Sunday, May 31, 2015

Energy Work / Reiki - How does it work?

Q.  Can you explain how energy work really works?  Do you have to be near the person?  Does it work as well remotely?
A.  When I think about energy work I see that at the core of all living things is energy.  Plants, animals and humans are made of different forms of energy.  Anything that has energy tied to it (even thoughts going toward events) can be healed.  I also see the earth as a living thing, and it too can be healed. 

This energy (your soul) is connected to a greater source (the collective consciousness), and that connection is what connects all living things.  Through that connection we are able to psychically connect to each other, connect to the greater consciousness and train ourselves to be an antenna for energy to heal others (because we are all connected). 

When someone is healing or using energy work to heal someone, they are training and concentrating on pulling energy into their body (I always seeing it coming in through the crown chakra) and funneling it out through their body (I see it exiting most times through the hands, like you are giving the energy to someone or something).

I also get that even if you aren't trained, using positive thoughts and intent can help to heal.  You are subconsciously pulling in the energy and giving it out.  With practice you can make the process "feel" more natural, but don't worry that you aren't doing it right.  If you are open and wanting to work in the greater good, the universe will guide your abilities.

Energy work can work near the person or remotely.  I see the connection (energy exchange) occurring at the universal consciousness (the image I see is the analogy of a satellite in the atmosphere).. The signals go to the satellite whether you are standing next to where the signal needs to go, or you are far apart.  Energy healing works the same way.. whether you are near or far the signals run through the universal consciousness making remote healing just as effective as face-to-face healing.  

[There are many people out there that can use healing energy.  Feel free to leave a comment, and put "it out there" for the universe to aid in their healing.  I also want to invite any healers or Reiki Masters out there to leave comments and offer any advice.]

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Questions About Dinosaurs

Q. Hi Lynn. Can you tell us about the dinosaurs? Their history and how they came to be? Were they intelligent and did they exist with/before humans? Were they around the time of Pangea or what was their world like (like Jurassic park, hostile, easy)? How did they all really die? Who were the smartest dinosaurs and did they ever have feelings? I am curious about them. They lived for millions of years and I have always wondered if they were smart like some animals today (dogs, cats, elephants).
A. [I want to approach this by breaking this down question by question....]

Q.  How did they come to be? 

A.  Dinosaurs look to predate humans, but their existence lasted and overlapped when humans were here too.  I see them as living here at the same time that earth was viewed as an oasis.  I get an image of UFOs and the presence of ETs coming to earth and dinosaurs were here when they would pass through or stop.  

In my mind I am trying to back up to see how there got here in the first place.  I get that while earth was forming the reputation of being the "oasis" of the solar system, there was another planet or star system that was failing (I want to Drakar, Dragon, Drakonian- some kind of name that starts with a "DRA" sound).  This location housed the "reptilian" ETs.  I get that as their system was failing, and earth was thriving, they decided to relocate.  They brought their life force here, and had very creative geneticists that created these "dinosaurs" out of experimentation, need for protection and the ability to control different aspects of earth.  I hear that they used the dinosaurs to be their eyes and ears (as if they could look through their eyes and hear with their ears through a connection in their conjoined DNA).  The had the ability to "tap" into the sky, land and water.  

Q.  Were they here around the time of Pangea? 

A.  Yes, and that is how they roamed the earth.   Earth was beautiful.  I want to say paradise.  Very "Jurassic Park" feel.  

During their existence through extinction several things happen.  The earth was closer to the sun, the moon was closer to earth, and the earth was smaller (and the continents were connected).  As earth's orbit grew larger, the moon distance became greater and the earth expanded the gravitational force was much higher.  The larger dinosaurs couldn't survive this type of pull on their systems (hearts beating and circulation, etc).  The larger dinosaurs died off before the smaller ones, leaving the "reptilian" race very vulnerable..

Around this time was when the "cat and dog" ET species decided to come back to earth and each tried to take it for their own.  The ET battle began, and that is what killed off much of the remaining dinosaur life (except for those that were able to burrow, hide or escape the battles).  I get that for many days the sky was full of this sulphur smell that feels like it would be toxic.

Q.  Were dinosaurs intelligent? 

A.  I see varying level of intelligence.  The land roaming ones (T Rex, etc) look to be very intelligent.  I see one telepathically communicating other dinosaurs, and they knew how to survive in pacts (like a gang of dinosaurs formed out of who can contribute what).  

