Friday, January 16, 2015

Five Photos for Friday

Hi, all. Here's a new segment where Lynn gives quick impressions of anomalous, obscure, famous, and often infamous pictures, chosen and written up by A Man Called Da-da (he's called a lot of other things, too). The images were presented to Lynn with no information, just the question: "What's going on here?" This first set of images were all out-of-this-world, if you will; no idea why, it just sorta happened that way.

That said, please note that while Lynn is simply giving her impressions on the following images -- though Da-da's yet to find an instance where Lynn was wrong -- it should be noted that she does have the uncanny ability of determining pretty quickly if something is genuine. So... hoaxers beware. Ready?

Image #1: Surface of Mars  
Timeframe: Last Week.
Backstory: This is a recent Mars "Curiosity" picture (don't get Da-da started on NASA) of the Martian surface. Looks like a bunch of rocks, right? Well, not so fast, Timmy. Some have postulated that this pic showcases alien skulls in the upper left hand corner. I didn't tell Lynn this, o'course. Like for all the images, I simply asked: "What's going in this picture?"
What Lynn Saw
Lynn initially said, "tar pit, with fossils" -- then quickly realized it's not earth. Whatever it is, it was once totally buried, but has been exposed by the wind. She immediately thought "ancient times" when viewing this, but no actual date. Lynn got an image of a civilization of people and animals that inhabited Mars. She saw Mars as a once-thriving planet with a lot of activity, back when the solar system was "much smaller," but something happened that destroyed it. Martians then fled to other star systems -- and to Earth, which was seen as a kind of oasis. Mars used to be in a similar orbit as Earth, but something happened that caused the planets to spread out. Mars was once a thriving, lush planet that went through a drastic change that wiped out life.

Image #2: The Thin Dark Line
Timeframe: 2013
Backstory: This is a shot taken by a vacationer in the Caribbean. See that thin dark line? No one knows what it is, and the online speculation was amazing. The truth was as simple as the photo.

What Lynn Saw
You're seeing an elevator from the earth to a spaceship obscured by the cloud. You can actually SEE the ship glowing inside the base of the cloud. Lynn kept getting images of the dark side of the moon, as well as Grey aliens. Note that these aren't the X-Files Greys; they're not malicious at all. There are obviously all different kinds of aliens, just like people, but these Greys are friendly.  

Image #3: The Arctic Anomaly
Timeframe: September, 2012.
Backstory: At the time, Da-da joked that this was a shot of the door to Santa's Workshop. Seems this is a video still from some miners working a mining facility in the arctic. Apparently, it happens all the time and the multiple witnesses weren't fazed... which seemed stranger than the actual phenomena.

What Lynn Saw
It's another transport pic. What you're witnessing are ETs teleporting people or animals from a ship to a spaceship above, hidden in the clouds. Lynn saw people in fear, running, so whomever was taken was in a panic, as they were taken unawares. But overall, she saw that those in the spaceship had our best interest in mind, and that these specific aliens took these people without knowing that it was causing fear/panic/emotional harm. The ship in the water felt like an enormous ship, but with few occupants (?). Military or fishing, Lynn wasn't sure. Seems the ship was about to approach something bad (bad energy?) and the aliens were trying to help.

Image #4: The Cumberland Spaceman
Timeframe: The '70s.
Backstory: Ah, the famous "Cumberland Spaceman" photo. I couldn't resist getting Lynn's take on this one. Basically, a father on holiday snapped a pic of his... son? daughter?... and when he developed the film (back when you had to develop film), he allegedly found this weird spaceman apparently standing behind his kid -- or perhaps stuck in her head. Either way, it was weird, and whole chunks of books have been written on it.

What Lynn Saw
This is a hoax; a double-exposure job.

Image #5: The ISS/NASA feed-cut Anomaly
Timeframe: last Friday.
Backstory: This is an apparent screen capture (by Toby Lundh) of a UFO that was snagged by the video cameras aboard the Int'l Space Station (ISS) right before NASA cut the feeds. So, the question is: is it real, or another fake?

