Monday, May 29, 2017

Random Medical [Group Post]

[As I approach this reading I need to disclose that I am not a doctor, and have not studied medicine.  Everything I get is from an intuitive perspective.  Please allow this to serve as a guide or suggestion, but ultimately listen to your own intuition.}

Q. Why do people get canker sores? There is no known cause for them. They aren't a form of herpes either. What is the real cause?
A. When I first focus on this I get canker sores are a result of some form of step that gets out of balance and creates fissures  or sores in the mouth.  The root of this looks to be acidic in nature, and an excess of acid in the diet creates an environment in which the strep likes to thrive (and multiply).  I see that an occasional (or more often if you are prone to getting canker sores, or have eaten acidic food) rinse with baking soda, sea salt and warm water can help reduce the frequency and promote the healing.  Also lysine and ester-c looks to aid the immune system to promote a quicker recovery.  

Q. I have a question regarding mental/personality/mood disorders. I know that someone can acquire certain disorders due to genetics or environment. Is there also a spiritual cause as to why someone has a certain disorder? I am specifically curious about sociopathy and bipolar disorder and how it affects an individual on an energetic level.
A. I get that everything is about balance.  The life a person lives is a combination of past karma, karma that has been handed down, karma that has been acquired and lessons you are to learn.  Your path will give you opportunities to resolve karma, while expanding and growing through experience.  

Throughout life we are guided to be in certain peoples lives, and others are guided to be in ours.  We have roles that vary, sometimes you are to help they grow, sometimes they help you.  The lessons could feel good or bad (earthly terms), but in reality the Universe sees them as experience.  The experiences all serve as a balancing act.  

When a person has a mental/personality/mood challenged perspective, they serve to balance something else while learning themselves.  We all incarnate and are all things (good and bad) in order to ascend.  This is just a necessary phase for them to grow.  Even though this may feel like a lower vibrational life, it is needed to ascend (I hear, "You can't climb a mountain without taking the first step.")  

Q. Hi Lynn, I'm wondering what causes epilepsy and what is the best treatment for it?

A. I see epilepsy as an issue in which the right and left brain don't communicate harmoniously.  It looks like there is a membrane between both hemispheres that degrades the signal between the two hemispheres.  When the signals can't flow, or partially flow, it creates a spasm (resulting in a seizure). 

It looks like an acupuncture procedure in which small needles are placed on either side of the head with small electrical charges promotes a new pathway to develop for neurological signals to transmit.  The electrical charge looks to clear blockages (like a bulldozer blazing a path), allowing the signals to flow more freely.  

I get a supplement of Omega-3 fatty acids and also an amino acid can also aid in the healing process.

Q. Lynn, have you heard of binaural beats aka digital drugs? How do they work and are there any side effects to them (like withdraws)? Are they magic? I listen to them and they do alter my mind. Some claim they can "awaken your psychic ability." Thank your for taking the time to read this.

A. I cannot see any negative effects from using binaural beats.  They feel to have a soothing and calming effect on the mind and body.  They look to be a good aid in reaching the alpha and theta state during meditation (or even just introspective thought).  

These beats look to work by creating a harmonizing effect between the conscious and subconscious minds.  The sounds feel to reconcile the difference.  

Q. What do you get on the Bach Flower Remedies? I have never heard about these before until a psychic friend helped me with my son's anxious and aggressive behaviors. These remedies seem to really be working but I was wondering how exactly they work? The site says for these to work an adult has to knowingly take them themselves as they can't unknowingly be given a remedy in their food or drink. Although, they work if given to kids and animals since they do not have the rationality to make a health welfare decision. These remedies are very affordable and could possible be an alternative to a lot of drugs. Thoughts?
A. I first get that "Most things can be healed by our environment, we just need to recognize what those things are."  I see these flowers working just like herbs and other forms of homeopathy.  The vibration the tincture has looks to combine with the element in your body that is making you ill, and allows your body to excrete it.  

I also get that healing and health is in large part mind over matter, so incorporating positive mental thought is just as, if not more powerful than the flowers (or herb, oil, etc).   Knowing you are taking this flower, allows you to have the mental intent to heal.  When giving it to a child or pet, YOU are putting the intent to heal them.  Your body, mind and subconscious hears your request, and it adds even more strength to the natural healing.  

Q. Hi Lynn, Doctors say that fatty lumps across the body called lipoma are genetically inherited but I don't think so. What causes the lumps and what is the best way to remove it without surgery?
A. I see these lumps being a self defense to isolating toxins in the body.  It looks like rather than the liver being able to filter or help to excrete toxins, it is working more sluggish.  As a result the body surrounds the toxin creating a fatty lump.  The easiest way I see to get rid of them is to get the liver working at a higher efficiency (do a liver detox, drink lots of water and eat a low fat diet).  By doing this, the body can process the toxins, and purge them from the body. 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-     


Watchand Knock said...

Hi Lynn! Are there different types of Autism and which one can be treated and how? Is there an age threshold? Thank You soooo much!

Anneki said...

