Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Monoliths of Russia...

Q. Could you tell us about the people who built these structures? Where did they go? And did they have special abilities with stone?

In Russia, in the Caucasus mountains, not far from the cities Tzelentzchik, Touapse, Novorossiysk and Sochi, there are hundreds of megalithic monuments. The Russians call them dolmens. Russian and foreign archaeologists have not yet discovered their use. All these megalithic dolmens you see below in the pictures are dated from 10,000 years to 25,000 years ago, according to the website Kykeon. Other archaeologists put the age of these megalithic structures at 4000 to 6,000 years old.
A. As I tune into this, I first see that it isn't a certain group of people, but rather a certain time frame of people that built these structures.  I pan out to an image of the people they are geographically all over the area, and each one is peeking their heads out of the holes and looking up to the sky.  What I notice is that they are all different in their own way.  Some have face paintings, some are very "plain" and others are adorned with different feathers and jewels. These structures were not unique to a certain tribe or group, but rather a result of the time. 

As I think a little deeper I realize that as I see all of these groups of people, they look out of the hole (which seems like the "tell tale of the type of structure") and look to the sky.  They all have a deep connection to the sky and the people "of the sky."  I hear the phrase "sky people" over and over.

Then I pose the question "What is this relationship with the "sky people" and why hide and look out of this hole?" I am being shown that this group of ETs came here, and helped people.  They gave them technology (very basic like showing the benefits of levers and pulleys).  I see sophisticated processes of gears and ratios and how to move and build things.  The ETs also helped them to build these structures as a way to send a signal to "the heavens."  The signal served as a navigating system for other ETs to find their way to a specific location (sort of like a beacon).  

There was also an astrological significance as to how these structures were positioned and there was a reflective item (looks almost like glass) inside the structure that aligned with the sun and moon. This glass would need adjusted as the sun and moon changed. In exchange for the ET's time, effort and help, they took some of the humans to breed with.  When this happened a large amount of fear, mistrust and worry was created in the humans.  

The humans then went through a time in which they did what was expected of them because they didn't want to lose more people.  The ETs were masters in regard to getting assistance with working the "beacons." 

Eventually the societies were so broken that they couldn't function.  The ETs became greedy and took who they wanted.  The ETs felt they gave them technology to survive, but for the humans it was hard to have important people within their society just taken. The remainder had a hard time surviving.  It soon became the beginning of the end for them...

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light (from the woods :-)

Sunday, March 27, 2016


Hello everyone!  I would like to wish everyone a great week.  I will be out of the office to take some time off with the family and get in touch with nature.  I will have very limited Internet access.  Please feel free to leave comments or send me an email, and I will be sure to respond when I return April 4th.  

Love and light, Lynn 

I wanted to share my view!  Loving the nature!  Very grounding!

Amazing People... Paul Selig, Leigh Erceg, Braco

Q. Hello Lynn, Great site, Thanks much! I was wondering if you could try and explain what Paul Selig is saying when he channels his guides. He speaks of a "spiritual awakening" that will come to man in the near future. It sounds as if we need this help, and it is coming in the future for our benefit to assist us with something that is occurring now. Thank You
A. As I tune into this I see that when he is referring to a "spiritual awakening" it is a moment that will occur that feels like an epiphany moment of knowing and understanding.  You may not be able to put your understanding into words, but you will just comprehend it. We as humans will be able to expand our thought processes and be more introspective (naturally) and feel connected to the Source.  In addition to the individual expansion of growth, as others grow too it elevates a collective consciousness which will create an up spiral of awakening (sort of a chain reaction effect).

Q. Hi Lynn, I came across this interesting article about this woman...a few years ago she suffered a traumatic brain injury and now she is a gifted artist and poet. She enjoys spending time puzzling over mathematical equations. She can “see” sounds and “hear” colors when she listens to music, although she is extremely sensitive to light.

She remembers nothing about her prior life. She doesn’t even recognize her own mother. What do you see going on here? Below is the link to the article.
A. It looks like the majority of damage or trauma occurred to the left part of her brain.  As she healed, her body overcompensated for the left brain trauma and her right brain became highly overactive.  The over activity heightened her senses. She can see and sense the vibrations of what is going on around her.  All colors have a specific vibration, and all vibrations/frequencies create a color (some can't be seen by the human eye but can mentally be understood).  

She has tapped into that ability, however, the heightened sensations create an adverse effect to intense light.  I also get that she is also sensitive to loud sounds as well (I see her putting her hands over her ears when something is just "too much").  Anything loud or extreme creates a sensory overload for her.

