Wednesday, August 19, 2015

CERN and Other Concerns (as we approach the end of September...)

Q. Dear Lynn, Could you give us a reading on what is about to be unfolded in September 2015 in connection between CERN's secret experimentation with quantum particles and human psyche, (please listen to the video on youtube)  and engineered some sort of geo-catastrophic event to shift / force / change / manipulate peoples free-will and perception and create chaos in peoples thoughts / mind on global scale?
A. I get that when CERN begins experimenting again, the activity surrounding the experiments will create a disruption in the magnetosphere that surrounds earth.  It will be thick in some areas, and thin in others, and I see the bubble constantly shifting and moving about like a bubble on the end of a plastic dip stick (the type a child uses to blow bubbles in the back yard.  I will try to find a picture when I am done and add it to this post.)  The magnetosphere is constantly wavering bath and forth, and I hear the low lying "hum" to it as it moves..  

It is the shift in this magnetic bubble that effects people, so it is through indirect measures of CERN that people will feel it.  Much like how astrological positions or the moon tug on us, the magnetosphere does too.  People that are sensitive (especially to EMF waves) or have autoimmune issues will feel this the most.  I see it causing irritability, fatigue and "ADD type" feelings in your thoughts.  Looks hard to concentrate during this time.  

The biggest thing is to be aware of this and recognize changes in yourself.  Meditating, trying to hold a higher frequency, constantly clearing your energy and asking your guides to help are things you can do to mitigate the symptoms.  I also see soaking in Epsom salts (in a warm bath) can help to release some of this (what feels like toxic or overpowering) energy from your system.

Q. From NASA data available on-line, the mysterious huge asteroid name scientifically as 29074 1950DA is not going to collide with the Earth just yet, but close to around 2880 16th of March. Is this being used by the mainstream media as disinformation to keep people's attention away from the real global chaos produced by CERN?
A. There is a lot of money invested in CERN, and those that have invested in it do not want to see the program end.  Anything that can be done to keep CERN out of the media (unless portrayed in a positive light) will.  

Having said that, I see that this talk of the comet in 2880 is really a distraction for the real issue of the current "red comet" that is approaching our system now.

Q. Hi Lynn, Could you do an update on the red comet? Many people are predicting big events in late September and I remember a previous reading you did where you said we would possibly see another sun in our sky when the leaves are changing (fall). Is all of this related somehow? Thank you.

A. I still see this as true.  I get that on a clear day, and the right angle, you can start to see a glimpse of it now.  

I also see the "red comet" that is tied to that solar system is approaching our system, and going to cause a pretty hard winter (for those in the northern hemisphere).  There is going to be rather extreme weather, and nothing is going to be consistent.  As the gravitational force of earth and yanked on (which creates more of a dipping down of earth and then bobbing back up) we will experience extreme cold followed up by unusual warm temperatures for most of the end of 2015 and early 2016.  The inverse will be true for the southern hemisphere.

Q. Hi Lynn,  Do you see something major/paradigm shift happening during the dates of September 23, 2015 and September 24, 2015?

A. Many events are unfolding... I see a lot of shifting and it is coming from every angle.  Many things are building that are leading to an earthly climax.  The economy looks to shift (talk of precious metals, value of financial markets, stock market vulnerability, value of the dollar.).  I see consciousness rising with more and more people waking up and taking more control of their reality (and their perception of it).  Physical changes involving weather and the earth are approaching (as I discussed earlier).  And the last thing I see are the governments starting to attack each other (passively through weather manipulation and economic attacks) to gain control- like the next world superpower is up for grabs.  

Then, I hear this closing message to "not feed into the system, and do what you can to emotionally and mentally detach from the fear."

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


John Casey said...

So, why have these "people" invested so much money in CERN? What are these people and what do they hope to gain from its operation?

Robert Schoen said...

I think I need a drink or a vacation to Europe! I think we will all look back on this period and feel amazed we were able to experience it and realized all these problems accompanied the birth of a much better world. Like Lynn says don't feed into fear and think beautiful thoughts.

A Man Called Da-da said...

This "EM bubble" movement sounds like the conditions you described earlier in that German airliner crash in the Alps. I recall that CERN was active that day.

A Man Called Da-da said...

@johncasey ~ Pretty sure they built it to deflect The Event, or at least open a portal to Portal Land. Both attempts will fail.

Ryno said...