The most intelligent were the flying species (but in a different way than the land dinosaurs).  The flying ones could telepathically communicate, but also had the concept of manipulating.  They have a more negative frequency tied to them...(and also feel they are the species of dinosaur that is the most heavily manipulated and controlled by the reptilians.). 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light, 

Friday, May 29, 2015


Q. I have been reading about circumcision for some time. I recently came across this news story of a woman jailed because she would not allow her son to be circumcised .I have also included a copy of a letter I came across during my research.  I am really interested when your readings come up with information on reptilians.  I have been reading about them as well, and feel the idea of circumcision is somehow rooted with them.  I would really appreciate it you could comment on any of the above.
"Dear Dr. Blank: As the author of Circumcision" The Hidden Trauma, I have studied the psychological effects of circumcision. These effects are generally unrecognized by medical doctors, but they are a necessary part of evaluating the advisability of the practice. As you work on developing circumcision policy, I hope you consider the known and unknown psychological effects of circumcision.Infant neurological development, clinical experience, trauma theory, and research on circumcised infants all support the conclusion that circumcision is traumatic. Circumcision results in extreme pain and significant increases in heart rate and level of blood stress hormone. Some infants do not cry because they go into shock from the overwhelming experience. Anesthetics, if they are used, do not eliminate the pain or the trauma. Long-term infant behavioral changes and disruptions in mother-child bonding due to circumcision have been observed. An MRI showed permanent changes to a circumcised infant’s brain.
Circumcision trauma has long-term effects. In a medical journal survey of 546 circumcised men who reported circumcision harm, the following effects and feelings were noted. -anger, rage, sense of loss, shame, sense of having been victimized and mutilated, low self-esteem, fear, distrust, and grief, relationship difficulties, sexual anxieties, and depression, reduced emotional expression, lack of empathy, and avoidance of intimacy
Some of these men wish they had been given a choice at a later time rather than having circumcision forced on them when they were too young to resist. The survey does not suggest that all circumcised men have such feelings or how common the feelings are, only that they persist in some circumcised men, and more research is needed. Lack of awareness and understanding of circumcision, avoidance of the discomfort of questioning circumcision, and fear of disclosure help to explain why many circumcised men do not express dissatisfaction. "
A. When I first focus on this I get that when humans were created, we were a very intelligent and self sustaining creature.  If we were "broken" in some way, everything we needed to heal ourselves would be found in our environment.  Then I hear that homeopathic healing wasn't invented, it was natural and created with us (in some respect).

When the battle of the ETs occurred, and the "dogs and cats" left the earth, the humans and earth were to be controlled and monitored by the reptilians.  The reptilians decided to enslave the humans rather than help us propel (which is not what they were supposed to do, but some kind of agreement was broken).  I get these feelings of jealously, as if the reptilians were actually jealous of our human design, abilities and potential to evolve.  In order to enslave us they had to craft a way to keep us suppressed, thus keeping us from increasing our vibrations and becoming more spiritually powerful than them.  I can see the reptilians were not just jealous of our ability, but were worried the humans would enslave them, so they tried to "beat us to it."

Many forms of fear emerged to keep the vibrations low. One of the earliest was religious based... You had to follow certain rules or you would go to hell (or an equivalent).  Many people had other ideas that resonated with them (their subconscious was strong), but to keep religion growing and families strong with a father the concept of genital mutilation came about.  It became popular to circumcise your son to make them "clean" but the original basis of this procedure being "clean" was in reference to sins. It was a way of showing you were devoted and a subconscious way get men to desensitize themselves (so they wouldn't be populating the world with "unclean" free beings).

[As a side note, this reading isn't to make parents feel any certain way about personal decisions that have already been made, but more as a way to think about future decisions through a new set of eyes.]

Love and light- Lynn

Smudging / Saging Advice

[I am often asked how to sage or smudge a space, so I wanted to share a technique I use that I have found to work well.  Feel free to leave comments to share other helpful ]

Smudging can lift negativity and lighten a space.  Energy cannot be created or destroyed, but it can be shifted or moved elsewhere.  The goal of saging / smudging is to move the energy that is not working for you in you, your family's or even your pet's greater good.

What you need: 
Red Cedar
White Sage
Heat Safe Container
Wood or Paper Matches
Feather (Optional)
Clear Mind with Positive Intent

  • Open all the windows to allow air to flow though the space you wish to smudge. 
  • Put your herbs (cedar and sage) into a fire proof container (many people like pottery or shells), but use caution because the bottom of the container can get hot.  Even take a moment while placing this herbs into the container to have gratitude and be thankful for what these herbs are about to do (clean your space and promote a positive atmosphere).
  • Form your intent and develop a mantra to say or think while you are smudging.  You may even want to think through your thoughts before you begin the process.  Avoid using negative terms such as "no, not, don't" etc.  Always phrase your intent with a positive undertone.  For example, Instead of saying "No negative spirits are allowed in the space" think "All lower vibrational spirits must leave this space and go to where they can better be served."  It is the same thought, but comes across differently.  I suggest practicing what you want to say or project outward before you start (the first time you smudge it can feel awkward). 
  • Light your herbs with wooden or paper matches (think natural or organic).  Once the herbs begin to give off smoke you are ready to start. 
  • Walk your space in a counter clockwise motion waving smoke with your hand (or some people like feathers) into the corners, closets, etc while constantly repeating either out loud or in your head your positive based mantra.  
  • When you are done, allow the herbs to burn out on their own (you can place them outside or on a safe surface).  After they have burned out, you can put them in your yard or bury them.  You want to give them back to the earth.  
  • Allow your space to air out, and enjoy your clean and uplifted environment.
Love and Light - Lynn

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Random Questions [Short Answer Q & A] Nibiru, Noah's Ark, Naval Exercises, ETs, Mythical Creatures, Law of Three

Q. I just saw that NBC announced Nibiru in sight.  Did you see this?  What are your thoughts
A.   As soon as I saw this, I realized that these people just saw Nibiru (I refer to it as the Red Comet in many of my readings as I always see a red ball of fire tied to it).  It (this video) was true and genuine, and they didn't even realize what it was when they were trying to analyze which planet they were viewing.  This YouTube looks accurate, and a very clear picture of the Red Comet we have been wanting to see with our own eyes.  

