Friday, August 21, 2015

Ten Bizarre Miracles..

Q. I saw this video about bizarre miracles and they all seemed pretty interesting so I thought it would be cool for you to do a reading on them. If you'd rather not watch the video, I can try and look them up and post descriptions of each one.
Link to video:  10 Bizarre Miracles

A. I will break these down one at a time...

Corpses of saints that do not decay:  When I tune into this, I do get there is something very special about these saints at the time they died.  They feel very guarded and protected from the spirit side, even though their body is just flesh left behind.  There is some amount of residual energy about them, and I hear the phrase "it is like they are living or have a life force around them without possessing a soul or spirit" ??  This energetic force or presence prevents the natural decaying process from occurring.

Statue of Virgin Mary that exhibits strange behavior (sweating, bleeding, noises):  There is something very sacred about this statue.  It is symbolic of the belief system that is so intense where it is housed.  I get that many people around this statue beg, if not plead for a sign for something to believe in, and that strong will and intent has created a situation in which spiritual energy essentially "possessed" this statue as a way to relay the "signs" for people to believe in. 

Our Lady of Lourdes (mysterious woman directed people to dig a spring that exists today and cures people of illnesses):  I see when she first appeared it was more like an apparition, but was intense, and very clear.  She looks like a spirit guide tied to one of the people she addressed.  As I tune into the water, I look to see why it has such amazing healing property, and I see that the rock lining this spring is infused with crystals, and the vibration of the crystals is what alters the water to make it so incredibly beneficial for the human body.

One miracle of Lanciano (bread was converted to flesh and wine was turned to type AB blood during a religious ceremony):  As I tune into this, I see the event happening, and people being in shock and awe, but I cannot see the science behind it.  I see this more like a confirmation that it did happen, rather than a question of how.  
The miracle of the sun (strange activity of the sun witnessed by thousands).  When I tune into this, I get that a couple things aligned to make this sight visible.  There was some kind of comet that approached earth (very closely) and when that happened there was a huge tug on the earth.  That tug altered the outer atmosphere.  I also get that there was some kind of methane (it smells like sulfur) introduced into the atmosphere at the same time the comet passed.  The sun itself didn't change, but the view of the sun was altered at the moment of this methane ? burst.    

Joseph of Cupertino (man who spiritually evolved and was said to levitate): I do see this as true.  This man evolved in such a way that he became highly tuned to his higher self.  He learned a technique during meditation where he could hold his concentration, and have the lower vibrational emotions pulled from him, and at that moment he would be able to levitate himself.  He could rid himself (literally) of the negativity that held him down and mentally hold a high vibration.

Martin De Porres (man who can be in more than one place at a time):  I see that he was a master of astral travel, but I can't get a physical connection to him being in more than one place at the same time.  He most definitely was spiritually traveling, and could provide great detail to locations all over the world.  His detailed encounters and visions provided evidence that people needed to believe he was physically there (most people couldn't understand that a person could travel with their mind while their body remained somewhere else).

Therese Neumann (injured woman that became a nun, and later was cured of all ailments):  I see at the moment she was declared a saint some kind of higher vibrational spirit came to her, and she was so connected to this spirit that it became at one with her.  It wasn't like a possession, but rather she welcomed it in to share her same physical space. This spirit healed her and changed her physical properties to where she didn't have the same 3D human requirements to sustain.  

Apparition of Lady of Zeitoun (apparition that showed in the sky for several years):  I do see this happening, but it looks related to ET activity around Egypt.  ETs didn't coincide with the religious beliefs of the people at the time, so when they saw the lights and images above them, their mind wanted to make sense of what they were seeing, and referring to the lights as the Virgin Mary made logical sense.  

Clelia Barbieri (after her death many people hear her talking in places that she frequented):  This is true.  After she passed he stayed near the earth plane.  She didn't accept her death, and in some way tried to coexist in her spirit form.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


Bee E-lightened said...

If theres a spirit that a bad or good thing?! Why are spirits around?! Do they hv a message?!

Nick said...

@ Bee E-lightened Hardly anything is simple.
As Lynn has pointed out and I couldn't agree more - intense belief can create reality.
Check out Terry Pratchett's Small Gods for his take on this.
The world is kind of malleable, not fixed like the mechanists would believe.

The trouble with knowing if an actual spirit is around versus an energy imprint in the environment is going to be hard to discern.
I know first hand, I have personally had a scary experience of being in contact with a traumatic event 200 year ago, lived through by a group of people.
It was a energetic 'photo' in a specific location.

Another example is certain water courses have a malefic energy.
Where there is traffic, they get called 'black spots' - but no spirit is sitting there being mischievous.

