Thursday, May 25, 2017

What in the World (or out of this World) was that?

Q. So.. this may be interesting, and a little creepy, lol. I would like some answers though and others may find this fascinating. It may be a little long, but I hope its a good read!

In 2002-2003, my boyfriend (at the time) and I went on an hour long road trip to a rural country school to watch his daughter play basketball. It was nighttime and the roads were long and we drove by many fields, like you would do in the country, but when we went around this one bend I saw this big creature sitting on the right side (facing away from us), but it's body/torso was so big that its head would've reached the top of the car if it stood up, at least it felt that way. What caught my eye was it's hair/fur. It was blonde, or at least light brown... and it was long! The fur made me think of a yeti or a blonde ape. 

Of course, I was taken aback, something told me on the inside that this was unusual. My mind wanted to call it a wolf. It almost felt unworldly.. I didn't think it was a dog based on the size, way it was sitting (the hind legs bent a little differently), and it actually was crouched over like it was eating or doing something, but as soon as our car passed it perked up. I want to say I kinda saw the back of its head, but we drove by so quickly. My boyfriend got this scared look on his face after I asked him if he had seen that, because he had seen it too. After that we saw a shadow following us in the road in the rearview mirror, no matter how fast we went we couldn't shake it. I started setting protection around the car and we tried our best to keep our distance until we got to the school. 

Shortly after that night we were driving his daughter and her brother from the same country setting/location to our home, which is in the city, so they could stay at our place for their visitation. His daughter started screaming and crying, saying she saw something, a wolf, in the fields and it was chasing us. I didn't remember talking to her about that stuff so it really surprised us. We kept the kids calm the best we could and raced to the nearest gas station. After we got home, she was able to tell us her story and it really creeped us out because the "wolf" in her story seemed identical to the one we saw. We all had discussions about it and said we would avoid certain roads and the kids felt better. Over the years it became a distant memory. 

Fast forward to two weeks ago.... the daughter, who is now a grown woman with two children of her own, went to pick up her brother from that country area, their mom lives around there. Thankfully she had brought a friend along, a guy. They picked up the brother and started heading home... at a stop light, they saw it again. The friend says he saw it too, clinging onto a pole by the stoplight and then chased them alongside the car while they were going about 60-90 mph. Needless to say, it brought back old memories for her and they were all freaked out. I don't know if it is another creature that lives in a different layer, like the mothman or the yeti, but the "sightings" seem to happen in that specific area. This is in Missouri btw.
A. When I tune into this, I do feel the darkness in this area.  It looks like at one time, at least a century ago,  this was the location of some dark magic.  There looks to have been sacrifices done in this geographic area.  I see a wooded area with a creek, and at the point where another creek intersects is the more precise location where "offerings" were done.  It has something to do with the north-south flow of water intersecting with the east-west flow. (??)

I get during this time, a portal was opened that allowed beings from other dimensions to come through.  These beings look to be tethered to the portal so they cannot travel too far from the entry/exit point.  I hear the vibration of these beings won't allow them to roam our 3D earth, so they need to stay near the portal.  The closer they are to the portal, the stronger they are.  The don't look yeti's, but more like a "dog man," and of a very low vibration (and very primal in behavior). 

I hear the best defense against a being such as this is to set protection, don't show fear (they feed off it, and it lowers vibrations) and mentally know you are safe.  You can even call (out loud or in your mind) on your guides.  These beings cannot touch you if you set and hold your protection.

And this is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


Serene said...

This is how I set my protection...."Angels and Guides surround and protect me in every way." I do this for myself and others. That I know of it works every time.

Serene said...

Just wondering, what would the DogMan do if the car slowed down and he caught up to it? Start barking? Want head scratches? Is this dog behavior like the dogs who chase cars? (giggles)

isitdoneyet said...

Youtube Dogman Encounters: Over a hundred eyewitness encounters from all over the world. Enjoy!!

Christina Gould said...

Can you give us the Google Map coordinates? Have you checked around on the Internet to see if this location has been written about? I think there are websites that you can report paranormal activity for specific locations.

Beloved Shiningstar said...

Wow!! Thank you for this! It answers a lot of my questions!! I find it a bit creepy, but a bit exciting in a goose-bump kind of way, that we survived an encounter like that! I think mythical creatures and supernatural legends are very interesting.. I've always been that way since I was a kid. I think because I knew in the back of my head that there was something more 'out there'. When I told the daughter about this, her first response was "I talked to my spirit guide that night and I hadn't talked to her in a very long time!" I'm glad that she has started talking to her spirit guide again, and I'm hoping that this will motivate her to keep in touch with her guide. I feel like now that we know what it is, and the fact that it's tethered to the area, it gives us more power over fear. Nevertheless, I bet she will avoid the area for sure now, lol. When I looked up this kind of stuff, I noticed that there are other locations where these things are seen. I bet there are other portals out there... wow, I hope someone (much more experienced) comes and closes these portals. Hey, this would be a great job for the Winchester brothers! (From the show, Supernatural, lol)

THank you again for another great reading!! You could probably add this to your draft for a halloween reading, lol.

Jesse said...

Hey Lynn, since this topic is dark I thought I'd as this question so you could clear your mind after & ground yourself, when you said:

"My impression is that they are an elite group of the Powers That Be. They are wearing clothes like the KKK with hoods that cover their faces. There is a red emblem on the robe of a circle with a "/\" inside it. It looks like an A without the horizontal line."

Could these sick individuals be using this /\ to symbolize the evil Archons?
If that isn't the case is it just something more simple like they refer themselves to be "/\LPHAS" ?

Love & Light.

Beloved Shiningstar said...

I just had another thought... how come the local residents are not that affected by it? The daughter's mom, who lives close to the area, said she hadn't heard or seen anything like it.

Alex said...

Can dark magic really open up a portal through animal or human sacrifices? I thought those 'priests' were really charlatans.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you so much for the comments. This was a dark, but really interesting reading. You all do have some great things to think on... Like why the story isn't popular in the media there (I get not everyone can even see these beings... sort of like not everyone has seen spirits. I feel if you do some digging, others will have seen it to, but the story was hidden.) And, what would have happened if the being caught up with the car. (I see him scratching at it, but some kind of energetic bubble would have deterred him from doing more.)

Thanks again for all the comments. Very interesting.

Anthea said...

Wow, what are the odds. I just read this post this morning, and now it's evening, I just came across a story similar to this that has happened locally! I'm all the way here in Borneo. The story was written Malay, apparently the people who encountered it were also driving at night, the "being" was by the roadside facing backwards from them. They said that it looked to be bigger than human beings, they also described the hair/fur which was reddish brown. The particular description they used was that it looked like a dog with a long tongue sticking out. Sounds quite similar to the story in this post!

They Live said...

I was thinking about Supernatural too 😅

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you for sharing your experience. I am glad that you are ok!!