I also get the news didn't realize this either, and I look for the footage to be taken down soon as the questions come in...

Q. Thank you so much for answering questions with so much integrity. I always look forward to reading your blog. I have a few questions about Noah’s Ark. A book by Mary Irwin theorized the ark’s landing location was really in the “mountains of Ararat” as mentioned in the Bible (possibly Mt Suleiman in Iran) rather than “Mt Ararat” in Turkey. Were there real animal pairs placed on the ark or was there more sophistication or alien assistance that provided DNA specimens instead?

A. When I read this question I get an image of a place up north (a snowy, frozen cave) that houses several types of DNA along with every sample of food seed.  I see the Ark working the same way, but was mobile.. It (the Ark) was a structure that housed some live, and some DNA samples of various species along with plant life.  The plans for building this Ark came from the protective ETs, and ETs also assisted in gathering the needed materials.  I get the ETs were looking out for humans and were trying to ensure their existence even though they could not prevent the certain earthy events that were in motion.  I want to refer to these ETs as "the Watchers."

Q. In November 2010, there was a videotaped missile seen rising off the coast just west of Los Angeles. There was speculation that it was launched by a Chinese submarine or perhaps a mystery surface vessel but the story seemed to be damped down with no apparent investigation or follow up reporting. Can you see what this may have been?

A. I get that during that time the US had an exercise in the ocean, and that is what was seen.  I see an image of a map of the ocean, and my mind is tuning into a naval base located near where this happened.  I hear that the exercise was a "secret" ?? exercise, and the story just sort of vanished.

Q. In June 1908 in the area of Tunguska in remote Siberia, a shockwave struck leveling about 80 million trees in an area almost 30 miles long. Theories have suggested an asteroid, a comet, a Tesla death ray, or an alien event. What do you see?

[I realized after I read this that my mind went to another event.. I think I went to the Dyatlov Pass incident...The below is in response to Dyatlov Pass. I will need to think on this and revise my answer..I'm so sorry that my "wiring" got crossed.]
A. This looks to be a combination of a few things.  I get that a military device was being tested in which a burst of air is pointed and directed toward the "victim" and released.  Then I see an air horn go off, so there is an element of noise that is exhausted from this military weapon as well- correction, as I continue I realize it isn't a noise that is given off, but the burst of air is deafening to the ears in some way..  

I also get that this technology for such a device was inspired by some kind of ET technology that was stolen.  Then I get that the Russians were the ones developing it.  When the ETs realized that it was stolen by the Russians, they destroyed it because they felt humans weren't responsible enough to have such a tool at their disposal.  The Russians were never able to recover enough to rebuild it, and no one else has been able to develop the technology that combines blasts of air funneled so intently. Then I hear that it "isn't for lack of trying"...

[Update 3/28/15:  I let my mind rest on this and revisited the question today..] Regarding the Tunguska event, the first thing I see is a bomb going off.  When I zoom in to see what the bomb was or where it came from, it looks to have come from space.  I want to say a asteroid came in and impacted earth.  I then see a man doing an "iron man" contest in which he is bear hugging a huge stone, and see this stone as representing the size of the asteroid that came into our field (can be barely be carried and is the size of a large man's abdomen and the circumference of his stretched out arms).  I also get that if you zoomed out from the explosion you would see how the things in the debris field radiated out from the center point.  It looks like the impact point is easily identifiable.  I also get that upon impact the asteriod itself exploded and dispursed liked shrapnal, but pieces of it are everywhere.  I get an image of someone with a metal detector walking around and finding several smaller fragments of it all over the area identified as the impact point (the asteroid itself was magnetic).

Q.Lately I read 'The Child Thief' from Brom. It's based on Peter Pan, but this is not a Disney story, but a hard and very dark one (and recommended if you are into fantasy) :-). I m wondering, for the xxxxxth time in this Life: where did all the mythical and magical creatures go to? Some years ago, someone told me during my private session they ran away from us, to protect themselves from us. But, she also added, they are slowly returning to us. Two questions do pop up: what did we do to 'scare' them off, and are the (reptilian) ET part of this story, or involved in this?
A. I see these creatures are with us, but they reside in a higher dimension.  The best way to describe this is an overlapping dimension that runs parallel to us.  We (humans) have been held down in this 3D existence, whereas these creatures have been able to ascend.  The reptilians are very much involved, but in a different way.  The reptilians are who is involved in holding back the humans and preventing them from being able to ascend easier (due to their constant projections of fear, doubt, negativity, and lower vibrational activities).  In order for us to ascend we have to be able to shed most, if not all of those lower vibrational "things."  The mythical creatures weren't under the "spell" of the reptilians, therefore, were able to increase vibrationally and ascend to the next higher level.  I don't see a fleeing, but rather an eager ascension. 