Hello Lynn,
I am wondering how much omega-3 oil,you should use to prevent seizures,
i myself have nocturnal seizures now and then.
And also if there is any other method other than acupuncture with the membrane.
Can you use mantra maybe?:)

The enlightened one said...

@Watchand Knock
I will try to answer your question just from my own experience.
Autism is just a common name for a multitude of similar conditions that may have many different causes. Just because something bears the same name, doesn't mean it has the same root cause.

There are types of autism caused by genetic deficits, fore example lacking of some chromosomes, etc. Then some may be caused by brain damage at birth. Yet other cases may be caused by environmental factors. To develop and grow properly, the brain needs the right stimuli. If a child doesn't get the proper social stimuli, it's social development may be stunted.

Then there is the spiritual aspect. For the body to function properly, energy needs to be able to flow freely through the chakras. Traumatic experiences may cause blocks in the energy flow of the etherical body. This may also be carried over from one lifetime to another.

Autism may be inherited from one generation to the next, not genetically, but because parents subconsciously recreate their on experiences as a child with their own children, thus perpetualizing the environmental factors that cause autism.

Some types of autism may be mitigated by alternative medicinal techniques that focuses on the etherical body.

Raymond said...

Is there a specific frequency that would benefit someone if they were meditating and trying to reach their Guides or the Theta state? 7.83HZ is suppose to be the Earth's frequency and
528 HZ is suppose to help you reach higher states. Does one frequency help you over another one?

Thanks Lynn.

Alex said...

Awesome reading from Lynn.

Does anyone here personally know of any liver detox program that actually works? There are too many fake detox programs on the internet.

A Man Called Da-da said...

FYI, a different version of binaural beats exist in what are termed isochronic tones. Here are some excellent free ones:

Note that the site may be gone, but the Wayback Machine makes them live on. The Solfeggio tones here are especially good. I have used them myself in meditation.

A Man Called Da-da said...

@Alex ~ The best detox is 3-5 das of fruit and veggies and lots of water, followed by three days of fasting, followed by more fruit, then veggies, and lots and lots of water in between. The body will perform its own magic if placed into the proper "dishwasher mode" with fasting.

Here's a free book on fasting that's excellent:

Alex said...


Thanks for the detox program but three days of fasting is too much for me. I don't think I can fast even for one day. Are there any other less drastic liver detox program? How about eating dandelion root or milk thistle? Do they really work?

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Watchandknock: Great question. As I read through the comments, The Enlightened One had a great explanation. What they said really resonates as true with me.

@The enlightened One: Thanks for the great explanation. What you said makes sense and resonates with me as well.

@Anneki: Mantras can be helpful. When I did the reading I saw acupuncture, but that doesn't mean it is the only thing you can do. I would take the recommended dose of the Omega-3, and if that isn't enough, you could gradually increase it. I wouldn't do more than twice the recommended though (your body will just purge it). Again, I'm not a doctor, so do what feels right for you..

@Raymond: I am drawn to the 442Hz frequency. I would try that (feels like a good bridge between the spiritual self and physical self).

@Alex: Dada did have some great advice. If it is too much, try doing only fruits and veggies. Ideally in a smoothie form (easier to digest which means the body's resources are focused on cleaning and healing). Try to avoid all soy during this, and you can include some beans, nuts, etc for protein so you aren't too tired. Drink lots of water too. Give yourself as long as you can (3-5 days would be a great goal), and see how you feel.

@Dada: Thanks for the advice!

They Live said...

Dandelion root tea helps with detoxification of the liver. Drinking a couple of cups of that daily should help along with a diet of organic meats, veggies and fruit.

Judy Koons said...

I agree that many things can contribute to autism mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically and many of the factors can be inherited. Looking at the science and spiritual info shows us that autism (all types) are related to elevated toxic heavy metals in the brain. The heavy metals in different combinations, as alloys in different locations in the brain contribute to the variances. Since nothing really happens in the body in isolation other factors can also contribute.

The five foods to draw heavy metals out of the body are wild blueberries, Hawaiian spirulina, Atlantic dulse, cilantro and green barley grass juice powder. They act as a team to handle many of the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical aspects and draw the toxic heavy metals out of the body. Takes time and dedication but doable!!

Judy Koons said...

I have personally detoxed my liver fully by using fresh squeezed lemon in 24-36 oz water with 2-3 tablespoons of honey every morning upon waking. The lemon causes the liver to purge toxins it has collected overnight and the honey feeds the liver much needed glucose so it is not triggering the adrenals to kick off adrenaline (can do more damage to liver than alcohol sometimes).
It takes some time because to cleanse the liver means to cleanse for long enough to allow the liver to cleanse and then clean up the blood and lymph system as well.
So much fear around glucose but adding in more fresh fruit to keep the glucose reserves up(everything in the body needs good glucose), the dandelion tea, and lowering the fat content in the diet all help to cleanse the liver over time.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Judy: Thank you so much for this. Great advice on the lemon/honey water. I sometimes add a touch of turmeric to it too (anti-inflammatory).