Friday, May 26, 2017

Five for Friday #45

by Lynn & Da-da

Hi all, and welcome to Friday Five #45. As always, Da-da's questions and comments appear [in brackets]. Here we go.

Image #1: Feb 25th, 1942: The Battle of Los Angeles
Here’s a famous pic of something that appeared over Los Angeles in 1942 — and was promptly shot at by the military. Front page news back before the PTW “swamp-gassed" sightings like this away. So, was it a UFO? And if so, whose was it and what was their mission?

What Lynn Saw
"Oh wow!! Feels and looks like who I call the friendly tall whites.  I get they were trying to "disclose themselves" back then, but the hostility drove them away. They wanted to peacefully come here, and when they experienced the resistance, they gave us 'more time.’ "

Image #2: Where CHOMP Meets YIKES
Some have reported seeing a huge shark they call the “Black Demon,” but... it's basically MEGALODON, a massive shark that lived from around 30M years ago to about 2.5M years ago. Scientists say it’s extinct because they’ve not spotted any Megalodons at any cocktail parties where much of today’s serious research is done. So… is Megalodon really still alive? 

What Lynn Saw
"I want to say YES, but it’s not living where people think it is. I keep seeing ice, North Polar regions. the North Pole. It lives in the mid-ocean depths, mid-depth, so it’s not going to be anywhere near the surface or the bottom. It dwells near Greenland and the North Pole. It can’t thrive in warm water. There’s some current near the eastern coast of Greenland where this creature hangs out. When I ask why we haven’t seen this before, I’m told that we’re not allowed to know that!” 

[What does this thing eat, besides submarines and people who write blogs?]“Definitely feels and looks like a meat eater (including its own kind). True survival of the fittest. And they have a very long (like hundreds, maybe 200+ year) life span.” 

Image #3: HAARP Over the Philippines
These "earthquake lights” appeared over the Philippines a day or two before the big quake there. Is this HAARP? I thought it had been neutralized.

What Lynn Saw
“Wow, that is a HAARP rainbow. I’m seeing this grid pattern of chemtrails laid out a day or two before then the HAARP energy was beamed in. Afterward, there was a period of calm before the earthquake.” 

[Who owns this technology? The cabal? And when do you see HAARP being shut down?] 

"Def cabal. It feels like it will be a while (outside of what I can see) before it is shut down... BUT it loses its effectiveness (kind of like turning on a switch to a broken light) within the next few years."

Image #4: The Boy Who Became a Mummy
Is this an ET mummy (found in Peru)? What’s its story?

What Lynn 
"ETs used to be on the earth all the time, in the past. When they came to earth, people often embraced their appearance. They looked forward to it. There was a mutual exchange and everyone was happy. Some of the ETs even fell in love with the humans and this is one of the offspring of such a match. I think this is an adolescent’s skeleton, a boy of about 12. The mom died in childbirth and the tribe felt weird about it, so some negative feelings became associated with the child. The people of the tribe were a little hinky about it, creating a strange energy around this boy and the circumstances. The ETs were 6-7 foot tall and had a glow about them, like a faint light. I feel such a sadness for this boy." 

[How did the boy die?]  

"I hear it was an injury, and because of the unusual blood type, he bled to death (like his blood didn't clot)."

Image #5: What’s Up With the Schumann Resonance?
Here’s a recent readout of earth frequencies (the meter located in Canada), from 0 to 125 Hz. What exactly is this activity showing? (Note that that 60 Hz red line is due to a nearby power line.) There’s all kinds of anomaly strangeness going on in this graphic (like those funny “bubbles" between 16:00 and 18:00), but does anything jump out at you? What’s happening at the 120 Hz level? Tangentially, some people have said recently that the earth’s Schumann Resonance is NOT increasing… but are they wrong? (and just saying that to influence the masses?)

What Lynn Saw
“The Schumann Resonance is absolutely increasing! Not only can it scientifically be proven, but it feels to me that we feel it too when it fluctuates. I get that the blips that have the higher frequency are related to ET activity in that area.  It feels like when ANY of them transmit to earth (even telepathically) it sort of jolts things. I also get it is only when the transmission is started. For example, if they communicate (even mentally) for 10 minutes, the spike happens at the initiation point and not necessarily the whole time. A continuous spike, means there is a lot of signal initiations.” 


BONUS: Angels Don’t Play This HAARP
And speaking of anomalistic flashes of light, what’s causing these odd flashes of light in the upper atmosphere over S. America and S. Africa, recently captured by the Earth Polychromatic Imaging Camera (EPIC) onboard the Deep Space Climate Observatory (DSCOVR)?

What Lynn Saw
“It's HAARP. I’m geting that there’s been some odd climate activity here and there, extreme weather tied to these flashes of light. It’s also affecting the food supply and the economy where this is being done. This is precursor for the cabal getting involved in these countries to steal their resources. They cause chaos so they can swoop in and take what they want. Regions of the earth are being HAARPed right now, big time.”