As they return, they aren't returning in the typical sense, but rather allowing themselves to be seen within their layer (much like a "ghost" would be seen).  Their dimensional existence protects them from humans that would try to harm them (ie capture them for pleasure or ego based reasons), but they can show themselves and even interact with those that they trust or those they chose to help.  .

Q. I've always heard the "myth", death comes in threes. And I've seen it a few times. Is there any truth to it? If so, why threes?!? An example is a grandmother (i believe she was sick...she was old), her son (died in a freak accident) and her 12 yr old grandson (he drowned) all died in a matter of weeks of each other. How do you explain that phenom?!?

A.  I see a few things with this.  First, I get that when tragedy happens, we pay attention.  Things happen (good and bad) to and around us all the time, and we become desensitized to them (to some extent).  But, when a tragedy occurs, something happens to us and we pay attention.  Our subconscious is on alert, we notice if something else happens, and take note.  

I also get that when tragedy is around us, we are focused on it (which many times has negative vibrations tied to it).  Negativity will attract more negativity, and radiates it around or near you.  

The cycle can be broken, but it takes a true change in perceptions (and a lot of inner strength).

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Floating City in Dulali

Q. Hi Lynn! This is an interesting story!! In a local border village called Dulali, (In Lanzai South Ward, Darazo, Local Government of Bauchi State, Nigeria), 100s of villagers saw a floating city! If you have time, looking into this would be really interesting! Is it another dimension? Thank you for insights!  L&L.
A.  As soon as I read this question I had a flood of things come to me.  The first was I heard was"This is what happened to Atlantis.  It didn't sink but was saved and vibrationally rose above by manipulating gravity  It [Atlantis] was a magical place."  I see that a species from above (ETs that don't seem to want to reveal themselves) saved them.  

Then, I see references to the movie Oz the Great and Powerful where they are travelling inside a clear protective bubble.  My impression is that if this isn't Atlantis that these people witnessed, it is a land similar to it that was saved and protected within this "clear bubble."  This bubble looks to not only protect this "land" but holds in the specific vibration (I get an image of the bubble popping and the land dropping down out of the sky.  Not that the bubble is popping, but if it the the vibration would be disrupted).  The unique property of the vibration is that not only does it allow this land to float, but move through things.  It is as if the frequency is not effected by gravity or mass. This land isn't on a different layer of existence, but rather vibrates on a unique frequency.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Friday, May 22, 2015

Five Photos for Friday #10

Hi all, and welcome to Five for Friday #10. There's a lot of thinking necessary to absorb this one, so take your time. Might be helpful to actually meditate on a few of the topics.

Image #1: Mysterious Cobra Photograph #1
Backstory: "Cobra" recently released two photographs and the following text: "It is time to begin the process of Disclosure. Therefore I am releasing two relatively recent genuine images, coming from the Dragon sources, related to the Disclosure process. I have been instructed by the Light forces not yet to reveal what exactly is on those two images, because human mind then starts to speculate and intellectualize. It is much more important for the people to have a direct energetic experience of the images." Who is the woman in the picture and why is she significant? Why is this significant for Disclosure?

What Lynn Saw
"It's not the woman in the picture; it's more what this picture represents. It's an image of this woman sleeping, but what's happening is that there are these light forces from above who are positive, I can't see them as a physical manifestation as far as what they look like or what they are. They're more like energy, so when they come to earth they're coming as these forces from above that battle evil and pull us humans up into the next dimension by raising our vibrations, but I don't see them coming down from above in a physical existence. It's more like they float down in these energetic bubbles. Like I said, it's not who this person is, but what's going on. I see this energetic bubble hovering around her, illuminating her face, connecting with her Third Eye. I also get that there's this communication going on with her subconscious mind. If she were to suddenly awaken, she'd tell you about this amazing dream she had. Basically, Disclosure is indeed happening all around us FROM THE INSIDE OUT, not the other way around. People keep waiting for some world leader to tell them the truth about ETs, but the truth is actually coming within, from their subconscious. Pay attention to your dreams."

Image #2. Mysterious Cobra Photograph #2

Backstory: This is Cobra's picture #2. Some kind of portal? Why is this significant for Disclosure?

What Lynn Saw
"When I look at this, I get that its an abandoned ET base in a popular location like the Grand Canyon, hidden in plain sight. It's a gem of a place. There's some sense that it's abandoned. Something environmental happened to drive this species away. But it's the fact that it's THERE that's important for Disclosure. There's some writing literally on the wall, if we could see it. It's right under our noses. Those who have mastered the art of meditation, if you could move into that mental state while touching this structure, you'd know how to read the words there. It's a powerful, powerful spot."

Image #3. Horned Human Skull
Backstory: This is apparently one of many horned human skulls found in a Pennsylvania mound c. 1880, all of which have (of course) gone missing over the years. So, real or fake? Human or ET?

