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Q. Europe's Medieval Cathedrals, especially Notre Dame de Paris, have a lot of gargoyles that look to me as low energy soulless ETs, who perhaps were really the builders of these astonishing buildings. Am I right on anything of this - are these ETs-builders? Who managed the projects and invited so many different forms of ETs (birds, animals, humanoids, etc.) for the jobs? What was going on during the building of these gorgeous architecture? I suppose those were not allowed to have interactions with humans (they are all shown looking down from the above), yet some sculptural fragments show some humans among them. Some of the famous Cathedrals do not have any ET images in their art, only humans and human-like angels- does it mean that the building of those cathedrals were supported by only human-looking ETs (Hard to believe people could build such buildings on their own)?
A. I get that at the time the inspiration for these structures came about many types of ETs walked the earth.  ETs and humans worked together to erect these buildings.  I see the ETs had the "know how" and the humans were the work force driving it.  In some way, the humans were honoring these ETs for their help and guidance, and willingly put forth effort to build these intricate buildings.  Because of the involvement of ETs, and their higher intellect (at the time), these buildings were created to celebrate and honor the spiritual aspects of the universe (I get that is why they were built so tall, and also why many have a point, like an antennae, on the top as a way to "beam down" and connect to those beings on the ground.)  They were later changed to be more religious buildings (like religion took them over??) versus a spiritual "connection point" to the universe.  

These gargoyles were incorporated into the design to both honor the ETs and also as a way to create a feeling of protection.  They are looking over the people and also protecting the building.  I also hear, why do you think that because something isn't our definition of attractive that it is incomplete or negative?  A beautiful soul can reside in many types of "shells" and the beings that these gargoyles represented were of very high vibrations.  I also get that the incorporation of bird, dog and cat "type" humanoids were incorporated because that is our history, and ETs of that orientation are how human came to be.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you. Love and light-


They Live said...

Nice reading! I remember being told sometime ago that gargoyles on these buildings were a sign of protection. It makes me think of the cartoon Gargoyles where the gargoyles would come to life and help people.
I had a conversation not too long ago where I talked about an experience I had with one. I was at my friend's house and left a picture of angels praying in her room. Outside it was sunny and raining and I told my friend that meant the devil was beating his wife, yea I know these sayings.
We left her room and when we came back my picture had these little hard dots in it. We of course thought that was weird. After talking about it, we went into her living room and danced to music. She had a big mirror that covered much of the wall so we can see oursselves dancing. When I glanced at a corner in the room while dancing I saw what would be described as a gargoyle look at us and laugh, when I turned around it was gone.
I figured it was the one who meddled with my picture and felt it was bad. After talking to my friend about that experience and knowing what I know about religion we concluded maybe the picture incident wasn't a bad thing after all.(??)

They Live said...

I also recently was contemplating what Lynn mentioned in this reading. If something is grotesque to us it doesn't mean it's of a low vibrational energy. Again, nice reading :-)

A Man Called Da-da said...

Huh. Da-da thought they were just there to be pushed off onto an unsuspecting mother-in-law.

Watchand Knock said...

Thank You for thi reading Lynn! Referring to Notre Dame de Paris the previous cathedral (Saint-√Čtienne=St Stephen's built in Merovingian style) was demolished in 1160 to give place to the present building under the Bishop of Paris named Maurice de Sully.
It took 90 years to be accomplished a real long period of time, and the place was already owned by the catholic church. Why would they worship someone else than Jesus?
I mean, these so called Gargoyles may have played a role much much earlier and where then still part of the French Folclore (today forgotten probably) and therefore where used on the outside probably in order to keep bad spirits away.
Four architects where responsible for its edificiation. ET participation could have happened by influencing theyr dreams overnight. (here's a blueprint of the present and previous church
I mean if it was a completely new building built in a new place it would be possible, but not on a ground already owned by the catholics.

Lindsay Klouse said...

There are no soul-less beings. Everything is from God/Source. Just because you perceive something to have low vibrations does not mean it does not have a soul.

Robert Schoen said...