Spirits is a generic term, you can use devices like an Ouija board.
Trouble is it would be a lottery.
There are good and bad live people.
There are good and bad dead people.
It's utterly fraught with trickery and deception.
I guess there must be some bored 'spirits' who love winding up gullible seekers.

I suspect that there is some cosmic law from imparting a message as such.
If it was easy, it would neutralize the gritty process of learning here on earth.
Like going to the back of the book for the answers.


A Man Called Da-da said...

Lynn: in terms of Joseph of Cupertino... what was the meditation technique he used to hold his concentration and have the lower vibrational emotions pulled from him?

As for Therese Neumann: it was what some term the Holy Spirit that came into her; the HS literally being our memory of SOURCE.

A Man Called Da-da said...

It's inspiring that none of those were hoaxes!

samferina said...

what about stigmata? can you please explain that is it real?

Nick said...

@ samferina - like Lynn said about the Virgin Statue and powerful beliefs.
I was actually going to mention stigmata before, as I think it's the same phenomenon.

I personally believe it is created by the unconscious mind in the same way matter is manipulated in the case of teenagers and poltergeist.

There is a growing number of researchers who have found the Christian belief system not all it seems.
Everyone has a path to walk indeedy and none should be in judgement of that.
Without a time machine to go back and witness stuff, we are in "don't know" land.
As I said reality is malleable - cancerous tumours are gone in the twinkling of an eye and the list of unexplainable things is pretty long.

The 3D world is not a meaningless series of things, and unconnected events, we just don't have the perspective to see it.
Mind and body are NOT separate - in fact are one and the same.
It's another example of dualistic thinking confusing and even running the show.


joy said...

If you can get hold of this book "GOD DRIVES A FLYING SAUCER" by R.L.Dione. the author had a convincing theory about these religious miracles in Lourdes and in Fatima. He said that these miracles were the work of ETs, with their high tech gizmos from their space ships. He described, blow-by-blow how the ETs performed these miracles. I think he was convinced these ETs are behind the established religions and that...yes, they are Gods.

Now, we know better who these ETs are, and why they established religions for human consumption.

Juli T said...

I love this reading!!! <3 <3 <3
Lots of these people are well known and followed here.
Padre Pio deserves a separate reading. He was quite a character and very mistreated, quote "an ignorant and self-mutilating psychopath who exploited people's credulity", among other things...
Could you also tell us something about San Benito? (

There are lots of elevated masters in catholicism, put aside by a lot of people just because they were catholics. It's a shame they're missing their message. Maybe your reading would help.

Love it! Thank you so much! <3

Bee E-lightened said...

Take time to go to this page a d support my mom:

PimpMyBrain said...

Thanks for this reading ! As somebody says early in the comments, glad this 10th facts are real and not hoax !

At tsame time, another "terrorist action" appears in France/Belgium, where an other "crazy" man shots with an AK-47 in a "Thalys" high-speed train. Two US soldiers, who were just in this train at this time (random ?), managed to control this man when he was reloaded his rifle in the W.C ...

i don't know what is completly crazy... the guy seems again a very closed followed by the secret service of three countries as a "potential thread", who travelled to Syria, radical extremist. Or the presence of this two US soldiers just at the good moment and this moment of reload in the W.C... The subject to "serverly control of the weapons possession" will start soon... they are their excuses now...

Love and light !

Robert Schoen said...

As a lapsed Catholic, I feel spiritual people who operate under the beliefs of the Church are just as sincere and purpose driven as those "enlightened"by knowledge of our ET history, and the same forces answer strong spiritual energy and leave signs they can understand and appreciate.

I think its wrong to think ETs developed or exploit religion as a scam, but think it more correct they reached out within the cultural context of different eras and lands, whether it was Greek gods, Shiva, Buddha, or Christ, to let man know they were not alone. These saintly examples show these individuals achieved an enlightenment and connection to the oneness, even within the limited cultural context of catholicism.

Nick said...

@ Robert Schoen It's not a question of the integrity of any individual in or out of church.
No one should be in any doubt about the sincerity of MOST good hearted folks.
At the petrol pump or in the service of the suffering, people with souls are inherently good.

The question we are all asking ourselves after waking up to the way the world actually is - is who or what did what, and when!
To the effect that we find the world in a constant state of conflict, fear and turmoil.
When the very decent folks you know or meet every day, would help you if you were in need - that is called empathy / sympathy.

Where as the 'things' in positions and influence in the world ( media, finance, health, education and so on ) don't seem to have an iota of sympathy / empathy.
In other words psychopaths.
The ET factor is there for a lot of researchers because of unanswered questions like;
If it's not about money what is it about?
How could this system be so ubiquitous and long running?
How could it be so watertight and downright manipulative and controlling?