What Lynn Saw
"I get that this IS real. There's really dark energy tied to it. I get that this is more ET-based. These are lower vibrational ETs. They came here and it's almost like they haunted the people of Pennsylvania. It was a Native American tribe that battled this ET tribe, a while ago. The weird thing is, I see these horned beings as lost ET's that came here in one ship; they had no plan but just showed up here... and they were a nuisance. They haunted the Native Americans until they'd had enough and the natives rose up and killed them; they thought they had to cut their heads off to kill them. These were very low-vibrational entities."

Image #4. Budapest Alien & Energy Ball

Backstory: Da-da's guessing this recent pic is fake, but what the heck. If real, from where does our little friend originate?

What Lynn Saw
"Looks like a Photoshop job to me."

Image #5: The Gate of the Gods at Hayu Marca
Backstory: Lots of legends intersect here in Peru. One has it that the ancient gods would return in their "solar ships" via a "gateway to the land of the gods" which sounds very much like a portal. Another legend tells of gold and riches secreted away from the invading Spanish by a loyal Incan priest who hid a disc-shaped golden key, called the "key of the gods of the seven rays." That said, does this door-like edifice have anything interesting beyond it?

What Lynn Saw
"This is on some kind of a ley line. It's placed perfectly, energetically. I do see this as a portal. Someone walks up and puts their hand on the door and mentally they're able to change their energetic structure. Those people who could were godlike to the tribes of that time, and were able to mentally break apart the atoms that create matter so things were more... fluid, so you could move right through them. Think about it: if you had control of all the molecules that make up a solid wall, if you had the ability to touch it and break that bond, you could essentially move through the wall because the molecules are not bonded together, like a diver breaking the surface of the water in a dive. I see someone put their hand on this door. They sit there and funnel this mental energy through themselves and they learn how to break these molecules apart, and go into the chamber beyond by touch. It does feel like a portal. On the other side of the door, I see this hollowed out space of pure darkness. I then see them entering this space and then accessing some ship in another solar system. This a kind of safety lock. It's almost as if, if you don't have the ability to dissolve the door and walk through it, then you are not of a spiritual capacity high enough to survive the portaling effect on the other side. Once you reach the other side, you'd mentally need to know where you need to go and just go there. I see different types of ETs using this. The leader of this tribe could also go back and forth. The door is very old."

So, lots of homework this week for everyone. Join us Friday-after-next for episode #11.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Q & A XLVIII: Health Question [Group Post]

Q. Are we supposed to eat vegan? I personally study nutrition and although I think it's gross to eat animals, I do believe that nutritionally we are supposed to eat animals but I was wanting to know for sure.
A.  I hear that by design we are meant to eat meat (that is why we have "canine" teeth), but with a balanced diet (and supplements) it isn't necessary.  If we were to live in much earlier times, we would depend on the consumption of meat for survival, and it would be an important part of your diet.  In our more modern times we question it because we can..
[I have mentioned this before, but whether it is plants or animals, you should always show gratitude for your food that you are taking into your body for nourishment).  

Q. A lot of people are buying vitamins and minerals online but are the modern systems of mail irradiation and x-rays killing the properties of what you're ordering? If so, by what percent and what do you see as the best methods of shipping we can request from a company?
A. I keep seeing the image of a space blanket, and get that if there were some kind of foil or metallic lining in the package your supplements would be kept better.  They may lose some life (around 15%), but retain much of their natural properties. 

Ideally you would consume the majority of your nutrition by the foods you eat.  I see the natural process of eating and absorbing the nutrition is more effective than the supplements because of the coating.  (Research your company and see how easily their products are broken down in the body versus being passed through). 

Q. What's your take on tofu? Does it interfere with thyroid and hormones or is good? Does it replace other forms of protein.

A. Tofu has good effects, but can be overdone too.  It serves as a great source of protein (I get it really boosts the health of hair, skin and nails).  It can be used to replace many forms of protein needs, but shouldn't be the only source of protein.  I keep seeing this highly waxy component in it that makes it look like it holds on to toxins and doesn't allow the body to excrete the toxins as easily (creating a build up).  I get that anyone trying to detox should stop eating tofu during the detox period.

Q. What do you feel and read on surrogacy?  Would it be ideal for a career woman as an option.  What is the implication on the baby's soul, spirituality, feelings towards his or her real mother, if any? 

A. This is really an individual situation, dynamic, and more importantly the intent.  Is it based on love and helping a person, or based on money with little emotional involvement?  There are many different situations, and all have different outcomes.

Q. Lynn, is there any way you can rid your body of vaccines?

A. I get that with time they have this "half life effect."  They fade in intensity, but always remain to some degree (just like an immunity buildup after an illness).  

Q. Infertility, why is it always people that really want kids or is good people in general can't have or have problems conceiving but the ones who shouldn't be even allowed to own a pet have tons of them or its so easy for them to get pregnant?

A.  I see that all kinds of people have trouble having kids and it isn't "assigned" to one group.  The reason it feels as though the focused ones are having trouble is because less responsible people don't talk about, think or even focus on it (and it doesn't seem like an issue that our subconscious registers). 

I also get that when someone is trying to get pregnant, you are very sensitive to your surroundings (everywhere you look there is a pregnant person, baby, sign, commercial, etc..) so it brings those thoughts and feelings outward.  It works like the Law of Attraction in that you notice what you focus and think on..

