Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Dissolving Karma

Q. Hi Lynn, Could you please tell us what are the most effective ways to dissolve any bad karma from our past lives?  I heard that there are several categories of bad karma (eg. light, medium, heavy, serious), could you tell us how these types work and how to dissolve each type if any?
A. The first thing I get is that you would need to analyze your life and experiences and see what patterns or feelings you have that tend to make you feel you are holding a lower vibration (or holding you back and not letting you be your best self).  Do you repeat unhealthy relationships?  Do you have an illness?  Do you have any vices?  These things don't necessarily mean you are holding onto some type of karma (could be a past life lesson you haven't worked out), but will help you to determine if you either have a lesson (or experience) to learn from, or if you have some kind of karma following you that you need to resolve (which in a way is a lesson on its' own).  I see that karma isn't a vibration, but work through vibrations (you attract the action with the vibration like fate, and karma works through that action).  Some are more intense than others, depending on how many cycles you have repeated and haven't resolved the issue.  

Q. How to dissolve it?

A.  It is important to know that there are terms thrown out there like good and bad, which are really arbitrary in the universal perspective.  Karma is truly a focus on balance (I see scales followed by the yin yang sign). We need contrast to truly understand, so what we term as bad is to give us perspective on the good.  Both are essential to learn and grow through all kinds of experience.  I then hear a favorite phrase that "the sweet isn't so sweet without the sour."  If everything was our definition of good, then we would not really know what "good" meant or felt like; it would just be a word.  Hearing a word or defining it is not truly experience..

If you have lower vibrational karma tied to you, the best way to rid yourself of it is to address the issue (really address it and have some discussions with your subconscious thoughts and higher self) and release yourself from it.  Acknowledging it is a huge first step.  Many times karma is tied to a lower vibrational emotion (guilt or need to forgive) that needs released.  It isn't always easy, takes some dedication and many times requires you to change your perception of your surroundings (interpret things as positive stimulus rather than see the negative).  Meditating can also help to gain insight and move these feelings along.  It will be work, but worth it in the growing experience. 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


Anonymous said...

Learning there are different ways to meditate and be still in order to process and work through experiences .

All my life up until now I either did not have the time or dismissed what bothers me
but it keeps coming back.
I sat down yesterday with a bunch of debris from my garden and made some tree branch/ fencing to hold up my raspberry's and realized while in the process I was working through some old emotional baggage .

Man it felt good.

I gotta acknowledge it before I process it .

Got a lot of work to do. ;)

Me too said...

How do you know if it is a karma or a lesson to learn? I have a situation right now that keeps coming back and I have released/forgave/meditaded etc, but still keeps coming back to my mind?

Great post

Compassion Spread said...

Could you please list the lower vibrational emotions as many as possible. Some of them are popularly defined, of cause, (as guilt for example) but some might be very surprising (I suppose, different ones for different people). For example, mentioned by you “need to forgive' as a negative emotion surprised me. At the same time, may be you also can come to the list of higher vibrational emotions, which probably won't surprise anyone, but what if?

Second point. Is the experience / life through negativity (suffering) an important part of the growth and raising vibration? Of cause, I might be very-very wrong on it, and stuck in the negativity, but it seems to me that the release of negative emotions (which all teaches usually promote) makes us less deep, less experienced, and 'happy life', in fact, doesn’t build some very important higher vibrational values that those experiences create like sensitivity to others, compassion, and so on. I know some new age people who still chose to believe in old fashion religious teachings that feeling a need to experience and live through some negative emotions, instead of releasing them, is normal and may be necessary in order to grow own vibration. For example, I felt a lot of quilt after my mother's death (there were reasons for that), and despite of all this theoretical knowledge that quilt is bad and needs to be released, there were no way I wanted to release it for a very-very long time, until I finally felt I had punished myself enough to satisfy that quilt and returned to the balance (as I hope on a higher vibrational level). So, my own life experience proves some need of suffering, but is this really illusion (or religious lie) that suffering (which means living through negative emotions) raises our vibration?

Bee E-lightened said...

Can karma/"sins" be passed on?! How do you explain something like the kennedy curse?!

samferina said...


