Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Sounds So Out There, What's Going On?

Q. Hi Lynn,  I've been seeing videos for a long time now that major celebrities and singers are all transgender, born or created via IVF as one gender and transferred/changed to the other gender via surgery, drugs, makeup, maybe not even fully as their choice, but done by those in Hollywood that control these actors
The stars include Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Madonna, Jennifer Anniston , singer Pink, all the Judd 'sisters', Megan Fox, Justin Bieber, BeyoncĂ©, Chelsey Handler, even Taylor Swift, and the list goes on.  It literally names most of the famous people . At first I didn't believe it, or even pay it any mind, but when the physical characteristics were pointed out piece by piece, like a defining line men have under their belly button on both sides, men have wider shoulders than hips, and so on this story started to hold water. I found myself questioning everything. I can't even believe I'm asking this now . The man said literally there's not a leading lady in Hollyweird that is not actually transgender or born a male. Is this possible??!?

A. As I tune in I see a chain reaction of control starting with the PTW (Powers That once Were).  It looks like the PTW control the media, which in turn controls Hollywood.  Hollywood can't survive without media, social media and media forms of marketing, therefore, Hollywood is an extension or puppet of the PTW. 

I cannot see a transgender phenomena going on, but there is a push to blur the lines of male and female.  I do see the PTW taking a manly man and forcing him to be more feminine in both appearance and behavior. I'm further being shown an example of a man opening a door for a woman, and she gives him a dirty look as if to say I can open my own door.  In the same situation if he doesn't open the door he is a jerk.  We are creating a society that is very confusing for men, and it looks intentional to force men to be more passive in order to be socially acceptable (I hear a society where men start to be docile is a society that can be controlled.).  

They are likewise trying to get women to reach beyond the barriers of what it is to be a woman (which starts as a beautiful and empowering thing), but has evolved to a feminist movement that has undertones and feels very angry.  All people deserve respect, men can do what women do, and women can do what men do, but I hear the real question is, "Does it feel natural, and does it bring you happiness."  People are getting caught up in feeling and reacting in ways the media tells them to react rather than listening to their own inner feelings.

Back to the question, I don't see any mass transgender agenda going on, but I do see a very big blurring of the male and female lines.  I hear in twenty years it will be hard to distinguish males from females if we continue on this path.  Breaking the political correctness expectation at every turn (a man proud of being a man and a woman embracing her womanhood is not sexist) is an important step in the right direct.[

Q. Lynn what do you see regarding these doppelgängers. These celebs eerily look like them. Were they cloned or reincarnated to look alike⁉️

This is actually a great collection of doppelgangers.  A few are photoshopped, but most feel real.  There are a few that are a past life / reincarnation events.  I get that most of the others share much of the same genetic DNA sequencing, creating a undeniable resemblance.  

[I would need to do a lengthy reading to break all them down individually as the list is pretty long]

Q. Hi Lynn. From Singapore, There are many cases of men and women walking naked in public places.  I wonder if they are under mind control by someone or if there is a rise in mental cases in Singapore. 


A. I see some kind of toxicity on the rise there.  I see it in the air, like a cloud of pollution.  It doesn't look like it is steady or constant, but rather comes in waves.  The toxicity, when breathed in, looks to build up in the protein matter of the brain.  If the concentration is too high it causes a mental breakdown because the neurons cannot flow properly.  The mental breakdown isn't enough to create this public activity though.  It looks to be coupled with a strange noise that reminds me of a dog whistle.  The mental induced state and the "dog whistle" sound appears to create a hypnotic state, and that is what creates this strange behavior.  The toxin alone would not do it.  It must be combined with the tone.  

I need to disclose that I am not a doctor, so do what resonates with you, but drinking LOTS of water and ensuring you have proper potassium, iodine and trace minerals in your system looks to offer lots of protection against this.

Q. NASA announced today that Earth will experience 15 days of darkness. I read somewhere that the polar shift will be associated with about two weeks of darkness. I'm sure people would really appreciate it, myself included, if you could do a reading on this. Specifically, the underlying cause (I'm sure NASA won't release the info, of course) the effects of this black-out, and it's aftermath.

Thank you! 

A. When I tune into this, I cannot connect to the darkness, but I do see the energy radiating off the sun feeling more intense.  I get that sensitive people will be more likely to have adverse reactions, and it is a good time to practice centering and balancing yourself.  I also see it irritating the respiratory system, so please take caution when over exerting yourself during this period. 

Q. Lately I've been seeing a lot of blog posts out on the internet in regards to speech reversal such as this one.


How do you feel about the "science" behind this theory? Does it really reveal one's real truth or is it a coincidence that "legible sentences" can be heard?

I remember, when a kid, hearing about heavy metal music being reversed and having hidden satanic messages but we all laughed at that theory. :-)

A.  I hear that in instances of a muffled word or phase, anything can be found if you look hard enough. When it comes to full sentences that are clear, it is your subconscious working through you.  i get that during times of stress or emotional trauma (like guilt, or knowing of a wrong doing), this is more liable to happen.  It is your system purging due to an overload.  

[To be clear, I am referring to speech only.  Full messages found in music are most times intentional subliminal messages.]