Q. Hi Lynn,  Could you do a reading on Braco?  This is a man who just stands before people without moving, saying or doing something. He stands before a crowd for hours and people can come for free to watch him, either personally or also via Livestream.  They say that they feel better afterwards.  What do you think about this man? Is he good or will the people be possessed by him/his energy after attending his "show"?
A. I see this man as a very gifted empath.  He has the ability to attract other peoples emotions through a visual connection, much like a magnet.  This allows the person to heal and be their best self. He has fine tuned this skill so when he draws the negative energy or pain away, he is able to release it to where it can better be served.  I do not see any form of possession or him attaching any residual energy to the person being healed.  In fact, I get he must be very conscious to work in the greater good in order to move the energy through him (and not let it attach to himself) and onto where it can be better balanced.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you. Love and light-

Friday, March 25, 2016

Five for Friday #30

by Lynn & Da-da

Hi all, and welcome to Five for Friday #30. Can't believe we're on #30, already.

Image #1: Stonehenge, New & Improved
Few realize/remember that Stonehenge was actually rebuilt over 50+ years (from 1901 to 1958) and made to look as it does today. Was there some other reason for the rebuild, other than archaeology and tourism?

What Lynn Saw
"The archaeology was a huge part of it. It also feels like it has some kind of spiritual, energetic basis behind it, too. I get this sense of people feeling like it was bad luck, or a bad omen to not have it the way it was, originally. It seems like it was deemed more important to rebuild it to its original shape, with a lot of thought and feeling and emotion going into this reconstruction -- almost as if it were disrespectful to otherworldly beings to not restore Stonehenge close to its original condition."

[Who originally built Stonehenge? What was it really used for?]

"I've done a few reads on this. Here's an excerpt from one of them. I even see an image of a giant helping to build Stonehenge, and at one point they were treated as slaves. I get intellectually they were not as superior to the smaller man, but they had so much strength it didn’t matter for their survival. The smaller man knew how to entice them (because of their intellect), and get them to do work.

[Poor dumb giants.]
Image #2: HELLO GOODBYE...
Comet LINEAR has suddenly appeared and already passed within 5.4M km of earth on 3/21/16, with a “fragment” of it trailing behind within 3M km of earth. Anything unusual we should know about?

What Lynn Saw
"I'm envisioning the tail of the comet will cause blips in telecommunications after it completely passes by. You may hear something about that. It's a naturally occurring process, due to the composition of the tail. It will create a naturally made disturbance (I don't see the comet being sent here by anyone)."

Image #3: UFO SWIRLEE...
This spiral radar pattern was recently recorded as a UFO apparently entered that Colima volcano in Mexico that UFOs are forever flying in and out of (and around and over and every other preposition). What caused the pattern?

What Lynn Saw
"It looks like a combination of UFO activity, but it caused a disruption in the EM field for that area. It seems to be like pulses, a heartbeat effect with its EM pulsing, the end result was this spiral effect."

Image #4: V for FAKE?

This V-shaped cloud appeared a few months ago over the city of Carson, CA. Real or fake?

What Lynn Saw
"I'm more disturbed by the face I see in the picture. I'm drawn to this face looking over, investigating. There's something going on here. It's like the face is real, but the V is fake. It's like there's this presence over CA, protecting it. I get the V is fake, but there's a face in those clouds. It's like the person who photoshopped it didn't realize there was something else there. Let me look at this again... yeah, the V is a photoshop job, but the face is real. It feels like the face is overlooking this activity and just shaking its head in disbelief. It is like it's a face manifested from Source (if that makes sense). I feel I still need some work on totally understanding this one."

Image #5: Angelic Cornwall Sunset
This gorgeous sunset anomaly appeared about a week ago in Cornwall, UK. Is this a natural phenomenon, or is there something more going on?

What Lynn Saw
"This is truly amazing. It looks as though something pure and genuine and ANGELIC, something special and protective of this area. If the timeline continues on the way it's going, there looks to be some unrest in this area, and this angelic presence is there to protect and watch over people. It's this collection of energy gathered right at this spot, and the sun looks to be fueling it. It looked like there were supposed to be some economic hardships and troubles impacting this area, but there's this higher vibration there healing that area, and redirecting that life path.

[Sure would be nice to have celestials swoop in and just grab those lower vibrationals causing so many problems. Is there some kind of ET rule against that sort of thing?]

"That would be nice. There is some code that until we rise against the reptilians they cannot do something that drastic. We have to reclaim our birthright before they are allowed to intervene. They can guide us, but not do it for us..."

