Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Seth Rich

Q.  Hi Lynn, Could you do a reading on Seth Rich? He is the DNC worker who was murdered last summer in a supposed "botched robbery." It is widely believed he is the LEAK who gave Wikileaks the DNC emails. This may also be related to the disappearance of Eric Braverman, the former Clinton Foundation CEO. There are citizen journalists now looking into the case because the police don't seem to be doing their job. George Webb is doing excellent work here. There are a lot of discrepancies. Witnesses are telling Webb different stories than reported in the media. There is a 2-3 hour gap between when Seth left the bar and got shot. He appeared to have been beaten up prior to the shooting. Business cameras were confiscated and footage never released. Police body cam footage has gone missing. The police incident report also seems to say that Seth was alive and talking when the police found him. His parents have been on camera and they look like zombies when they talk. 

What's more, the family "spokesperson" is a Democratic Crisis PR guy. One smoking gun is a Vanity Fair article that was published prior to Seth's death where they write in the first paragraph: "Hillary Clinton sees the Democratic nomination being pawed by a charming interloper, like a priceless vase grabbed by a panda. She’d prefer to shoot the panda, but that could mean breaking the vase, and onlookers would object. To make matters worse, Bernie Sanders, who leads Clinton in both New Hampshire and Iowa, has produced a new video ad, “America,” a wordless feel-hope montage that is awfully good, good enough that I can’t help feeling both moved by it and resentful that it works on me. Maybe shoot the panda." Seth's Reddit username was Panda4Progress and he often dressed in a Panda suit.

Anther thing related in George Webb's investigation is the Awan brothers who stole Blackberries from Congressmen via Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Soon after they started receiving payments from congressmen of about $4 million, and were allowed to leave the country despite a criminal investigation. Wasserman-Schultz was recently seen on camera threatening the Capitol Police Chief, trying to get those devices back. Also, the Federal Prosecutor whose body washed up in Florida was from Debbie Wasserman-Schultz's district. He specialized in Visa and Passport fraud...which was another Awan Brothers business. The DNC lawsuit is in Wasserman-Schultz's district. The lawyer for the lawsuit, Jared Beck, is terrified, and some thing the murder of the prosecutor was meant to send a "message" to the judge in the case. 

Any insights you have on this would be great, Lynn. Thanks!!!

A.  I did a reading on this quite some time ago, and briefly touched on this.  I did see he was intentionally sought out, and harmed for his outspokenness and his deep down sense of justice.  He did care about people, and more importantly cared that people knew the truth.  

I see this emotion come over him, as if he was very passionate about being part of the DNC, but once he learned some truths, he couldn't "unknow" them and it really haunted him.  It was hard to sit by quietly, and he looks to have "slipped" some things to wikileaks (and why his laptop was taken).  I get they care more about who is the leak, than who did the crime (because they already have a good idea).

Clinton was being sculpted by the PTW (Powers That Were), and his comments didn't help her cause.  I hear the phrase "If you aren't with me, you are against me" and that was not going to be tolerated.  

I see (and I mentioned this in my previous reading) that it was someone tied to Big Pharma (Clinton must have had a good deal in the works, because it feels important that she be in control??).

Here is a link to my previous reading:

Please send love and light to his family and friends.  The lack of closure looks to be very tough and they truly need everyone's support. - Lynn


Truth & light said...

Lame street media are so busy giving us Trump fatigue while giving this case zero coverage. The biasness makes me barf

Alice L. said...

Thanks so much Lynn. Your previous reading validates what has been recently circulated (bruising on his hands and knees. I hope these citizen journalists break this case.

Alice L. said...

BTW, I mentioned in the blog request that I made a mistake with Panda4Bernie. It was Panda4Progress.

Robert Schoen said...

Even half a year after the election politics is still so toxic and people so fixed in their opinions that even if the Seth Rich murder and the fact he leaked the emails to wikileaks was covered by the "official media" Clinton supporters (or rather Trump haters to put it more accurately) would still be of the same opinion. Everyone in Washington knows what went down and that Rich's murder was deliberately done as a warning to other Dems to keep their mouths shut.