What Lynn Saw
It's just your basic, cool-looking UFO going from here to there: a ship in transport. It's definitely real. A lot of higher ups in NASA are aware of ETs and such, but it should be noted that astronauts are conditioned NOT to speak on topics like this. They've been exposed to a kind of "Clockwork Orange" treatment, where the astronauts are shown images of UFOs or aliens then intentionally made sick somehow, providing the ultimate in negative reinforcement to preserve government secrecy.


siketa said...

Wow! Very interesting...I wonder if we could also post links to some interesting photos so Lynn can analyze them?

Lynn, are ghost photos real? Can we take a snapshot of an entity that vibrates outside our realm?

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@siketa: Yes, that would be great. What I can do is save them in my drafts and do a group posting.

Dada and I were thinking of doing a post like this every couple weeks. It is interesting and offers a different energy :-)

Some photos are real, and some feel altered. In the right "feeling" you can get a glimpse out of our realm.. It feels difficult, but possible. I get it is easier to hear (like an EVP) than see..

Waityurturn said...

Thanks Lynn, interesting and different session. I was wondering if Mars is like NASA shows us to be. Is it that red dirt color or is there more to it there?

Astrolofting said...

Is the face of Mars anything in particular?

I think Mars used to be exactly like Earth. Then i think whoever came over to Earth terraformed Earth to be exactly like Mars, even structures/mountains/oceans. Is that possible?

Unknown said...

Thank you Lynn & Dada, lol. Great idea for posts. Looking forward to more!

A Man Called Da-da said...

Question: on the astronaut conditioning thing, does that wear off over time? Perhaps that's why some astronauts have come recently forward. Does NASA still do this kind of conditioning?

Unknown said...

To be honest as much as I love and am addicted to the other kinds of readings, that was awesome to read something much more light hearted! It was like a breath of fresh air. Thank you

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Blimpy: I agree. People are interested in a variety of things (myself included), and it is nice to do ones that are just fun. xoxo

@Dada: I get it wears off some, and they remember things as if it were a dream. BUT I get when the talk about it, they get a weird sick reaction (might be slow or might be sudden) and don't know why.. So, yes it wears off, but not entirely.

@Waityurturn: I do get it is really red (I visualize red clay). The surface looks crumbly, but the interior (if you were to dig) is like clay.

@Astrolifting: That is very possible, and I see it that way too. Mars was first, and earth was the backup when life couldn't sustain on Mars any longer.

The face... I see it was built just as we build things to honor the gods/ETs.. I see it as an ancient mark of what we have here. Humanoid ETs lived and visited there, and that face is dedicated to them.

Alpha Equinox said...

I have come across a few photos in the past (like the black knight satellite) that have peaked my interest. I have seen you talk about a few of them in this post and others and as of right now, I know of three that I haven't seen you talk about so I'll post them here. I assume you want no backstory but if you do, let me know.

The Hampton Court Ghost

This one is a bit scary. The "Falling Body" Ghost

The Apollo 17 Rock Anomaly
I think I actually have to give some explanation for this last one. This picture shows two photos but they are the same. They are a photo taken by Apollo 17 astronauts on the last flight to the moon. The photo on the left appears to be blank due to extreme light exposure but when the contrast is adjusted, you can see a pyramid-like structure.

I'm always interested in mysteries and these photos have been around for a while so I'm very interested in your take on them.

Unknown said...

The NASA picture of UFO is a fake sorry to say posted by a known faker of all things over the past year or two

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you everyone for the comments. :-)

SkyBlue said...

I REALLY enjoy this format as well as the topic. Nice job Da-da and PF.

Speaking of ghost or spirit, is it possible for someone who just passed and come back to visit their love ones in a form of an insect like a grasshopper? If so, what does it mean?

CartalkByJJ said...

Thanks Lynn and Dada. Great for Friday! Hugs!

Anonymous said...

I love the Lynn Da Da collaboration! It has such a good and humorous feeling about it and still imparts truth. I have appreciated Sir Da Da's contributions tremendously. Very intelligent and funny person.

Anonymous said...

Just had a thought.. it may be silly but wouldn't it be cool if there was a site that you could pull info from various sources and have it come up with the consistency's in the information.

L&L Ya'll!

Unknown said...

I always thought that we are the martians and that a collision caused the planet to lose its oxygen, gravity, and orbit. thank u Lynn

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@SkyBlue: People can come back in many forms. Often they resemble what they relate to or it is symbolic… When you say grasshopper, my mind goes to conscious (or a state of conscious- don’t know why, it is just what I see). This person is addressing something with your conscious or trying to help your conscious mind (is my impression, but you should think on this yourself and see what resonates with you).

