Sunday, November 30, 2014

What's Going on in the Sky? [Group Post]

The following links were all sent to me, and as I watched them I felt they deserved a reading (due to the intensity of energy I felt when I watched them). They also (in their own way) dealt with space and anomalies in the sky / space, so I grouped them into one reading.   
Q1. What is being shown in this video.  Is this real?  If so, is it a good thing?

A.  As I watched this, I got chills.  It felt real, and I instantly knew that people in high political power (high government and military) know and have known of this body in space.  As I tuned in to the video I was trying to determine if it was my "red comet" that I have seen so often and I didn't get that it was, but it was associated to it. 

What I see is a sister sun hidden by our own sun, and this planetary mass that is approaching Saturn is tied to that sun and that sun's own system.  I also get the "red comet" is part of this much smaller solar system that entire system is what is approaching our own system.  That system is preparing to intermingle with some of our outlying planets (I see it like a zipper interviewing).  I am mainly focused on Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

Q.So what is going to happen when they mix?  Will they collide?
I get that initially this other system will cause havoc on the outlying planets (Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto).  Orbits and rotations will change.  I also get that this "event" happens on a cycle (I don't have the numbers, but it is 10s of thousands of years), and when these system mesh, most times, Neptune and Pluto abandon our solar system and jump into our sister sun's system.  It isn't an immediate jump, but rather phased over the duration of the sister sun being in closer proximity and while the gravitational pull is too great to prevent the orbits from altering.

I can't get an image of a full on collision, but I do see some moons getting hit.  The specific image I see is a pool ball being hit away from the "8" ball, and the pool ball veering off in a different direction- I see that relating to how some of the moons will be effected in relationship to the planets.  The moons look to be more effected more than the planets themselves.  

Q. What happens to Earth?
A.  I see Earth feeling some reverberations, but nothing like a life ending event.  I see our north / south pole (i.e. the earth wobble) being effected in a way that wobble looks more dramatic creating a very inconsistent weather pattern.  I also see more internal strife with the planet which builds pressure and causes more volcanoes and earthquakes than normal.  It looks to be happening now and won't peak for another ten years (approximately) and then will taper off as the sister sun and it's system departs from ours.    

The other thing I see happening is our day lasting longer, by up to 30 minutes.  I am unclear on how that will be addressed, but I do see alterations in how we measure time.

Q2. Wow, this 9/23 TX video looks like a barely cloaked... thing. Is this a huge organic being, a ship, or a bunch of smaller craft?
Semi-cloaked craft is in bottom left quadrant & shaped like a triangle.
A. As I tune in I get this is a mother ship, and you are right, something was off with the cloaking  I am shown that the mother ships are almost always cloaked for defense, and the satellite ships are more visible.  I also get that UFOs (especially the mother ships) travel through the clouds this was all the time (I hear the phrase "they ride along with the clouds"). 

I then I get a vision of a military pilot.  I'm in a setting as if I am conducting an interview. I begin asking if he has ever seen this (referring to UFOs, ETs, ships, etc)  in the  past- and he responds by saying in a southern accent (??) "Yes ma'm, and there is no doubt in my mind of existence of extraterrestrial life."

Q3. What is this orange glow in the sky in Russia that happened recently?:
A.  I get a couple things with this video.  First, I get that what we are seeing did happen, but it wasn't as intensely bright as what the picture alludes.  It was bright, and had an orange glow, but didn't seem as magnificent as what the video embellished it to be.

Second, I get this was related to a meteor storm that had some debris break through into Earth's atmosphere, and the person in the video witnessed those "chunks" being burnt up.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Pedophilia Rings

Q. Hello Psychic Focus, thank you so much for all your truthful insights, we all appreciate them to no end.  It's hard to trust anyone nowadays, unfortunately. I have asked a question a few months back and I have another very important one that effects us all. I can't find your pedophilia people of power column, but you mentioned it would be stopped by someone in the inner circle.  Well, there are a few people coming out, one main one specifically named Donald Marshall.  He came out with a letter of help, explaining clone centers, torture, pedophilia, cloning and many leaders, celebrities etc. are involved.  So much info...I can't copy on here, but can you please look into him and provide a reading.  If he is the real deal it's very important for humanity and I think he will win.  We will win and I hope it ends sometime soon.  It's a very deep topic that many people wouldn't understand or believe but I like the way you describe things in their detail and I think you are doing such a great service to us good humans.  Thank you so much.  Here is a link to the letter:
A. [I came across this in my working drafts, and I was compelled to do a reading.  Someone sent me the following YouTube video, and in so many ways it was related to this reading that the synchronicity of it all pulled me to address this now...

I tuned in to Donald Marshall and I see the pain and hurt of a little boy being masked by this male exterior. The one thing that felt off was most people have this self-preservation feeling.  They are cautious to a point (it is an innate survival instinct).  I didn't get that with him- I see someone who just really doesn't care.  He is completely indifferent regarding life. He is ready to expose what is happening to these people, even if it costs him his life.  He feels very mentally detached, as if he views and experiences life detached from his physical body rather than inside it.

I also get a very disturbing (or unsettling feeling) regarding his story.  I get this happens much more than what you would ever think, and it isn't by one group or organization (I want to say Illuminati, but it feels broader than that, but every bit as elite), but rather by those private people that are able to pay.  Then I get an image from the movie Hostel where people with enough cash are basically allowed to do what they want to another living person, and the people that suffered were treated like disposable objects- I feel this relates to how this man has experienced life.  He  feels like the spark that will cause a movement, it is just slowing going.  Others will come forward and speak out- and this will start to be exposed for what it is.

I also get that the guilt of what is happening to these children (there are other victims too, but my focus is on the kids) is creating a need to subconsciously justify the actions of the perpetrators to the rest of the world.. It is as if they feel if these [perverse] thoughts that go against the norm of society suddenly become plausible, then the people committing these acts aren't as flawed..  Basically this "elite group" wants to normalize their actions so they don't feel as flawed.

