Friday, July 24, 2015

Missing Holistic Doctors

Q. Can you please do a reading on the mysterious rash of deaths of holistic doctors and practitioners, mostly from Florida:  This is truly worrisome - many are outspoken anti-vaccine advocates. What / who is behind this and why? Thank you!
A. I first get that many doctors and healers are coming forward, sharing truths about what is in immunization and what these medicines / toxins are doing to the human body.  These truths are resonating within the subconscious of many people, therefore, people are listening and waking up to these "truths."  As people "wake up" and start to resist the push for immunizations, the government (mainly due to the "politicking" from big pharma companies) is feeling the pressure to quiet down this "movement" toward more natural health approaches to these diseases.  There is so much money to be made in immunizations, and also the side effects created from the immunizations that the health care industry doesn't want to miss out on these potential revenues.

I get that some of these doctors that could not be quieted were killed under the disguise of suicide (or very random, unexpected events) and others are in hiding.  I get a lot of references to the book Atlas Shrugged as I go a little deeper into this. I then get that some of these missing doctors (after feeling threatened or being harassed) left and went into hiding on there own free will.  I further get that when they left to go into hiding, they have met up together at a secret location to pool their efforts so they can later emerge as a unified stronger group, using their collective efforts to REALLY start a movement and share knowledge.  I see more and more of these doctors "disappearing" as their group grows.  I'm choosing not to go into where they are, or details of their plan as I feel a tremendous action working in the greater good is set in motion.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light- 

The following is a reading I did on Dr. Bradstreet (one of the doctors).  You may also first this interesting.


Robert Schoen said...

These brave individuals both going public still or in hiding all deserve whatever energetic support we can send them. I have often been amazed by how successful doctors in the medical profession have little social consciousness or intellectual curiousity outside of their own practice. The exceptions are ruled dangerous, how sad.

Lisa said...

Update from yesterday. It does not look good:

EA RW said...

I find it really tragic that these things can happen into our society and that we let them to happen. Why would you study medicine and then work for these companies and not questioning your own integrity. David wilcock sure was right that there are more and more whistleblowers coming out. It is just scary that we are test subjects and government has the power and knowledge to alter our genes through a simple flu vaccin. VMAT2 ffs. We have a serious problem here. this video I came accross a while ago and it's just sickening.The one thing I notice is that it's about the right hemisphere.

A Man Called Da-da said...

Well, this will all soon be a thing of the past. Here's ome good news for a change:

Wave X is inbound.

Cheryl Bane said...

Wave X. . .I've been hearing about this from Simon Atkins, eating up every interview I could find of him. I was poking around the Galactic Connection website and stumbled upon Lily Earthling who says that this Wave X is just another, new control matrix--the Saturn Matrix--that is on a "positive" timeline, but one that's still controlled and on a time loop. A guy calling himself The Ruiner has a blog that says the same thing. Any thoughts on this?

samferina said...

I just read about this yesterday on another website ironic that today you cover the same topic Lynn why is this only happening it seems in the southern east states? is there a reason for this? (Florida Georgia north Carolina)

Juli T said...

Resistance is freedom.
So great to know they'll be kicking back. I love this!
I'll put them in my meditations to send them the best wherever they are.

(I'm sorry for the big pharma guys efforts but this has the opposite effect on me, I wasn't really anti-vaxx until they started to make these people disappear, now I'm more convinced than ever!)

joy said...

Cheryl Bane, this WaveX is coming from the Great Central Sun.
This might be, I suspect, the gamma rays coming thru our sun,that is now affecting us in ways that even the good doctor Atkins cannot explain. It has been increasing in quantity since we got inside the photon belt. It is accelerating our mutation from carbon based to silicon based bodies. This ray is affecting our lightbodies.

SOURCE, thru its human tools (lightworkers) built several lightbody models and passed these down thru their ancestral DNA. Human DNA has been mutating since the planetary conjunction of 1987.
Humanity's lightbody is now fully formed. However, it has yet to be switched on. It's like an electric wire that is not yet connected to the source of power.

