Friday, July 10, 2015

From the Future to the Present

Q. If someone was to travel to the future, would they have knowledge of everything from the past? In other words, would they have knowledge of every thing from now until they point they move forward?
A.  I get if they traveled and physically moved forward in the loop of time, yes they would remember.  If they moved forward via an incarnation, then most conscious and some subconscious is lost (unless they have mastered how to incarnate without having their memories wiped away).

In a previous reading I did I a saw a man pass away, and he was able to alter his spiritual vibration in such a way that he moved through the incarnation process WITHOUT having previous knowledge and memories erased.  I get you have to do intense training and study, but it is possible (even though very rare).

Q. A few people have suggested that they have traveled to the future. I think a few people may have had some time slips, but I think many of these people make up their stories. Al Bielek was a man who said he traveled to 2749 and lived there for two years. Another guy named John Titor said he was from 2016 said that we would be involved in a civil war, Florida would be flooded and much more.Are these guys just trying to promote themselves and see how far they can take it or is there any legitimacy to their stories?
A.  I see that both of these men were in different situations and both resulted in experiences in which they connected to a different time, and learned different perspectives based on a future time line.  They were able to tap in and mentally "live" and see life somewhere in a psychic sense.

With regard to Al Bielek, I see that he spiritually connected with a person and could see life and feel emotions through that connection.  I don't get he was there in his own physical body, but he was spiritually very present (like he could see through someone else's eyes).  I get he was able to go for even brief moments, and since time is something our physical bodies use, those brief moments felt much longer in the spiritual perspective.

(Previous reading on John Titor is linked below).

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Here is a link to a previous reading I did on John Titor that some of you may be interested in:

I have also attached another link to an older reading I did on Time Travel. 


PimpMyBrain said...

Nice reading again, thanks !
In your previous reading in September, 10th 2012, you wrote about "point of reference" in our meaning of "time". In David Wilcock radio interview, he talked about the "Zero-Time Reference" (ZTR) there : (at the end of the second transcription).

Which means that in natural time-portal, the age of your body follows your current time-line. You go 10 years in the futur, you arrive with your body aged 10 years ahead. You go 10 years in the past, you arrive with your body aged 10 years less. But it doesn't work for animals. It is true ? It is a "special high divine security" to avoid to much mess in the time progress if allowed that happening ?

Seems that you can find that ZTR (E.T.)technology to change your personal ZTR and perform travel without troubles. That should mean that a certain point of "evolution" (spiritualy) you have gain enough Wisdoms to be allowed to pratice time travel ?

Thanks Lynn ! :)

A Man Called Da-da said...

One sure way anyone can travel in time is to have children. Years and brain cells VANISH.

A Man Called Da-da said...

Though mustaches seem to pop up in the darndest places.

Raymond G said...

Thank you Lynn. Time travel is something I can't get a complete grasp on in my 3D world. But the concept amazes me. It would be fantastic to be able to see 50, 100 or 300 years in the future. Considering the changes we have had in the last 50, there is no telling what life will be like in 2100. I wonder what someone would tell us if they lived in 2100 and returned to this era ?

Donald H said...

I guess we just gotta wait for Marty McFly and the Delorean to show up ;)

Watchand Knock said...

& From the present to the past!? What function had those pipes below this 150,000 y old pyramid in China? Who assisted the Chinese to build it? Thank You Lynn! (

Anonymous said...

In the event of the collapse of the US, what should we get to protect ourselves? What about food?

Robert Schoen said...

Lynn, while you suggest Tiltor and Beilek only did a form of astral travel to the future, there are others like Andrew Basiago who claim to have been physically transported to the past and claims he as a boy is captured in a Matthew Brady photo of Lincoln while giving the Gettysburg address wearing man sized shoes someone lent him.
Is this a factual physical incident, as are the others listed on this site?

Also you are a bit of a time traveler yourself, the way you are able to tap into the oneness and relive events from the past people ask you about, recalling details and impressions only one who has been there would know. What is your take on how these events can be accessed by you and other highly evolved beings?

Anonymous said...

@ scorpio

Take a good look at Greece right now. That is what happens when economies start to fail. It will go downhill from here. Of course you should have some food and water and medicine. All fiat currencies will fail, ours is no different.

One thing for sure, Greeks that live in the country and have a few chickens and a goat or two with a big garden are doing better off than the Greeks who has been living in the city in an apartment. It is all about choices.

Raymond G said...

Lynn, H G Wells had an amazing imagination and did a great job of predicting the future. Was it his imagination and being able to use logic to see the future ? Or was he actually able to RV or astral travel to another time line ?

Me too said...

Lynn you could use the link from Robert for the next Friday pictures "are they real or not"?

Watchand Knock said...

Lynn, following the above @Me too's suggestion, here are some leaked UFO pics shot back in 1971 by submarine USS Trepang during a trip to Antarctica. The focus quality isn't that much but could you possibly check if these are real ones (and post on one of the nexts friday pics session or if this is another type of "paintshop-art"? Thank You! (

A Man Called Da-da said...

@Watchand Knock ~ Those pics are already on the list. Da-da bets $1 for real.

Anonymous said...

@Da-Da. My greatest journeys have been taken with my children and my grand child. Brain cells GONE but so worth it. It makes all this other chaos less important. Geeze, I just found a meandering mustache attached to my monitor!

A Man Called Da-da said...

Gotta watch out for roving mustaches. They breed in sock drawers. Speaking of that, have you seen this?

Amazon finally got the LOOK INSIDE feature set up. Only took a month!

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@PimpMyBrain: Interesting.. I always got that you stayed the same if you travelled (you are going through, but not experiencing time). Maybe I just am not seeing it right..?

@Dada: LOL

@Raymond: There have been people that have said they did (but I get it is more in an spiritual sense) and had really interesting theories. Here is a cool video I watched.. .

@watchandknock: It does feel like a portal of some kind.. (With a huge electric battery built on top).

@scorpio1995: Do what you can… Food, seeds (non gmo), water and a way to filter water will be the most important…

@Robert: I see that the past, present and future all coincide (much like watching a movie on a DVD- the beginning, middle and end are all on the same space and can be accessed). When we tap into an event (past or future) we are tapping into the collective consciousness of what happened, what is happening and what will happen. When someone time travels, if they go physically I get they are tapping into someone living in that future timeline (maybe even someone who had a near death experience??). I get if they looked in a mirror they wouldn’t recognize themselves. I know this may be confusing, and let me know if I need to explain it better.

@Raymond: I get the inspiration came to him through a psychic intuition.

@Metoo, Watchandknock and Dada: :-)

@Diane: xoxo

Robert Schoen said...

Lynn, I love the analogy of past, present, and future all being accessible as on a dvd which is a perfect analogy. You are a teacher to us all.Thanks!

Dante said...

Hi Lynn,
Is there such thing as a time slip?

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Robert: :-)

@Dante: Yes, they do happen all the time.