Image #6: BONUS: When is a Missing Woman NOT Like a Missing Woman?
Did that woman really just disappear?? What goes on here? [See link for video.]

What Lynn Saw
"If you look, she walks away at the exact same time as the woman with the silver bag on the cart. It's basically an optical illusion." [Damn. Oh, well.]

And that's it. Join us Friday after next for episode #31.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Amazing, Curious and Mysterious Places [Group Post]

Q. Hi Lynn, please can you do a reading for Puma Punku in Bolivia?. This ancient place has baffled scientists and archeologists ever since it's discovery.  UFO Documentary: Ancient Aliens - The Mystery of Puma Punku.  Some of the stones weigh more than 130 tons and were somehow brought from around 80 miles away.  There are strange deep carvings on some stones, whilst others have perfectly straight-flat surfaces, and perfectly drilled hole's in others, What was this place and what would it have looked like?  The H-blocks look quiet similar but on closer inspection they are all different, what was the purpose of these H-blocks. The whole place seems like it could have been built by aliens. Can you tell us how old Puma Punku is and how it came to be in such state of disrepair as it is now? Any history you can give i'm sure would be much appreciated by many people.  You did a reading for me before and for that i am most thankful.  Thanks again and keep up the good work.
A. The main thing I see when I tune into this is an elaborate fortress made of these stones.  Behind the walls lived an ancient society (I want to say the time frame was 250 to 500 AD). The stones were transported on large cylindrical tree trunks laying on their side (and then my images show me that some were transported on a raft made of these similar tree trunks, and then when they reached land they re-purposed the raft into this conveyor system).  They then used advanced pulley and lever systems to position the stones and "lock" them in place.  As I look at all of these images, this does look to be man made.

I get that the fortress served them well with regard to protection, but they endured environmental changes that effected the food supply.  Food was grown inside the walls, but as the weather changed (became very hot and dry), it was difficult to grow food.  Because of this drought-like environment, the animals were also driven away, and hunting was difficult.  Then, after a three to four year drought, they were faced with little vegetation and drastically reduced food supply.  Many people died of starvation and illnesses due to their weakened body's. 

When I look to see what happened to disturb this fortress and cause it to be in such disrepair, I get that just as the weather shifted into a drought condition, it changed suddenly into a rainy and flooded state.  The immense amount of water and lack of grass / trees to somewhat hold the soil, the ground turned into flooded and "mushy" spots.  The stones had nothing solid to balance on.  They lost their foundation support and therefore toppled and shifted all over.

Q. If could add one question to the above request for a Puma Punku reading, I would ask this: South of Puma Punku (but still in Bolivia) below the Yuni salt flat lies ruins of a former town. One can see the structured pattern from the plane (pic here ). If there's space for one more question: what did they do to be able to build such long lasting buildings (compared to ours who last only 20-30 years in some cases)? Thank You very much Lynn!

A. Similar to the structure above, they build structures out of solid material (stone).  They also used locking mechanisms (interlocking pieces) that could withstand some shifting (I do get that if the water level went down and they were on land again, the structures would shift because the current state of water pressure also helps them to stay together).

Q. What was the city of Petra in Jordan and how old is it? Was it ever under water? I've always been fascinated by this place?
A. I cannot see that this was ever under water, but I get a river ran under it (and still may).  I do hear that this place was a "Palace made for a God."  It looks as though this was some kind of ancient church and also a monastery.  People would go there for spiritual needs and healing (and to drink the water from the underground river that was thought to have "magical" properties).  This place is very sacred.

Q. Hi Lynne. I am usually a lurker but have a mystery for you to solve. There is an underground 'temple' in Kent, England, called the Margate Shell Grotto which I visited as a (local) child. It was found by accident by a farmer. There's one small entrance to an artificial cave covered with millions of seashells arranged in wonderful designs, with a tunnel, a 'dome' with a skylight, and an altar. No-one knows who built it or when, or why they'd go to the immense trouble of making it when it's not located in a way that the maker's could have shown it off to visitors. Grottoes were fashionable for aristocrats once, but this is nowhere near an estate and local histories have no mention of it - until it was discovered. I would love to know what you can glean about its origins and those who built it.
A. I see that the location was very intentional because the creators wanted this to be hidden.  This looks to be a hidden location for the elites in society to get together, hold meetings and partake in rituals.  I hear something about these meetings occurring on the full moon of every month so there would never be confusion or need for correspondence (like an invitation), and rituals occurred on the "full blood moons."  I am then shown "Oak Island" and get that there are many parallels as far as who attended those private locations, and also the nature of the business.