Reading this, I have the song "September" by “Earth, Wind, & Fire” playing through my head.
"Do you remember the 21st night of September?
Love was changing the minds of pretenders
While chasing the clouds away

Our hearts were ringing
In the key that our souls were singing.
As we danced in the night,
Remember how the stars stole the night away

Ba de ya, say do you remember
Ba de ya, dancing in September
Ba de ya, never was a cloudy day

My thoughts are with you
Holding hands with your heart to see you
Only blue talk and love,
Remember how we knew love was here to stay

Now December found the love that we shared in September.
Only blue talk and love,
Remember the true love we share today

Ba de ya, say do you remember
Ba de ya, dancing in September
Ba de ya, never was a cloudy day

"Blue Talk?" Wait… What the??? Project Blue Beam, Blue Blood, "Blue Avians", Project BLUEBIRD Blue Pill, etc. Speaking of the blue pill, it’s interesting “The Matrix” movie cover was blue though the 2 follows ups were switched to green. Why’s that? I don’t know, my guess is Blue is the color of Mind Control and symbolizing Neo stuck in the Matrix before he pops the Red Pill. The later Green color they used is more symbolic of a awakened and aware individual in my opinion. After all, how does Gaia symbolize that she is healthy and in balance? She’s covered in green plants! Anyway, back to “Earth, Wind, & Fire,” I looked at their album covers and what does one find? Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Illuminati, New Age mumbo jumbo. Maybe that song is related to this September, maybe it’s not, but either way I won’t be listening to their music the same way again.

Sorry for the all over the place post. My mind just gets racing sometimes. Thanks for providing a place where I can write some of this out.

Alex said...

Hi Lynn

Why is the US dollar rising against most currencies before its collapse in Sept?

Nick said...

@ John Casey if there is a couple of things that lots of research reveals about the world is;
They never tell us the truth.
They always have a story for everything.
NASA ( operation paperclip ) has a front office where the innocent kids fantasize about space travel and other dreams.
Heck they even have normal people working in view so the kids know that this is the jolly scientific, mega enthusiastic place where man conquers a galaxy far far away.
They have black ops galore back stage.

CERN HAS to be something similar.
The fairy tales they promote on documentaries how they are looking for the Cod particle then use fancy names to beguile us like Lepton, Quark, Muon .. sounds like a flamin' cheesey cow!

To put in context exactly what they know and how long they have known it think;
Nicola Tesla.
E=Mc2 was written at the end of the 1800s NOT by Zionist puppet Einstein.
If the kids are excited about science - good!
But if the truth was out the feeling would morph into being slightly miffed.

As for money, where do you think your taxes are going?
Besides, they print it when they want and at what quantity they want.

Remember gang kill your TV and oooooooorrrrrrrrrl your problems evaporate like a fresh cloud of barium & aluminium.


Nick said...

@ Alex Watch Money Masters, know well the power of the Rothchilds, learn of Bilderburg then rethink your question.

@ Ryno Talking about Bowie the other day, artists can have a lightning fast T1 connection to the pool of creativity and sometimes, in fact most I would say, they pull a lyrical rabbit out of the akashic hat.
Also like the symbolism you noticed, on one hand, prolly deliberate, on the other, the hidden stuff of the old world has pretty much leaked into modern consciousness via a sort of osmosis.

Having said that, the depth and deliberate nature of the manipulation of the music business is .. well typical of the control structure of this world.
Some say that even Mozart's music the result of a composite of composers - and the purpose of making him into a superman is the start of the modern mental state known as 'fantasy' - writing symphonies at 4 years old, then as a teenager memorizing every note of Allegri's Miserere.
A holy work so sublime ( and damn it is beautiful ) the pope didn't want the masses to hear it .. is not impossible as savants exist, but unlikely.

I also like what you have written and good observation skills brother / sister, the red and blue pill - the Pooh-ers That Pee use colour as much as they use, numbers, geometry, linguistics, Astrology and dog knows what else!

Conscious also of the fact of the dance tween dark n light.
Philosophical debate 101 - Are the bad bugars good guys in disguise to put us through our paces?


joy said...

I don't really know if I want to say this....this is only information...

....I heard,perhaps 10 or12 years ago, that there will be an attempt by the bad guys to derail our ascension by plunging Earth into a black hole. That Earth was designed to ascend first, then all the other planets will follow until the whole physical universe has returned to non-physical. If Earth gets inside the black hole, the rest of the planets will line up and follow Earth's path.(perhaps down to lower dimensions.)
Hmmm............this is what I feel is what CERN wants to accomplish.

