Monday, August 24, 2015

What is Going on with the World Markets and Stock Markets Today?

Q. At opening today the markets dropped even more than last week... What is happening?  
A. I get that the passive aggressive weather attacks, and China ramping up their military and gold reserves has moved to the next phase of a transition of power.  This hit the pinnacle point with the recent explosion in the ship yard of China... And now the momentum is rolling to evoke change in the financial system.

China has been accumulating a large amount of gold for a long time now.  They are hoping to position themselves to be in control of the next world currency because they have the tangible assets to back it up.  Many countries don't like the tactics the US uses to maintain power (especially the ability to just print more money), and would like to see something more "fair and solid" in place.  China sees this opportunity and is trying to emerge as the new superpower.

China finally reached a point that they are able to do this (I hear something about their "resume being complete now") and put things in motion.  China started by manipulating their own market, realizing there would be a trickle down effect to other countries.  China realizes that we must hit a low before change will take place, and we can rebuild with something real.

Last week when the Powers that Be sent China a message that if China doesn't "play" with them then they are against them by inducing an explosion on Chinese soil, China retaliated by causing a situation that started crashing the markets.  China has no desire to be controlled.

Q. So what happens now?
A.  The people in the know are getting rich (selling and buying when stocks are low), but the majority of people are losing.  I see this continuing to plunge overall (the fear driven domino effect is in motion).  I also get the rebound will take some significant time..

Q.  How will this effect the price of Gold and Silver?
A.  The overall shock of what is happening will drive prices of everything down.  Precious metals will not suffer to the extend of the rest of the markets, but will see a subtle dip.  Once this rides out, I get that precious metals will start to emerge and will be the first to gain their real value.  People will see metals (that are tangible) as something secure and safe to hold versus electrons in the stock market.  I see this as being the important point when silver and gold emerge and silver certificates start to separate from the tangible silver.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


Anonymous said...

Was watching the Shanghai numbers all night .
Almost a 2% drop in the first hour .

I am not that familiar with the stock market but at some point it seemed the trading was halted when the market froze for at least an hour. hhhmm

Finished within a 1000 points of the open day at the beginning of January .

Now our market has been halted 3 times in the first two hours .

Hold on to your hats the winds of change are picking up !

dg888 said...

when you say significant u see months..perhaps years?

MJ said...

Where could normal people (not the corporations) buy solid gold? Not the jewellery or certificate type.

Would buying Chinese currency help to some extend?

Alex said...

I didn't know that China is powerful enough to crash the whole world's stock markets. If I understood Lynn correctly, does it mean that the powers-to-be will also lose money in this stock crash? It's good to see China fighting back after the detonation of the bomb in China.

PimpMyBrain said...

Ok, the game starts to be in plain sight so. But for us, mundane people, will this starts to touch our personnal saving, bank account, live incoming ? I know we need to get off this "babylonian slave money trick", but we will be affected by this ?

When you see they (PTB) try to put in motion the acceptation a this "Bail in" law(in US and EU), restriction of the withdraw cash amount and now the negative interest in savings (like in JP Morgan banks). Did the rapture of the people money going to start, here in West civilization, or they need more preparations around the world ressources (oil in Iraq, gold/diamond mining in africa, etc...) ?

As always ! Thanks for this reading, Lynn !

Anonymous said...

If in the states you should have a Mint like this place
They usually have current pricing on the website . is good site to keep track of pricing as well.

Check in with your local pawn shops there is always trading going on there an at times it might be cheaper in the long run to go through them then paying gas,tolls etc if mint is to far away .

Baku Matsumoto said...

@MJ Lots of couterfeit bill in China. You can not openly trade Yuan by FX trading. Hold on to gold/silver coins, farmland.

Bee E-lightened said...

Babylon WILL fall

brillantez said...

Hi Lynn!
Could you look into the murder of Travis Alexander? Was it premeditated and what was the motive?

Alex said...


Please put your request in this link below, there are many requests outstanding for non-urgent readings.

Mimzy said...

Now that China has the momentum going its kinda obvious that the US is going to strick back for what they did. I was wondering is there going to be a point were money is going to be useless for us and the US has no choice but to jump on board. I'm sure this going to affect us in some way..just wanna prepare.. Winters Coming.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Great comments, and thank you for answering each other.

There are some places that people can get real gold and silver. Coin shops are a good place. SD bullion is another place online. I suggest the older years versus the newer.

The PTB are selling higher and buying lower (why the stocks tend to "bounce" throughout the day) so they earn some money by trading that way. I also see them getting money out of the US and into other countries that can't touch it once things settle..

Craig said...

Hi Lynn, "I also get the rebound will take some significant time..", what do you see as this time frame?

Is this what you have seen as the beginning of the up and mainly down movement of the market, until in December (or there after)?

MJ said...

@Erin Erin and Baku, thanks, will check them out :)

MJ said...

@Baku, counterfeit bills mmm.. When I was working in a shopping mall years ago, there were Chinese tourists who would carry wads of cash in sports and the bags were full of cash to shop! It really felt like those ransom money in a bag or they are crazy rich!

MJ said...

*sports bag

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Craig: I did see the market doing just that.. Random ups and downs before the final fall... Just be cautious people. Money can be made if you baby sit your accounts (but low and sell high constantly), but it is a risk. Be careful and be safe. L&L