Friday, November 11, 2016

Life Detective #4

by Lynn & A Man Called Da-da

Hi all, and welcome to the segment where Lynn and Da-da look at the past, present and future lives of various people of note. When Lynn taps in, she typically gets one or two dominant lives of the subject that come to the forefront, showing what's most relevant to who they were/are today -- and then where they might be in future. I’m not going to reference subject names in the article, but instead put the answers below, inverted. Try not to peek. As usual, note that my questions/comments appear [in brackets]. Here we go.

Subject A
Past Life 1: As I focus, I keep seeing him in spirit. There *were* no past lives immediately before his main one; I get that he was in spirit for about 100 earth years prior, where he served as a guide and protector, helping various people. He was assigned to help with people's intellectual processes. He'd provide those AHA moments so people would suddenly know how to do things, esp. in terms of intellectual pursuits and healing. I can't relate to a physical form in the past at all. He slowly developed this frustration block, built over time, trying to help people who then didn't listen to his advice. He'd helped 100+ people, but this frustration built and built. He ended up coming here in physical form to be able to accomplish what he couldn't do in spirit.

Future Life: Today, he feels like he's in spirit, but working as a guide, again. He isn't assigned to just one person, but rather several. 

[Tangential question: What was the thing he and his wife witnessed, that “turned her into a pillar of ash” (not "pillar of salt," which is a mistranslation)? You probably know who we're talking about now.] 

Regarding the “ash”... when I read your question, I instantly got "this is one of the first acts of human combustion." A huge surge of energy looks like it went into her body (through her eyes!), and instantly created this internal smoldering feeling, and then almost instantly she was aflame. It was horrifying and miraculous at the same time. Wow!! I don't know how the story exactly goes, but once I heard that if you looked at Medusa she would turn you to stone (or something like that), well I am getting references to hearing that when I was a kid. I think it was something she saw and it was too much for her system to process and it created this thermionic reaction. I can't tell what she saw though (I feel like I am blocked from seeing it). [And for good reason!] 

[Note: I was puzzling over what Lynn said happened to the wife with one of the Meowracles at SchrodingersOtherCat  and they said she was exposed to an energy that caused all her chakras to become so energetic that they began to "burn," and in some cases, they can even explode. Wow. Didn’t know that was possible.]

Subject B
Past Life 1: I keep being drawn to Orion's Belt. I'm being shown the center star of the belt... ah, he was an ET before. When he incarnated as this person... he was able to recall a lot of his past lives; he couldn't remember details, but he could remember concepts. He knew things, but he didn't know how he knew. Like you, he was a claircognizant. There was so much he knew that he couldn't keep it to himself. 

Future Life: I can't connect to this person being alive today. [So the whole "talking to God" thing was really talking to an ET, a good one? Can you tell what kind of ET? Our known history is such a misrepresentation. Did the subject really speak with an ET on the top of a mountain?] He absolutely connected with an ET (and I get more than once), and had a good relationship. They do feel like they were good. Not sure the name, but they are tall, darker in color, very thin, oblong head and the back their head comes to a point -- like the shape of a football, rounded on one end and pointy on the other. [Sounds familiar.]

Subject C
Past Life 1: First thing I see is an image of what you'd imagine the tooth fairy would look like! Like Tinkerbell. I get this overwhelming female energy. In this subject's past life, he was a mom of several children, a very protective guide. She had a hard life and worked hard for her children. After she passed, she hung out in the very protective guardian form for about 50 years before incarnating as this person. Like Subject A, I get this spirit's eventual frustration settle in with their guidance being ignored, their advice not always followed. This subject had to be a male this time, given the life circumstances, otherwise he wouldn't have carried the same power. 

Future Life: I see this image of that pipeline they're trying to do. I get that this subject is one of the people trying to hold that protest together, keep spirits high, keep people rallied. They're a woman this time. They're there now and very much a part of this. They'd risk their lives to pull other people up.

Subject D
Past Life 1: Ew, bad vibes. I first heard "Dracula," then saw this island off of Africa. Sounds like Transylvania… no, Tanzania! This person was some kind of count or lord there. He was a recluse in this creepy old mansion, and had all these servants who did everything for him. So dark. I hear he had porphyria -- what is that? This is what he died of. 