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Random and Interesting Q & A

Q. Can you describe what happens to those people who wake up speaking a different language (and forgetting their native language) after waking up from an accident? Is this a timeline glitch?
A.  I get that in our subconscious there are residual memories from many of our past lives.  When we are near death or in a coma state of being, our brain waves go through a phase that mimic deep meditation (and even allow astral travel, a period of disconnect between our spiritual and physical self).  The trauma endured triggers a theta brain wave response, and that response that is similar to a deep meditation which allows the person to tap into past lives (that are hidden from the conscious mind).  These lives can, and usually are, very different than our current life.  The connection and emotional response can be so real that when the person regains consciousness it takes time to detach from the past life, causing them to still act, speak and think they are in that previous time.  

Q. How do animals (e.g., dogs, cats, birds) see humans? Do they think we are less capable because we don’t have their telepathy and intuition? Do they see our appearance differently (e.g., like via an infrared night vision googles)? Do they see us as equals/superior/inferior in a social hierarchy? How do they sense our vibes (e.g., happiness, fear)?

A.  Animals are highly intuitive.  They can feel a personas vibration, and know if they mix with that vibration (some pets may gravitate to one person versus another).  They don't see us as less capable, because we can do many things they can't such as preparing them food, offer protection and speak with a large verbal bank.  However, they don't see us as more capable either.  Birds fly, dogs run fast, cats jump distances etc.  We are seen to make a good partnership, as long as the pairing it right.  

I get that visually they cannot see us a well as we see them, but what they lack in vision, is made up with their other senses (smell, intuition and hearing).  

I see all emotions being tied to a frequency.  Animals can perceive what frequency they feel coming from you, and that allows them to know what emotion you are feeling.  They then know how to respond (go in protection mode, console you, etc). 

Q. How does telepathy work? Can I just send a mental message to anyone, even to someone who doesn't even know me? How does the recipient receive it?

A. I see that emotions and thoughts are all tied to a specific frequency or vibration.  When you think or feel a certain way, that vibration is send out.  You can focus on a person (imagine what they look like if they aren't around, or actually focus on them if they are near), or send the thought / feeling to a group.  If the receiver of the message doesn't know it is coming or is blocked (they may be having a lower vibrational day, or set a strict protection through mental intent), then the message is typically weak, if even felt at all.  If the receiver is open, whether they know you are not, then a direct connection and message can be sent effectively. 

Q. What does it really mean when we dream about losing all your teeth?

A.  Dreams can be very unique to the person, and interpreted different ways.  In general, as I look at this as a dream, I see the throat chakra lit up.  I interpret that as meaning that the person is being challenged with regard to communication.  They are either not being heard, not feeling they are being heard, or not vocalizing their emotions (due to fear or lack of clarity).  

Q.  How important/relevant are birthdays/zodiac signs when choosing a romantic partner? There are people who obsess over this detail as if it's the ultimate guide, but how valid is this?
A. I see an astrology reading that is thorough and specific (not the one from the Sunday paper that is more for entertainment) being a good tool to understanding people, and determining basic (and I hear an emphasis on the word basic) compatibility.  I hear something about an astrology reading, even though can see how people pair up, is only one piece of a whole person.  Factors such as belief systems, childhood influences, family and life experience also need to be looked at to see how they compliment one another.  

Q. Can you describe to us how "earthing" (walking barefoot on the grass) really works? It was discussed from a non-spiritual perspective by people who are into finding bio-hacks for things like curing jet lag, improving sleep, etc. 

A.  Mother earth is a living breathing thing.  Connecting to her directly allows you to create an energetic, and healing energetic flow through your body.  Energy moves in many directions depending on what it is that you body needs (your body is smart enough to control the flow).  It may come up through you feet, and out the top of your head.  She may also send healing up one leg, through your body and down the other leg.  Sometimes we just need to purge excess energy, or energy that isn't serving us well, and she gladly takes it to redistribute elsewhere.  Again, it really depends on what it is that you need.  

Grounding in general can be very soothing, and assists in getting your chakras and in balance (which leads to other health benefits).  I see the core of health starting with a good physical, spiritual and energetic balance and grounding.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Friday, February 24, 2017

Your Trump Questions.. Group Reading

I know there are a lot of Trump questions out there.  I gathered some of the ones I have been holding and thought I would tackle them to see where it takes us.  Take a deep breath as I know this is a tough topic (however, very concerning and important).  Here we go...

Q. Will Donald Trump be impeached? I have had several newsletters, and I listened to one EX-CIA employee say that he will be if the Democrats can work it out.
A. I get that the Powers That once Were (PTW) want him out of office as soon as possible.  With every day he is in office, they grow more and more furious.  The PTW have agendas in play, and Trump is working against them in many ways.  The more Trump resists, the more dollars (directly and indirectly) they lose.  

The PTW are using the resources they have available to get the impeachment movement going.  There are no real grounds for impeachment, but I hear some kind of "legalese" is always being evaluated to see if he has dotted his "i's" and crossed his "t's".  Trump will be under a microscope like no other, but what the PTW don't realize is that scrutiny actually makes him perform better.   