Q. Hello Lynn,  Can you please do a reading on Aokigahara forest in Japan? It is the most popular place in Japan to commit suicide. What attracts people to go and commit suicide there. What do you see going on in the Aokigahara forest?

A. When I tune into this area I see that a lot of death has occurred there.  It isn't all recent death, it looks like a history of death, destruction and a massacre.  I hear blasting sounds and fire.  It looks like there was a history of a very violent volcano going off, and the result was hundreds if not thousands of people died.  The karma tied to the spirits that remained and very troubled, and creates a lower vibration of area in that specific location.

People of a lower vibration (contemplating suicide or are depressed) attract the energy of lower vibrational beings.  These people living even remotely close to that area make themselves a beacon for these troubled spirits.  They may get thoughts that are not their own, but they feel drawn to go to this forest.  They feel promise of relief from their situation, but in reality they are adding strength to these lower vibrational beings.

Q. Hi Lynn-  Could you do a reading on the community of Damanhur in Northern Italy. It appears to be a successful, thriving, creative settlement of diverse people, but something about the spiritual side of it strikes me as a New World Order mixture of paganism, Egyptian, and new age. Their underground temple of humankind is a very elaborate synthesis of their own symbolic language and visual metaphors. There are initiations involved and it has been honored by the UN as a model of sustainable community. Who funded them as they started as 25 year olds and who was their charismatic leader "Falco"? Thanks for all your time and efforts.

A. I get this was founded on something good, with good intentions.  BUT, then I hear that many things that are not in the greater good started with good intentions.  When Falco did start this belief system and then created a "settlement" he wanted to explore the spiritual side of life.  He believed in more and saw the earth, moon and sun and something to celebrate.  

A shift looks to occur because a focus became on getting people to join and letting their numbers grow versus looking at who was joining.  It does look as though some followers of the PTB have infiltrated this group, but more as a way to spy and destabilize this "threat".  What Falco set up looks to be a positive gift to society, but there are current members making this group into something it wasn't intended to be.  I hear "this could be a great thing, but they need to look at their guest list in greater detail.

Q. Hello Lynn, Have you ever heard about the stairway in Loretta Chapel in Santa Fe, New Mexico? It was built by a carpenter that did not charge for his services and no one knew his identity. Some believe he was an angel or perhaps even a manifestation of Jesus, because Jesus was a carpenter too. Is there anything spiritual related to the staircase? Or are people just giving the staircase and the carpenter too much attention?
A. As I look at this I hear the theme music to the Twilight Zone. My image then shifts to the host of the show talking about a man that arrived from another time and place, and then the show pans to a scene of the staircase.

As I look at this man, and I ask "Are you Jesus?" and "Are you an angel?" he does not confirm or deny it. He just looks down, and I sense he is mute (but also incredibly humble). [I also hear the word "savant" but cannot place any clear text with it.]

I see that the entire time he worked on the stairs he didn't talk or communicate with people. The woodworking was his passion, and that is what he did. He was good and fast. It was like the stairs went up with remarkable time.

There is mystery behind the stairs. This man that appeared from nowhere, left in the same fashion. In some way he wants to remain anonymous, and even though he will show me his face, he is choosing (or is not able) to communicate withe me.

Q. Lynn, There is a city northeast of Dallas, Texas called Rockwall. It was named after a rock wall was discovered by a man digging a well over 150 years ago. The wall is 3.5 miles wide by 5.6 miles long. Geologists insist it is a natural formation, but when it was excavated they found old tools and pictographs on buried rocks. And there is a local legend that gold and treasure is buried underneath the rocks. Is it a natural formation or was it created long ago by previous settlers and its intentions have become lost to modern man?
A. I see two things with this. The rock wall itself looks to be a natural formation, but there were people that dug and carved caves and secret tunnels within this rock. The surface was difficult to work with, but also provided good supporting walls once you were able to penetrate the rock. These tunnels and caves served as hide outs, homes and also people used them trying to extract natural resources. I get that there are some small treasures within the wall (as a result of "looters"), but there is not a significant mass of gold.

And that is all I have for this reading. Thanks you. Love and light-

Monday, March 21, 2016


Q. Dear Lynn, can you please do a reading for all of us on why state violence against university students, journalists and Dalits (caste which is considered in the Hindu religion as lower caste) is on the rise in the past few months? What is going on with the government of India and its Prime Minister? The current Prime Minister has an alleged violent past track record when he was the chief minister of a state. What is going on? India is the second-most populated country on our planet. So please take time out to do a reading.