Q. Is distilled water good for the human body?

A.  I get it isn't harmful, but it doesn't have any added nutritional value in it aside from hydration.  I get this image of the life force (the living energy tied to water) being striped from it during the process of distilling.

Q. Scientifically, how does homeopathy work? Specifically, potencies exceeding Avogadro's number. Does the vibration of the medicine cancel out the vibration of the matching dis-ease, thus eliminating it? How does it cure?
A. Depending on the element I see it working a couple different ways depending on what you are using and what you are trying to treat.  What you described is true for some cures- you are putting a specific vibration into your body to "cancel" out the thing this is causing you trouble.  It is like two elements with competing vibrations cancel each other resulting in no vibration (or an altered one that isn't harmful).  

The other way I see them working is by introducing a small amount of the vibration into your body so your body builds a natural immunity to it.  Once the immunity is built, you can stop the homeopathic treatment.  Your own tolerance kicks in.

Q. I am not sure if this is the correct place to post this but, I was reading through old blog posts of yours and on 2 April 2013 someone asked about using artificial devices to stimulate the brain to increase intuitiveness. "I see a picture of a device, and it looks like a TENS machine, and they are putting a pad on the left side and a pad on the right side and stimulating current that way..."  Do those TENS machines work? Are you aware of any that produce results?  I meditate daily but my results are inconsistent. I see visions but rarely hear anything or get answers to questions. I wonder if anything on the market can 'boost' me up a bit.

A. I get that there are machines out there that can "boost" you, but the best way is to do it naturally... I feel some kind of caution needs to be used with regard to these machines- you really need to do your research, and even though effective, they aren't suited toward the novice. 

The best way to go natural about it is to first detox as much as possible.... Drink water, eliminate fluoride and artificial sweeteners.  Try to eat healthy and get sunlight.. That alone will help to detox you and center your body.. Then incorporate things into your meditation such as crystals (I see clear crystal quartz) and various musical tones (I get drums work well for this, but it is really up to the individual).  

Q. A question about eyes problems like myopia, farsighted, etc...  Are these a real problem or a manufactured one with the eyeglasses and contact lenses?

Some talk about a simple exercise, which consists of taking 3 targets in an open area, One at 1~3m(3~9ft), second around 10~15m(30~50ft) and the third at 30m[100ft). Focus 5 seconds on a target, close your eyes move to your next target and so on. Repeat 3 times each day. Do you see an improvement by this practice?  Of course, do you see other ways to treat this? ( methods, plants, electronic device, liquids, etc.) As always, thanks for your precious time! 
A.  I get this really depends on the person and what is causing the issue.  If the muscles are weak, the exercise you describe can help to strengthen the eye and help with the problem.  I also see that once the muscles reach a certain point (or there is damage due to another reason), they really can't be naturally corrected without assistance (ie eyeglasses).  

It is also important to know that the eyes, like other parts of the body, need treated right (exercise and nutrition).  I also see a liquid fish oil (omega3 oil) and the base of orange vegetables (I see squash, pumpkin, sweet potatoes and carrots) being healthy items to consume to help with vision (and keep the eyes healthy).  

Q. Can you take a look at this video: Is muscle testing an accurate way to gain insight? Can it help us choose the right path to go on?
A. I get that for some people this may work, and for others it may not be an accurate way to assess your inner thoughts.  I approached this test in two ways- one in which I set the intent that it WOULD work, and it did.  The muscle testing was accurate.  

I then approached it from a different way, stating that it would not work and was bogus, and it did not work.  For it to be effective the person doing the test must believe in it.  If you believe, you will achieve the results that you look for and this can be effective.  It really begins with the mental mindset of the person doing it, and the intent behind it.

Q. Hi Lynn, do you see a natural treatment for keloids (particularly ears)?
A.  I get lavender essential oil (a few drops) mixed with coconut oil and applied a few times a day will help to break the scaring down.  You can also add a drop of frankincense to your mixture ("when in doubt, frank it out") to boost the effects even more.
Q. What is the best way to make a natural water filter using materials found outdoors or from a store?
The most common way is to use varying types of gravel, sand and last layer of charcoal.  What about additives. I mean maybe you can use a crystal that is beneficial to the water, or use some oregano for bacteria. For example...  What about the facts and fictions about alkaline water.
A.  The first thing I got was to start your filtering process with a cheesecloth or coffee filter to get the larger particulates out (and preserve the rest of your filtering process).  Gravel, sand and charcoal does look the way to go.  Putting crystals in your water and letting the water sit out overnight in the moonlight looks to "charge" the water or give it some kind of life that causes a positive result.  I get adding a lemon essential oil is sanitizing also, and cuts down on bacteria.. (You can use oregano, but I saw lemon oil).  

As long as the water is naturally alkaline, I cannot see an issue with it.  Our bodies are craving the alkaline state.  Do what your gut tells you is right, and I am left with the thought that if someone is swaying you against alkaline water, what are they selling or who do the represent (?).  Reducing acid rids many people of many ailments..