Q. How are they going about this?
A. They are programming the minds of society to view these underaged children as more sexualized than they really are- then I hear "Why does a 7 year old need a padded bra?"  These people with money have infiltrated the media, and are programming us with these ideas.  They make the idea of  young children looking older than they really are acceptable, but what we have to realize is that on the inside these are still vulnerable children.  Just because they look mature on the outside, they still need to be respected for their emotional/vulnerable/level of maturity (I see a little kid in a costume, and then the child curls up in a ball within the costume while the costume maintains its' shape)..  The media also make children feel like they need these things (make-up, sexy clothing, etc) to be valued.  Parents even fall into this trap because of the programming done to them (then I see a flash of tv shows: Americas Top Model and The Bachelorette)-  Parents want to give these things to their kids because they want too have these things that evoke feelings of worth for themselves.  .  

We need to turn off the tv and not allow ourselves to be brainwashed.  Talk to kids, and make sure they are confident, safe and feel secure.  Teach them about the media, and how their goal is to make money- so really think what you are being told.  Embrace free-thinking and be proud of who you are.  You are in charge of your own happiness.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Ferguson, Michael Brown, Martial Law [Group Post]

[I want to first say before I begin this reading that I am sorry for the loss of life the Brown family and friends have endured.  As I get into this deeper it looks like something minor and resolvable escalated into this tragic event.)

Q. Can you see what was the truth about Michael Brown and the Officer Darren Wilson. What really happened during that altercation?
A. My mind first takes me to the series of events of that day.  I see an African American man (Michael) inside a little store.  I get he walks around the store and I feel like I want to watch him because of the way he is walking (very slow, picking up a large amount of things and putting them back...)  It is like he is in there for a reason, but is wandering around aimlessly not knowing what he wants to get.  This isn't that type of store (then I hear that you don't go into a gas station store and spend 10 minutes looking at every bottle of pop in the cooler.)  The whole thing seemed odd.  

Then he walks up to the clerk when the store is empty, demands money and then his hand grabs something either behind or far back on the counter (I want to say chewing gum?) and puts it in his pocket.  He never brandishes a weapon, but alludes a gun is in his pocket during this robbery (I see his hand in his pocket and he is moving it around).  From there he runs out of the store, and when he is a few blocks away resumes a normal pace.

I also get that in that when he left the store he either passed off (or hid his loot) to someone as he walked down the street so nothing would be on him (except for the gum or whatever he grabbed- I still want to say gum.).   When the officer saw Michael, and Michael fit the description, he first stopped to just ask questions (not accusing just yet, but really to get information or see if Michael knew anything.)  Officer Darren wanted to ask if Michael knew anything, saw anything, etc all while scoping out Michael (semi suspecting it was him, but not able to accuse just yet).  

This is where I see Officer Darren get out of the police vehicle (I don't see a struggle in the vehicle, but rather right beside it). 

Michael immediately got defensive and shouted some expletives at Officer Darren, which seemed to come from nowhere since Michael wan't being accused, but rather questioned about what he knows.  I get Michael was VERY sensitive to that, and in Officer Darren's opinion over-reacted.  The both were then using foul language toward one another (I hear the F word a lot) and that is when it got loud.  Officer Darren was accusing him of obstructing justice (or some term like that) and used that as an excuse to further question (almost accuse but not enough proof yet) Michael and search him.  Michael was NOT letting that happen and would not comply.  

Michael would not allow a search, would not raise his hands- He wouldn't even take them out of his coat pockets which make Officer Darren very leary.. Michael did lunge toward the officer- not to intentionally grab the gun, but to push him away (Michael kept saying give me some space as officer Dan kept getting closer in fear the MIchael would try to run.)  Michael was agitated and very angry at this cop.  When MIchael lunged toward Officer Darren, and in the process got his hands on the gun, the officer didn't know what Michael was going to do, and THAT is when the officer gained full control of the gun and fired at Michael.  

Q. Did Mike Brown actually steal some cigars previously to his death? There was  NO mention of recovering this item and so trying to prove that he actually had committed a crime other than resisting arrest. 
A.  He did steal some small things as he walked about the store.  I did see him grab something  from behind the counter (I thought it looked like chewing gum, but it could have been cigars- I just didn't see it that way). 

Q. Could you look a bit more into how the situation in Ferguson is going to play out now that the officer was not indicted?
A. There is going to be looting, riots and a LOT of civil unrest in this area.  I also see pockets of groups all over the country following suit (like private organizations start to organize with picketing and protests- I get an image of Occupy Wall Street Occupy Wall Street that spread to some other cities across the country, but this is WAY bigger than that.)

This then leads to the next question...

Q. The public response to this feels unnaturally aggressive to me. There have been at least 5 different buildings set on fire as well as many cars, looting, and lots of physical violence on anyone in the area.
A.  This is unnaturally aggressive, and let me explain why...

I see that our country has been trying to pit people against one another for a long time.  As long as we fight against ourselves we are too distracted from what is really going on (then I hear the question "How many laws, bills or issues have passed that we haven't paid attention to because our media is focused on other things?")  This started with the Zimmerman and Martin case a while ago- a race war within the country is one sure way of tugging at emotions and hitting the "hot button" of many Americans.  You can "ruffle feathers with Obamacare or Abortion, but to really evoke a cause attack someones heritage."  

I also get that brutal crimes happen all the time.  The number one cause of death in African American men is homicide.  (As a note I looked this up after I heard this and this IS TRUE until they reach the age of 35- source).  The media took this one instance (even though tragic) and blasted it throughout the country to evoke the emotions of thousands if not millions everywhere.  I also get that undisclosed sources even bused people into Ferguson (both to create more chaos and also give the media some "good images" to televise.)  Then I get an image of a show called Confessions of an Economic Hitman in which our own CIA was known to go to other countries to not only cause havoc, but get the citizens of that country stirred up as well- Only in this case it is our own government stirring up havoc in our own country.