Even the thing with the comedian holding up the bloody head (looking at the photo I couldn't tell them apart) was enabled by a culture of collective tribal hate, and yet they are all hypocritically saying she went too far when she was just going with the flow.

Our culture would be better to off to take a more detach view of politics which is a distraction from the things really important in life. The divisions this has created between people is the real tragedy and exactly what THEY want.

It's only a matter of time before all the info on the Rich murder comes out, but don't expect mass conversions to common sense because people hate to admit they were wrong. Here's a link to a great article that shows how Trump fired Comey while he was away from Washington so he could get to his computer before he could erase all the files on Seth Rich and all the other things that went on in the last election.

Unknown said...

I believe the FBI vehicle break-in a few hours earlier and Seth Rich's murder are tied together.

Also, George Webb admitted a couple of days ago that it was HE who deleted the first 52 of his Eric Braverman videos, not YouTube. I'm appalled that more people aren't appalled at this lie. Everyone said he had good reason, but I don't agree. He could have easily said he accidentally deleted them or that he just wanted to start over. To blame it on YouTube is not acceptable, since "truthers" are already paranoid about YouTube, and it's extremely unfair to YouTube. Also, not everyone will see his video admitting this. They will continue to think that YouTube is in the business of deleting political videos at the behest of some corrupt entity.

Jason Goodman, George Webb's sidekick, has credibility problems with me. He recently uploaded a video where he used a hidden camera when speaking to one of the Braverman family's neighbors. This is highly unethical and an invasion or privacy, as the neighbor was only trying to help him. How would you like it if that happened to you? It did not add anything to the citizen investigation, and was therefore completely unnecessary. If he's unscrupulous about that, what else is he unscrupulous about?

Bottom line: We don't know who, if anyone, is financing George Webb or Jason Goodman. We don't know if their sources are telling the truth, and we don't know if their theories are fact. Even if these two are sincere, it doesn't mean they're right about their conclusions. We need to keep our critical thinking caps on.

Amelia said...

@Christina I haven't seen the Jason Goodman video where he interviews a Braverman neighbor but I'm astonished to hear what you have just reported. Did he provide video on YouTube that included audio taken with his undercover camera? That's highly illegal.

I would have to believe if he is stupid enough to do something like that and post it publicly, then he has a world of recourse coming to him.

I am not familiar with this guy, but you can't just play PI and not take the same legal cautions they too must abide by. Gee whiz. Thanks for sharing!

Sending love out to the Rich famiy and praying closure will find its rightful way. Peace <3.

Amelia said...

@Christina I haven't seen the Jason Goodman video where he interviews a Braverman neighbor but I'm astonished to hear what you have just reported. Did he provide video on YouTube that included audio taken with his undercover camera? That's highly illegal.

I would have to believe if he is stupid enough to do something like that and post it publicly, then he has a world of recourse coming to him.

I am not familiar with this guy, but you can't just play PI and not take the same legal cautions they too must abide by. Gee whiz. Thanks for sharing!

Sending love out to the Rich famiy and praying closure will find its rightful way. Peace <3.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Robert: Thank you, and I agree. Hollywood and media is making it a man hunt for Trump, and neglecting the things that really matter. It is all about keeping us divided.

Lots of info here and lots to think about. Let's not let the politics of it divide us, but rather bring us together and send the family some healing.

Alice L. said...

George Webb draws lots of conclusions that are only later verified as in the recent Daily Caller articles about the Awan Brothers, and videos on other channels. The neighbor in the video further verified Webb's assumption that Braverman went to Israel. That's the purpose of what he is doing... put the information out there and let other people run with it so that the truth comes out. He's not always right, but he has been right in areas that MSM and the law refuse to cover. AND MSM hasn't been shut down for deliberately publishing false news. The process of truth seeking is not a direct line.

As for recording legalities, reporters record undercover all the time. And the general public records strangers and post them to the internet constantly too. Jason did identify himself as a reporter. BUT if you want to discuss illegal, I'm pretty sure it's illegal to call a hit on your staff member because he caught you breaking the law.

