Thursday, July 23, 2015

Plasma Tubes Around Earth

Q. Can you please take this photo for a future reading?

This is the image of plasma tubes, which according to Cobra (, are part of the negative plasma implants constructed by the dark ones that keep us quarantined here on Earth and delay the planetary Shift (Event) and Disclosure.

"Earth primary anomaly quantum fluctuations well, or in other words Earth primary anomaly accretion vortex, maintained by the plasma implant grid and supported by plasma strangelet and toplet bomb retaliation mechanisms is the background meta-strategy of the Chimera which maintains quarantine Earth status and still prevents the Event, Disclosure and First Contact." (Cobra)

However, I personally do not feel any negativity regarding these plasma tubes that an undergraduate student in science has recently discovered. I mean implants did exit that connected to our energy field as a mean to control us, but not these shown in the above photo like Cobra stated.

What do you feel about this?
A.When I look at this picture, I see these plasma tubes as showing energy tied to various portals and energetic vortices.  I also get that (not sure where this picture came from or who made it??) there are portals and energetic vortices  that exist that are not shown, and some of the ones shown are not accurate.  I see the way they [the portals and vortices] are drawn are good representations of what they look like, but the locations look off.  I also get that some "tubes" should be drawn with one end connecting to the earth, and the other end open into space (to show how other dimensions come to and from earth). 

It is true that there is a field around earth that is holding us at our current vibration, but that looks more like a bubble that is encapsulating us, not a tube.  I also see this bubble as thinning out as the collective consciousness rises.  We also have some ET friends that are guiding us along this path.  It is a long path to get to our freedom, but definitely a realistic possibility as long as us humans work together and keep the current momentum.

And that is all I have on this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


Lakshmi said...

Come on. Advertising is not the point.
Love of god, means respect of other peoples space (not trample)
May peace be with you and those you respect (or try to respect).

Colaborama said...

Just a clarification for the one's not following the Resistance Movement (Cobra's Blog). The picture above is a visual artist impression of the theoretical model proposed by the referred student in the article Cobra quotes

You should read the full Cobra post to understand the context.

The quarantine is a natural process of Evolution except when it's enforced by artificial means to create multidimensional sub-atomic vortexes which reverse your sub-atomic "spin" or flow of energy. Hence they reverse the positive and natural polarity of Earth's natural energetic grid.

This plasma accretion vortex creates ideal conditions for etheric parasites, kind of like a suitable environment in which energetic vampires thrive, and get attached into our etheric body.

This is one of the main reasons why many times when someone's vibrational state rises a tone, for example, soon after a sequence of events happens on a person's life which immediately seeks to lower it's vibration.

You can beat of course.

But you have to acknowledge the existence of this "plasma generators" and other suppression tools like electromagnetic pollution, vaccines and food poisoning so that you can "cheat" on that game and exit the "negative polarity" network.

The ET's are actively dismantling this scalar network because that's something we could never do in our present state.

This network exists for 25.000 years without our consent and knowledge which gives Earth the status of being under "occupation", hence giving the right for any benevolent force to intervene.

Surely I can't imagine how long it would take for us, alone and collectively to dismantle this grid by ourselves.

However Cobra and the Resistance Movement and others have stated many times that they're not here to do all the work for us. Re-building the planet it's up to ourselves, but dismantling this scalar network will make us "shift tracks" regarding our current timeline (which is my personal belief it's happening at this very moment) and allow us to co-create collectively and without interferences a new society.

At least after that, there will be no one left to blame besides ourselves.

Highest Frequency's.

A Man Called Da-da said...

So, Lynn... there is a field/bubble holding (some of) us at our current vibration. What is its power source? And what plane is it on, can you tell? And when you say "long path," that's for one timeline, right?

Some may recall my describing how meditation doubles in power: one person meditating is X; two people meditating on the same topic is X^2, and so on. That's why 7000 people meditating --- or X^7000 -- are so powerful. Meditation is exponential. Perhaps we should have as our goal, for the next group meditation, the popping of that encapsulating bubble.