I also get that the media (under someone elses command) isn't being totally fair to this case because the way they are portraying Michael is not the full truth.  They are showing innocent pictures of Michael when he was younger and more "childlike" (I put these pics on the right) versus who he was as a grown man.  This is done intentionally to create more compassion and stir more emotions (I hear people upset because "How could someone shoot a little boy.")  I get that if you heard the real facts, and where there when it happened, things would seem much different that the way the media is portraying it.

Why are they doing this?  Something big is on the horizon (I want to say it is tied to the economy) which the citizens are not going to be very accepting of.  In the process there is going to be some civil unrest, and the government wants and needs to see how to best handle the chaos.  They want and need a reason to test military authority, Martial Law and see how we respond do that (are we submissive, or do we fight for what we think is right).  By creating an excuse in Ferguson, Martial Law will be viewed by the rest of the country as necessary and excused because we are "protecting ourselves from each other."  They get to test their "big guns" (the phrase that came to me) while the rest of the people watch and approve because we are "helping them."

I also get that once Martial Law is declared, it is hard to stop.  There will also be the underlying rule that if riots start elsewhere, Martial Law will be put into force immediately to avoid "another Ferguson."  Fear will keep people in line.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.

Here is a link to a previous reading I did that touched on the situation in Ferguson that you may be interested in:

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Anonymous (The Men in the Masks)

Q. Psychic Focus, do you think you can do a reading on Anonymous? I'm very curious to know about where these guys are coming from and what their goal is. They seem to be an anti-illuminati group?
I don't see this as one man, or even a group, but rather different people located all over trying to inspire a movement (uniting one person at a time) to spread truth and open your eyes to the world.  It is true that this was started by one man- but the goal was to unite other like-minded people in this "movement."   I keep getting images of a passionate (and angry) man (like Alex Jones) who felt compelled to encourage Americans to take an alternative look at their environment (economy, government, current events).  Even as I tune in I see the mask (and can't see under it), and get the impression that the initial leader (the person inspiring the whole "movement") is someone we would recognize.   I also get any names used, or ideas of who we think this is are wrong (referring to the initial start-up person).  I also see they use the mask to not only hide the leaders identity, but also to promote a way for others to join in a safer way (by hiding their face) because many of the topics they question are so far from what main stream promotes that many have fear by association (in some cases), but the mask helps to hide that.

The anti-illuminati idea is just one aspect- the main thing I hear is "anti agenda."  The Anonymous movement has very perceptive people united together- they see the "bigger story" and shed light on it.  In some situations they have also prevented false flags because the see events align to make one possible, and blast the media with the facts before anything can be done (it is harder to have a false flag when people know it is likely to happen). 

Their goal is to take a look at the world objectively, and see things for what they are versus what we are told.  This movement is a created by people grouped together and spreading truth and making people "accountable" (this word keeps coming up a lot) for their actions.  These are passionate people wanting change in this very broken system.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Q & A XLV: Mysterious Deaths Part III [Group Post]

Q. Jacob Erwin Wetterling is a boy from St. Joseph, Minnesota, who was kidnapped from his hometown at the age of 11 on Sunday, October 22, 1989 as he, his brother, and his best friend rode their bikes home one night from a convenience store. The boys were stopped by a man wearing a mask. He told the boys to lie face down in the ditch. They were all asked their ages. His brother and best friend were told to run, and not look back , or they would be shot. Jacob was abducted. His whereabouts and perpetrator are still unknown. 
A. As soon as I read this question I immediately felt panic and the movie I Know My First Name is Steven comes up.  I get this perpetrator had a mental imbalance very similar to the perpetrator in this movie, and the fate of this young man was very similar.  I get this man sort of "shopped" for young boys that he took based on size, age, even hair and eye color.  These children felt scared, helpless and powerless against him.  

Eventually Jacob was killed by this man- the abuse was too much, and he sort of willed himself to pass away during a session of abuse.  At that very moment when Jacobs's soul left his body, he was at peace.  It feels so serene- and I hear a high pitch sound or vibration, but it was beautiful as if it protected him in some way.  

When I snap back to focus on this man to get a description, I see a Caucasian man, average height, dark brown curly hair.  When I look for identifying marks I see a dot in the middle of his forehead, but it looks to be a birthmark of some sort- I get he was made fun of as a child for this marking. I also see a tattoo in the shape of a shield on his forearm with wring inside it regarding the word "hell" (there is a phrase, wording or picture relating the to word "hell").  The house looks to be a run down farm house that is close to, but not inside the city limits.  There is a corn field behind the house, and I see that is where he put the body, buried deep in the ground with bags of lye on top.  I also see the number 276- it looks to be significant (street number, area code, license number??).  

Q. Please can you do a reading on Whitney Houston's death and how did she drown in her bath water.Many people speculate the record producer industry are associated to many stars dying an early death.
Can you shed some light on this

A.  I get a sense her addiction to drugs was the center source for her death.  I do not see it as a suicide (even though I get a high amount of depression).  I get an image of someone from behind pushing her head forward.  It looks like she was sitting, and they grabbed her from behind her neck and pushed her head down (essentially folding her body in half).  It looks like it was only one man, and the image of this man reminds me of a stereotypical mobster.  He broke in her room like he was hunting her.  She was scared and shocked, but somehow not surprised- like she had been waiting on his arrival.  They exchanged words, and then when he didn't like what she had to say (the conversation sounds like mumbling) and grabbed her by the neck and pushed her down.  She was so out of her mind already, that she tried to fight him off, but it wasn't much of a fight.  She drowned, and when the man knew she was dead, he left.  

Who was this guy?  I don't see this tied to the Powers That Be... This has a more lower level, independent feeling.  Again, I get it had to do with drugs, drug money, drug dealers, that kind of thing.  She got mixed up in a bad crowd and I see some kind of blackmail gone bad in regards to her fame.  