@Robert Schoen, completely agree with you. Thanks for the link.

AL233 said...

I have casually watched George Webb's videos and always wondered who he really was. He is too knowledgeable to be just some citizen Journalist and this week he admitted he was Mossad. Well I think he confessed that, its been a whirlwind this week and I can barely keep it all straight! Jason Goodman came across as sincere to me and somewhat over his head but I truly don't believe anything I read or see anymore. I take it in and try to make sense of it all as best I can. They are bringing some good info out there and do have supporters whom I tend to trust -- Richie Allen, Jerome Corsi etc.

This Seth Rich murder is the center of something is the part of this huge web that is suffocating our political system. But sadly even if alternative media completely breaks the story and the case is made clear so many people will not believe it, our justice system protects the players involved, and the media will keep repeating the lies...and the divide will get greater and greater.

People don't realize even if they don't like Trump for valid reasons...this deep passionate hatred they feel is being fed to them by global powers who do not have good intentions for the people of planet and see him as an obstacle for their control. this emotional dislike of him is more the result of indoctrination and that kind of brainwashing is hard to counter. I realize now the "conspiracy theorists" have a better handle on reality and what is happening. The truth is beyond what "common sense" allows one to believe.

Truth & light said...

Republicans are red
Democrats are blue
And neither one really gives a dam about you.

Unknown said...

@Amelia: Here is the URL of the video I was talking about, where he uses a hidden camera on the Braverman neighbor:

I'm not sure if hidden cameras are illegal in that state (New York?). It is illegal here in California (a felony I think) if you don't have the other party's permission.

@AL233: Wow, you really summed it all up very well.

Alice L. said...

The right of privacy doesn't apply to newsworthy events. NOW Can we focus on the issue instead of the diversion?

My Picks said...

Im not sure if this is indeed true, but theres word on 4chan that Seth was alive when cops arrived on the scene. A doctor that was on shift that night said he was there and things didn't feel right about how this patient was treated (he had no idea who he was till after all this came to the light).
Its also being said the Seth said "it was a hit" to the police officer that arrived.

Unknown said...

Seems everyone on the Internet has a theory about what happens behind closed doors and in dark alleys. My greatest wish for mankind is that we lose the capacity to lie. That would solve a lot of global issues.

John Casey said...

I think a reading on Webb and his affiliations and history are in order. Same with Braverman. Maybe Braverman is in Isreal and maybe Webb is Mossad. He could just as easily be part of a rogue FBI operation, or an FSB operation or a Chinese operation. Either way, it is an operation designed -- like the leaked DNC and Podesta emails -- to skewer HRC and her neocon co-conspiritors based on revelations of their own, numerous evil deeds. Webb appears to have access to materials and sources that suggest he's more than just a concerned "citizen journalist." It seems more likely he is a kind of "character" an "actor" who is playing the role of the intrepid citizen journalist, like something out of a movie, when in actuality he may well be just a front man for a larger effort to reveal in public lots of very specific details about the Rich murder and the HRC and DNC types who ordered the hit, just as they pursued war for profit, human trafficking, pedophilia, etc., with great financial success As a character, Webb can put all manner of highly specific detail out there in a way that doesn't set off alarm bells because it's coming from a source, Webb, who seems like just a guy out doing his thing.

Alice L. said...

@John Casey - I think you are spot on. Rather just doing an info dump, he is showing people how to connect the dots (as he sprinkles in intel). It is also helping to build a legal case and protecting some witnesses by putting them out on the internet. If what you think is true, then it is brilliant.

Unknown said...

I think George Webb and Jason Goodman have caught a case of Fame-itus. I had to stop watching their videos. They can't seem to stay away from the cameras for more than an hour. You'd have to spend your entire day to watch all their videos, and they are increasingly becoming less and less informational.

If you don't believe me, grab a YouTube transcript of one of their recent videos, paste it to a Word document, and proceed to delete anything but new information. You're left with 1-2 sentences if you're lucky.

Sigh, I finally hit the unsubscribe button on both of them. And now I can get the dishes and laundry done.