Also, according to another source, CERN is being used to split and deflect the incoming Wave X from Earth, capture this Wave X and use it to direct us into a much lower timeline.

TWO different angles to shoot us down.

Silly, ain't it...?

We already won.
We'll let the big kahuna tell 'em.

joy said...

oh, the latest news I got regarding this line of probable future that Earth might
fall into a black hole . Well...........I was worried that ,you know what SOURCE does all the time..., SOURCE puts up all these probability lines out in the future, then makes it happen, just to find out what is there, and goes ahead and experiences it...

I heard , AIN"T GONNA HAPPEN.Everything is done. Everything SOURCE wants to experience is already experienced. SOURCE is,(we are)closing this one, and moving on to the next Game.

Raymond G said...


The dollar is rising because oil is crashing and so is the Euro.
Venezuela gets 90 percent of its foreign revenue from selling oil
Russia gets 25 percent of its national budget from oil
Last Christmas or so, oil was around 100-110 dollars a barrel. Now it is 41 a barrel.
Greece is on the verge of bankruptcy and so is Ukraine, Spain and Italy.
China's stock market drops lower every day.

So.....the currencies related to oil, like Russia's ruble and Venezuela (inflation is 80 % so far this year) are doing very poor. Example...they buy dollars to preserve their capital because if they retained rubles....they would be worth less. This time last year a dollar was worth 40 rubles. Now it is 66. If they had a dollar last year it would buy 40 rubles, today it would buy 66. So foreigners buy dollars as a hedge against their own currency.

The Euro is dropping against the dollar because of the financial crisis in Europe.....they keep printing more money to keep Greece and other nations afloat, devaluing the ones in circulation. And there is no guarantee they will pay it back. Investors in the Eu are buying dollars to preserve the declining value in Euros.

Ditto for the Chinese. The dollar may not be perfect but its value is more stable against other currencies. The dollar has become fashionable again.

Alex said...


That is true but Lynn has said that the dollar will collapse by the end of this year. So why buy dollars now when it's going to collapse in a few months time? Everybody should be selling the dollar instead.

Lynn said that when the dollar collapses, the Chinese yuan will appreciate in value.

Nicoletta Natalia said...

Hi Lynn, i read an article about this is it possible that CERN trying to avoid this with their technology? It mentioned about chaos too.what do you think about this? Thx :)

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@John: I see they are trying to get insights and secrets to the universe (like reverse engineering) to see how things work so they can learn how to build things from nothing (I hear the phrase “literally like a God complex”.

@Ryno: Interesting!

@Alex: It is being falsely manipulated so the rich can get their last bits…

@Nick: As always, thank you for taking time to leave a comment.

@Joy: I had not heard that. That is amazing to think we could tap into the Wave X. I did not see anything on that.

joy said...

Oh,no. The bad guys are behind the CERN trying to split Wave X as it hurtles down towards us. This is according to Cosmic Awareness. His article in their website in pdf form,above.He said to keep our peace and visualize CERN not working at full capacity. (I say, visualize CERN exploding)

Wave X known as the heartbeat of SOURCE, the inbreath of Source. This is the gamma frequency that has been "cooking" us, the material forms, in the molecular level,mutating our DNAs,by dissolving densities and incrementally adding light into them. Hence, many suffer ascensionitis.( Google Wave X) This incoming tsunami of Wave X might just be the final catalyst to transform our physical body into light body. It feels that way, anyway. The time seems right. I've been waiting for this to happen.

So, the bad guys (not the scientists themselves) but the unseen negative ETs behind CERN, have pitted themselves against SOURCE. This is exciting...!

Also, when I said that SOURCE will explore all probability lines, (pls see my last entry) The timeline where Earth Mother plunges into an artificial blackhole created by CERN, is possible that THAT has already been explored, and that we are inside the ascending, most positive parallel timeline and we don't get to see or experience it . ehhh...I like.

Thanks Lynn, too, guys.

Watchand Knock said...

Hi Lynn thanks for the great info! Rather related to "other Concerns" can you possibly cast a view on this? --> The article below states that due to the drought in Califórnia the soil in the Central Valley área locally drops 2 inches/month! Do you get this high subsidence rate is just related to dehydration or is this rather predominantly due to transtension areas along strike-slip faults? Thanks!! (

Asteria Do said...

Hi Lynn,
A very beautiful reading again. I love the trying to stay grounded and 'emotionally and mentally detach from the fear.' part. Thank you very much. With love and blessings to you.