The PTW are also using human psychology to force an impeachment.  They are controlling the media and social media outlets so they most always talk of Trump negatively, telling half truths or very biased opinions.  They feel if they instigate enough negativity and orchestrate social unrest (some is legit, but much is organized) it will make there "opinion" a fact.  This does hit the radar of the human psyche, however, many people (I hear the term "silent majority") are waking up and seeing though this, like it is part of a bad reality show. I see that even people that may not prefer Trump are seeing or feeling the real truth in terms of the manipulation.  The media feels to be doing a huge disservice to the people.  

I cannot see an impeachment, but it will not be for lack of trying.

Q. Will Trump survive his whole presidency, be "taken out" or pass away from another cause before his term or terms are up?
A. i see Trump making it at least through the first term.  Then I hear a laughter, and a voice saying "He will have to because the PTW won't afford him the luxury of a body double."

Q. How long will protests continue?  Will these people ever really be heard?
A.  I see a wave, and realize that the protests will be intense, die down, and then regain momentum.  The cycle looks to repeat over and over for the next year (ish).  I see some protest as very real and emotionally driven, but most are organized by the PTW to try to grow a movement.  These people are being heard and acknowledged, I just can't see much changing with the government as a result.  It looks like the change that occurs is within society (if you have a different core belief you will get a label, so people that have a strong belief remain silent, and a larger "silent majority" grows.)

Q. Lynn. In many years from now what's going to be Trump's legacy? How will he be remembered as a president?
A.  I hear that "those that write the history books control the way it was remembered."  What is written in the books will be different than what people remember, and books will portray him just as the news media does now.

Due to his courage to speak what he feels, many people will remember him as a man with an ego, but he gets stuff done.  I get that regardless of what side you are on, he is one of the first presidents to aggressively address the issues he promised in his campaign.  I see his dedication to securing the border (positive and negative opinion), his attack on illegal drug smuggling, revamping the way we use health care, and a tax code revision, will live on much longer than his presidency.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Politics can be very emotional, so please take a second to breathe and surround yourself with white light (I am).  Love and light-

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Book Assistance

Hello everyone!  I am slowly, but surely, working away at my [first?] book.  I would like to include a chapter that includes either some testimonials, or how a reading [of mine] impacted your life (because my ultimate goal is to help people).  I would exclude or change names / locations for privacy reasons.  If you would like to share, please either leave a comment, or send me a private email.  

As a side note, I want let all of you know that I am truly honored to have met and interacted with so many wonderful people.  I have a tremendous amount of gratitude for each and every one of you.   

Much love,

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Schumann Resonance

Q. The current vibration of earth (the Schumann Resonance) is said to be changing.  It was 7.83 Hz, but is speeding up (or at least fluctuating).  What is causing this?  



A.  I see the Schumann Resonance as the heartbeat of mother Earth.  I have always seen Earth as a living, breathing (even somewhat self healing) ecosystem.  The atmosphere, land and water all vibrate and work harmoniously, and when they are off, natural (not man made) disasters occur in attempts to reset a balance.   Don't underestimate the power and wonder of our mother Earth.

As we approach a new phase in time (and I hear the phrase "The Age of Aquarius") it is shifting Earth and increasing her vibration.  Not only do humans process and prepare for a dimensional shift, but Earth does too.  She fluctuates because it is necessary to prepare for the ascension of Earth.  Just as our human vibrations adjust, so do hers.  I hear that mother Earth cannot house the existence of the next phase for humans, without first preparing.  She is able to house lower vibrational, 3D humans, but to welcome the newer 4D reality she must prepare.  

Q.  How does this fluctuation effect humans?
A.  This change does have an effect on us.  I get that we are in sync at the 7.83 Hz, but when that vibration increases it effects our internal perception of time.  We sort of mentally disconnect from our linear timeline, and feel like time has sped up.  For example, if the Hz increases for a few days, you may "feel" like you aged mentally and physically, but it is still the same 48 hours.  

I also see a phenomena where when the Hz is increased, time "feels" to be moving faster.  I get a crystal based watch will be off (by even a few minutes) because it is in sync with the Earth, but other types of time systems will remain on the linear timeline.  To illustrate this, I get that you may have a few days go by that you perceive as going incredibly fast physically, emotionally and mentally (due to the increased Earth Hz), however, they are still "technically" 48 hours in length.    

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Monday, February 20, 2017

Getting Personal

I have never done this type of post before, so when I saw the request I thought it would be fun... 

Q. Can we do a reading one day on questions about you Lynn? :)

With all the readings you do on a daily basis and all the crazy stuff people must tell you, does it all stay in your memory because it seems it would be overwhelming for one person to retain all that.
A. I actually do forget most of what I relay unless it is a topic that I have a personal connection to or one that I revisit often.  

I best describe my memory of these readings like how a TV works.  The information comes to and through me, much like how a TV displays a signal, but when the TV stops receiving the signal, it no longer recalls the information.  I feel the Universe uses me the same way, and I am the vessel (just like the TV).

Many times people will ask me about a reading I did, and I won't remember any of it, or I remember it like a hazy dream.  I have even had times that I will  reread a blog, and still not remember saying or thinking any of it.  