SOURCE is in charge of turning the light on, and we have been being built to a certain frequency to make this happen. We are being transformed from the outside by WaveX and from the inside by our Lightbody.

Now, according to ,the Sphere Alliance message, this last week of July and first week of August, will arrive in our planet "the heartbeat of SOURCE"...............a continuous wave of energy that will keep building.

The Sphere Alliance did not explain this wave satisfactorily for my rational mind, but my interpretation (I'm hoping, actually) is that SOURCE might just flip that lightbody switch.

Those of you who have read the bible, when Jesus was in the garden of Getsemane, he lighted up like a lightbulb. THIS was his lightbody activating.

When that lightbody wakes up, all energy blockages in our energy field will burn, leaving only that which is you. The REAL, TRUE SELF.It is at this level that all our superconscious abilities will come on line.

Remember also that humanity shares its gene pool with the negative ETs. They have been effectively "infected" with light when they took our genes.
SOURCE wired their innards..! They will have to face the light from the inside of their bodies. ouch.

When, not if this happens, and about time it does, our old world will pass away, and on to the new...of peace,joy, love and prosperity.


cheryl Bane, This

23 tulips said...

For what it's worth, Corey Goode of had this to say about the American Kabuki site:
"This person "Denise" and another making these "Sphere Alliance" messages are NOT affiliated with the SSP Alliance or the Sphere Being Alliance. They claim to be in contact with the 2 beings that have not made them selves known. This gives them away right away. There is a reason these other 2 groups are not making themselves known or communicating with any 3rd/4th Density beings. Always use discernment with all information and sources. Many are jumping on the bandwagon of the Sphere Alliance and Blue Avians right now. Once the Image of the Blue Avians is released this is going to occur at an even bigger rate. This has been going on for a while but I was warned it would pick up at an unbelievable rate."

He made similar comments about the guy calling himself the "Ruiner" but I can't find the exact quote he made.

It's difficult to really know what all this is about, but important to be alert for "disinfo".


A Man Called Da-da said...

Here's the old grandaddy of Wave X, from 70 years ago:

joy said...

Dear Tulip 23,
Thank you for your advise.

Heh.... I actually do not discern the messengers. I discern the message.
My spirit has this sense of humor...It gives me information sometimes, indirectly thru dreams, thru casual comment of other people, thru billboards, thru a knock in the head or thru the devil himself.

Now, a long time ago,I fired all my guides, all the ascended masters, all ETs , and I have nothing left to talk to but my Spirit. So, when I read something that looks interesting, I pass it on for clarification. And yes, it looks like something big will happen this last trimester of 2015.

Oh, I am one of those assigned by Heaven to build this lightbody for humanity. Took me about 25 years. Much like building an ARK. Spirit wired the human body with 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th dimensional light wires, and many structures to bolster it. When activated, makes the human invincible.
Really impressive. Spirit made me go thru a trial run of humanity-earth ascension, so naturally, I'm in the look-out for the signs of these things materializing. (no, I'm NOT ascended)

And I'm really wanting to see this transformation of our carbon based bodies to silicon base. For a while,I worried I might not live to see it.

To me, this info I got from americankabuki looks like this might be one positive sign connected to our lightbody activation.I KNOW it will be activated, when..? I get a feeling that it is close at hand.

don't be surprised when this happens to you, too. .

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Robert: You are right. They do need our healing, positive energy.

@Dada: Yes, things are changing. As much as they try to hold us back, it is inevitable that it will end.

@samferina: I get many holistic doctors are getting the courage to speak (rather than sit back and allow clients to find them), but a "movement" was starting to form in the southern states. The govt is preventing this movement from occurring.

@Joy and 23Tulips: Thank you for the comments and info.. I appreciate you sharing this and allowing us to read and see what resonates within each of us as true and possible.

Love and light to all of you!

jana said...

I learned of the unexpected death of Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez yesterday and was HORRIFIED.
I've known about him for years, well before he was Suzanne Somers' doctor. He saved someone we know from stage 4 pancreatic cancer. NOBODY is saved from stage 4 pancreatic cancer from conventional medicine and this man is alive 20+ years later.