PimpMyBrain said...

thanks for the reading Lynn !

Today, i have taken a nap in the middle of the afternnon. My pineale gland couldn't stop to highly buzzing (still now). I have done a small meditation before to fall a sleep and things just couldn't stop to flash in my head, whithout to understand/see them. That could make me shaking my head during a flash some moment and the background buzzing increased at same time. I quit to sleep a little, quite sleep hectic for what I remember and do again a small meditation afterward, and same things happened.

First i thought it was the WAve of energy that starts to be quite powerfull and i had trouble to manage it, but now with your reading and the fact that i live in the country where the CERN is (to the complet opposite in the country - France - Britanny) and the symptoms you discribe, now i don't really now what is the culprit of this feelings...maybe both...

EA RW said...

Vatican operation paperclip. Nasa operation paperclip. Humour.

Anonymous said...

Excerpt from Wikipedia
"An antimatter weapon is a hypothetical device using antimatter as a power source, a propellant, or an explosive for a weapon. Antimatter weapons are not thought to currently exist due to the cost of production and the limited technology available to produce and contain antimatter in sufficient quantities for it to be a useful weapon. The United States Air Force, however, has been interested in military uses — including destructive applications — of antimatter since the Cold War, when it began funding antimatter-related physics research."(...)
"(...)most known technologies for producing antimatter involve particle accelerators, and they are currently still highly inefficient and expensive. The production rate per year is only 1 to 10 nanograms.[1] In 2008, the annual production of antiprotons at the Antiproton Decelerator facility of CERN was several picograms at a cost of $20 million."(...)
(...)"Antimatter-catalyzed nuclear pulse propulsion proposes the use of antimatter as a "trigger" to initiate small nuclear explosions; the explosions provide thrust to a spacecraft. The same technology could theoretically be used to make very small and possibly "fission-free" (very low nuclear fallout) weapons (see Pure fusion weapon). Antimatter catalysed weapons could be more discriminate and result in less long-term contamination than conventional nuclear weapons, and their use might therefore be more politically acceptable." (...)
source link

"Retrocausality (also called retro-causation, retro-chronal causation, backward causation, and similar terms) is any of several hypothetical phenomena or processes that reverse causality, allowing an effect to occur before its cause.
Retrocausality is primarily a thought experiment in philosophy of science based on elements of physics, addressing whether the future can affect the present and whether the present can affect the past.[1] Philosophical considerations of time travel often address the same issues as retrocausality, as do treatments of the subject in fiction, although the two terms are not universally synonymous.[2]
While some discussion of retrocausality is confined to fringe science or pseudoscience, a few physical theories with mainstream legitimacy have sometimes been interpreted as leading to retrocausality. This has been problematic in physics because the distinction between cause-and-effect is not made at the most fundamental level within the field of physics."(...)
source link

Nick said...

@ EA RW Don't leave out Gladio and its “stay-behind” networks may be one of the most historically “accepted” or “confirmed” examples of false-flag terrorism.

Humour really is about the best ( if not only ) way to view the revelation we have all had to have, regarding what we thought the world was - and what it IS.
Laughing about the divine mellow drama doesn't stop us empathizing with the veritable sea of suffering.
It's just common sense - you can do NOTHING about the bad guys in the dream we are in.
You CAN do something about your role in the dream.
Learn about it.
See the big guy for what he is.
Big guy?
FEAR ( Flying Elephants And Rodents )

@DivineLoveandPower. Not meaning to offend and I say this knowing it is my not so humble opinion, but Wiki is used as a go-to for credibility - unfortunately it doesn't have any.
How do I know?
Because every controversial topic that looks like it's gonna invoke;
Mainstream World View Under Threat;
They call, Immobilize Smoke Screen & Damage Control.

For some things non threatening like Computing / Botanical Gardens and all normal stuff it's ok.

I personally use the Electric Universe exponents for my go-to when trying to understand where science and BS ( Bloody Secrets ) are in question.
Wiki like the History / Discovery channels is part n parcel of the dis-info brigade.

If you look up Electric Universe at the top of the list is a Wiki saying "this is pseudoscience" - so they are feeling threatened already.
So why do I like it?
Because these guys ARE qualified, they talk common sense and they just ain't on the payrole.

Happy truth hunting.


A Man Called Da-da said...

That CERN Unconcern:

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

As always, thank you everyone for the comments! This has been great to read, share and ponder over. I appreciate all the energy! Love and light-