Saturday, May 3, 2014

Q & A: XV: Two Suns, Gas Cloud G2, Galactic Federation [Group Post]

Q. What is the two suns phenomenon that has been seen in photographs and home videos from all over the world? Is it a brown dwarf/unknown planet, an optical illusion, fake? If it is real, why have no astronomers discovered it? Also, what possible effect could it have on earth? Thank you.
A. The image I get when I think about the sun and the solar system is a strand of DNA (the double helix).  I see the strand moving horizontally, and at the head of each side is a sun.  I do get there are two suns and what is happening is the way we are twisting (or spiraling) is making glimpses of the other sun visible. I see that no astronemers have discovered it because it has just been a theory that hasn't been provable (or viewable) until now because of the earth position in relation to the "twisting".  I also see our sun using the other sun as a counterbalance to maintain control (much like centripetal force). 

The sun itself has no real effect on earth, but the planetary bodies that surround this other sun are what influence planets in our system. I see one planet in particular that follows the other sun, and it looks to be equal to Jupiter in regards to distance from the sun.  That body is what will have an influence on earth, specifically manipulations with what is happening to the magnetic field that surrounds and protects earth- it moves the field and creates a thickness in the field on one side and a weakness on the other as the field wobbles about.
Q. Gas Cloud G2 is predicted to arrive at the galactic core in mid April. There is at least a 50% chance that a star and possibly another planetary object exist within. Paul LaViolette theories that tidal stripping of Cloud G2 could cause a stellar explosion within the black hole at the galactic core. 
   What do you see in relation to this possible outcome? 

A  I see the gas being sucked into the black hole, like as how a shop vac would suck up debris.  As soon as the gas gets within the gravitational field of the black hole, it looks to go fast (like if you aren't watching it when it happens, you will have missed it.).  After the gas cloud is absorbed by the black hole I see this vibration occurring- as if the hole is like a pressure cooker wanting to explode, but it isn't quite there yet (just under pressure).  I don't see anything happening after that, but if something else (anything) were to be absorbed by the black hole (and that looks to occur many years from now), it creates an explosion. The result I see is a brilliant, bright light.
   If a stellar explosion occurs, what will the impact be to the Earth and the Sun?
A. The image I see is two hands surrounding earth and giving us a firm shake up and down. It looks like we get have an earthquake on a global level. It doesn't looks severe, but definitely noted.  I also get the impression as I view this that we get knocked slightly off our orbit (but I don't see this as an extinction event).  It feels startling, quick, and then it is over.  I also get that due to being knocked off our orbit we will lose 2 to 3 days a year because our distance to the sun will be slightly altered.

Q. Do they have like a UN council for ET called Galatic Frederation? How long has it's been established and what is their main objective? How many members? You mentioned that the grey aliens were not members but can file a grievance? Can our planet be part of the Galactic Federation?
A. In my mind I never got the word "Galactic Federation", but I do see something that very much looks and feels like a council of representatives.  It looks like the UN of the alien races. 

When I ask how long they have been here, I get that they have been here much longer than humans.  Over thousands of years. They are here to kind of create a balance and prevent one race from taking over.  The supporters of the council realize that the diversity in aliens is important because they are all unique, the varying degrees of vibrations they individually maintain are very necessary. If one race took over to serve their own interests, the result would be a huge imbalance.  (The existence of all these vibrations are what helps to keep the "universal" balance.) They have a deep understanding of energy and vibrations..

At one time I may not have been able to see the Greys in the council, but in what I am seeing now, there looks to be a representative from all races.  I get the number "23" as if there are 23 different races that are represented.  When I pose if Earth can be in this- I am told that many races actually protect Earth so even though the council is reserved for ETs, Earth is indirectly represented. Then I pose why Earth can't be involved, and I am told that this council is much older than the humans on earth, and letting us represent ourselves would be like a child representing themselves in a court of law- we actually need their guidance because there are many things we don't understand. 

And that is all I have.  Thank you.


Laron said...

Thank you for addressing my question on Cloud G2. Your answer is what I was suspecting, with the exception of the timing.

Your answer on the second sun is also something I had sensed and suspected as well.

(I understand you sometimes do short follow up readings based upon comments)

When you say, 'After the gas cloud is absorbed by the black hole I see this vibration occurring-', do you get any more information on the possible effects of the vibration on the Earth and our Sun?

Does this vibration within the galactic center / black hole, produce and direct any form of energy towards us, as an example of this occurrence?


the_mesmerizer said...

Dear Focus Sessions,
Thank you. Though this is not important but still would like to know, if you have some info about this. You saw that "I see one planet in particular that follows the other sun, and it looks to be equal to Jupiter in regards to distance from the sun."
I had once seen that planet that is equal amount of distance from the other sun as our Jupiter, and I saw that it was as big as our Saturn. Just in case you know something about its size please let me know.
Thank you.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Laron: I see the vibration making a humming noise (there is actually a sound with the vibration). It looks as if the vibration sends out pulses (in the form of sound waves) toward earth. It looks to do something with the magnetic shield around earth (making the shield more effective in certain areas and less in others). I don’t see a physical change (regarding the poles or orbit), but I see some trickle down effects with the environment in regards to the solar flares reaching us and that type of behavior. I see that because the sun is able to penetrate areas of the atmosphere more, it will lead to some global warming (not anything the people are doing, but rather the sun is heating the earth from the inside out).

@the_mesmerizer: I would say that Saturn would be accurate. The biggest descriptor I see is the color. The chemicals / gas in the environment on that planet give off a golden, warm yellow glow.

Laron said...

FS, thanks for your follow up message.

With regards to my follow up question, I was hoping to get information around the shift in consciousness, as in the vibrations the energy is having on us consciously/energetically in relation to the shift, not so much the physical earth changes, but what you say also makes sense and is very valid and true I believe.