Q. I'm wondering if you get any info about this guy... (family acquaintance)
A. I get that the night Ethan disappeared he was not in his right, conscious mind.  He either consumed large amounts of alcohol, recreational drugs, or a combination of the both.  I also feel like something he took or was on (maybe a prescription ??) intensified the effect of the other substances and made them react in his system more than what he thought (he was under the influence more than he even realized).  At the end of the evening when he was heading for home I get he accidentally drove his car off of a road or bridge (lost control) and went into a body of water (pond, river, lake).  I also hear something about to not to underestimate the water depth (even though the water may be low and you would think it would have been visible, it really wasn't).  I get the water ways in route from where he was last seen and where he was headed need to be searched.  

Q. Hi Lynn. Could you do a reading on Ram Tiwary? He was jailed for killing his roommates in Australia, but the case has now closed and he is out of jail. They never figured out who murdered the roommates. Could you see if Ram Tiwary is actually innocent? With the trial news on internet and papers years ago, I was always convinced he was guilty. But I just finished his book '99 Months' and because he used the actual trial words to show why he was acquitted, I think maybe I was wrong the first time.  If you do find the time, could you expand to see if any police were involved like for framing etc.?
A. I also get he is innocent. When the murders were first discovered, they were quick to blame Ram, and I get that Ram, even though being honest, didn't have a good alibi.  Because of that, he was accused based on a "he said / she said" basis.  He tried to fight this over and over, and I get there was a lot of negligence with the police (missing or lost evidence).  There wasn't any framing going on, but rather incompetence. I am hearing the phrase that "the handling of this case was a disaster."  I get it wasn't the evidence that proved his innocence, but it was something about the logistics of the death (maybe two people were involved, or the process itself, etc...).  He couldn't be him, and he was released for those reasons.  I get his book is honest and truthful.

I see the victims after they had passed, but I cannot see the murder (maybe the image is too brutal or not in my greater good).  I can't see who did it, but I do get an impression that it was more than one person that came in and did this.

Q. Hi,PF could you do a reading on death-mystery of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, our greatest freedom fighter next to Gandhiji. .Some say that Netaji was killed in a plane-crash while others say the newly formed government conspired to kill him, so he hid in some unknown place till age of more than 80+ in form of some babaji/Saint. This is our nation history's greatest mystery.
A.  First, I get this was a great man of high integrity.  He truly wanted the best for his country, and he was hated by other countries for it because Netaji could lead and army, and people would follow him (jealousy and fear).  It is true he was injured (I see explosions and him limping away from bombs blasting and dust everywhere), but I see he did escape.  He was hoping to heal and return even stronger, but the injuries he sustained made it very difficult for him, and he never fully physically recovered.  He did live to an older age, and passed away peacefully (I want to say he was somewhere on a mountain- I see the view, and was protected by monks- or some religious group of people).

Q. HI! I'm teaching research skills to my high school students using the Lizzie Borden case. What feelings do you get about mystery that surrounds this still unsolved case? Thanks so much!
A. I get that she did do it.  I see some kind of a split personality coming out (the mental image I get is Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde).  She doesn't remember doing it, and she grieved terribly over her loss.  In her "normal" state she can't even fathom doing such a thing.  I also see that she had flash backs that taunted her (like part of her subconscious was leaking through), but had no recollection of being in her conscious mind committing these acts.

Q. Could you do a reading on Tina Watson's death. Was it a planned murder by her husband or was it really an accident?
A.  I get this was an accident.  I see that prior to this scuba trip she had a minor injury (I see someone falling down and then jumping right back up).  The injury created minor internal bruising or tenderness (just a little soreness).  When she combined that minor injury with the ocean water, something happened that caused her to become very disoriented (kind of sick and nauseous too).  From there I see she lost consciousness and that lead to her death.

Q. Hi Lynn, I recently came across an article about Agatha Christie, the famous mystery author. There was a time when she was 36 years old that she disappeared for 11 days. What happened during those 11 days? The family's explanation after she was found was only that she was suffering from amnesia. Was this all a publicity stunt to boost book sales? Had it been a fugue state, induced by the trauma of her crumbling marriage? Or, had Agatha Christie planned the entire plot in an attempt to frame her cheating husband for murder? What do you see?
A. I get she intentionally disappeared because she needed a break.  She couldn't deal with anyone or anything- it looks like the verge of a mental breakdown. She was stressed and wanted out of the public eye.  She wasn't trying to draw in attention, but rather was escaping attention while she dealt with personal issue and emotions resulting from her life..  She was clearing her mind (she knew she was a mental mess and trying to regain control), and plotting her next moves in life- almost a vacation from reality while she developed some clarity.  The fame she gained from this was an unintended benefit.

And that is all I have for now. Thank you.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Q & A XLIV: Random Media Questions (Powers that Be, Truth Tellers, New Sources, Paranormal TV) [Group Post]

Q. Dear Lynn, I read that the "powers that be" have successfully embedded their agenda into the psyche of the public via media for many years and that they even control the alternative media narrative to lure and identify those who oppose the nefarious agenda. Do they control the highly visible organizations like infowars, oathkeepers, or are these alternative news sources and groups authentic? If they are not authentic, then where can we find uncensored truth?
A. The first thing I get is that you are absolutely correct- the "Powers" have penetrated and control most of our media.  They censor what we are allowed to know.  IF the truth is leaked, it is done is such a way that it comes off as a joke, and typically the presenter is labeled as something less than respectable.  

Then I hear "Alex Jones may be a good guy at heart, but look how he is portrayed."  I get a message about in "real life" Alex is passionate about what he does, and the way he is shown is the media is completely sensationalized.  Alex is a frustrated man trying to spread truth while fighting a huge system.  He even realizes he comes across loud (and maybe obnoxious) at times, but he is SO frustrated (and the word SO is emphasized loudly in this message).  He wants to make change to a very broken system, but isn't sure how to go about doing it.  

