Monday, September 10, 2012

Is time travel possible, not through spirit but in the real physical sense? Has it been done?

8:45 PM - When I ask myself this question, it immediately takes me back to a reading I did a while ago and it was regarding the Bermuda triangle and also another area in the world the devils triangle.  One of the locations took you to what felt like an alternate earth and I believe it was the Bermuda triangle actually took you to another layer in time in our current earth.  The devils triangle took you to another prehistoric planet, and that is the closest thing I can really relate to with the topic of time travel.
Q-Has been done before by humans?
A-I am getting an image of that movie back to the future, like they understand the concept, they are wanting to make it work and it is like they are so close but they cannot figure it out.  I almost feel in looking at this that one day it will happen but it has not happened yet.
Q-Has any human and or animal accidentally passed through a time vortex like the Bermuda triangle, and can they go both ways?
A-All I can see is a herd of animals, it looks like big huge Buffalo, so it looks to me that animals have done that and I feel it can work both ways.
Q-So could a dinosaur time-warp into our existence?
A-I feel that is possible, and on that same thought, I am getting an image of a really crazy snow storm as if like some small tiny pocket of weather has kind of I guess shifted through the layers too.
Q-Are you saying weather causes these time-warps or can pass through them?
A-Ah not, I just think is just a weird anomaly that some odd and strange weather has escaped through the layers.
Q-When you refer to layers, would you call the "Time Layers"
Q-Is there such thing as time, or is it in our heads?
A-It is in our heads but serves a a point of reference also.
Q-So how do I know that yesterday was not really me living 30 years from now?
A-Because 30 years from now, your body will be aged and you will not feel like you did yesterday, it is just a point of reference, you could call each day five years and live to be a million, you are just putting a simple number with where you are today.
Q-Have humans fell asleep and awakened in a different layers?
A-Hmm...I cannot say that has never happened but I do not see it.
Q-Will time travel be discovered in our lifetime?
A-I think yes because in the image I am shown they seem very close to it.
Q-If it is discovered in the future, why do they not just travel to the past and revel the secrets.
A-Maybe we are not ready for it, I do not know.
Q-How did you feel about this reading?
A-It was different but I felt pretty good. 9:02 PM


Anonymous said...

cool reading, this is a link to a article on quantum time travel It is only on subatomic particles for now at least, still very interesting.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

There was a idea proposed by Nikola Tesla, a famous inventor, of alternating current and alot of other stuff having to do with electricity. There is an idea that he had called the wall of light though which space and time could become affected though it is not known if anything came out of it. What comes to you when you focus on this idea?

Anonymous said...

This might be just a cospiracy but what can you get from this, montauk project.

Psychic Focus said...

I do feel we are close.. I do not think it has been completed, but I feel that it will be soon. I also did pick up on magnetism being a key component, but I also feel that it is in conjunction with some kind of ionic balance in the atmosphere. The concept of our military doing this would not surprise me as I have seen a lot of activity being done by our military right now. I have an open mind to many concepts and hesitate labeling anything as merely a "conspiracy theory." Thank you for your feedback.

craig said...

Check out Andrew Basiago, says he was involved in teleportation projects as a kid back in the 60s.

According to him, they had tried to teleport him back in time and even though this was successful, found that each time they tried to replicate it, the event was slightly different -- different timelines. They had trouble getting back into the same timeline.

But the teleporting itself worked great and he said that he had been to Mars bases many times, as well as seeing someone else go there -- get this -- Obama.