Q. How do you deal with the emotional side of it, When you're dealing with subjects that are very sad , tragic, people that are in really bad emotional states etc.. all dumping their secrets on you? I know I've asked you/told you things that nobody knows about and multiply that by however many readings you do a day. It's a lot.
A. I am an empath, and this was a huge challenge for me because readings would really wear on me.  Early on I had to limit myself to only a few a day.  I did eventually learn how to break away energetically, and for the most part I am able do this really well.  Occasionally, I still have a reading (especially when it is related to a loss or health issue) that really tugs at my hard and I find myself thinking on it for a long time even after the reading.  I have learned that when that happens it is because there is still more of a message that just didn't come through yet.  If I open myself up and reform my thoughts, I can usually get the remaining information and relay it to the person (even if it is a few days later).  I have realized through experience that this OCD or emotional feel is related to something that I need to finish, and then those feelings most always leave.  

Q. If you don't retain all of it are there some things that people ask or tell that have stuck with you forever?
A.  YES.  I have done some very emotional and private readings that have stuck with me.  Even though I have learned how to empathically disconnect, I still have a great deal of compassion for what people endure.  When a reading comes up that deals with something I relate to on a personal level (for one reason or another), they are hard to forget (and I don't necessarily want to because they make me humble, feel gratitude and give me an opportunity to help someone that is in pain).

Q. Did you find it difficult to have friendships or relationships when you can just tap in and just know what the other person is thinking/feeling if they're lying etc?
A.  When I was younger, I didn't really understand what "it" was that I had.  I knew I was different, and always felt awkward, but didn't know why.  I never liked big social scenes, hung with a few close friends and that was it.  

When I was in my teens and dating, that is when it got weird (and understanding people got very intense).  I have a hundred examples, but I will give you just one (to avoid rambling on and on).  My first boyfriend wasn't the most truthful, and I knew it.  I would actually hear this little voice talking to me in my head, and I would try to ignore it.   This "voice" seemed to ALWAYS know where to be at the right time (and it was random) to catch him in a lie.  Needless to say, very short relationship. 

Q. Do you think this gift is passed genetically do you think you passed it to your children? Did it come from your grandparents or parents?
A.  I do think some of this is genetic, and some of it is personal development.  I recently discovered that a cousin of mine has seen and felt spiritual activity, but never tried to hone in her skills. The real challenge is that much of my family doesn't talk about spirituality (there is still so much stereotyping out there)  so I suspect it is much more saturated than what I even know.  

I do think my children have some gifts.  My oldest sees passed on family members in her dreams quite frequently.  She has even had interactive discussions with them.  I also have a son that is very sensitive.  The best thing I can do is help them to embrace this, and not let them be scared.

Q. Can anyone learn to do what you do or do you think there's a certain something you need to be born with or needs to be your calling first?
A.   I was very fortunate that this came easy to me, but I do feel anyone can do it with determination. A mentor once told me that developing your psychic ability was like singing Happy Birthday.  Everyone can sing Happy Birthday, but some people have the natural ability to sing it with such grace it brings tears to your eyes. I would agree, and with enough practice anyone can get there. 

And that is all I have for this post.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Friday, February 17, 2017

Wikileaks Big Reveal

Q. Hi Lynn, Just watched this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-m5bldX7MuU in regards to Wikileaks tweeting encrypted messages. There's some speculation that it may be related to 911

It brought to mind the reading you did about Julian Assange and him being held captive and there maybe being a dead man's switch that Wikileaks has. The commentator of the video was questioning why the encrypted tweets had anything to do with Hillary Clinton they would just release the info as they have before. So maybe it's related to the 911 cover up.

So a few questions. What is happening with Julian? Is he still being held captive, if so, is he okay or have they killed him. Do you feel the encrypted Wikileaks tweets is their dead man switch and these tweets are a "warning shot to the bow", are they related to 911 and is thus one of the "big reveals" Wikileaks mentioned that would be coming out in 2017?


A.  When I tune into this, I do get the Julian is alive and being held captive.  This is Wikileaks way of saying if you hurt him, everything will get released.  Wikileaks is trying to bully a release of Julian, but the Powers That once Were (PTW) don't necessarily believe or trust they have as much information as Wikileaks is claiming to have.  The issue is the PTW are guilty of a lot of things, so they don't truly know what Wiki has.

I hear that Wikileaks is ok playing the long game with this, and making the PTW sweat.  They release cryptic things slowly, and make them draw their own conclusions.  I even get that some of the things they tweet or spread mean absolutely nothing, but the paranoia that accompanies guilt has the PTW drawing their own worst conclusions.  This is sort of becoming a game to the Wikileaks people.  As long as Julian is unharmed, this will play out slowly.  If he gets hurt, I hear that "Wiki will rain a hurt on the PTW like they have never felt."

Q.  I want to know what is Vault 7.  What information do they have?
A.  I hear "Vault 7 ties the past, present and future together in a way that has never been seen."  It is evidences composed of transcripts, voice recordings, whistle blowers, etc.  Then, I see a play of Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol unfold in front of me.