Then I get that the "Powers" will go so far as to interview people that are truth tellers to intentionally discredit them (I hear the name Jessie Ventura come up).  I see Jessie being taunted in the back of the studio by something being played on a tv set, then they bring him out on stage for the interview (while he is already upset and agitated) and then ask him questions without allowing him time to give his response while interrupting him constantly.  Jessie get so flustered by it, he shows a side of himself and says things in a way he normally wouldn't, but the media got their clip they wanted so they could play, and replay it over and over for the public to see. Then I see people high-fiving in a back office and I hear the phrase "one more taken down."

I also see that the government has an entire group of people dedicated to finding people trying to make change and shed truth.  Their job is to post comments that throw people off,discredit people and sway their audience.  The also put and create false information to make stories go away, and make distractions to steer people away from the real issues.  I want to use the words "damage control" as if that is even somewhere in this groups job title or job description. 

Most every news source has some kind of influence, but the countries that have the least censorship, have more genuine news (you still need to use your own filter to see what feels truthful).   Many times you will hear a story, and if it doesn't sit right, or feels off- trust that it is.  We are given clues to truth, but not the full truth.  Alternative sources are good to get your brain going (and force your mind to exercise out of the mainstream).  And I am left with the phrase "Look with your eyes."  People can say many things, but proof is in their actions.

Q. What are your thoughts of the paranormal shows Ghost Adventures, Long Island Medium (Theresa Caputo)  and Dead Files? These are the ones I really believe in and feel that Theresa Caputo and Amy Allen are the real deal. I Actually have tickets to see her Please, please if you can focus on this I'll really appreciate it thanks so much. You are wonderful!
A. Out of the shows you listed, I do get some genuine, pure energy here... I will break them down. 

Ghost Adventures:  I see these guys seeking out, wanting to understand the paranormal layer of earth and trying to contact it.  I get at times during the show (because of where they are mentally) they over react (feel they were touched, etc when they weren't), but in reality they are just antsy because they have been touched, talked to and heard things in the past.  They let their minds get too "busy" and don't relax to allow things to flow easily. They truly depict what investigators do, and share that with the public.

Long Island Medium:  She feels very genuine.  She really wants to help people, and has a good connection to the spirit realm.  She knows how to see things and translate it to people (I have an image of her standing with an image in a thought bubble.  She then is describing what is in that bubble to someone else).  She carries herself with strong feminine energy and she is very confident in what she does.  Then I get it took her a long time to get that confidence, but now she is "rocking it."

Dead Files:  I see Amy as having a lot of talent.  I get there is a lot of behind the scenes coordination that has to take place, but not to let that take away from Amy's gift.  There are a lot of scenes created for tv, but the show gives a good depiction of her skills.  

Q. Are psychic twins Linda and Terry Jamison really who they claim to be, one soul split in two bodies? Are they really trying to help people with their gift? At first I believed in their gift but something feels off...
A.  When I tuned in to them, I get they do have psychic gifts, but I also get it is a little clouded.  When they first began this adventure and starting really trying to warn, help and guide people, there was a sincerity about it.  They felt humble, but something with that has shifted.  They are still good people, but it is like there is a new stress or additional energy that prevents their thoughts from flowing as easily.  I get their images aren't as clear to them as they once were- they get strong hunches or impressions, but the details aren't as specific.

Q. I'd like you to take a look at the video that I'm linking here and tell me what you can about it. Be warned, I get a very dark feeling from it and the reason that I'm asking you to "read" it is because I think there is much more to this story than people know. The video is an incident from 1987 where someone hijacked a television broadcast signal for a minute and a half. The description in the video says that they "broke in" but they just mean into the signal, not the studio. To this day, this person has not been caught and it remains a mystery.

I'll reserve my feelings on it for the comments if you make a post about it as I don't want to obscure your view in any way. Here's the link:
A. (First, I must say please heed caution before watching this, and mentally protect yourself from negativity as this is incredibly disturbing.  I may even pull this link down..)
I see this person was really fed up with the media and how government (even the Powers That Be) was being both manipulated and manipulative.  This man was mentally and spiritually out of balance, and as a result took his negative feelings and used that energy to infiltrate this television show.  I get the man felt like the quality of news out there is of such poor quality, yet people were buying into all the propaganda they were hearing.  As I watched the video he joked and said that now they have something to write about and calls them names.  He is making a mockery of the media.

I then found myself watching the background in the video.  I pulled myself away from looking because i get there was something more than making a Max Headroom skit- It had a subliminal feel to it.  I got that if you starred at it, something about it pulled you in and created a dark negative feeling that would take a while to shed off.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Strange Illuminati Symbol??

Q.  What is going on in the video?  Jim Carrey repeatedly shared this facial symbol several times on a recent show with Jimmy Fallon.
A.  The first thing that comes into my mind is how things are hidden in plain sight, and that is what makes them so hidden.  There is a higher society that ultimately wants to control people, but I get there is some kind of pact that they are only allowed to control us if they are honest and we allow them to do so.  So, this "society" tells us truth  (in strange ways), but the don't really "tell us."  It is like a person casting a spell- you don't know you are being manipulated, but in reality you are.

Occasionally someone will have a moment- as if some greater consciousness connects to them and forces out truth.  This force feels positive, like it is helping humans to wake up- we just have to listen!  It can work in different ways:  art, movies, random comments, etc.  In this case it was Jim Carrey.

Jim Carrey is revealing truth (as many people in the public eye have as of late), but he is doing it in a mocking way as to discredit what he is telling you to be true.  If you take his words, and reverse the tone, what he states about the Illuminati / government / Powers That Be resonate as true.  If you take the jokes out of the tone, and listen to the words, they feel right.  I get if you saw the words written without the theatrics of joking, it would really make you think...

I don't get that Jim Carrey is one of the "Powers The Be" but I do get the "Powers" work through and manipulate the media, so he is indirectly influenced (those that aren't influential for the cause are removed by one means or another).  I get that the constant manipulation on these people that are used as tools eventually wears on their subconscious and truth starts to leak through (sometimes uncontrollable, and most often during inappropriate times).  I don't see Jim Carrey meant to come on stage and do this repeatedly, but something in him made him do this during his introduction- he was compelled.  I see him sitting back now reflecting and asking himself, "Why did I do that?" but at the time something (like the greater good for people was too strong) made him leak out some truth in a mocking way.  I also get he is getting some hostile comments for it, and has to answer and justify his actions..