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light, 

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Jeff Rense and His Car Accident

Q. Can you look at the Jeff Rense accident and tell us what happened?  Thank you.
A. When I tune into this I see a man who is very outspoken.  If he sees something he calls it out.  Very direct, and I see that is truly who he is.  He doesn't act one way for certain people, he acts the same way toward everyone.  

He cares about people, and wants people to just (and I hear) "just be aware."  He doesn't care that you think differently than him (then I hear a laugh and get that he does a little), but at least have the ambition to care about something, and be courageous enough to have an open mind. Don't just think something because your heard it on the news or someone told you otherwise.  

He is also not afraid to speak out about all subjects.  I also get that some force from above protects him so he can continue to relay his messages.  That force (working like a guide) is what has allowed him to survive that horrible car accident.  Sometimes people are on a path that involves spreading truth and knowledge, and they aren't allowed to pass into the spirit world until their messages are complete.  I see Jeff as that type of unique person.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Friday, May 15, 2015

Amtrack Derailment

Q. Hi Lynn! What is the truth behind today's news on the major Amtrack derailment in Philadelphia., PA. Your the best! L&L
A. When I tune into this I see people riding on the train... It feels calm and smooth, and then all of I sudden I hear what sound like a mini explosion and feel the rumble beneath my feet.  From the moment of the explosion, until the actual derailment, the duration lasted only a second.  The mini explosion looks to have blown out the breaking system (like a back up system of some kind).  

Q. What caused the explosion?  
I see it was a mechanical error.  Several things were going wrong simultaneously... The engineer wasn't exercising as much caution as they should while driving, and then when the equipment failed (and blew out) the engineer couldn't recover (and it happened way to fast to react).  

Q. Is it correct to say, with respect to the train crash on May 12th, that the ones who died were all at a life "exit point", and that a great many among the passengers were saved from death by their guardian angels, because it wasn't their time? I'm asking because there were so few fatalities for such a horrific crash.
A.  That is what happened.  For those with a life path set in motion to end their physical life then, they passed on.  For those with a path to survive this, their guide pulled them through.

There is also an element of fate as well.  Some people that died may have been on the life path to die (illness or injury in their future) and sometimes fate will step in with an opportunity to allow these people to chose to go now quickly, or wait and face the illness/injury... I then flash to a reading in which a lady died in a car accident- it was later found out that she had terminal cancer (her guides stepped in an allowed her a quick death that was free of guilt versus a long painful death). Your guides will step in and direct you to the path in your greater good.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Love and light to these people and their families.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Nepal Earthquake and Missing Marine Helicopter

Q. No reading of the Nepal earthquake yet? Usually there is one regarding world events..  Also, where is the US Marine helicopter that went missing?  What is going on there?
A.  When I look at Nepal and tune into what happened, I get that this disaster was a man-made weather event.  I get that when you alter temperature in the deeper depths of the earth, and combine it with temperature / pressure compressions in the higher atmosphere, it creates an earthquake.  The severity of the quake depends on the amount of atmospheric pressure coming down toward the earth, but they cannot predict with precise certainty how bad the quake will be when it happens.   I see a team of scientists sitting inside a glass office trying to hypothesize the outcome, and trying their best to gauge the amount of damage, but still get the impression that there is a lot to learn and what they base their actions on their best guess.

I also get that this quake was sent to send a message with the dual purpose of getting military and people in place near China.  The US knew they couldn't not cause this kind of destruction in China without causing a battle they weren't ready for, BUT they could cause it near China and then come in (with welcome arms) to "save the day."  

I also get there is a lot of passive aggressive warfare going on with several countries, and it is like we are having a World War without the blatant media advertisement of it.  I also get that many countries are doing military drills similar to the US version of Operation Jade Helm.  Their operations may not be as extensive, but still being done to ensure the defensive positions are effective (and to make sure their people fall in line).  

Q.  What happened to the missing Marine helicopter?  
A. I see there is still some residual fluctuations in the air pressures and temperatures due to the man made weather attack.  I get that these fluctuations are in pockets of the atmosphere (looks like a bubble).  Then I see this helicopter flying right into one of these pockets, and not only did they lose control, but they were shifted drastically off course (like a bubble blowing in the wind) as the helicopter went down.   I get that if they looked to the north / northwest of where they are searching, they would start to find some debris.  

And that is all I have for now.  Thank you.  Love and light, 

Monday, May 11, 2015

Souls, Spirits and Incarnation

Q If (the Universal Consciousness) has a feel of a trap that doesn't cause harm, but holds you back from reaching your potential I get that the longer you roam, your soul develops more and has a better understanding of universal laws and allows your subconscious to expand. When you jump back in right away you are robbing yourself from the experience of stretching your subconscious.  
So, our souls learn more by not going to the Light? How can we reach an enlightened state if we don’t reincarnate to learn life lessons?
A. I get that the more we "roam" in a spiritual state, the more we learn.  In order to incarnate we do have to cycle through the light.  The real key is to learn what you can in a spiritual state so when you are incarnated (choose to go through the light) you have more residual lessons in your subconscious.  The higher you evolve before incarnating, the quicker you are to tap into that knowledge once you do chose to incarnate.  