In comes the "ghost of Christmas past" and he is dressed in a military uniform.  He takes my hand and I realize we are sitting in a board room, and it feels like a secret room with no doors.  Inside the room are a few people, one of which is Osama wearing a shirt and jeans (and he is talking perfect English??!).  They have the blueprints of the towers and the pentagon hanging on the wall and discussing intently the entire plan for 9/11.  I also see a blueprint for various missiles and some kind of mathematician that keeps talking trajectories and math calculations.  They are pointing to the blueprints, rubbing their foreheads and pacing around.  It looks like they settle on a plan, but not completely confident.  This Osama guy stands up and is handed a briefcase full of cash, and then shakes the hands of this older guy (I can only hear the older guys voice, and it sounds like Bush Sr.). As the Osama man leaves, I sort of 'teleport' to current day. 

It appears it is now the "ghost of Christmas present."  As I realize that I am in the hear and now, I see a man standing by me that I have never seen.  He puts a jacket over my shoulders and takes me to a control room.  I see hundreds or monitors all around and realize we are all being watched.  It is as if the world is a TV show.  Then I hear a voice saying, "we need to kill that story" and pointing to one of the monitors.  I see that all news, all media, everything is manipulated and altered to make us believe what the (the PTW) need us to believe.  We are not just being watched, but being influenced and directed in what and how we think via phone, tv, radio, marketing, etc.  I am seeing and questioning if everything is some kind of subliminal message. Then, I hear "if you say something long enough, people believe it to be true."  

Then, I hear this roar of laughter, and in an raspy older voice a man says "hey, watch this" as he points to one of the many monitors.  I look over and I see like 50 politicians on a stage and they are moving their mouth with these gigantic hands control them with marionette strings.  Then, I see them moving their mouths and dancing, however, the sounds of their voice are different than their mouth movements, like a terrible ventriloquist is behind their talking.  The laughter picks up again, and now it is a full room of people (my impression is that it is the PTW is behind this laughter).    I feel a panic, like I don't even want to know or recognize specifically who is in there (very evil, very dark energy in there, and the vibration of the laughter feels like I am in a horror movie too scared to look) and I run out of the control room to get away.  

From above comes what can only be described as a light being.  It is the ghost of Christmas future. Pure white, peaceful and calming.  He puts his arm around me, says "it's ok, let's get out of here" and up I go.  I am now up above, and looking down (like an astral projection).  This being says, "you have the power to change your future."  The cycle was broken, and we control our fate.  To some extend chaos is inevitable, especially with the constant interventions of the PTW, but if collectively we get on a harmonious vibration, we are unstoppable.  We also have the underutilized resource of our ET allies, and the PTW are stalling disclosure in a major way.  We keep wanting disclosure, it keeps being put off, but if we come together and collectively demand it, we will have the ability to make it happen.  Disclosure is in OUR hands, and WE have the power and control.   The control the PTW has is merely an illusion of control (remember "if you say something long enough, people believe it to be true" ??).  

The being then drops me off in an all white room with pictures thumb tacked to a wall.  Each picture is connected with strings, and it looks like a jumbled mess of yarn spiderwebs.  In the middle of the web is the Clinton's.  I realize that the Clinton's knew a deal was made with Osama at 9/11, dirty deals are made with Saudi Arabia, Osama died many years before he was "caught", deals were made with the PTW in exchange for securing the presidency, and she know this destabilization efforts going on now to attempt to regain control.  Even the "blueprint" to suspicious "accidental" deaths can be traced to the root source.  I see emails and other evidences supporting this, and THAT is what THEY don't want out.. 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Please send some love and light out on this horribly dark and uncomfortable reading.  Love and light-

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Watchers, Guardians and Keepers of Earth

Q. Can you please do a reading on Watchers, Guardians and the Keepers of Earth?

A.  On a previous reading I tuned into the Watchers.   I revisited that reading, and focused more to see if anything new could be revealed.  I have copied and pasted my previous reading here, and italicized anything new or different that I was able to see. 
Q. Who exactly are The Watchers and where did they originate?A. I see the Watchers as being ETs that went against some kind of code or ethics to come here and protect humans.  It looks like at one time there was a group of ETs that left earth.  [They were here to guard and look after Earth, and then left to watch over from afar.]  I see them as having characteristics of Greys, but they were taller, and gave off a white glow.  There was some pact that they could be around earth, watch over earth, but could not interfere with humans or effect life paths.  This group of ETs did watch over earth, and observe humans from afar, but it looked like the path of earth was heading in a bad direction, and these ETs knew that with some interference, and guidance humans could evolve (share technology, inspire through innovation, inspire leaders to emerge, etc).  It became hard to just sit and watch, and a group of ETs that just "watched" became "doers" and came down to earth to help guide humans through a more direct interaction. [They were not to come back, but there was some ego part that would not allow them to sit back, and they felt that they knew more than the "rule maker" and came back to Earth.]
Q. What does a Watcher actually do and what does being a Watcher entail?A. Some people know they are a Watcher, and some have a nudge for the inside that they are meant to be here to guide or help people, but don't know why.  As people / humans incarnate here on earth, the DNA from the original Watchers is somewhat diluted, but as they (the incarnated Watchers) become in tune with their higher self, and act from what resonates within them, they begin to realize why they are here. 
The true goal is to recognize the nudge to help society with whatever gifts you have been given at birth (nurturer, mentor, leadership, teacher, etc).   A Watcher will know they need to do something, the real challenge is to figure out what by listening to themselves and paying attention to the signs.
Q. How does one become a Watcher? Is it something one just is, a part of them, or is it something one chooses to do?A.  I see a Watcher being chosen for you at the point of incarnation.  You have to be specially chosen to handle the burden / responsibility.  You have the choice to act upon fulfilling your destiny, but you are who you are on the inside.
Q. Are there a lot of Watchers spread across many beings, or are there only a few of them currently incarnated, or are they only currently incarnated as humans?A.  They are here in [the capacity] as both themselves, and here as humans.  There are several thousand of them here, but not all of them realize their importance and act on it.  
[Overall, in looking at this, I wasn't able to see much more additional information, but I did see many confirmations of what I said originally as resonating true.] 
A.  In tuning into the Guardians, I hear they are the "peace keepers."  Then I hear they are the "strong arm of karma."  It looks as though if there are disputes, their job is to settle the disputes to try to keep things in harmony.  I also see that things aren't viewed as "good" or "bad" but rather work on harmonious vibrations.  If a vibration is off due to an action or event, the "Guardians" come in and work on resetting the balance.  