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Changing Tide of the Media and Our Addiction to Stimuli

The following is a freelance contribution to the blog from Helen Bootie.  [She puts into words what many of us know deep in our subconscious, and I thought you would enjoy it.  Love and light- Lynn]

It’s difficult to go throughout our everyday lives without being bombarded by stimuli. In the bustling city, we are showered with the visual and aural, and whether we feel connected to our urban roots or not we often reach a kind of isolated “zone” where we become oblivious to the sights and sounds around us. Somehow, it manages to penetrate our subconscious. Even far from this environment in the comfort of our remote paradise in the wilderness, achieving a Thoreauvian state of natural paradise is a challenge. From smartphones and laptops to tablets and the tech world becoming further spread and more inescapable (for better or for worse) we are finding ourselves in an onslaught of media. And mainstream media, along with its perpetuation of specific cultural ideals and condemnations is also particularly problematic, often drawing us away from our own intuitions and causing us to detach ourselves from our true nature.

We Are Programmed What to Think
When we are submerged into the news of the day by one of the mainstream networks, we have to ask ourselves – what is the entertainment value of this story? What is the message being communicated in the broadcast? Whether it is liberal or conservative media, the days of completely objective journalism are long past for the majority of networks. Producers, writers, reporters and anchors – as well as technicians – are told what to communicate to their audience. And when we consider that all major networks are corporate-owned, as well as the government, then we must logically conclude that news is not here to inform but to project certain values and beliefs.

Additionally, we can look at the media which influences our lives through free and cable/satellite television. While there are, without a doubt, several thought-provoking stories and artistic concepts which challenge the mainstream, we are dominated by a reality TV syndrome which popularizes consumerist culture and is made all the more appealing because viewers can become rightfully angry at the protagonists on-screen in a country where quality of life is set at odds against equal rights, fair pay, being able to buy a home, find work, receive good healthcare, and a variety of other issues. As huge amounts of our population are cut off from access to these resources as well as education, we become less empowered – and succumb more easily to the controlled stimuli which are flung out at us.

Breaking Up with Addiction
We are faced with a huge addiction problem. We are programmed to believe that we are entitled to material goods and to become fulfilled by them by our staunch work ethic, which is actually exploitative with little rewards. In our restricted schedules, we seek instant gratification and we forget how to connect with the true world around us. And when our hectic world gets to be too much, we often turn to drastic coping techniques. More than ever, not only American adults but our youth are particularly vulnerable to substance abuse as they look towards a future which frankly isn’t as promising as it once was for younger generations. Just as dangerously, the addiction to drug culture (including the prescription meds manufactured by pharmaceutical companies) continues to grow along with consumerist culture. This is the world in which our governments want us to operate; a generation with a clear head and heart are more likely to demand proper policy and incite revolution. We live in a world where generosity is scorned in the dog eat dog game, and self-motivation – while celebrated on the corporate, career-driven sense – is looked upon with contempt. So we must take hold of our lives and break away from this obsession with stimuli – learn to embrace our strengths and move forward, whether it is recovering from long-term problems with addiction or changing the way we approach life.

Follow Your Bliss, Clear Your Mind
Great thinker Joseph Campbell has always encouraged us to “follow our bliss” and he also discusses the importance not only of the individual whose life is fulfilled but of a society which can collectively think on a scale which transcends current mainstream culture. This is not only achieved by discovering the ethics and the wonders of the ancient world’s great mythologies and culture, but about becoming more informed and open-minded as well. It is critical that we use the free domain of the internet as much as possible, and stay aware and alert about the news and stimuli which strives to control our lives. We must always be analytical and look for alternative resources wherever possible, and embrace the cultural creative mantra as we change the course of history towards a more sustainable and human future.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Portals in Suriname and Lemurians

Q. It is said that there must be a higher-dimensional portal somewhere in the southeast of Suriname, below the Tapanahony region. It is known by (some of) the native inhabitants living there, but they keep it secret. Let me – before putting my questions online– state that, if it indeed exists, the location should be kept secret, so please do not describe the location.

Does the portal indeed exist? If yes, has it been used in the past? If yes, by whom and for what? Where does it lead? Can you see people going in and coming out, with or without things? Can you describe what you see? Is it still operational?

A. When I first tune in I do get a confirmation of this existing.  I will not go into the specific of the location, I will only say that there is a cave that is covered by vegetation from a thick jungle.  You cannot find it unless you know where you are going, and the natives are careful not to leave tracks or trails to the mouth of this cave.  

I do see that there are also some unique properties to this portal.  It looks as though natives pray to this area and also use the energy given off for healing.  One specific image I see is a native (and only a few select ones are even allowed to be near this location) placing some kind of item (looks like a carved rock) near the mouth of the cave and then bowing out of respect and leaving...A few days later they return and take the rock, bowing again.  They then take that rock back to their village and use it for ceremonies and healing as if this rock absorbed some of the spiritual powers of the cave.  

There is a high vibration coming from this portal. I get that when you walk near it you can "feel" it. It is similar to feeling the reverberation from loud music.

What happens if you walk in the cave?  
I get that none of the natives have done this out of both fear and respect.  They stay close to the mouth.  As I try to look in, it looks like an average cave (smell, darkness, feel) but the difference is the energy- it is so intense that you feel like it is spinning around you to where you feel sick from the push and pull of it.  It feels mentally like it is charging you, but physically makes you a little ill- like this experience is too intense for our physical human bodies.  The energy gets more intense the further you walk in the cave, but then you are physically stopped by the end of the cave- there is no where to go.