And that’s it. Join us next time for episode #46, where the cabal will be fed to CHOMPY McCHOMPENSTEIN.


Robert Schoen said...

What a great group this week! The first pic of the saucer over LA with all the conical beams coming from it reminded me of the Norway Spiral that appeared in the sky when Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize, which regretfully now I took to be a validation of his integrity. (were the aliens duped on this guy like the rest of us?) I keep hoping the Nobel committee asks for it back.

Two horrible posts concerning HAARP, which sadly is another proof humanity or at least its leadership is not ready for advanced technology. Orgone can help fight its effects if enough people start to make and use it. If orgone works by amplifying good intent, will it be collective good intent that makes HAARP ineffective in the near future?

Melly said...

No wonder we've been experiencing random and somewhat intense earthquakes in the Philippines, particularly in the southern region. I had my suspicions it was HAARP, but this just confirmed it. Hopefully, things will be resolved and peace will finally come in soon, not just for our country but for the rest of the world too.

John Casey said...

Yow, this week's group is amazing. All this HAARP activity, why is the cabal increasing it's use now. I've read several commentators (Thierry Meyssan and others) saying that South America is the next in line for the "regime change" hybrid warfare, which fits in neatly with what you are saying. The idea being to do what they are doing to Venezuela (and Brazil) to more countries to snap up their assets at fire-sale prices once the countries are totally destabilized. Is there anything we can do to resist HAARP? I find the idea that these people can inflict earthquakes on the world particularly nauseating.

They Live said...

Nice one! Was Megalondon created by the reptilians?
Also, is H.A.R.P.P a harnessing of Source's or an angels light energy as power to attack us hence the name harp referring to heaven or an angel?

They Live said...


Ralib Allen said...

How do the tall whites feel about the human race now compared to the battle of Los Angeles? Are we almost ready for contact or do we still have a long way to go?

The enlightened one said...

Why isn't it allowed for us to know of the existence of this shark? And by whom? Is it the ptw?

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you for sharing your experiences and comments.

@They Live: I had not thought about that, but you are right. So many things are tied to our language to get to our subconscious. I would need to think about that more, but I really feel you are on target with this.

@Ralib: I see them feeling sorry for us... and a little disappointed.

@The enlightened One: I don't think it is hidden, just not at a convenient location or depth to find it....Also, I get if they dated it, it would contradict many parts of the bible (age of earth), so even it is is found it is kept quite.

Thanks again for the comments. Have a great Saturday!!

They Live said...

Many thanks @Lynn 😄

The enlightened one said...

Why would they want to prevent the biblical story of creation from being debunked, when it already has centuries ago? With all due respect, it doesn't make sense.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@The enlightened one: It is just a concept that is very threatening to the paradigms of many people...

Alex said...

@enlightened one

Most Christians I know won't believe that the bible is not from 'god' and won't accept the fact that the bible is wrong. Eg. bible said that Earth was created around 6000 years ago whereas Scientist has said that our Sun is already 4.5 billion years old.

The enlightened one said...

@Alex. That may be the case in the US. I doubt there are many with such a fundamentalist view on the Bible in Europe. However, I can't see how the existence of supposedly extinct prehistoric animals would be an argument concerning the age of the Earth. The fact that prehistoric animals are still alive doesn't necessarily translate logically as an older Earth, so for that reason I can't see how it would contradict the Bible.

Alex said...

@enlightened one

The earth must exist before the animal exist. If earth is only 6000 years old as claimed by the bible and the shark has lived about 30 million years old ago as proven by scientists, you can see how this contradicts the Bible.

The enlightened one said...

Yes, if you know that the shark lived 30 million years ago, that would obviously contradict the Bible. But finding a living specimen of a species proves nothing in the way of how long it has existed. That's my point.

Finding fossilized remains on the other hand, may prove the existence of a species in the past based on carbon-14 dating. But a living specimen says nothing about wether the species existed or not at a time in the past. Hence, it cannot contradict any claim concerning the age of the Earth.

Alex said...

@enlightened one

Most people don't know about the existence of Megalodon. So if someone really captured one alive, it will be made into a newspaper headline and almost everybody will want to research on it.
The research on fossilized teeth revealed that it has existed since 30 million years ago and yet the Bible said Earth was created just 6000 years ago.

So it is not the actual event itself but the chain of events.

The enlightened one said...

I doubt those who wanted to research this shark would be ordinary people, more like scientists who are unlikely to believe the Earth is 6000 years old. So even if you count in the chain of events I don't think it would affect those who believe in the biblical creation story.

IF it would be found, AND covered up, I think it's more likely because if people find that one thing thought to be non-existent actually exist, then they will think "what more does actually exist?" and they will start looking where the PTW doesn't want them to. That would be a MUCH more likely reason for a cover up, I think.

John Casey said...

On the Battle for Los Angeles photo, I wonder why they would have come into a city ready for war with a fairly well-developed anti-aircraft presence rather than go into, say, Beijing, or Mexico City or Johanesburg, etc.?

Unknown said...

Interesting stories
;) :)