They are not static to Earth, and events surrounding Earth.  They deal with the balance in our whole solar system (but don't look to extend to other systems or them sister solar system).

I also see that violence and physical action is frowned upon.  They use a sort of "mental telepathy" to guide, influence, reason and direct things toward the "greater good."  

Keepers of Earth:  
 A. I see Watchers as beings that help to watch over the dynamics of human interactions, keeping things on certain path.  Watchers look over the cause and effects of lower vibrational and Reptilian activity, and how it impacts humans in general.  

Keepers of the Earth are an extension of that, always looking toward the good of humans, but also have a deep appreciation and connection to the Mother Gaia.  The see and feel Earth as an extension of who they are, deriving energy and strength from her.  It is a very symbiotic and deep relationship.

I also get that Keepers of Earth have very intense healing abilities.  Light work and reiki feel very natural to Keepers of Earth.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Monday, February 13, 2017

Migrant Ban

Q. With the recent controversy around the Trump migrant ban, can you please share some insight on the rape migration crisis in Sweden,Germany etc? Why is the media covering it up and is it as rampant as a Google search demonstrates it to be?

A.  I do see this as a crisis, and it is as bad as alternative new outlets report it to be.  It looks like this was an agenda carried out by the Powers That once Were (PTW) to cause some worldwide destabilization in areas that were determined as threatening.  Countries with inner turmoil cannot unite to fight or worry about a bigger fight.  

The PTW instigated issues and got this enormous migration of Syrians into Europe.  The goal was to weaken the economy, and also create stress on the population and culture conflicts.  I see Europe in a very fragile state.  If they do not pull their resources and get control soon, it will be hard to reverse the damage.  The PTW ultimately created the problem, and want to be the ones to go in and solve it (but it feels like they will "own" Europe in the process.). 

Aside from everything else, Trump is a businessman and can see how things will pan out if there is not some kind of stern control taken.  He sees what is going on in Europe, even people from the US media have been assaulted in Europe.  I get that he is trying to keep this country strong and wants to protect the fundamentals of the country.  I hear "his ego is on the line with this."  Then I get the analogy of "allowing any and every person to enter the US would be like putting in a revolving front door for anyone to use without ever asking questions."   Then, I see the balancing scales of Libra, and watch it tilt back and forth as I hear, "it is morally responsible to help your fellow man ONLY if it isn't to the detriment of you or your family."

I see that at the heart of it the majority of people feel Trump is right to be cautious (on this topic), but the PTW keep emotions stirred up with biased news stories and articles.  They continue the division to prevent unification.  The PTW will stop at nothing to avenge the loss of Hilary.  I am left with this final phrase, "Are your thoughts genuine and of your own volition, or are they imposed on you from other sources?  

And that is all I have on this very sad situation.  Please take a minute to send some positive energy out in all directions.  Love and light-

Friday, February 10, 2017

What is going on in the sky???

Q. Hi Lynn, A friend of mine took photos  and all show a turquoise dot...  Can you see what it is?  A planet?  Sun?  Sphere being?  Camera issue?  Thank you...
A. I do see this as a form of a Sphere being UFO.  It looks like these beings have a craft that is encapsulated by a shield.  The vibrations of the shield are interpreted as "blue" by our human, 3D eyes.  The "bluish" dot that you see, is actually the protective shield that surrounds the ship, and not the ship itself.

As I try to look inside the ship to see who these beings are, I see an image of a hybrid bird/human ET.  They walk upright, have two arms and two legs, no wings, a "bird shaped" face.  The only place I see feathers are where humans would have hair.. Their coloring and appearance feel and remind me of a peacock.

I also want to know what they are doing, and I hear "Nothing for now."  They are observing, and sort of holding out.  It is like they are staging for something, and on pause.  I feel like I'm either not allowed to know what they are waiting on (but even more strongly I get they don't even know yet???).  After posing these questions, my impression is that they are subordinates of a much larger cause (like they work for a more powerful leader).  I asked where they came from, and heard the phrase "Men are from mars, women are from Venus, and they are from Jupiter" followed by laughs..????

