Friday, May 2, 2014

What was the object in the sky on December 20, 2012 and who / what blew it up?

1:23 PM
Q. I am hoping you can meditate on this news story that aired on television. It's a video of a man who recorded on his Iphone something he saw in the sky. It was an object that was being orbited by something else moments before the object was blown up. What I found most interesting was the date that this occurred, Dec 20, 2012, which puts this object approaching our atmosphere the day BEFORE Dec 21, 2012, perhaps preparing for an Earth arrival on this infamous date. Is it possible these were ETs returning at "the end of the age" as promised by the Mayans? Or the return of the Messiah? And the scarier thought...who blew them up? NASA?

A. As  i focus on this object, I get a sense that it was a solid object (much like a rock) that looks to be "on fire."  I don't see the object itself as an alien craft or some kind of craft with life on it.  I also get an image that this body of rock was "slung" at earth (I see a picture of a sling shot in my mind).   It actually looks like slinging the object toward us was intentional- it comes directed at us with a purpose.  

Q.  Now I want to know WHO slung the space rock toward us?
A.  I hear this conversation about other ETs in the universe. They are fighting and trying to lay claim to earth.  Even though other planets can facilitate life (referring to other planets in other systems) Earth is still pretty unique.  I get that some of the ETs are really upset and feel like the human race doesn't truly appreciate what they have here on earth, and want to reclaim it for themselves.  They feel one way to do that is to create a major earth changing disaster that would allow them the opportunity to "start over."  They feel a real cleansing needs to occur.  

Q.  Was the date of December 20, 2012 significant for this space rock to be close to earth? 
A.  I get yes.  When the Mayans created their calendar it was told to them that what they (the humans) had done with earth would in a sense be "evaluated" at the end of this calendar.  There was a certain expectation of how the earth should be and how the people should be when this evaluation occurred.  It was expected that there would be not only intellectual advancements, but spiritual too.  It was as if people were given the gift to spiritually evolve [and expected to do so], but too much greed, judgement and other negative influences took over which inhibited growth in that way.  I see that as a human race, we were viewed as some kind of disappointment to some of these outer lying alien races.  Basically, we didn't pass there test at that time.  

Q. Who blew up the space rock?
A. What I see happen is when this rock approached earth, alien crafts emerge from the opposite side of the moon.  I see these alien crafts come out, surround the rock, and blow it up.  They use some technology that filters in light and energy from the sun, and super concentrate it.  It looks like their weapon directs this energy out in such a way that it created an explosion [on their target].  Then I hear that the aliens on the opposite side of the moon weren't defending earth, or the human race, but rather they opposed the aliens that are on the outer limits, and didn't want them to live that close to the moon.  Then I hear there is work to be done, and they (the aliens on the moon) don't want their interference. ??

And that is all I have.  Thank you  It is 1:40 PM.  Link to Audio.


alphax14 said...

Are these ETs who basically attacked us going to do so again and are the ETs on the moon our only reliable defense?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@alphax14: I see they will, but not for a while. There are other ETs that are on our side (some for selfish reasons, and some to protect humankind). The moon aliens are not the only defense, they were just able to respond and took care of it before anyone else needed to step in.

Alpha X said...

Thanks for the quick reply. Since their seemingly simple plan to wipe us out didn't work out, I wonder if they might be preparing to attack us directly or at least with more force.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@alphax14: As soon as I read this I got that they are "more long range and not melee fighters".. ?

Alpha X said...

I guess the important question would be: What can we do to get them to not try and kill all of us? If we can't figure that out, we may be at perpetual war with an enemy that we can't see and have to mostly rely on other ETs to protect us.

a2k said...

Dear Psychic, what I figure out from your reading is: (1)There is this group-1 of alien-entities who simply want to control humanity & earth by indirect methods. (2)There is group-2,who simply want to control humanity & planet by direct invasion. (3)There is group-3, of benevolent alien/galactics, who want to serve us by remaining disguise. (4) There is group-4,of benevolent ones,who want to directly come to us and show us the path.Now Regarding date 20Dec,2012.Does it imply that this date was set like a deadline and Group-4 finally wins and want to land on earth?

Charlie said...

Wow! I had no idea this happened! Thanks for the reading.

I have a question. Have people started transitioning to the "new earth" / or 4th-5th density yet? Do you see if that happens automatically, or how it happens?

Thank you :)

YourPsychicFocus said...

@a2k: I do agree with you, but I do not see a true winner yet. They are all sorting it out and sort of battling each other on this. I do see a group wants to walk freely, not to cause harm, but rather just not have to hide (in this case your group #4). In the end I see group 3 and 4 compromising somehow.

@Charlie: I see it happening, but it is slow. I see it happens almost like a forced acceptance, and happens spiritually first (like some kind of "DNA upgrade").

RFK Pope said...

Thank you for this reading. Was this rock coming towards Earth when it was destroyed or was it stationary up there? If it was stationary what was its purpose if it had not blown up?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@RFK Pope: It was coming toward us..

CartalkByJJ said...

Hi Psychic Focus,
Thanks for your reading. Regarding your response to Charlie, it's really timely because There is actually "DNA" being upgraded at the moment. And It's front page news on NYTIMES and Huffington Post today.


They are actually adding a third strand to the DNA Helix with a fifth and sixth neucleotide labeled "X" and "Y". It got me to think about the 2001 response to the 1974 Arecibo Crop Circle we received (presumably from the Greys).


Can you see if this is part of the "DNA Upgrade" you were speaking of? In the Crop Circle Response from the greys, it shows a third DNA strand with additional Neucleotides which I assume is how they're bodies are composed. And if this DNA upgrade information we are getting has some ET influence in information sharing?

Thank you!

YourPsychicFocus said...

@ CartalkByJJ: As I read this I can completely visualize what you are saying, and it "feels" right. There does feel to have an ET influence behind it.