What if you tried meditation, acknowledgement and just letting it go and it still doesn't work? I have done all three and I see no change. I feel I'm constantly stuck all the time and I just can't seem to pass the bump in the road. It's like something is literally holding me back. I have asked my guides and the universe to show me signs of what I need to do or fix, but seem like I get no feed back. Sometimes I really feel like I'm at wits end and the universe is just laughing at me either that or somebody put a curse on me. Are curses real or is it just another form of karma? I keep being bombarded with other people things that are going on good for them, but can't seem to attract positivity my way I just don't know what to do anymore. Advice from everybody is welcome thanks :(

Bee E-lightened said...

Thx Joy

Samferina, i feel that way at times. I feel my life is a constant struggle/battle with no end in sight.

Alex said...


Thanks for the reading.

I would like to know if our karma were to die in disasters such as air crashes(MH17), bangkok terrorist bombing, 911 terrorist attacks and earthquakes where innocent people's lives would be snatched away, is there any way to dissolve this type of karma if we knew beforehand that we would die this way?

Can we really be at the wrong place and at the wrong time if it was not related to balancing our karma?

Kiranasa said...

To stop Karma is to stop Samsara (Reincarnation). Only Vedic (Vedas) and Buddhist scriptures explain about Karma and how to stop it.

Cheryl Bane said...

Samferina, I feel the same way! I've tried meditation, affirmations, energy techniques, you name it. I've even drastically changed my eating habits (no more sugar, wheat, processed food, etc.) and started exercising regularly. I've lost 50 pounds, which is great, but I still feel stuck in life and most of the time feel like this negative cloud is hanging over me. Ugh. I'd also welcome any suggestions!

samferina said...

@ cheryl and BEE

I'm so sorry you guys are in the same boat with me it sucks doesn't it? I even have a visual board up thinking that it'll "attract" what you want in life/positivity. Nothing so far yet! I'm not going to lie it really pisses me off that the good guys and girls have to struggle and the bad people it seems like things just come to them easy which I don't understand if Like attracts like then if bad folks are negative vibes then why isn't it going right back to them? it's like they expel it out towards everybody else! oh well I digress, maybe we should all start a support group up lol ;)

Me too said...

@samferina, bee and chreyl

Me too - feel stuck at times on bad loops and trying to make sense of things.. :/
But I would say look at what's positive in your life, the good things, and concentrate on doing good.

Bee E-lightened said...

Thx all for the assurance and encouragement. Its really is....sometimes I hv ti remind myself that the Universe is working for my greater good!?

Anonymous said...

Embrace the suck!

What follows below is what has motivated me lately after I heard the phrase above of Embracing the suck from a Tao tweet a couple months ago.
When I said man it felt good in my upper post .

Sometimes I'm going to have to do things that are unenjoyable and unbelievably irritating (things that truly suck), and I have two choices:

Get frustrated, drained, and pissed off because I have to deal with the suck, or
Embrace the suck, and do it anyway, because I am an a$$-kicker like no other.

I’m reminded of an old United States Marines Corps recruiting poster I saw that said something like, “We’d promise you sleep deprivation, mental torment and muscles so sore you’ll puke … but we don’t like to sugar-coat things.” That phrase has always stuck with me because it actually makes hard work a bragging point for Marines, saying We pride ourselves on doing the things most people are too wimpy to do – because that’s our job, damn it. However you feel about the military (and let’s not go into it in the comments, please), this is an important distiction.

When you decide that having the strength to follow through on unpleasant tasks is part of what defines you as an a$$-kicker, it changes your perspective. You exchange some that feeling of being drained with a feeling of being proud of yourself. You tell yourself, “This task sucks, but I’m going to do it well because it proves that I rock.” And then you truly do “embrace the suck,”and do the dirty work with a good attitude.

You may not like the work any more than you did before, but you’ll sure as hell like yourself more for doing it without moaning and complaining. And a job that sucks becomes a job well done.

samferina said...