Cobra has his regular weekly "breakthrough" meditations every Sunday. Perhaps we should join in. He's looking for X^144000+

A Man Called Da-da said...

Note that Da-da just sits, meditating zazen. He doesn't do the little dance in the video. Not without pie.

Anonymous said...

@ Colaborama

Just had my aha moment.
You guys are teaching me mental aikido . The awareness is there for me but it is starting to stand alone aware of the fear an anger. I know you guys been saying that all along . Like everything else it is muscle memory for me. Started realizing it when thinking about Lynn's perspective on depopulation agenda and navigating around obstacles to see the finish line and then the Isis video was so absurd.
On this website there was a recommendation to read Robert Monroe book Far Journeys . It also helped me see what is going on from the perspective of what part we all choose while here . Whoop whoop! (((((Snoopy dance.)))))

Juli T said...

There's a saying here, something like 'when you get a bad one, you get all of them'. Like when something bad happens to you there's a string of bad things happening to you not giving you time to pull your head out of the water to breath. So the etheric parasites make sense to me.
Lately when something crapy happens to me I have the feeling to get rid of that state immediately, like I don't want anything to pull me off the track cause I feel it's gonna be harder to get back on. *grabs a Lysol*

Danny Do said...


So this means Cobra has provided us with Wrong Information? That these portals and vortices as mapped by the young scientist are neutral and are Not what keep us here on Earth? That there is no such "full of strangelet and toplet bombs) in these portals and vortices like he has claimed?

I see that we are kept here by the current vibration of our own shared collective consciousness, and density (the "bubble encapsulating us" that you mentioned) which are in the process of Shifting. But there are no claimed strangelet, toplet bombs and implants?

Thank you very much for this reading. Love and blessings to you.

joy said...

Oh, plasma generators. I'm somewhat familiar with this thingie. Many years ago, I was being physically attacked by negative non-physicals,... the major offender was a blackmagician from Atlantis. These blackmagicians are ancient ETS, and that this etheric machine is an ET technology.(that's the story I got from my healers) Prior to that,my spirit attached a reincarnational self to me, and this attached false self was also a major blackmagician from Atlantis.These two were mortal enemies.
This is NOT my reincarnational self, but the karma generated by these two blackmagician has to be erased, and I was the patsy designated to dismantle it.
This is called false karma. Perhaps the blackmagician was in my genetic line. My spirit isn't telling.

the reason I claim this reincarnational self is not mine , because I can never be that malicious to destroy human lives. THAT is not who I am. I'm not owning up to it.

This opposing blackmagician created an " etheric interdimensional tube-like pathway from my birthplace here in the Philippines, to where I was at that time, San Francisco, and brought in thru this...a huge black entity called kapre. This guy started to steal my cash. I could see many hundreds of dollars disappear from my purse. Sometimes, it would sneak into my chest and snore loudly all night long.... bastard.
This was stopped when my healer, a shaman removed this entity and the tube and put some protective barrier around me., if I get bothered by the non-physicals, I just yell at them to beat it. They're not intelligent and sometimes not very obedient.....bastards. But, I get them out of my energy field.end of story.

Also, it is my suspicion that the radioactive dusts from Fukushima might reaching the USA thru a devise such as this.

In my readings of esoteric articles, I also found out specific information about this; that our slavers, the draco-reptilians have similar etheric interdimensional stargate, called the mahatma, a pathway to direct the energies they sucked from us, direct it to their ships or homeworld, for their consumption. From the collecting nodes, the leylines, to the shipping point, the stargate located inside the pyramid out into these interdimensional tubes .They call this activity "harvesting".

Dear Lynn, about Sandra Bland, the black girl that was hanged in a Texas jail this week ,was she suicided..? It looks like it. The story of her suicide is not right.

joy said...

Dear Danny Do and Lynn, I also have a feeling that these claims of Cobra
regarding this race of beings called Chimera and their strangelet bombs
and toplet bombs are not real.