Q.  Hi Lynn! I was also curious about the green Kelly fireballs. You would think that if it was a meteorite that was going to touch down like it did (I think) that they would have known about it ahead of time. It just feels like things are coming to a head cosmically so any phenomena like this has me very curious!  As always, much gratitude for your insight and time!!
A. In a "singing" type voice I hear "there was a battle in the sky, in the sky, in the sky."  I was then shown a small battle between UFOs, and it looks to be over some kind of territory dispute.  I then hear "As above, so below" and see that they have disputes of spacial boundaries just as human do on earth.  It looks like as this battle went on, some ricocheting that occurred was deflected toward earth.    

Q. Hi Lynn, This Friday (Feb 10-11) 2017 a penumbral eclipse is going to occur and there will also be a comet that supposedly crosses our orbit every 5.4 years. With everything that's going on lately I'm unsure if the current "disturbance in the force" is from our local events or if what I'm picking up on is celestial in nature... any thoughts?
A.  We do live in very energetically shifting times.  It is a time for awakening and dimensional shifts.  It is celestial in nature, but also aligns with the physical and spiritual timeline that we are on.  Everything works in sync, and the natural flow of what is happening on a celestial basis allows our current progression to continue.  I don't see it as a disturbance, but rather a natural progression that needs to happen to allow other events to consequently occur.  Everything is tailored to grown and expansion.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Fukushima Fallout

Q. I was very concerned to learn about the severe increase of Fukushima pollution in the Pacific:

'Northern Hemisphere Potentially In Great Danger As Fukushima Radiation Spikes To ‘Unimaginable’ Levels'



Seems like the MSM still is failing to cover this. Are they going to reveal the dire circumstances we're all facing anytime soon? Is this an extinction level event as some have claimed since the beginning? AND - does this have anything to do with 'The Event'?

Thanks so much, Lynn.

A. I do see this as a very real and valid concern.  Many people know this is happening, and in some instances the media is being told to suppress it, while in others people (like environmentalists, botanists, herbalists, etc) have been threatened to keep quiet.  The government isn't willing to admit that cancers, autoimmune disorders and neurological problems are on the rise due to this, because then they would have to (in some part) be accountable.

It looks as though the governments (especially the US) is trying to work on a fix, in the form of either an immunization or some kind of neutralization of the radiation, but they don't really know if or how well these things work.  In one scenario I see them using weather manipulation to force a drought (especially in western part of the US) because the theory was that rain brought the radiation to the ground (from the air and also from ocean water that has evaporated), so forcing a drought would allow the radiation to dilute more before it was rained down.  I see them further complicating the drought with chemtrail experiments to try to induce chemicals to speed up the half-life of the radiation before the radiation was rained down. 

I have also seen experiments where the government has secretly worked with Monsanto to try to develop seeds that will grow in radiated soil, and in harsh conditions (while further weather manipulation and chemspraying goes on).  

Another experiment that is in play is putting additives into immunizations (flu shots, shingle vaccines) in higher concentrated radiated areas to try to lessen the effect on the human body, but nothing has been proven.  Right now, they know there is a problem, but really have no way to correct it, so the testing continues.

I do see a "plan B" emerging that looks to involve Africa.  I hear that "Africa is one of the best kept secrets, and it is full of natural resources"  I see in the near future there will be a made up reason to go there, and occupy portions of the country (but not under the current presidency).  In reality, this looks to be a safe haven or a back up area to escape for the wealthy, or well-connected PTW (Powers The one Were). 

I don't see it related to The Event, but it does look to hold this 3D reality in check, while another 4D reality emerges.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Monday, February 6, 2017

Superbowl LI Breakdown

I decided to do a fun reading doing a break down some of the Superbowl.  I always "get" that messages are in plain sight, and it is up to us to either pick up on them or allow our subconscious to soak them up in the form of subliminal messages.  Whether you are a sports fan or not (I fall in the latter category), the Superbowl draws in thousands of people as a marketing / messaging audience.  

There are several ads that are cute, and provide entertainment (while endorsing products), and others that try to evoke other emotions.  Here are a few t hings that really jumped out at me.  I look forward to other interpretations in the comments. [I'm excited for this discussion!]

The Title Itself:
Superbowl LI drew me in with the logo.  I couldn't stop focusing on the LI (and I know it was #51, but it still felt odd) because I kept saying it like "lie" in my mind.  I could not get off of that, so I felt that "lies" would come forth as thousands and thousands of people watched...  The truth is in plain sight.

Commercial:  Google Home and Amazon Echo.  This is a device in your home that you verbally command and it will fulfill wish (such as turn off lights or play specific music).  
I see these as a devices that were created to extract information (even more personally than Facebook).  I see these devices as always on (even if they are in standby mode).  They log behaviors and patterns, and have the ability to access personal household interactions (conversations etc).  I see at one point people will find out there is a "software glitch" or "bug" that has these on full time, and information goes back to some "master server."  I see huge issues for privacy breeches.

Commercial:  Mexican Avocados.  The setting is a group of men dressed in robes calling themselves the Illuminati.  They state facts such as the moon landing is faked, and this was to market avocados...??
When I tuned into this, I saw this was a passive aggressive attack from Mexico.  Mexico is not happy with the US, and they used a very American event to sneak in a truth (stating the moon landing was faked) to get people talking (or wake something up).  Mexico would like to make the US government look  foolish.  

