Thursday, May 1, 2014

Are you concerned in any way that whenever you "look" at certain entities and they know you are talking about them or communicating with them good or otherwise characters ... That they take notice of you etc... Or is there a way you ensure you do not jeopardize your situation.

6:52 AM

When I focus on a situation, and I connect to other souls (people, ETC, etc) they do sometimes know I am trying to tap into them.  I go into each situation with the precursor that I am doing this for the "greater good" (my personal mantra that I say in my mind often).  I am seeking truth and want to go to a place that holds the highest vibrations.  Putting that initial intent out there may block some information from coming to me, but I feel if it is blocked there is a reason (coming from a bad place, low vibration, not in the greater good, etc). 

I also have been holding a clear crystal quartz when I do my readings as a way to elevate my vibration and also serve as some kind of protection (It doesn't have to be quartz, it could be something else, but the quartz is what has been "calling" to be lately).  

I am also a big believer in orgonite- I have it placed strategically through my house, and I have a pyramid shaped piece of organite placed where I do my readings.  (several years ago I learned about this and my husband began making it for our home)

I sense the awareness of me communicating is heightened by their level of spiritual development.  I have connected to ETs in the past that I feel I have had a mental conversation with.  I see their face and it feels like we are reading each others minds (I remember this very vividly in a crop circle reading I did.) It felt positive and interesting- left me with a good feeling.  I put out a thought, and they would answer me with a thought- amazing experience. [I will attach a link to the reading.]

Other souls that may not realize I am trying to help or look at a situation, feel me in the form of their "voice in their head" or like a conversation with themselves (I see a person sitting quietly and thinking to themselves, and those thoughts lead to answers to intent that I have put into the "universe.)  In all situations it feels much like a mental telepathic conversation (I may see a mouth move, smell something, feel something or hear something, but in the end the message feels telepathic. As if I get a mental message and the touch, smell, taste, sound and visual is an added supporting detail). 

I have also connected to situations and then something dark happens.. Depending on the severity, I sometimes am able to make sense of it and figure out how to resolve a situation  I am seeing an example of a reading I did in which someone died on their property, the family sold the property, and the person that passed was upset and taking it out on the new owner.  The spirit needed acknowledged in a way, and encouraged to move on (and I told them what the spirit looked to need to do that).  There is no bad intent to me, I just "see" the situation and explain what I see.  

I have also seen dark things appear before me that are quite startling.  I have learned that sometimes when people pass they will show themselves to you in the way that they see themselves- they are projecting their own view of themselves which can appear very disfiguring or not-typical of a human face.  Other times I see things that do feel like they have bad intent regardless of  my "mantra" or holding crystals- it may be a dark topic I am covering- those images usually shut me down, I have clear myself / take a break and focus on positive energy around my house. I then have to refocus on something else or a different aspect of the situation. 

I have learned a lot, and most things don't scare me, but I am human and some of my images get the best of me.  I am getting much better at letting my rational "filter" down, which allows me to get much clearer images, but those images are not always pleasant (much like some of life).  I feel that is the only way to see the truth (seeing the amazing along with the bad).  I get a much clearer perspective and impression.  

And that is all I have.  Love and Light- It is 7:24 AM.

Link to Crop Circle reading:  What is really interesting is that I left the reading requesting that they put a crop circle in the state I live in (which is NOT a popular location for crop circles) and within that month it appeared! Photos are also included in the reading.


Bee E-lightened said...

Do entities even have power to destroy/damage anyone?

Paul Griffin said...

IMHO they do not. They only have the power in this world that we give them. I have at times been tempted but refrained from giving them enough power to contact me... out of curiosity... but I know that if I forbid them to come into my life they cannot.

- P

a2k said...

Dear Psychic,Can they,dark ones,in astral/ethereal plane pose danger to innocent beings?I have heard that People who try to raise their consciousness are often attached psychically and their health,mental & physical,is compromised.Is it so?If yes,then how should one protect from these dark entities?

benykp said...

Thanks Lynn for answering my question, was wondering how you managed it and glad to hear all is under control.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@everyone: We in our physical form are much stronger than any dark force. For a dark entity to try to take over, you have to allow it. That is why I view anything with a psychic sense (even a Ouija board) very serious and not like a toy. You do have absolute control, but you have to believe that you do. Anytime you do psychic work you have to keep your mind to the positive, and I really do believe in crystals (whether they strengthen the intent or really do protect- the end result is a stronger feeling of protection.)