Future Life: I get that this person has not incarnated, yet, but I get... that some people in power, associated with the monarchy, do these creepy ceremonial celebrations and they try to bring this person's spirit in. They summon him and bring him into their circle. He's floating around. I heard this creepy thing that he's dead but not really dead. Ew. 

Subject E
Past Life 1: The lifetime I'm getting feels like the one right before, and the one before that. I hear this subject is from a long line of doctors and inventors, if you look at the 'spirit family tree.' As I hone in, i see a man in a white lab coat, looks like a doctor. He has this patient and he's doing what looks like acupuncture on someone's head. He was fascinated by people with mental illness issues, what talents this particular population had that other people did not, etc. He felt like those people deemed “mad" held the mysteries of the mind. [Well, this person must've learned something substantial from this.]

Future Life: I get an image of a guy sitting in a jail cell. He was working on some kind of free energy program -- perpetual motion philosophy -- he almost got it to work, but the government got wind of it and framed him for a crime like theft, then they tried to get the patent. But since he devoted his life to it, he refused, and they framed him for a petty crime and sent him to this horrendous prison -- and he's there. The cell is dirty and gross. It's intentional torture and punishment for not handing over this patent. It's this huge thing and if he released it it would put oil companies out of business. He ticked off the wrong people and now he's paying the price for it.

[Can you tell where the prison is, geographically?]

I want to say Gitmo, or Guantanamo Bay. I feel terrible for him. I don't know when he's leaving, but I sure hope it's soon!! [We need to get this person released ASAP.]


And that's it. To find out who we’re talking about, flip for the solution. 


John Casey said...

Ok, I know I always say this, but, Holy Cow! What an amazing collection. OK, and as always I have to ask a question, Is there anything we can do to help get this guy out of "gitmo" or whatever dungeon he's in? Is his family looking for him?

Bee E-lightened said...

Always an eye-openet‼️

Kalamota Kook said...

Oh thank you, lovely people! Just the thing to raise spirits after an astonishing week! I didn't mean that to sound like a pun, it just came out...

A: The wife did give it away. Before that bit I thought of another Biblical figure, who then got shunted into provisional candidacy for B.

B: Yay, he wins, after missing out on being A.

C: I shouted this name many times as a kid, not even aware it was the name of a person or who he was. He might as well have been called Abracadabra. I don't know very much about the details of US history as regards this fellow, so my brain filled the gap with Gandhi (wouldn't he make a great Tinkerbell!) or even Dalai 'just the one L, cheers' Lama, until it was revealed as someone alive and active now at the pipeline protest (Go her!)

D: As with C my British bias meant I leaned towards Jimmy Savile, though I guessed that Da-da and Lynn would not think of him as a prominent figure like he is over here. Savile would fit perfectly though (I can imagine his creepy mansion having a wardrobe with his incestuous dead mother's old clothes like Savile did) He even has the monarchy connection. But the true answer was no surprise.

E: This was odd. Despite the mention of inventors and energy, I thought it would be Freud/Jung because of the mental interest. But as soon as I read the line about him refusing to hand over the patent, I suddenly got it. Though I'm a little confused about the Gitmo reference. Does that mean he's from an Islamic culture, or was it just a place they could stash him that no-one would know about? I've just looked at a list of remaining detainees, would he be one of them or is he a secret even to the human rights organisations?

Thank you again, these tests shine a light on my bizarre thinking processes as much as anything. And thank you for suggesting yet another horrible way to die to have shudders about (My initial guess for A made me think of a Burning Bush, then the real answer made me think even more of... oh please scrub my brain with bleach. The poor woman.)

Kalamota Kook said...

I'm sorry, I don't know why that posted twice. By the way, Porphyria is the disease that some blame for the madness of King George III which had quite an impact on international history. I don't know if the experts still think that was his illness. All I can remember is that it drives you mad and turns your wee blue.

Bee E-lightened said...


Charlotte Bailey said...

Thank you Lynn! I love your readings!! I read about Geranimo because of your reading, and have a question I'm hoping you could address.
It was said that the Skull and Bones group from Yale dug up Geranimos skull, and when sued by Geranimos relatives to return it, denied ever having it. Do or did the Skull and Bones actually have it? Any idea if the woman protecting the pipeline has any idea who she was in a prior life!