I always thought European gargoyles referred to the same entities that inspired the dragons and Fu Dogs in Chinese culture and similar effigies in other cultures. Was the primary appearance of gargoyles in France as opposed to Italy and other countries a sign that France was special or held some particular geographic significance with ley lines and other energies?

Raymond G said...

Interesting, I always thought that gargoyles were ugly because they were suppose to ward off evil spirits. But I wonder why they would be on a church, when the church preaches against false idols? And if you need gargoyles to protect you, then it suggests that Faith is not enough and you lack confidence in Jesus/God. I dunno. Christianity has incorporated a lot of traditions that were originally pagan : Christmas trees and Easter bunnies. So, I wonder if gargoyles were left over from other beliefs and used in the church to avoid alienating new converts ?

Juli T said...

"A beautiful soul can reside in many types of shells" <3 <3 <3
Every time someone tells me rats or bats or whatever are disgusting I always say right, cause you're a freaking Adonis.

Alex said...


Did these ET really look exactly the same as these gargoyle in terms of all physical aspects eg. height, face, posture? Why did these ET leave Earth?

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@They Live: I don’t see it as bad either. I would ask what emotion you felt… That is usually a good indicator of what type of energy is moving around you.

@Watchand knock: You are right. Anything that was newer or reconstructed was either recreating what was already there, or inspiration came to the architects through a more universal means (intuition, inspiration or dreams).

@Raymond: Good point!

@Juli: xoxo

@Alex: I get they left due to the ET war that broke out. They were “banished” in a sense, and that is when the reptilians took over.

They Live said...

Hello @ Lynn, that experience occurred when I was about 13 years old and attended a Catholic school at the time.. I felt stunned I guess when I saw the glimpse of the gargoyle as I surely didn't see him/her coming lol and I was weirded out by the picture but I thought it was pretty cool lol
When I discussed the occurence years later, which was about some weeks ago, with my other friend is when we concluded it might not have been bad especially with all the awakening and researching on such things as religion. I noticed I didn't give time frames in my first post.

Ryno said...

@Lindsay Klouse: I would suggest that there may in fact be soul-less beings out there in the form of A.I. (Artificial Intelligence). They probably would like a soul though. That is something that will be faced later though, right now Earth has an Illuminati problem it needs to eradicate first.

Flood said...

Bird, dog, and cat type humanoids, hmmmmm, interesting. And the bipedal lizard men? Don't they also proclaim they created us and we are their property? Heh Heh, as if. Someone said hue-manity carries the dna/genes from many of them, supposedly a total of 21 or 22 different star races. With all these animal-humanoid types I always look at us Earthers as the primate version humanoid, I dunno just looks that way. It appears our physical bodies are but weaklings and lemmings compared to some of these beings. But we have bigfoot on our side, lol. Im' not so sure about the dogman down by my local river. Ha.

Valiant/Bill who posts at Rumor Mill News says the Lion-men have been dispatched here. And are "standing guard" over certain humans at this time.

As a side note I like orangutans. And bonobos too. And chimpanzees. LOL.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@They Live: Thank you for sharing your story. :-)

@Ryno: That resonates with me as well. I can see that being true. I don't see AI as a true life force, therefore, it would be an incomplete soul.

@Flood: Thanks for the comment. :-)

Flood said...

Hey no problem. I imagine all humans are born with a certain measure of protection from celestial beings against certain things. It appears the bad guys, demons and malevolent ET and all, have some universal lines even they can't cross, although it appears they love to bend the rules. But in the past, and even up until this point, it appears humans are free to raise their vibration and teach/show the way and work on getting out of this place if they so choose, but to go out and try to change the material and physical world in a big positive way is strictly off limits. And will get you killed. lol.

Speaking of dog-being gargoyles, I mostly hear the wolf-men and dogmen(from sirius?)(and/or genetic experiments leftover from atlantean times??)are mostly negative and service-to-self, but I dunno.

An oldie but a goodie. hehe. Warren Zevon-Werewolves of London on Youtube.

They Live said...

@Lynn Many welcomes and many thanks to you!
Re: Souless Beings- do not come from God, they include organic robotoids (check out the movie Ex Machina) and certain clones, I think the ones made from cow parts. They're used by low vibrational spirit beings to inhabit.