I also request you to do occasional readings on other parts of our planet such as Africa and South America. This will give us a much-needed planet-wide perspective.

A. I get that we (as a planet) on experiencing a shifting of energy.  That shift is creating and encouraging people to think more and more outside the box.  People have access to alternative ideas and information that resonate with them, and are looking for bigger and broader answers. The targets of the violence, specifically the students and the journalists, make up a large part of the next generation, and that next generation will have a big influence over the people.  The influence will be in forms of media (including social media) and other humanistic interactions.  The goal is to create a fear based "next generation" that is very cautious about what they say, especially in terms of their government.  The government is fearful that they will lose control or a majority influence, therefore, they are looking for ways to maintain that control.

I also see these groups (students and journalists) are looking to the government to help with the situation. But, the problem looks to be caused by the same entity that is also being sought after for help.  The government looks to be very strategic in that by slowly offering help, but doing so in a way that creates a feeling of indebtedness of the people.  The indebtedness also creates a situation in which the government can slowly extract rights from the people and obtain some kind of loyalty.  

I hear that you should always be cautious of a government that makes people scared to think for themselves and expects something in return for fixing a problem that they started in the first place... 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Jon Benet and Katy Perry

Greetings Lynn.

Q. Hope you're well. So I know this sounds a bit far-fetched (I had trouble believing it at first) but there is a video going around made by a conspiracy theorist who swears that Jon Benet Ramsey did not die, and that she actually grew up to be the famous singer we know as...Katy Perry. Here is the link:

Like I said, I was skeptical, but once I saw the faces digitally layered on top of eachother of not only KP and JBR, but the parents as well (who he also says are the same people—the dad just shaved his head and the mom lost some weight and they both changed their style) it definitely made me say, "Hmmm..."

Also, when Katy Perry made a comment in one of her past interviews from awhile back when talking about singing, she said something along the lines of, "It's [not] like there's a Jon Benet Ramsey inside of me just waiting to get out," and laughed. Who laughs about dead MURDERED children and uses them as a metaphor in an interview so flippantly? I thought that was a bit weird, considering the horrible circumstances surrounding Jon Benet's death/murder; it's just not something you see someone—especially a celebrity—joke about so irreverently and casually. She could have said the name of so many others, but chose Jon Benet, and we all know that the PTB love to hide in plain sight and throw things right in people's oblivious faces; this seemed A LOT like that to me.

What do you think? I'm really curious to know if there's any truth to this.

Thank you for everything you do, Lynn. Sending you lots of love and positive vibes.

A.  When I tune into this (and this was difficult, like something didn't want me to "go there") I first get that things happen all around us, and many times we are oblivious to them.  I hear that if we as a society took more time to "listen with our eyes" we would see things more clearly. There are secret deals, plans, even strategic operations being outlined that may take several years to come to fruition. I see images (that appear to be symbolic) of handshakes in dark allies, secret gatherings for those in the know (specifically I see scenes from Eyes Wide Shut) and then I see a group of men meeting underground to discuss the "20, 30 and 50 year plan" of the United States.  There are deals and corruption all around, and "even though it is sad, it is a reality and we shouldn't be too shocked by it."

Jon Benet was a sweet and naive little girl that was encouraged to get in the spot light.  She began to dress, carry herself and make herself up to look much older in order to be able to compete with the other little girls.  The fame was important to the parents (I see a huge focus on the mom standing forward here).  It was so important that they were willing to do what they needed to do for their daughter to succeed.

My mind then takes me to grouping of people.  My impression is that they are an elite group of the Powers That Be. They are wearing clothes like the KKK with hoods that cover their faces.  There is a red emblem on the robe of a circle with a "/\" inside it.  It looks like an A without the horizontal line. I then hear something about there being an obsession with pedophilia and the Powers That Be, which then takes me back to the "20, 30 and 50 year plan of the United States." [I then heard a random this pedophilia thing is partly why society is encouraging women to pluck, shave and laser most of their body.  People are being detached from things that make a man manly, and things that make a woman womanly.  I am told to think about who made the rules of hair (for example) being gross, dirty or unacceptable?]

As I move forward I get that the PTB sought out the parents of Jon Benet to make a deal.  The PTB were drawn to the overly made up pageant girls with talent and saw the potential to use these girls to help with their agenda. They also proposed deals to other parents (not revealing the full terms of the deal), but Jon Benet's accepted.  What the parents didn't realize is what they would have to go through and just how public this would be.  I hear the phrase that they were "waist deep in a mess before they even knew what was going on."  This is also why the events around her death were so strange, the reactions were odd and the investigation was handled the way it was handled.  