The reason is , no one in the esoteric circles have said anything about
this before and I have been reading on this subject for over 25 years.
It does not mean I'm correct. Perhaps I missed something.

So, I looked in the internet about this Chimera race.The only one who
writes about this alien race is Cobra. google: chimera alien race.
However, there are plenty of virtual games on this subject.
google :chimera. I'm perplexed.

Perhaps Cobra is getting his stories from his ET guides, and they are feeding him with details from these virtual games..?

Raymond G said...

Lynn...How do you know all these things about such diverse subjects ?

When you ask a question and RV the answer, do you record what you see, is there a voice that tells you what you are seeing or do you 'just know ' what you see is true ? Is it like a 'sense of knowing' something is downloaded to you so that you understand what you see ?

I want to be able to RV like you...:).......If someone asks me what I did this afternoon, instead of saying that I cut the grass or watched a movie I can tell them I RV'd plasma surrounding the Earth or observed the edge of a black The conversation would be more interesting.

Anonymous said...

@ Joy

Zechariah Sitchin in one of his books he talks about the Chimera. I did not catch which book. It was discussed in a radio show couple nights ago. I have not had time to follow-up .But hope to confirm soon.:)

Juli T said...

Lol Raymond!
Imagine Lynn's kids at school. What does mummy do, sweetheart? Well... she's a stay at home mom, she cleans the planet, fights some demons here and there, you know....

They Live said...

On the blog Time No Longer on wordpress, the blogger explains Chimeras as being hybrid souless type entites which serve as bodies which low vibrational beings inhabit. I.e. half bull half fish and other types of beings mentioned in mythological stories.
They still experiment creating such beings but it seems they got human cloning down pact so for these low vibrational spirit beings to walk among us without frightened reactions from humans, a souless body that looks human seems the way to go! Think Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Colaborama: Thank you for sharing this. It looks to even provide more insight.

@Dada: This “bubble” looks to be in the next dimension up (4th). I also get that as we ascend to the 4th dimension, we are able to pass through it, making us not trapped. It looks like the bubble holds us down until we are advanced enough, and then it loses it power.

The is absolutely a synergy in meditation. The power is infinite.

@Danny: I will never claim that someone is wrong and I am right, we all get information through different channels and there is no real science to this. We all add something to the bigger picture. I see it differently, and don’t feel the fear behind it, but rather the challenge with the solution as to how to overcome it.

@Joy: Thank you for sharing your story. I will have to look into that suicide in a future reading. Sounds like something is off.

@Raymond: xoxo. Honestly, I go through my rough drafts (I have a list), and something will pop out. A word or a phrase, etc… I pull up the question, clear my mind, take a few breaths, say my mantra to myself, then read the full question to myself… From there, I just start going with what I get. I may see a scene play out, start to feel emotions, get a reference to a tv show or movie, it really is random. From there I just start typing (letting the typo-s fly). When I am completely done, I reread what I wrote so it makes sense (the original ideas are sometimes very disconnected) add a few pics and post. It seems to flow naturally (most times with most topics)... I would say if you want to try it, practice. You may be surprised at how much is hidden in your subconscious wanting to come out.

@Juli: xoxo

Colaborama said...


Just to provide some additional clarification on the points discussed here I'll try to be as concise as possible, since the amount of compiled information is a bit "huge" at this point.

Earth is under quarantine for 25.000 Years since the Fall of Atlantis.

This means it's subjugated by the primary anomaly. The primary anomaly is the source of all darkness and is described as "random function of free will, void of any meaning". It was generated by a choice made by souls who decided to disconnect from the Source to experience that path.

This is the origin of the concept of "Black Sun" which some secret society's invoque in their occult rituals, and it's the source of their "Black Magic".

The Archon strategy has been essentially the same for several million years. They quickly realized the most efficient strategy for opposing highly evolved civilizations, was to take hostages among the less developed civilizations like us.