Which of course is why some researchers "blame" religion.
Because it looks like such an ancient mind control device.

But of course like a lot of us - it's a natural state to seek, and I am pretty sure it wouldn't matter if you were in an igloo, a prison, a monastery or a big city.
The inner urge would drive you and the search would never stop.
I have always thought that as westerners we have the Christian system as a default.
But I am pretty sure if the same people were born elsewhere they would take up what ever was the default there.
Gotta be a little careful of labels, it can hinder understanding.

@ Joy It's a book that was in a raft of books coming out at the time.
Like so many events we really need the time machine and X ray glasses to know the truth.
However it was always my opinion of the Fatima incident, that it had a 3rd party, boost to Mary feel about it, as the world was moving toward recognizing the feminine principle.
In that light any information or theory to question the idea that "it was a miracle believe it and now get over it" is helpful.

Of course there are miracles - we exist!


Juli T said...

@Nick @Robert. I agree with what you say. I'm realizing there's some sense like if someone belonged to catholicism couldn't really be spriritual or enlightened or in higher layers, like believing in ET's is cool but in saints is obscurantism. And to me spirituality goes so beyond all that.
Maybe it's a cultural thing, but I see there's like a dichotomy for some people, here in my country it's totally normal to be anti gmo, have a medallion of a saint and believing in et's!
And praying to some christian figure doesn't mean you go to church or have a 'christian life'.
I feel in a way it was intended to relate christianity to obscurantism, but that's another story.

Juli T said...

@Bee I can't help but my best intentions to your mom. <3

joy said...

I have dropped all beliefs in religion,and dropped all beliefs in miracles because I want to understand more of what is going on behind these things. Miracles, such as instantaneous healings, can now be explained by quantum physics I'm not going to run over your belief systems by telling you that what I'm going to say is TRUTH. NO,this is simply information. If it resonates, take it, if it looks fake, leave it.
Not my intention to insult anyone.

What I know...As far as I can tell.........In the ancient beginning, the ETs that came to this Earth were the malevolent kinds.Very powerful black magicians. It is possible they are NOT ensouled. They are extremely intelligent .They can create material form and infuse the qualities they want, such as non-decaying bodies that can last for thousands of years,....if this can serve their purpose. Much like the mountains, the moon, the planetary bodies that we see around us, the atoms and molecules were infused with intent thatit will last forever.THEY CAN COMMAND THE ATOMS AND MOLECULES TO MAINTAIN A CERTAIN FORM FOR A CERTAIN PERIOD OF TIME INSIDE TIME AND SPACE. this is all quantum physics, focus and intent.

It seems they created humans for one farm for food.

To accomplish this without creating a karmic payback, they created religion. In this religion,they established a heirarchical, pyramidal, male dominated kingdoms of good guys...gods, angels; and a heirarchical pyramidal, male dominated kingdom of bad guys... Lucifer and his demons.All these characters were originally thoughtforms or in psionics, are called constructs,... that came semi-aware thru the continuous worshipping of humans,. They are called egregores. They saved the name Satan for themselves. There is a particular malevolent ET race that sports a pair of horns, a tail , bat-like wings, fangs, scales instead of skin... that looks very much like Satan . If you google the pictures of the royal draco-reptilians,this the the Satanic race, one of those still preying on mankind, to this day.

Then, they taught us that we are sinners, that we need a savior. They gave us "heaven" "hell" and "eternal damnation"...ALL THESE ARE LIES.fairy tales,make-believes, cut-outs, illusions. By worshipping the "savior" and the "celestials",by asking them to save us, we signed a contract, giving them, the malevolent, parasitic, vampiric ETs,..the creators of these religions, unlimited access to our life-force. They use our stolen lightbodies, prana, life-force to keep themselves youthful , and to extend their lives for up to a million years.

And as far as I know...........we are here to end this reign of(unseen, undetected) terror. We have been inside the human body for a long long time, as Soul, as the silent observer, and now it is time to close this game.

We intend to move this reality above duality. This means those with opposites will be wiped out. Like feminine-masculine principles.

Thank you all.

Watchand Knock said...

