynn I see those who have done low vibrational things tend to be associated with Africa in their next lives, why is that? Is Africa and those of African descent in this dimension a place or a people where humility is to be learned? Or is it because they are the place and people they have destroyed the most so it's only right they come back as such?
Also, it seems not many positive changes occur in the future where people are still fighting for peace, living poorly, etc. Is that because they will still be in the 3rd dimension? I see dimensions as videogame levels where the state of the level never changes but the player does through ascending to the next level

Serene said...

Maybe certain countries within Africa which are experiencing drought, famine, lack of supplies and resources, and poverty are drawing those that are working out their karmic experience, and/or those that are truly trying to raise the vibration of others. Same thing with India and other developing nations possibly. Understanding what it is to suffer and be at the mercy of another...not a pleasant lesson but extremely valuable experience.

Chatty Cathy said...

At They Live - I also noticed Lynn made this association which did not necessarily correlate with the Africa I knew. I lived in Ghana and Liberia for 2 years and had the life-changing opportunity to travel across the entire continent to twelve countries so I know first hand the advancements Africa has made in the last decades, beyond the poverty and war. So I saw in the densely populated metropolitan cities the people are as smartly dressed as westerners (if not more so), where wearing shoes are CERTAINLY standard issue, and the people are technologically advanced with iPhones and laptops in tow. Of course, outside of the metropolitan cities in the rural areas, a Western observer may call the people impoverished, however, my appreciation for Africa made me astute enough to understand that rural village life is not based off of materialism and dollar-a-day figures (calculated by the World Bank to justify inflated debt-loans). So this explains why the adults and children living in the villages appear so happy and vibrant and enthusiastic about life despite not having riches. So it's true that perhaps Africa offers one the opportunity to learn humility and gratitude. But it's not a bad life or an inferior life, which is too often the incorrect preconceived notion. In many ways it is the preferred life.

Chatty Cathy said...

@ Serene, perhaps. However, it had to be said because Africa is always being generally cast as a backwards, impoverished, war-mongering place, and it is not and has not been in it's massive history.

Sure, some places in Africa may be a place where lessons are learned, but Caribbean Islands are also considered developing nations and yet we call them Paradise because of their blue waters, fresh fish, coconuts and palm trees. Well, Africa also has blue water, fresh fish, coconuts and palm trees but just like the islands they can be polluted and can have famine and have war and weapons and drugs brought to their soil. My point is, I do not believe Africa is inherently a low vibration location on Earth where karmic retribution is to be exacted on individuals who were terrible in their previous lives. The same could be done anywhere if the negative conditions are right, including many places here in America, which I believe Lynn stated about a future life for Bill Clinton.

Anyway, sorry, the same old barefoot and poor in Africa narrative is just tired on these ears that know better lol.

A Man Called Da-da said...

@Alex ~ Illusion.

Craig said...

I read the comments, and I too was thinking the Bush, Kissinger , Cheney trio of dark lords would have come back in more harsh or limited circumstances. But on second thought I know that the lives we live here in 3D are roles being played, and in 3D you are going to have villains so somebody has to do it. Unless you're pretty psychic, it's hard to know whether these folks are making karma or are doling out karma and giving lessons. It's hard to look at it objectively when you take into account all the suffering they've created and gotten away with without earthly punishment, but in the end, there is no escaping your thoughts, words and deeds. Everything is accounted for.

Serene said...

Cathy...I enjoyed reading your posts about Africa. An excellent point! (smile)

Raymond said...

I know we are not supposed to know the life path that we were intended to follow, but I wonder if we could visit the Akashic Records or ask our Guides how far we have strayed from our original path. Without being given all the secrets.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you all for the comments.

@Raymond: This is interesting... Time is such a relative thing (I still try to wrap my mind around it). The past, present and future are all one, and the Akashic Records (as I understand) contain everything that has, is and will be done (since it has already happened).

A Man Called Da-da said...

Those first three aren't playing roles. They're making mistakes, and will have to go "back on the wheel" to fix those mistakes, even if their actions were illusion. In this way their minds are healed and they get to move onward and upward.

Kalamota Kook said...

I asked for Jung and wow it didn't disappoint! Thank you both again. I almost feel drunk trying to imagine what he would envision.

One query I have about the Diana reading is that we don't have 'Bluebirds' in the UK, even in the Dover area. The ones Vera sang about implied the Royal Air Force. We do have blue birds, called Blue Tits, which are all over the place and chirrup loudly and cheerfully and are cheeky and gregarious. Are they the ones you are referring to Lynne? They would make a wonderful symbol for a connection of that kind.

Kalamota Kook said...

I didn't mean to imply that Lynne said the species Bluebirds. She wrote blue birds, but the picture looked more exotic than the cheeky chappies who eat my peanuts.

Alex said...


I fail to see the connection between their current and future life mistakes. Perhaps somebody can explain a little bit more how they end up in their future lives.

Diana and Carl Jung's future lives are quite clear though. They are just continuing where they left off.

Raymond said...

Yes I have problems with it too. If time does not exist then how do aliens and other Beings measure the length of an event or a life? How do they get to work on time ?

John Casey said...

Another bell-ringer. Thanks Lynn and Dada! Fascinating to see how it all works out over time. And poor Nostrodamus. Makes him sound like a was rather tortured by his work, and raises questions about timelines that might make a good reading, too. I'm always amazed by his "Hilter" reference. How could he have gotten that close so long ago?

Anyway, thanks as always. You two never disappoint.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thanks again for the comments. I enjoyed reading through them, and you guys did a good job answering each other. This was a really interesting grouping. :-)