The main stronghold of the Archons was the Rigel cluster on the Orion constelation. Thus their where the occult force that allowed the Draco Empire (that was also an aggregation of several ET races, hundreds of them, under severe Archon influence) to expand their domain throughout the Galaxy. Their "quarantine strategy" is build upon:

- implants in the etheric an plasmodic planes, given at the phase of physical incarnation and trauma at birth, which short-circuits etheric brain, driving erratic and counter-evolutive behaviors on beings, implanting distorted belief systems and anti-natural ideological / belief fixation, thus making anybody in that particular more likely to be under mind-control, group thinking, etc...

- implant stations throughout the solar system (or any given system under their control) which generate scalar and plasma fields like the one described in this post. This implant stations have dual purpose. They monitor all levels of multi-dimensional activity in the system and create Archon prone environments in the system so that they can thrive and feed off physical beings prana. Also those stations monitor all extraterrestrial activity in outer space and on the surface of the planet

- exotic weaponry to keep a particular system under siege, developed millions of years ago (old in that sense) which can implode any given planet or even large star systems at one time.

- controlling the incarnation process (incarnating in human body's and choosing where other souls get to incarnate)

Colaborama said...

Because of this, ET positive contact with Earth's surface population has been scarce and irregular, and when achieved subverted by the Archons representatives on the surface of this planet. Also one of the Archon's mind control programs incepted through implants is the "impossibility of extraterrestrial life" designed to cut of possible contact with evolved civilizations, since that would collapse immediately any control grid.

In the Higher planes the primary anomaly manifests itself by the lack of understanding on how to resolve the "cosmic hostage situation"

The first Archon (Parasitic rulers of Etheric Plane) invasion was around 25.000 years. The second Archon invasion was around the time of Jesus Christ, since whe was an Ascended being who incarnated on Earth to help mankind seize that

window of opportunity for Ascension (2000 Years window). The Archons panicked and arranged the second invasion to suppress that Ascent. The great Archon physical incarnated representative was Emperor Constantine.

Since then there has been a constant battle for this planet, because the current Galactic Confederation of Planets, which is the aggregation of the most spiritual advanced races in the Galaxy, have been battling the remnants of the remaining Draco Empire, which come from the Rigel cluster on the Orion constellation. The Draco Empire was also an aggregation of several ET races, hundreds of them, under severe Archon influence.

You must understand first that a long long time ago the Archon's rule is implemented through "implant" stations located throughout a specific stellar system.

Skipping (which doesn't mean that a lot of important stuff didn't happen in the meanwhile, because a lot of stuff happened) to the 20th century, several ET races had contact with several secret societies which drove a lot of attempts to pierce the quarantine status of Earth.

Most of them where unsuccessful. Two of them was initially successful through the Thule Society in Germany where Hitler and some of his followers where educated on occult rituals and the other was in Unterberg, also Germany, with professor Schumann ("Schumann Resonance").

Those attempts by positive ET races to make contact later failed since the battle against the decaying Draco empire was reaching it's being, and many of their ruling elites where forced to relocate. So both of those secret society's, either Hitler's or Schumann's, where heavily infiltrated by run away elites from the Rigel system who, over time begun to subvert the directives and ideology's.

Please do not confuse with our existent babilonic roots ruling elites with are descendants from Draco colonists of the earlier Atlantean time galactic wars (who drove the fall of Atlantis and settled on Earth to mine precious metals and genetically engineered the "monkeys" - us - to be "smarter" and more "competent" slaves, since our atmosphere was not suitable for them). These are the tall ones with "pointy heads" whose cult drove the "illuminati" rituals and other occult society's who are the driving force of shadow governments.

Colaborama said...

So the Nazis developed together with some infiltrated ET's some advanced technology which allowed them to explore the nearby solar system, as far as the moon. Except the moon was already colonized by several other neutral races. Nevertheless a Nazi colony was established there. On Earth, the Light forces were able to infiltrate some governments also and formed the Alliance which defeated the Nazis.

In the meanwhile through Schumann's secret society the blueprint of a planetary scalar network was built which gave birth to the actual scalar planetary grid as it is today.