Has it been used in the past and Is is still used?  Is it functional?
It was used in the past for higher dimensional beings to come to earth, but it looks like the end of the portal has been closed making it not fully functional.  I see an image of a hallway with a door on each side, but one of those doors is locked making the pathway down the hallway closed- this looks to be blocked the same way.  If the (and they look like ETs) chose to reactive their end of this, they would be able to use this route again.  I can't see objects coming out of the cave with the ETs, but rather just the ETs themselves. 

Q. Are there (other) places in Suriname with a special energetic signature, like an energy vortex with higher-frequency energies? Or a place where the ‘veil’ between the dimensions are thinner than elsewhere? Places where it's beneficial to meditate?
A. I took a map of Suriname and put my intent (question) out there, and my eye was drawn to the area of Juliantop which looks to be a mountain.  I see a jungle, so thick it looks difficult to navigate, but then from nowhere looks to be a magnificent mountain.  I get that all around this area (the foot of the mountain) the spiritual properties are high.  Ideally you would actually climb up the mountain and meditate from the top (where the energy feels the highest), but even the base of the mountain feels intense (like the mountain is an antenna for drawing in energy).  

Q. Does Suriname have friendly neighbors, not only in the countries around, but also in the inner of the Earth? If yes, are they descendants of the Lemurians, who moved to the inner Earth after the destruction of the Atlantis-Lemurian civilization thousands of years ago? If yes, can they be perceived by our senses, or do they live in a higher dimension? Are they looking forward to connect with us, who live above ground? If yes, can you connect with one with authority and ask how we can connect with him/her, by his/her name, telepathically?
A.  I do get they have friendly neighbors, but when I focus on where I keep seeing people looking to the sky and not down to the earth.  It looks like the friendly neighbors are above and not below.I cannot get a clear connection to positive energy coming from ETs in the inner earth (that always comes across as dark), but I do get images of what you describe coming from above- like these people were rescued and taken somewhere on a ship.

I also get they would like to connect with humans, but they don't want to come to earth- something about earth feels unsafe to them and the lower vibration on earth makes them feel ill.  I get that they spiritually would like to help humans and they give off the emotion of love, partly due to their high vibration and partly due to their feeling / compassionate side.

How do people connect to them? 
I get the best way is through meditation.  I also see that not only do you have to be open, but you have to be "chosen" by them to fully connect.  Not everyone that wants to connect is able to handle it because they (the Lemurians) have such a high vibration it would sort of "fry" your system.  They are careful who they chose to communicate with.

Addendum 11/18/14:
Q. Can you place the use of the portal, when it still was functional, in a time frame? Why did the ET's stop using it?
A.  I can't get a specific time, but it was thousands of years ago.  It was at least 500 BC if not slightly before.  

They stopped using this portal because it was not in their (or our greater good) to physically be here.  There was a lot of geographical changes going on and the energy here on earth felt different in a heavy weighed down way.  I get that these higher vibrational beings had to work so hard to maintain that high vibration that it made them feel ill being here and quit coming.

Q. What people were then living in Suriname and in the surroundings? Did the ET's communicate with these people? If yes, what was this communication about? What changes did this interaction with the people bring in their society in that time?
A.  It looks like Indian tribes.  The surroundings are all jungle, with clearings where the villages were established.  The ETs didn't communicate with the people for a long time, but they observed quietly.  Eventually they made contact, and the biggest thing they shared with the Indians were a metal that they could make tools with.  The image I see (can be symbolic or literal) is a surgical looking circular blade attached to a wooden handle.  The metal was so impressive that it could cut food, wood, animal skin- everything.

Q. . Where were the ET's coming from? What was their purpose for coming to Earth in that timeframe? What were their footprints on Earth after leaving? Can these footprints still be seen or found today?
A.  I get they originally came from a moon on Jupiter.  They were coming to earth to explore and possibly set up a base here as well. They had a small underground base at one time, but it has since been abandoned (they didn't like how earth felt).  To really see how they impacted the tribes during that time, some of their tools (especially building and hunting) would need to be found (or find something built and preserved for all these years).  I get the handles of the tools have deteriorated, but the blades themselves feel like they would last forever.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  YouTube to be posted.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Q & A XLIII: Random Questions

Q. Why are her parents still keeping Jahi McMath alive if a few doctors have already declared her brain dead? Is she just a vegetable? And if she is just a vegetable, where is her spirit?
A.  They are keeping her alive because they have hope.  I see her parents being of the thought that when you die, that is it- there is a finality to it that they aren't able to accept.  The hope, thought and energy put into the belief she is not brain dead is actually giving her energy.  I don't see her brain as completely dead because I get that there is a comprehension still occurring of her environment.  Her understanding is minimal, but she is able to sense energies around her and respond (even if it is with minor electrical impulses).
Her spirit / soul is very much with her and fully charged with colors.  It looks like it goes between being in her physical body, and floating above her like a cloud.  It looks to toggle back and forth.  Her spirit looks ok being here, not anxious to leave- like the time isn't right yet. I get something good is to come of this before she is able to pass on, like a law or right of some kind will be created.  

Q. Do you see if the south korean celebrity, Kim Hyun Joong, really beat his girlfriend or was she lying?
A.  I get he really did do it.  They were both arguing, and it reached an ugly point where they were mutually verbally yelling and assaulting each other.  His girlfriend got the worst of it, but she also slapped and did things to him.  It was a very ugly thing that got out of control and emotions took over.  

Q. Hi Lynn, Can you do a reading on the religious principle of tithing? Is it necessary? What are it's benefits? What is the best practice to achieving personal wealth and financial freedom?

A. Tithing can be a positive thing depending on church you are donating to, and if you donate freely with the absence of guilt (some churches shame people into it) and it isn't detrimental to you or your family (some churches require 10% of your earnings).  Some churches take the profit, do what is needed to maintain the church, help children and help the community- there is nothing wrong with that.  It is collected and used for the greater good.  

Many times tithing is necessary to maintain a physical structure unless you have a large congregation that is willing to volunteer time and effort to keep the church going.