Is Nikola Tesla in prison now, as the future life of that past, or is it in the future of this "now" time? That's so tragic! Any way he can be rescued if he is there currently?

Anonymous said...

Human combustion was in the news often in the 70's . Odd that it would happen but pictures would show body parts untouched by the event. Media would show chair person was sitting in with maybe one extremity left behind.

Devastating to me about the inventor in jail. I am so sad right now.

They Live said...

So the 10 Commandments came from an E.T. Makes all the sense in the world lol 😃
Many thanks for these readings, I love 'em 💕💕💜

They Live said...

Also these cone headed E.T.'s, according to the nation of Islam or a group similar, they live underground with "big headed" E.T.'s who intermarried with them. According to their story, the"big headed" E.T. through genetic meddling made the Caucasian race.

Robert Schoen said...

Poor Tesla! The car manufacturer using his name should come to his rescue! I read long ago that Barbara Bush was the daughter of Aleister Crowley and her mother Pauline Pierce who conceived her from an affair with him in Paris. Is this true?

Joao Gomes said...

Thank you Lynn! May one ask who's behind the actual protests against Trump president? Is it genuine or paid for? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I like these life posts. Keep me coming!

JJ said...

Well for "B", this explains the Pope hats and where the forms come from.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you so much for the great comments. I really appreciate it! I will plan on some more political stuff in the near future (just taking a little break from it for a few days). Much love!

Joao Gomes said...

The part of the recent Cassiopean ET communication related to Trump is very intresting (coincides with what Lynn stated!,43069.msg685301.html#msg685301 )

A Man Called Da-da said...

@JoaoaGomes Note that Hillary wore purple to her concession speech just as Soros and the CF launched their latest color revolution.

As for Gitmo, I don't know if they only have muslims there. Many "disappeared" people could be there. Hopefull, with the opening up of friendly relations with Cuba, we'll close that prison portion of that base.

Chatty Cathy said...

In the last 24 hours a 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Christ Church, New Zealand, a city that Secretary of State John Kerry was on schedule to visit en route to AND after his visit to Antartica to meet with "scientists and researchers", according to the itinerary announced last week by his staff in the below video link. Coincidence????

A Man Called Da-da said...

This from today's Fulford Report:

"Pentagon sources note the recent earthquakes in Italy quakes 'may have convinced the Vatican not to grant conversions or provide asylum to senior cabalists.' Furthermore, the Pentagon sources say recent 'quakes with minimal damage in Argentina and New Zealand are warnings to the cabal they have no place to hide.'”

OR... Ben's a nut and these are natural occurrences. [shrug]

Chatty Cathy said...

@Da-Da - Wow, it's certainly something to ponder. It's interesting that others are making a connection between these earthquakes and the "powers and principalities" we are up against such as the cabalists.

Also to consider, these earthquakes could be part of the terra-forming preparing Earth for fourth density Harvest, what Ra describes as "Inconvieniences" in the Law of One channelling: "This will cause your planetary sphere to have some ruptures in its outer garment while making itself appropriately magnetized for fourth density. This is the planetary adjustment."

A Man Called Da-da said...

Ha! There will be no "4th Density Harvest," not the one they're expecting, anyway. All is well. Only Shineola from here on out.

The bottom line: relax. Everything is happening -- and will happen -- PERFECTLY. Settle into your seat and trust in the Grand Finale.

A Man Called Da-da said...

You could all even [GASP]... ENJOY YOURSELVES in the meantime!

A Man Called Da-da said...

Also... beware of invitations to express dissatisfaction.

CQJV -- Constant Quietly Joyous Vigilance, as Happy Moody might say.

My Picks said...

To make things more light hearted, I would be very interested in knowing more about Marilyn Monroe, such a beauty with a kind soul. what happened to her and is she alive today?

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you for the comments and lots to ponder over and look at.

Good advice Dada.

Thanks for the suggestion My Picks!

Sean Nash said...
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Sean Nash said...
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Architects Wellington said...

Hey lynn! Re: subject E!!! I was looking up what your site had re: past and future lives on this person and apparently, the inventor and author Patrick Flanagan (who wrote 'pyramid power') reckons he's the reincarnation of Subject E! very interesting... as he has conscious recollections and is continuing the same work, plus had amazing and documented inventions as early as the age of 8. check it out, love to get your thoughts! cheers Barb