The goal of the PTB was to take these children and put them through a boot camp of sorts.  They reinvented who they were (i get they even changed their birthdays on paper to dates that were "astrologically acceptable.").  These children were to grow up and become icons that would basically serve to the PTB.  They would have to sing, act, promote and do what they were told.  Occasionally there was some push back, but for the most part they obeyed.  I get if you followed her and watched her performances you would be amazed at the amount of symbolism and "spell casting" that is done through this symbolism.

And that is all I have for this reading.  PLEASE take a minute to take a few breaths and send some positive energy out into the world.  Love and light-

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Spirits and the Afterlife

Q. If we have multiple lifetimes and multiple DIFFERENT parents, then when we go "Home", which set of parents do we see again? They always say that we'll see our loved ones again, but if that's the case, then we'd be meeting probably hundreds of thousands of loved ones... is that correct? Same goes for all our pets...
A. I see that when a person is close to the end of life they sort of go between our plane and the spiritual plane.  As they toggle back and forth they will see images of people, pets, locations, events, etc. that they experienced in this current life journey.  These images soothe the transition because it can be hard for the body to ultimately release the spirit (that final separation).    

I also see the transition from the current life to after life going through phases.  At the moment of release the familiar spirit guiding the transition will take on the appearance of who the person knew during this current lifetime.  After the transition has occurred, and the body has detached, the person going "home" is now is spirit form too.  There is a slight learning curve in this freeing feeling (I heard to imagine you are astral projecting x100). The spirit is now able to connect with the familiar spirit group to prepare for the next incarnation, hang around the 3D world, guide or protect.  In spirit, they don't connect as seeing each other as "mom, dad, etc", but rather a magnetic connection full of love and belonging.  Spirits don't take on defined roles, those are rules that humans define and project onto one another for the conscious mind.

I also need to explain that when we are in the spiritual plane we connect back to certain spirits that we most times incarnate with. I always hear this group of spirits being called a "soul pact."  This grouping of spirits can manifest/incarnate in the 3D world as parents, siblings, children, friends, pets, etc.  You may share the same birthmark or mannerisms from life to life, but you (personally) will rarely fill the same role (or appearance) because each lifetime presents new experiences in order to expand, learn and grow.

Having said that, rather than saying that you have had thousands of parents, siblings, etc,, in reality it may be more like 100 different spirits that get incarnated from this same familiar group.  (Your sister in this life may be your mother in the next and your son in the one after that...)  This narrows the infinite amount of spirits to a more closer group.

Q. Hi Lynn, How does a soul seek his/her future parents. Must the spiritual vibration level of the baby match the spiritual vibration level of one or both parents?
A. As the spirits within the soul pacts reunite the dynamic of the next lifetime is determined.  It has to do with the spirit's current vibration, where they are wanting to go and what lessons or karma to they need to address.  

Q. Is the baby's day and time of birth planned and determined before the soul enters the embryo?  Since astrology depends on the date of birth, does that mean that outside intervention e.g. doctors inducing early labor, causes a change in the destiny of the child?
A. I see that the universe works this out and knows the life path at the moment of conception.  If there is a c-section or induction, that is the way the universe planned the birth.  That event goes with the plan, not against it. Few people may experience adverse affects with an altered delivery, but for the most part the universe knows what it is doing..

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Trump, Hillary and a touch of Romney

Q. Is Trump part of PTB? I know the rest of them are and I also would think he was also but I can't get a get a solid read on him (not that I'm psychic). I almost feel he is bucking against the PTB but I would think they would have put a stop to him by now. What do you think Lynn?
A. I see that Trump has made deals with the PTB to get where he is, but hasn't become a part of them [yet].  He would like to have the power and influence that they have, but he doesn't want to to be owned by anyone.  Trump actually poses a huge threat to the PTB because he isn't able to be controlled (due to his independent wealth and power) and the PTB are frantic to get him out of the running. The PTB need a puppet, and I hear that Trump is refusing.

When he first started to run for office the PTB didn't think he would be taken seriously by the public, so they allowed him to run and get into the race.  Once they saw the threat emerge, they tried all kinds of tactics from supporting his competition to running ads, etc.  They can't simply "have a tragic accident" to eliminate him from the competition because there are too many eyes (from the public and privately paid) on him. 

Right now Trump is under the microscope.  Since he is not a "politician" by trade, he lacks a lot of the "political correctness" (which I see many people embracing in a strange way because they see he isn't afraid of what people think, and that translates to truth whether it is something they want/like to hear or not).  I see many people burnt out of this current system and the way politics have been handled in the past and are ready to make a radical jump to try something else.