@ Erin Erin

Thanks for giving your input but the "embrace the suck" doesn't tend to work for real life issues. I just find it hard to say embrace the suck for a person that might have a serious illness or life threatening disease or what if somebody in a abusive relationship /household? if somebody came up to me and told me that(I'm not ill or in a situation just using as example) it would feel like a smack in the face to me. It seems like that saying more applies to everyday nuisances that are not that deep more like annoying stuff we go through in life when we have bad days (minor car accident, speeding ticket,bad day at work,job hunting, paying bills late, complaining about diet/exercise etc..) well that's how I'm interpreting it, but I do get what your saying and I actually like the quote. Will keep that thought frame in mind when I have a crappy day or even week lol thanks for sharing.

Bee E-lightened said...

Agreed Samferina....embracing the suck is more related to work. My situation is an ongoing battle...its battle after battle...and this army of one is tired fighting them!!

samferina said...

@me too

That's what one of my bestfriends always tell me you sound just like her :) and my husband always says stop worrying about the next person and focus on you. I try I really try but it always just come to me when I'm not looking like running into a old friend and everything seems like all is great for her or going on Facebook which I hardly do and you see the wonderful lives of everyone, fantastic news are announced and even though you're trying to be really positive for whoever it maybe but really in the inside you're trying to find out why you can't just be happy too And why nothing EVER works out for you? Sometimes it brings me down it wears me out putting on a fake smile for the outside world to see when in reality deep down I'm screaming out. Yes this sounds awful I know that's why I'm here always reading this blog lol! I'm really trying to get out the funk but it comes and goes. My mom use to always tell me "it's just your turn that's all" and I'm like gee mom it's been my turn for years now I'm over it lol! this is like the longest "turn" in my life nobody else wants a ride? Ha ha ha then she would reply" the devil is a lie (not literal just a saying) don't let him beat you. yup that's as much advise she'll give 😟

samferina said...


AMEN!I must be in the same army with you cause I'm just as beat down you can only be so strong.

Sorry Lynn I don't won't to hijack this post and make it seem like I'm whining

to all

Me too said...


I just got some bad news on my job front 5 years looking for a new job and turned down again... :-/

I know how you feel

samferina said...

I'm sorry to hear that @ me too one of my issues is also related to the job category ha like I said ONE of my problems, but I'll keep you in my prayers that everything works out for you:) love and light my dear

Me too said...


Thank you! Include some of my friends too, I believe it could be age related. Lynn lots of people here needing your help based on this topic. What you think about all this?

samferina said...

@ me too
Will do and I'll include the folks here who is having a hard time also #BEE and Cheryl😉

Compassion Spread said...

I wonder what creates karma in the first place. Bad intention- obviously. But if there is no bad intention (what, I think, in most cases takes place), but just following one's heart or desire, but knowing that somebody will be hurt on the way, or unwise thinking, wrong decision, mistaken action due to inexperience for example? What is the right thing to do - suspend the action if you know that somebody will be hurt (to avoid the karma creation), or follow your plan?

Craig said...

Through my spiritual studies and practical experience, I use something called the Violet Flame meditation given to us from Ascended Master St Germain. I actually mainly credit this for saving my life when faced with terminal cancer. There are many variations, you can search it.

I hear those who are trying to release past issues and sometimes it is a deep subconscious pattern ingrained over lifetimes. You might try regression therapy through hypnosis. If you do , find one of Dolores Cannon's practitioners to help you. She developed a technique which has been highly effective.

To me, karma is just a persistent energy pattern that needs to be balanced out. It's just lessons, mainly with certain people and situations that you have dealt over and over again, some positive (easy), some negative (hard).


Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Me too: If it keeps coming back, there is still something there to address… It could be residual karma, or a lesson, and really tuning in to your subconscious will guide you.

@Compassion Spread: By lower vibrational emotions, I am referred to things that make you feel bad: anger, sadness, self doubt, insecurities, worry, anxiety are some examples. Love and forgiveness are of the highest vibrations that give off the highest frequencies.

@Bee: Yes, it can be passed on. It is referred to as karmatic debt.

@Samferina: When you feel like you have tried everything, the best thing to do is determine what type of cycle you are caught up in and change that behavior.. See if that makes a difference..

@Alex: Sometimes you can and sometimes it can be difficult especially if it is tied to a life lesson (or the lesson of someone else tied to you.

@Kiranasa: Thanks for the info and link!

@Everyone: Thank you for the input and advice, and even support of one another. I love this community of people that have come together! You are all beautiful people! Love and light-