However as the Nazis were being defeated, the infiltration proceeded in the Western world and the original occult society's who ruled the world until then were merged with this new wave of negative ET's infiltration. Most of the relevant Nazi elements were "paper clipped" into the Western Industrial Military complex by then, which gave birth to the first secret military space program, an upgrade from the original nazi space program.

Interestingly enough just after WWII that Nazi driven group was confronted by the larger runaway fleet of the former Draco Empire, or better described as a rogue group, since by then the Orion constellation was under influence of the Positive Alliance, which had liberated that sector of the Galaxy, causing some dispersion of groups who where still disconnected from the source.

One small group sought Earth as a new stronghold and confronted directly the Nazi Space Program / Military complex, whipping out any resistance, since they where technologically superior. They forced agreements with all Earth's military and shadow governments to enforce the quarantine status of the earth, thus blocking all the surface of the planet from any ET contact, suppressing all historical evidence of that, and boosting all consciousness suppression and poisoning programs to keep the surface population in obscurity and focused on compliance with their agenda.

The driving force for that Secret Space Program and Military Industrial Complex Expansion was that infiltrated small group of (new) run away ET's from the Orion Constellation. That's the group that is known by intelligence operatives as the Chimera group.

Colaborama said...

From the Orion constellation they brought more exotic weaponry, more strangelet and toplet bombs which reinforced "the hostage plan" for our planet and boosted the implant inception program through a more perfected and solar system wide plasma scalar network. The biological implants were pushed forward by the Global Vaccination campaigns and Pharmaceutical company's in general, and conformity with the voluntary debt slavery system trough distorted Education implanted beliefs on our society.

With the expansion of the Space Program and military complex came the need for funding those secret activities. So the Babilonic Debt Slavery system got an upgrade in the 70's when the Gold Standart was abolished to pave the way for the current FIAT money system we have, which is designed to further milk the workforce on our planet through taxation and corporate extortion.

So since then the colonization for mining of raw materials, production and assembling of of advance technologies for trade has been the norm using our tax money and our "voluntary servitude" (artificially activated).

The third Archon invasion happened in 1996 when a peace treaty was signed that brought peace, after millions of years, to the galaxy.

Foreseeing this, way back in the 70's and 80's the Chimera group paved the way for the third Archon invasion, with a Draconian plan to improve the Secret Space Programs, suppress even further the Rising vibrations in the planet and keep us even more sick, obedient and conformed (after the 60's warning and the rise in vibration back then) and extort more from the workforce, upon which is dependant for funding all illegal activities.

So in retaliation for the peace treaty the third invasion begun which increased even more the rate of repression in all sectors of society. In outer space the solar system was claimed for ownership by the Chimera and it's Earth minions, which by then had a full grown industry and engaged in trade, through the Corporate Interplanetary Conglomerate, with some 900+ civilizations, essentially exotic technology driven.

Colaborama said...

By 2001 the Galactic Confederation started the "intrusion" into this solar system positioning they're biosatellites (moon sized spheres) within the solar system. The Alliance is composed by semi-ascended and fully Ascended civilizations. The fully Ascended ascended civilizations use the huge spheres to buffer the tsunami waves of energy that come from the galactic central sun, because we're in a very energetically charged sector of the galaxy. If nothing was done the consequences would include dramatic effects on individuals psique, Earth changes at an uncontrollable rate that could be extinction type of events.

Within the Alliance there are less Technological and spiritual advanced races which are the Pleiadians, Sirians and an agglomerate of about 60 3 D and 4 D civilizations that are usually referred as the Ashtar Command.

On the Earth's Surface this Alliance manifests it influence trough the BRICS alliance and some asian based secret societies which, in practical terms aims the establishment of an alternative to the current western Chimera driven system. New financial and social infrastructures continue to be implemented, so that when the "Wall falls" i.e., the Chimera implant and exotic weaponry network is dismantled, and events soon rush to the demise of the debt slavery system, a multi-polar and grass-roots network of service to others quickly replaces, with as less upheaval as possible the current "matrix".

