Tuesday, August 25, 2015

North and South Korea Conflict

I received the following request about some concerning behavior that has been going on between North and South Korea. This looks to effect much of the world when looking at what may happen.. I will start off with the history and question, then follow up with my reading..

Q.  If you have a chance, it might be worth a public reading on the subject of war between North and South Korea.  If war comes, then the question is whether or not it will go nuclear.  Should that happen, I recall that Ed Dames' remote viewers made a prediction that a Coronal Mass Ejection kill shot would follow shortly after a nuclear weapon was detonated in anger on the Korean peninsula.  What do you see with regard to this whole thing, including the CME happening shortly thereafter?

Background Facts:  North Korea launched its entire fleet of operational submarines last night.  South Korea and USA are presently saying they do not know where they went.  Approximately 50 of them that have slipped out to sea and disappeared.  Speculation is that some of them will land sabotage agents in South Korea, but others will make their way to U. S. naval bases in Asia and even to the U. S. west coast ports where they will detonate nuclear weapons in suicide missions.  All of the above comes from alternative news sites on the Internet.  North Korea is famous for bluffing about making war and then demanding food and other essentials from the U. S. as blackmail, but they have not done anything like this with their sub fleet in recent memory.  Talks are being held between North and South Korea at the present time, but do not appear to be making headway.  Some are speculating that the north is holding talks to buy time for its subs to get in place, possibly as early Tuesday or Wednesday of next week.  Please include this information in your 

At this point, the two sides say they have reached an agreement and everything is OK again.  HOWEVER, there is no official word on the NK pulling back their artillery and troops at the border.  Also, no verified evidence that they have recalled their 50 submarines.  Until it is officially verified that the troops are pulled back and the subs are back in their pens, we cannot assume that they meant what they said at the talks.  I am worried that they will use this as some sort of a ruse.  For example, they could bring back most of their subs, but not all, and say that the missing subs were lost at sea.  Those missing subs could then sail on toward harbors on the west coast and catch us with our pants down.  So I regard this situation as still dangerous and volatile until all their military and naval assets have been spotted by satellite in their pre-crisis positions.
A. I do see that the North is acting and talking calm, but there is still a lot of rage.  They ultimately want control of the North and South and feel like they could have it if the US didn't have a presence there.  Those feelings are escalating (just like the energies in many other areas of the world: economy, finances, government, politics), and things look to be coming to a head.  It feels like a tipping point where some kind of major changes are taking place.  Many people feel it, and our subconscious knows it..  I see an image of a pressure cooker, and see this as symbolic of the tension and (potential) energy building until something has to release..

The North looks to be pacifying everyone now while they figure out what they want to do.  They are very strategic, and have thought about what they are doing.  It looks like they have been waiting for decades to have a reason to attack (like a person that has held a grudge and waiting for an opportunity to get even).  They don't look willing to give up this opportunity just yet.  They will pull in (very slowly) most of their ships, but will still leave some at sea.  I don't see them giving an excuse as to why they are there, they just simply leave them there and call it "practice drills" if someone insists on knowing.  

I also see the US military ramping up in the Pacific because even as smart as North Korea is, the US has some kind of Intel on this.  I cannot see a nuke making it to land, but in this timeline I see one going off in the water off the coast (like it was intercepted by a US ship).   In this timeline I see a mini war break out in which several countries band together (the US is a dominant force), surround Korea and basically take over Korea.  It feels to be over after a short time.  It looks like wars that are destructive are slow and drawn out, but wars that involve someone with the ability (and I hear the word "gonads") to release a nuclear weapon on the earth is stopped immediately.

I lastly wanted to address the CME.  I do see a lot of sun activity that is very intense, but I cannot see a CME so large that it destroys parts of earth or things in our atmosphere.  There is interference (electronics have spotty performance), and some climate issues, but nothing highly destructive (that warrants evoking fear).  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


Raymond G said...

I hope it does not come to a war but that leader they have is unstable.
I still have my fingers crossed and hope it will implode from within like the USSR and Eastern Europe. It does not look that way though. Fifty submarines is a lot to deploy even if they are ancient relics.

A Man Called Da-da said...

All these leaders should be forced to watch "The Atom Bomb Movie":


It's pretty horrifying (despite the fact that William Shatner narrates), but esp. the last five minutes (as propaganda).