Commercial:  Support Petroleum.  Commercial depicts how beneficial oil is to our lives. 
I get this was a reinforcer from the Powers That once Were (PTW) to show how much we need and depend on oil.  This also plants ideas as to why we need to make sure the PTW has access to oil (if and when when it needs to be forcibly taken).  

Commercial:  Alfa Romeo.  Shows this new, high end car.  The emblem is the thing I couldn't stop focusing on!  I'm attaching a picture of it.
The side with the cross felt connected to a belief system and the fundamental beliefs of the company. BUT, the side with the snake eating a man, in a way still felt like a fundamental belief system, however, it felt tied to very low vibrational, system.  The snake most definitely took me down the Reptilian path.  I felt very negative energy from this company.

Commercial:  84 Lumber.  Many images showing the struggles of Mexicans coming to America. 
Overall, there were lots of messages focusing on inclusion.  This was one that really pulled at the heartstrings, but I had a conflict in my gut that it was done with an ulterior motive of stirring conflict keeping a divide.  Then, I heard "Trump may be President, but the PTW still controls the media", and they (the PTW) will send subtle (or even not so subtle) messages keeping the conflict going to show their discontent with the government.  

Halftime Show:  Lady Gaga.  They opened the roof and had hundreds of drones around her. 
I get they are trying to make people comfortable with drones.  This is a desensitizing process to have people used to seeing them, thinking they are cool, when really they are a tool that is still TBD by the government.  

The Game Itself:
As I watched the game I had this feel that I was watching a reality TV show.  Many years ago I would occasionally watch reality TV, and then I quit.  Now, if I get a glimpse of a show, I see the falseness and scriptedness.  As I saw this game, listened to the commentators, felt the suspense of a tie, and even overtime (that has never happened before), it just felt "false' in some way.  It was like this game was bought and paid for, even before it happened. (Still can't quite figure this out????)

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Biblical Talk..

Q. I thought it may be interesting to ask you for your "take" on a few questions regarding the stories in the Bible... 

In Revelations; the beast having different heads, the birth taking place in the skies and the lady going into hiding, etc. How much of that is fabricated and how much is real? Many Christians believe it's filled with metaphors. For example, the beast with different heads must represent something else (a person, not an actual beast).... but I came across so many intel about Archons, Dracoians, and even animal-like ETs. Now, when I look at the chapters of Revelations my mind wants to make everything literal.. kinda like a sci-fi story coming to life. 

Speaking of the Archons, people claim no one knows where they came from, just that they started interfering and starting wars. Did they have anything to do with Lucifer and his downfall? You had mentioned that Lucifer was a prince of a star, etc. 

In the book of Enoch, The Watchers were condemned by God (or the other ETs) for their actions and their leader was thrown into a pit and chained. The chapter listed some other punishments. If this part is true, then how were they able to help Noah with the Ark and spread their DNA (there was a post on here about thousands of watchers being here on Earth at this present moment.) While we are on this subject, do you know where they came from as well? 

Thank you so much for all of your insights! I love reading them weekly!

A. Let me start by breaking these down so I can organize my thoughts: 

The Beast of Revelations: I see this as symbolic, meaning the "beast" is an entity that can take many faces.  I then get an image of an  Archon or Reptilian that has the power to shapeshift into various looking beings (some to gain trust, insight or even power).  Once that being is trapped, they lose the control to shapeshift, and they sort of "snap back" to their true self (i.e, a "beast").  I also see that there is more than one beast out there, but they feel as though they are losing power, and they are very aware of their situation. [I then get strange images of England, the Monarchy and even Buckingham Palace???]

Archons: I see Archons being the highest form of Reptilians.  I get it was Archon DNA that created the Reptilians.  Archons look to be low vibrationally, and feel ruthless.  I hear they have a purity to their DNA, and that is important to them to retain their level of power.  They never breed outside of their race. I also see they have a floating base on the far side of the moon, whereas their Reptilian ancestors are "grounded" to the earth.  Reptilians feel more like the servants to help the Archons meet their goals. 

Regarding Lucifer, I get that ETs in general were not to influence and interfere with humans.  Archons couldn't resist, and saw humans and earth as an opportunity.  Lucifer got blinded by the "Jedi mind tricks" (is the phrase I hear), and was taken down a path that the Source Consciousness did not approve.  Lucifer felt as if he was doing good, and was torn between what he was told, what he felt and how he was influenced. 

Noah and the Watchers:  I get that Watchers are ETs that came to earth to watch over humans. At one time they watched from afar giving indirect influences and guidance to propel life while maintaining a healthy balance.  Then they got too involved, and a sense of ego came over them because they had the ability to control and manipulate with such ease. They began to feel that they knew better, and were superior, and decided to leave their post and come to earth.  They abandoned their duties in exchange for the ability to power and manipulate.  In many ways they did feel they were doing a good thing, and humans needed their direction.

I do see a bulk of them being captured, but many escaped.  I see many of them being able to change their vibration and shift from one reality to another.  This allowed many to live, and carry on their mission.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-