@Diane: xoxo

The Boookworm said...

The Cumberland Spaceman picture...I had a feeling that there was something very fake about this photo the moment I saw it. It felt as though it were heavily edited.

Off topic question, do you think you can do a reading on Elisa Lam? There is a lot of mystery surrounding her death. Nobody knows how she got inside the water tower and she was seen in an elevator that...apparently was having technological trouble?

I had a feeling something terrible happen to this woman. Did the Illuminati killed her?

Alpha Equinox said...

@The Boookworm: Lynn has done two readings on Elisa Lam, one short and one a bit more in depth. Here are links to both:

Short one
More detailed

There is a search bar in the top right corner of any non-comment page of this blog and if you type in simple terms like "Elisa Lam", you will find those blog posts. I don't mean that in a snobby or sarcastic way, just trying to help.

The Boookworm said...

I don't think you were being snobby or rude at all, just pointing me to the right direction. I didn't know she did those reads, so thanks.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...


Anonymous said...

Lynn and Da Da.....This was a wonderful idea! Great job.....I would love to see this more!!

Unknown said...

Image # 3 the Arctic Anaomly:
Who were the friendly aliens that were helping out?

Hope said...

So, the big moth I saw could very well be my mom during her wake period. We seldom have moth in the area where she stayed but this one was really big.

Despite me taking photos of it at close range, and almost touching it, it didn't move and stayed there for long time. If only she could have 'answered' me when I asked "Is that you, Mom?"

Psychic Focus, where does the soul go when the person is in coma? Is she in the same realm as the souls that have passed away or to each his/her realm? Or they are free to move from one realm to another?

If a soul decided not to cross into the light tunnel, is he/she free to come to our world? It's quite frightening to imagine invisible souls watching us in our everyday life.

I really look forward to you writing a book about souls/light tunnel/reincarnation.

Thank you

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Rusty: I just read this comment, and they look similar to ones I was describing in a Hitler comment... They resemble the greys, but are tall and white in color (or pasty might be a better descriptor).

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Lilian: This very well could be your mom (I almost sense it was). The moth is transformation (in my mind). A person in a coma sort of floats between this 3-D life and the spirit realm (like astral traveling). Yes, there are spirits all around us, and they live with us, but because those souls have a different vibration, you cannot see them (like you cannot see UV rays from the sun). It is nothing to fear, in fact embrace it with love. :-)

Hope said...

Psychic Focus,

So, we cannot see these spirits amongst us but they can see us, come into our home? Won't that be intrusion of our privacy? :o Is it true that they can't come into home with religious artifacts?

Sorry, in my upbringing, we are taught to stay away from spirit, let alone embrace it :-) Perhaps I should start the conversation with "Wanna a hug" :)

Thank you again for your time.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Lilian: We have spirits all around us. If we set up parameters (i.e. mentally, verbally, etc set an intent that spirits much remain outside of (the bedroom, childs room, etc) they do listen. IF they are uncomfortable (due to artifacts, crystals, etc) they many times leave on their own. Most spirits cause no harm. We are taught to fear the unknown (tv, media, etc) and if you get a spirit that feels bothersome, you can also will it away or smudge your home.

Unknown said...

I believe the environment of Mars was similar to the Deserts and Savannahs of Africa. It had water, but plant life was sparse. The atmosphere was very thin and gravity much weaker than Earth. After a large meteor passed through their stratosphere, an ecological disturbance occurred, due to the weak gravity, which over a century, sucked out the oxygen/atmosphere. The Martians (described as pale looking Caucasian humans with wispy, balding hair) knew their environment and life on the planet was being destroyed and began a massive exodus under ground, beneath the surface of Mars, creating sub-terranean cities. However, this is a temporary solution, as the Martians have also initiated a migration to Earth as refugees. On Earth, some of them live underground and within a mountain, Santa Fe Baldy, New Mexico.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Dire Wolf: Thank you for the comments. What you are saying really resonates with me.

Unknown said...


You're welcome. :)
I like youre blog. You have provided a great forum for the exchange of ideas, questions, discussion and information.