Colaborama said...

In space, since 2012, some sections of the secret space fleet also defected to the Alliance and are now referred as Secret Space Program Alliance.

Although their goal is to defeat the Chimera and it's minions, their methods were still "old school" since some of their post-defecting operations caused concerned among the Confederation, because of the loss of life involved, some innocent and some not so innocent. The alliance was forced to put some brakes on momentum of the Secret Space Program Alliance, shifting to a more waterproof approach, while in the background the dismantling of the Chimera's planetary a solar scalar plasma network proceeds.

The current planetary status of the Chimera group is as follows:

- all implant stations and exotic weaponry are removed in the solar system, only remaining the sub-lunar space which consists of the space between lower lunar orbit and Earth's lower orbit satellites;
- the sub-lunar space is being "cleaned" right now and it's the last line of defense before the surface of the planet. The "cleaning operation" of the solar system is code named MOSS (Multi-dimensional Operations of the Solar System).
- all planetary physical weaponry of the Chimera is removed
- The Challenge remains the planetary scalar generators which generate the scalar plasma veil. The main one (and main Chimera base) is located in a underground base beneath Long Island and the Brookhaven labs. There is also where the cloning operations for many political leaders are done, and one of the reasons why they haven't been taken down so far (they would just be replaced by a new clone)

After the conclusion of MOSS, events will quickly escalate since vibrations on the planet will quickly escalate and would be impossible to control.

The activity of the Central Sun will be buffered less and less by the Biosatellite spheres of the Alliance to the point it will dissolve implants in humans.

However you can accelarate the process of dissolution through several specific rituals .

The Resistance also advised to seek protection in several meditation and contract resolution protocols which should provide some cover for the remaining Etheric parasites who will be running for their lives as the plasma network is dismantled. This means that their "proper environment" now lacks the conditions to host them, and they can only survive if we keep giving them loosh, unresolved contracts and instant Karma

You can also join a group in your area and prepare for the Transition with like minded people who are organizing locally and globally to help lift vibrations when the Event happens

Highest Frequency's

Anonymous said...

Chimera another name for nephilliam?

Ryno said...

Oh, this little blog seems to be developing quite a following! Remember to always continue seeking out the answer's for yourselves. Humanity has fallen for lies to many times because they simply just beLIEve what they are told. It's time to break the Godspell and programming. I'll trust a woman (the Universe is Feminine) before I will ever listen to a snake.

A Man Called Da-da said...

From what Lynn just said (to me, above), you can see the answer: the barrier is at the 4D level, so... if you vibrate up into 4D (and above) it loses its efficacy. Stop commenting and start raising those vibrations!

Ryno said...

@A Man Called Da-da: You can try vibrating all you want, I will focus on keeping my yin and yang in balance and work on my synergy with Gaia. Nothing but love for ya! :) Oh, and where is the 5 for Friday?

joy said...

Thank you, Colaborama. Quite a report..!Interesting information especially about the implants. I'll keep re-reading it. Most are new to me.
I know that we humans have had umpteen etheric body implants and those who are awake could not have done so, without the removal of these.
The way I see it, this is a massive undertaking by the Cobra Group.
Other ET groups do not seem to know this infiltration.
I was checking and this morning..nothing.
Thanks again, Lynn.
Thanks everyone.

Anonymous said...

Deleted my last comment to post the author of the videos question.

This was shot in Greenwood, Indiana USA by a man riding his bicycle as a storm was approaching . It looked like a bizarre mysterious sky phenomenon. When this strange light caught his eyes he couldn’t help pulling his camera right away. That was quite amazing and weird at the same time. Have you seen anything like this and do you know what it is called? This will get you researching. This video is awesome!

Anonymous said...

This video same day as the Greenwood video but in Illinois

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Colaborama: Thank you for all the info! Lots to think on!

@Everyone: Great comments, and thank you for the energy put toward this. There is much to think on regarding all this, and it is great to step outside the box!