Thank you Lynn! Not so much related to miracles but with missing people, here a short update on the Schulze family from Northern Germany. The search in the pond did not give the answer about where Ms. & Mrs. Schulze are. The obduction of Mr. Schulze's body (found in a river attached to a concrete block)revealed no injuries and due to the existence of water in the lungs, drowning is the most plausible cause of death so far. Attached the picture of Mrs. Schulze's car and bike. She and her daughter where last seen on 7.22 (exactly one month ago) while Mr. Schulze was last seen 7.23 driving Mrs. Schulze's car (license plates WL-IG 701) back to their house. Mrs. Schulze's bike was found in the river next to the place where Mr.Schulze jumped from the bridge.
Another intresting aspect: July 22 was Miriam’s last school day before the summer holidays but she did not attend classes, instead her mother called the school to give an excuse. On this same day the three went to the ranch to enroll Miriam in a horse riding course and payed in advance (detail Mr. Schulze used to help the owners of this ranch with respect to paperwork). This ranch lies next to the pond were the 3 have been seen together the last time. ( Lynn could you please see if these pics "tell" you something more? Thanks!

@Bee sending best wishes to your mom! If you don’t mind, let me give you an email address from Adrienne, a person in the UK working with John of God, where you can send a recent picture of your mom (in case you decide to do join the healing from a distance program, your mom's picture will be presented to the entity next friday, Aug.28). It actually costs some bucks (70-80) but she in return sends you the blessed passiflora capsules without additional charges ( . John of God usually visits the USA during late summer but I’ve heard it is already sold out for this year (but waiting list ‘enrollment’ is possible). Let me know if you are interested!.NAMASTÉ!

Nick said...

Wow the miracle saints sparked up the flames of discussion! :-O

@ Juli T Excellent work on what should be - the default mode of open mindedness.
We should be able to listen to death metal, work in an old peoples home, have a picture of Cheeses and Gautama doing a Hari Krishna dance, all while wearing a 70's outfit with a medallion round the neck!

@ Joy, when I first discovered David Icke in the early 90's I thought he had been watching to much Dr Who and the Silurians to believe in reptiles.
But in the absence of a better theory, I have to say the idea of us being farmed for energy is the most likely candidate!

For a long time, I couldn't groove with the idea, as I had always had a hands on approach to theories, and practice.
In other words, I never seen no human battery draining critters.
But the final straw was reading Laura Knight Jadczyk.
She is very impressive with the cassiopean stuff which describes the reptiles, and seems to have cred with so much other stuff.
So I was much more of the opinion that what you describe, is likely to be along the right lines.
I don't personally have to believe any details, as it's still a theory.
But the logic that we are farmed can't be flawed.
The Rothchilds and there stinking cohorts do not need more money so that's not the reason things are what they are.
It's certainly clear that the state of zombies .. err I mean normal people, are akin to the cattle and sheep that graze blissfully unaware of the abattoir, just next door.

Just incredible stuff, what a dream!
What a detective novel!!
What a puzzle to figure out!!!


Watchand Knock said...

@BEE! Please tell me your mom's full name, byrthday (including year), address where she is living now (not the postal address)and byrthday! if you prefer mail to (I'll send her pic to the entity if you allow me to!) <3

joy said...

Dear Nick, I'm sure these negative ETs are here reading our comments.
I've had a few not-so-nice run-ins with the draco-reptilians in my astral adventures.
It appears their bodies are not carbon based, the reason we cannot see them, but they are here with us.
The only power that is now stopping them is our being aware of who we are.
They are scheduled for dissolution in the very near future.

Nick said...

Hey Joy, I am glad I haven't 'seen' them.
I have had stuff in the astral that hasn't been pleasant, enough to know I don't want more.
It makes sense they are tuned to a different station to us so we can't see them.
I have read that the only 'feed' on the more zombified humans, but who knows, I just know that nothing else makes sense of this control structure other than a human farm.
I also know from experience that we have a pure centre, and Gnostic idea of Archons / soulless Greys seems very plausible.

I hope the scheduled dissolution happens soon :-)

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

These comments are great! Thank you everyone! I appreciate all of them!

@Robert: Much of what you said about the ETs resonates with me!

@Bee: Positive intent going to your mom. Much love to her during this time!

@Nick: You always have great insight and pose things I didn't know or ways of thinking of things.

@Dada: It was inspiring. I too would love to master that meditation technique. I had a mini experience of this when I was meditating and purging negativity. I was connecting to the energy of the sun, and seeing the negativity extract though my solar plexus... It left and I could see it leave me like a "string" and when it rose out of me it pulled me up.. I ended up snapping out of the meditation when I felt myself float up a few inches (kind of freaked me out and was unexpected).. I have been trying to replicate that, and I feel like if you try to focus on it, it won't happen, but you just have to allow it to happen (if that makes sense).

A Man Called Da-da said...

Makes perfect sense. Thanks, ace.

Alpha X said...

I'm quite late to comment here so I don't know if you'll notice but thanks for doing this request. I posted another video submission because this one went so well. I wanted to point out that I posted the videos because I found them to be interesting but don't know much about the channels or people who made them.