Since he is under the microscope, every questionable move is blasted over and over on the media.  In lieu of a "tragic accident" I see that they are hiring people to go into rally's and town hall meetings to cause disturbances (to create more negative associations to him that can be aired over and over again).I see a strange dynamic happening that even though the attention is negative, it is still attention, gets people talking and keeps the energy surrounding him alive.  I get that the PTB are plotting a huge scandal to get him out of the running.  The challenge will be making it stick, but they will most definitely try.

Then I get that choosing Trump (who is pushing against the PTB) and choosing someone tied to the PTB is still like picking between the lesser of two evils.  Both are driven by ego and power, but Trump is the underdog fighting against the PTB (which looks to be the bigger evil) and will do the opposite of what they want just for the sake or showing them that he can (even if by executive order if allowed the chance). He will slowly break up things that benefit the PTB (like super PACs) and do more things that benefit the working people (as a way to antagonize the PTB).

Q. I'm deeply disturbed by the remaining options we have for presidential candidates. The republican debates are a joke and they all stoop to the 2nd grade level of name calling, and the democrat options aren't much better. Did Hillary really lie or know about what's going on with the emails and Benghazi? Why are Clinton followers and Trump followers just blindly following and ignoring all lies and corruption? What is going on and who has the most positive energy and good will?
A. People are questioning everything.  I don't see it as a blind following, but rather a desperate need for a change. People are so desperate they are willing to overlook things they don't like (such as offensive comments or what feels like lies) and hear what they want to hear.  It looks like a lot of selective listening is taking place. 

In regards to the behavior of the debates.. Much of our media world is based on reality tv and gossip rather than true news reporting.  The debates (for ratings and publicity) have evolved into the same thing.  Undesirable behaviors get free press (and lots of it), therefore, it has become more acceptable.  People in general may not agree with the behavior, but the watch it, hear about it and get somewhat engaged (more so than a "normal and adult" debate).

Looking at the Hillary emails I see that she didn't really think through what she was doing.  It never occurred to her that she would get caught or questioned.  It was as if the policies look so lax that people sort of did what they wanted and made their own rules of convenience.  When when things happened, and an investigation occurred, the "rules" were looked at.  Deep down she knows it was wrong, and is trying to cover herself and make this go away.  I hear that she is trying the "if you say it long enough it becomes true" theory. 

Q. Lynn you're the best .. I got one for you that crossed my mind the other day but recently it's been making a little noise on the net. Could Romney get the nomination for 2016? - and possibly fulfilling the white horse prophecy?  Thanks!!
A. I get that he has been approached by the Republicans and told that if he would consider running, they would create a situation (even if they had to falsify the voting results) to give him the nomination.  I hear that Romney declined because he knows if it comes to that, people would all out revolt.  Romney would like to run, but the results would be disastrous, and he doesn't want to be put in that situation.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Friday, March 11, 2016

Five for Friday #29

by Lynn & Da-da

Hi all, and welcome back to FIVE for FRIDAY. Let's get started.

Image #1: The Voynich Manuscript
Famous mystery time. Here's an excerpt from the famous book of mystery, the “Voynich Manuscript.” No one knows who wrote it, what the book's about, how old it is, what language it’s written in, if it’s written in code, or how many agents worked the subsidiary rights. Everyone's best guess is that it's a fake.

What Lynn Saw
"I get this is a channeled survival guide. It looks like a Pleiadian was the channeled source. The history of life was explained in conjunction with how to survive our ever-evolving environment. I get this manuscript was very ahead of its time. The reason the letters appear so strange is because it was not an earthly language being relayed."

[Apparently, that's what written Pleiadian looks like.]

Image #2: The Thing From Atlantis
This geometric thing apparently came from Atlantis. Did it? What is it?

What Lynn Saw
"Yes! It's some kind of a locking hinge system used to protect or to reinforce a vault. There's tons of gold and jewels in this vault. The other half of the hinge is missing. The vault does look mostly intact. It's at the bottom of the ocean (built from mostly stone). I get that this is actually a piece of the hinge that got stirred up from the ocean floor. I'm unsure of the exact chemical breakdown, but I do see it as being magnetic (and somehow magnets were part of the "key" to switch it from locked to unlocked."

