Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Q & A: XX Random Questions

Q1. The ancient Nubians (early Egyptians) made a beer that contained large quantities of a common antibiotic still used today, tetracycline. Did they brew this beer intentionally so that it had antimicrobial properties?
Thank you!
A.  I see that ancient Nubians had healers that did their work in these tent structures. I am told the structures can't be a solid building because the structures needed to be able to "breathe." I see that they developed the beer originally for healing and not for the sake of making beer. When it was first used I see it was very dark and concentrated (looks like a shot in a shot glass.)

It later evolved into beer that you drink (it was the same core "shot" but was diluted down more which improved taste) and was used for ceremonies and festivals. 

Q. Did it make them healthier/more active, as they were the ones that built pyramids, sphinxes, etc.? 
A. They were healthier because they had a way to treat illnesses and infection. The ability to fight disease and sickness with essential.  This "beer" enabled society as a whole to be healthier.

I do get that occasionally people would have an adverse reaction (rashes). I also see a correlation between the sun and this "beer" as if they played on one another. ?? Another thing I get is that people that drank this often had issues with their teeth (they looked stained and brown??). 

Q. Did the idea of making a beer like this come from outside or even a previous more advanced civilization?
A. I see this knowledge "gifted to them." The image I get is a small box with a big red bow on it, and if is being given from one hand to another. It feels like a society with knowledge and wisdom bestowed this information onto them. I then get the message that everything we need to heal ourselves can be found from the earth- the challenge is to find what that thing is.

Q2. The copper scroll found among the dead sea scrolls speaks of a treasure, can you focus on its location and what it is?
A. I see this as a record of all types of treasure and locations of events.  The word "treasure" means it speaks of literal treasure and also locations of significance for other reasons. 

I get an image of spiral wind as if some of these locations hold certain energy properties. In some of these locations I get they felt a deeper connection to their god.

I also get that this documented listed important locations as far as trading posts and where resources (like food) were plentiful. This document was created out of a need for survival.

Q3. Psychic Focus, is there really a being known as the God Pan? If so, who is he, and what does he do in our world? Is he benevolent? Do fairies and slyphs and elves really exist? Will there ever come a time when we will be able to see and interact with these beings? Thank you for considering my question and thank you for your work
A. I don't see a being called God Pan in a literal sense. I see this character was created for literary purposes to explain an idea, or broaden peoples minds to larger ideas.  In a time where many people didn't look outside the box for answers, it proposed an alternative ideas that created thought (not always in a positive light, but rather quite the opposite).  

I do see that fairies, slyphs and elves exist.  The way they are explained and drawn / illustrated is somewhat distorted.  Society tends to put a label on things, and it can be a similiar thing with many different names. (For example you can have an orange, tangerine, nectarine or clementine- very similar item, but very different names). I see these beings like that too- very similar spiritual beings but very different names. 

Some people do see them now, and that is how we are able to label and explain them. For others it is more challenging. I don't see a time on earth that we all easily and freely see them, because something about the energy on earth is limiting with that regard.

Q4. I was wondering if you could do a reading on the epidemic of gun violence and related deaths in the city of Chicago. I don't see that level of violence occurring anywhere else in the US. I often wonder what it is about that city that creates/allows this level of violence to occur.  I also wonder what can be done either by government or citizens to heal that city and stop (or at least minimize) this violence.
A.  I do get this violence occurs in other places, but we just don't hear about it as much.  I also get that there is a perfect storm created there.  Meaning, you have a lot of struggling people there economically, many broken homes where both parents aren't present, combined with a dense population, and honest citizens aren't allowed to carry a gun legally.  

Some of the financially struggling people have resorted to drugs and violence to survive.  This behavior leads to more more bad behavior.  Broken homes can send youth to seek a home life on the street (gangs, drugs). People that are already on this bad path have easy targets because the law-abiding citizens aren't allowed to carry guns to protect themselves. 

A strong focus on changing any or ideally all of these factors could promote a much healthier city.

Thank you.  And that is all I have for now. 

Also, I was contacted by a nice lady requesting bloggers to address Mesothelioma in honor of National Women’s Health Week (May 11-17), During this week, individuals, families, and communities work to help women learn how to achieve longer, healthier, and safer lives! She blogs for the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance, which has a great deal of information on mesothelioma and asbestos exposure if you are interested. 


Paul Griffin said...

Thanks for the reading.

Tetracycline does cause rashes with exposure to sunlight. Also it is deposited in bones and turns teeth brown when taken by children whose teeth are still growing.

Was the combination of alcohol and tetracycline intentional and to provide additional therapeutic benefit or was that just how they preferred to drink it?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@ Paul: I did see that it started as a medicine only. It was very concentrated, and they took small amounts (I keep getting the visual of a shot glass). I sense a bitter (very bitter) taste to it. People that were ill were put in these buildings with thick leather walls and I see that along with the treatment of concentrated tetracycline a pot of herbs was also burnt and they inhaled it. Everyone looks to sweat profusely as if the herbs induced sweating the sickness or toxins from their body.

The tetracycline evolved from its medicinal purpose to a "drink" with a much better taste. The "drink" was used during rituals and festivals (certain alignments with the sun, moon and stars). Since they knew the "drink" promoted healing and health, it was used as a sacred drink during these times to celebrate (which felt often- like at least monthly because I see an image of the full moon).