There are also religions in which the sermons are held in peoples homes, and there is no brick and mortar church.  In this case it isn't necessary.  In this situation money can go to charity or helping the community, but isn't required to keep the church going.  

If you are asking if it is necessary to be closer to Jesus, the answer is no.  Focus on your karma, maintain balance and work toward the greater good in order to elevate your vibrations.  Money is something humans tied to this, and really isn't a requirement to advance spiritually. 

Personal wealth and financial freedom are really different for everyone.. Most generally if people do what brings them joy (keeping service to others and service to self in balance), the rest will fall into place.  The big question is finding your joy, being honest to yourself, empowering yourself to work toward goals to get there and stay accountable along the way.

Q. Hello Lynn, I was just curious. Why hasn't Obama released his transcripts from college?  On your college transcripts they often have information on there not related to grades. Is there anything on there that would embarrass him like something that says he was a foreign student and not a U.S. citizen? Does it say he is a Muslim, Atheist or Agnostic ? Are there classes or extracurricular events that would shame him? Were his grades not good enough to get into Columbia or Harvard by his own merit? Why has he been so secretive about them when every other candidate has released them ?
A. The very first thought was "he hasn't taken the time to make it presentable."...  

I get that overall his transcript doesn't look "presidential" and when compared to other candidates he wouldn't be as proud and would have explaining to do.  It has a sub par feeling to it.  It would immediately put him on the defensive, and that isn't a position he likes to be in. 

I also get that it somehow indicates that he is studying abroad for some of these classes.  When I ask for more clarification, I hear some kind of argument in my mind that goes "well he just marked it that way [studying abroad] to help him get in [to college], he really is native to the US." It came across as if I was eavesdropping on a conversation that he was having with someone....??  My overall impression is that it contains some dishonest information and he is not up to the challenge of dealing with the necessary damage control.

Q. What's happening with the cats disappearing in Ipswich UK? Not many of them are making it back home and when they do they are in very frightened and in bad shape. Are aliens to blame? Is my cat safe outside? This link has newspaper articles at the end of it. Really appreciate your insight here.

A. I get all over the world there are energetic locations (the earth is gridded in a sense) that create a vortexes.  The UK has a large active vortex right now which is also why so many crop circles and UFO sightings are occurring (not sure if that is a fact, but what I see).   The energetic forces also cause some species of animals brains to kind of "scramble" or get confused and just run off.  Sometimes they wander, and sometimes the energy will collect somewhere and create a beacon for them to gather.  I also get that cats aren't the only thing behaving oddly- birds and frogs too??  It effects outside cats because they are able to roam, but inside cats feel it too (again, more odd behavior) but they are trapped in their home.  

Q. I heard that Melissa River is going to have an investigation her mother's death. Will this be an honest investigation or is Melissa going to be threatened by this action?

A. She is having it investigated, but I don't see her getting truthful information.  I get the the evidence that could have revealed the truth has already been destroyed or contaminated. Melissa has a strong feeling this was intentional (even more so than negligent), but she can't seem to get the facts that support what she deep down knows.

Q. Since we are multidimensional beings I've been wondering if it is possible to live more than one life in the same world, the same time, and the same dimension - simultaneously if there is person I can physically meet that is part of my soul same way as myself just in a different body as I'm in this body.

A. I get that our souls can travel when we sleep or even meditate, but we only tether to one physical body per incarnation.  If you meet someone that know your are connected to, then that usually results from a familiarity of incarnating together in the past- the souls recognize each other even though your physical body may see them as a stranger.  We jump into our current lives with other souls, and those souls connect to us when we need them (could be siblings, children, friends, partners).  When we meet these people, we connect because the souls have a connection.

Q. The Ancient Aliens show on History channel is very interesting. Is Giorgio Tsoukalos' purpose to enlighten the people or is he being controlled by ETs? Your thoughts on these please, thank you!

A. I see him as honest and seeking the truth.  There is a little ET intervention going on in the form providing clarity, insight or somehow finding facts that make sense.  It looks like he has had this "lucky" feeling of being able to connect the dots or opportunities.  I don't see him meditating or having direct contact, but it looks like the ET energy is around him and things just "come to him" and he doesn't realize that he is like a conduit to revealing information to humans.

Q. What is this sound coming from comet 67p (rosetta mission)? I think it’s from a telepathic species that’s placed their thoughts into a radio frequency band so humans might understand them. Check out the sound:  What are they saying and why is it on this comet?

A. I don't see it as talking, but there is something living on this comet that exists at that frequency and we (with technical assistance) are able to hear that frequency.  I will say I didn't feel good about it- and it feels dark.  I also get something not in the greater good will happen if we alter or do something with this comet (ie try to interfere, poke or prod).  I get a picture of us trying to destroy the comet eventually, and in doing so it spreads a disease (a puff of a virus comes out of it).  I get the creators of this comet are on a mission and do not want to be messed with.

Q. Is David Wilcox the reincarnation of Edward Cayce? I've seen many youtube videos of him over the years and felt some truth to him. I just came across one where he had "literally" black circles under his eyes and he had the dry mouth of a guy of speed. He looked really ill.

A  I don't him as being Edward Cayce, but I get his is able to channel Edward Cayce.  He speaks a lot of truth, and I get Edward Cayce sort of guides him through the process of figuring things out and interpreting things. There really is a good connection between him and Cayce, but I don't see them as the same person. 

Q. Hi Lynn, I was hoping you could take a look at this recent video and tell us your thoughts. It is truly amazing. Thank you so much.

A.  I looked at the video, and really focused in.  I get that there was a illusion going on, but I was trying to determine the source.  I get that the root of the illusion was based on some kind of frequency radiated from the moon and that frequency effected the view through the microscope.  It is coming across like a heartbeat from the moon (a frequency) that caused it to look that way.

Note: I wasn't sure were to post this, but someone submitted this and I didn't want it lost in the comments.  The submitter said "For everyone into reptillians. Here is a nice recent video I found"

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.