They actually took out the MOST FAMOUS holistic cancer doctor. But why not? If they could eliminate our president in front of the world....

I'm really distraught over this - to sacrifice poor Dr. Gonzalez and the others! Are they ready to eliminate the natural health bloggers like Dr. Mercola and Mike Adams? Is Alex Jones in danger because he highlights the dangers of modern medicine?

Suzanne Somers' tribute to Dr. Gonzalez:

One possible reason they're suppressing holistic healers:

Dutchsinse had the above video on his Facebook yesterday - it has since
been TAKEN DOWN - no trace of it today.

Dr. Bradstreet was researching this:

Thanks so much, Lynn, for this reading.....

Mumbi Kihumba said...

Hi Lynn.
thanks for the reading..
I saw this a few minutes before I saw your reading on the doctors.. does it resonate with you?

Flood said...

Unfortunately, holistic doctors are not the only ones they assasinate/kill in America. The same thing has been happening to scientists, inventors, activists and journalists. Anyone can research this and see for themselves on the web. Im sorry but this is quite depressing. Thats why I believe we have to have lots of help from benevolent ET to dislodge the death grip the negative groups have on us. I would like to ask a question, do any people/humans down here on this rock have any sort of protection, any sort of celestial guardians or heavenly protection that could actually stop these groups from just killing off the good guys at will? If some people do have any measure of protection, is it just a select few, like say only starseeds, or is it a larger number? Or is every single person/human down here on planet earth fair game? It seems that many times when a good and decent person trys to make some positive changes, they are immediately wiped off the face of this earth.


Flood said...

This is my first question Lynn and I would like to ask this,lets say the negative groups wanted to round up all Americans who are awake and aware and that they declare a threat to their control system. Im not talking about those who go willingly to the fema camps because of natural disasters or lack of food. Im talking about if they tried to round-up awake and aware americans in order to exterminate/kill us all. Yes in order to kill millions of americans. At this stage in the game, would the benevolent ET groups allow this to happen? Do we have any sort of guardianship or protection that would stop this from occuring? I reside in america and I can certainly say that although the citizens of america are largely more good than evil, more light than darkness, this is not true for the shadow government, we have a seat of evil here that controls and poisons everything in sight.

Reportedly the Blue Avians have said that, "Things will get worse before they get any better." I certainly expect that here in America.

Funny i pondered one in my mind the other day before i saw the latest color drawing of one, asking myself what a bird being would look like, and what came to me was the latest sketch.

Flood said...


Alex jones is clearly what they call a 'gatekeeper'. Someone who dishes out truth little by little to the public but who ultimately works for the negative groups, is fulfilling some neccessary function for them, and is an asset for them. But it may be possible that these gatekeepers actually work for both the bad guys and the good guys in some fashion, I don't know. I think Mike Adams, the one who calls himself the health ranger, I think he is a gatekeeper as well. Reportedly he is a former supersoldier with a military background. Ron Paul, former candidate for president, who is now running paid commercials on tv telling americans about the coming collaspe of economy/dollar, could be as well. The thing with a gatekeeper is they will tell you the partial truth, but then deflect the light of truth from a certain negative group that they serve and are trying to protect. Spiritual discernment is key, as always.

Flood said...

Here is an interesting link on concerning a recent Corey Goodes gaiamtv interview and the Blue Avians, in which voice analysis software is used.

John Casey said...

I hope our collective good-will can protect these doctors and other whistleblowers. It really sets me back on my heels when I consider the effort that goes into death squads going around the world assassinating anyone they find threatening. I am going to send them all the love and good-will I can. How awful it must be to be in hiding, afraid and away from friends and family.

Compassion Spread said...

You, dear, full of fear. You need to change your thoughts. There is no death, don't you know this yet? So, there is nothing to be afraid of, besides the own fear. No one (including ETs) will protect you if you're afraid. It is your own responsibility for yourself to overcome the fear. And if you're afraid of something, be sure this will happen, because by fearing it you manifest it. So, train yourself in meditation and your conscious thoughts to be above of any fear. If you won't win over fear now, this will be your task for the next life. So, work on this task as soon as you can for your own benefit and growth.