Q. You can do whatever and go almost wherever you want (if we chose not to go to the Light). You can travel the earth (and beyond). Gain insight without your conscious, rational mind giving judgement. I get that many people visit places of significance. You can see relatives, serve as a guide... Really the options are limitless. You make your place. 
Doesn't that sound like paradise? Are the relatives we see in this realm, the relatives in our last life? Do we also meet our “soul pacts” here? If we do, and since we have lived many lives, won’t there be confusion in terms of relationships? Perhaps this meeting of “soul pacts” only happens after we go to the Light?
A.  You do go and see whatever you would like.  You also meet up with the energetic form of past loved ones (providing they haven't already gone to the light).  Soul pacts also group here (I see it like magnetic attractions between balls of light), but there is no confusion- the rational mind and ranges of feelings create confusion here on earth.  In the spiritual world things (without the conscious mind interfering) are just understood- there is no language- things just "are."

Q. Once you are in the light you start to forget who you were (not really the knowledge or experience, but the physical stuff).
If that is so then how do we recognize our soul mates if we forget who we were? 
A.  Soul mates are much more than a physical appearance.  The body is just a shell for something much grander (the spirit).  There is an attraction ("chemistry") that draws the two of you together.  That "chemistry" is driven by their spirit (vibrations) and how their vibrations interact with yours.  

Then I hear that in the presence of some people, you will feel repelled.  They may make you feel ill, or like you don't want to be around them.  It is the internal vibe that they exude that contradicts your vibration.  Some people you enjoy being around- they make you feel happy and good- it is because of their vibration.  A soul mate compliments your vibration so well that you cannot get enough of them.

Q. We normally do incarnate with the same pact of souls. They just are different to us in different lives. Who you feel is your soul mate in this life may be your brother or cousin in a future life. We do come together many times (not all, but many).  
Do we decide who will be who in the future life before we reincarnate? If we decided to be siblings, doesn't that mean that the other pact of souls will have to wait longer to reincarnate into the same family? I somehow, don’t see the “souls pacts” with our partner because more often than not, they are complete stranger till we meet them. Correct me if I’m wrong. 
A.  I first get that if the soul pact decides to come in with the same family, some may have to wait.  I also get that time is relative, and even though we define a lifetime as several decades, in the universal perspective time is so infinite that waiting a decade of earth years is not defined as "too long or short."  There really is no "waiting," time just is.

Regarding the "soul pact" with our partner, we do make a pact with your true soul mate.  Free will can intervene, which may cause a missed opportunity, but your soul mate will appear to be a stranger until you talk to them.  I get most times when you connect with your soul mate, they feel like an extension of you (and feel familiar without being familiar prior to meeting).  

Q. I do see several planes, and souls can visit the various planes BUT they will reside with the one they are most similar too (regarding vibrations). Low vibrations (most generally) don't "feel" well in a higher vibrational plane and vice versa. I hear that "like attracts like.
Is that why the Christians believe in paradise as their soul will reside with those who have similar beliefs/faith?
A. Yes, they feel as though when they pass they will be united with other spirits who share similar beliefs and behave a certain way. 

Q. I get that some older souls advance to the ET level.
How? By reincarnation (like birth?) or just transformation to an ET appearance? 
A.  I see this happening in the process of reincarnation (exactly like a birth).  There is no "transformation" because a spirit is still a spirit, and the outer covering is just a shell (human, ET or otherwise).  

Q. I see it (human) as a humanoid looking ET that is incarnated in a place that looks similar to earth, but has a very different feel to it. This humanoid has an appearance similar to humans (skin texture, smooth hair, six fingers (?), six toes (?), they are empathic and intuitive (know what they are thinking and feeling without even talking). The main difference from humans is the color of their hair, skin and eyes- they look to be of all colors (red, pink, blue, purple). 
Where is this place similar to earth? In one of the other planets or another realm on earth? 
A.  When I tune into this, it "feels" like an alternate solar system that runs parallel to ours (it's close).  I see it spiraling like a cork screw right beside us (as if it takes the shape of the other side of the double helix DNA strand).  Our solar system is one side, and this system takes the other- then I see it being attached to the sister sun, and it is one of the planets tied to it [referring to our sister sun].

Q. What intrigues me further..  What happens once the spirits cross over and absorbed into the "oneness? Do they reincarnate straight away or is there another spiritual realm after they crossed over the light tunnel, where they still have the free will to reincarnate or not? 
A.  Once you go into the light tunnel you being the process of incarnating- you lose your free will at that moment.  You have complete control (even though you may feel the influence to go to the Light), while you are a roaming spirit.  

Q. How do we know if we have a spiritual guide or not?
A.  Every person has several guides.  Some will stay with you your whole life, and others come and go to help you through certain lesson (like a specialist).  

Q. Is the low birth-rate trend now due to many souls not wanting to reincarnate? Or because of human decision, many souls cannot reincarnate?
A. Soul incarnate in many forms.  There is ET incarnations, animals, humans and beings on other planets.  If a soul wants to incarnate, there are many places it can go (or wait if it chooses).  

A. Is there a difference between soul and spirit?
Q  I see these things as the same thing and the term in interchangeable.