Image #3: The Shugborough Inscription
This is a bit of a mess to explain. Called the “Shugborough Inscription,” this is a mystery many have tried to figure out over the years. It’s an inscription on an 18th C. tomb in Staffordshire, England, that resembles the now infamous “Et in Arcadia Ego” (“I am also in Arcadia”) rigamarole painting by Poussin, seen at far right, which alludes to the whole Rennes-le-Chateau mystery -- which you can read about HERE and HERE if you want, but I'm so over it. (The fact that Dan Brown lifted the whole "holy blood" thing from British journalists Henry Lincoln, Richard Leigh, and Michael Baigent's fine 1982 book, Holy Blood and Holy Grail is maddening.) Anyway, there’s this OTHER tomb in England that alludes to this... and it has yet another code (above) associated with it, appearing at the base of the tomb. Can you tell what the code means?

What Lynn Saw
"When I look at this, I see a sentence written out. Every letter is the first letter of a word of a famous latin saying, i think. For a latin scholar, this should be easy, as it's an easy latin phrase."

[Get to work, latin scholars. Like you have anything else to do?] 

Image #4: We Got SPHERES That Jingle Jangle Jingle...
These objects were captured by cameras on the SOHO LASCO satellite back in 2009 — and again on Valentine’s Day, 2016. What are they? If they're ships (as Da-da suspects), who's inside and what do they want?

What Lynn Saw
"First thing I get is... this is a Blue Avian's ship. Their ship is encapsulated in a force field. In the first image, they were working on setting up a base on the far side of the moon; they want to be close to earth, but not right on top of us. They want EZ access. They're smart and methodical, and are waiting to see who wins, here. I feel like I don't trust them, entirely. [Are these the Sphere Beings?] They do feel like the Sphere Beings. [I then asked about Corey Goode's and David Wilcock's latest fear-based bugaboo, the "partial disclosure" timeline.] When Disclosure happens, I cannot see anything partial about it. It will fall like dominoes. There's a lot of fear out there -- too much fear. Part of the problem is that there is truth mixed with fiction and we have to sort through it all (and it can be exhausting)."

Image #5: I Told You Kids...
This story originally came from "Sorcha Faal,” rumored to be US Naval Intelligence. Anyway, apparently the Saudis discovered something here (see pic 1), at their most holy site, Mecca… and dug up this something, called “The Ark of Gabriel,” a device/weapon of “immense power” given to Muhammed by the Angel Gabriel, who told him, “DON’T TOUCH IT. IT BELONGS TO GOD.” Well, someone may have found it and touched it, as there was a plasma emission that caused a crane to fall on and kill over a hundred people at a mosque above the “construction site" (you may remember hearing this). Two weeks later, they tried to move the Ark again -- and this apparently happened (pic 2). ZAAAP.

The alleged object caused another “plasma emission” that apparently killed 4000 people and put tens-of-thousands into a panic…which the Saudis blamed on a random “panic stampede.” The next day, the Saudis apparently contacted the head of the Russian Orthodox Church [??], Patriarch Kirill of Moscow, and asked for help. [The Ark must've had his number on it.] THEN, a few months later, these two guys met in Cuba (pic 3).

AND THEN, as if that wasn't weird enough, a Russian Navy ARMADA just happened to stop in Saudi Arabia to apparently pick up this device and transport (pic 4) it to…


Of course. That's where we store all our arks. What the heck is going on here?

What Lynn Saw
"Ok, I'm getting something a little different. I see that thousands of years ago an ET visited and the locals took him for an angel. He brought some ET tech. The tool in question had to do with electricity. When it's activated, or moved, or positioned properly, it knows how to draw static electricity from the air, like a kind of air-capacitor. if it's moved or handled improperly, you can short-circuit it, whereas it emits a huge lightning bolt. I can hear it go SNAP. I can smell the ozone. It pretty much scared the Saudis, so they wanted to get it out of there; they didn't want to give it up, but they had no clue, so they asked the Russians to take it to Antarctica, where there are no property issues. [Aha.] Besides, there's an underground pyramid in Antarctica, and they think they can pair up these things and answer some questions. The Vatican's in on this, too, since they have lots of secrets; the Russians thought maybe they could help. I don't see this as, "The Lost Ark," but it works very similarly. The real Ark doesn't feel as unstable. I see what they found was working with the existing ley lines, somehow, so moving it was not a very bright think to do. They pretty much lost the ability to control it when they moved it from its very specific location. That was the reason for the electric reaction (it should not have been touched or moved). I see them spending lots of time, money and effort, but they won't get it to work in a positive, effective way." [I told you kids... HANDS OFF THE ARK. And next time... call Lynn first.]

Darn, that's the end. Da-da could do this all day. Oh, wait... he just did. Join us Friday after next for "Mover's of the Lost Ark," Episode #30. Bring your parka.