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5:48 AM

Q. Many people believe the Apocalypse in the Book of Revelations is a future event. However, if you read the book, particularly Chapter 6, it speaks of people riding horses and carrying swords and lighting by candlestick. It seems to be that we, in the 21st century, are way beyond riding horses and fighting with swords and lighting our homes with candles. And these terms don't seem to be metaphors but literal meanings. I'm aware that 200 million people in Europe died during the sudden sickness and famines of The Black Death during the 14th century. Given our 300 million population in the New World (America) 200 million deaths sounds like an Apocalypse to me. Has Revelations already happened? And does that mean we are actually living in the New Earth as prophecised to occur after the Apocalypse?
A. I see that when those prophecies were made, those events of the apocalypse were very clear in the minds of those that received the message.  I get some prophets saw these events in an intuitive sense, but others were told of the events (and then later called a prophet because of their knowledge)  by a knowledge source. Not all prophets who found this information received it during a deep meditation. 

Q. I ask myself, what was the "knowledge source" and what does that mean.
The first thing I see is that so much of the stories in the bible are intertwined with outside, even extraterrestrial behavior and influence (the picture I get is two grapevines, all twisted and turned.).  Some things in the bible happened the way it was outlined, some were embellished to convey a story. I also get that In the bible some of the references to angels that came down from the heavens were really aliens that people referred to as "gods" because there was no other word to describe what they saw or experienced.  Then I hear that if we lived during that time in a fairly underdeveloped earth and we saw fire or a being come from the sky, we would be inclined to perceive that "being" as a god too. I also get that is why you find so many alien and spaceship drawings on ancient cave drawings. They are honoring these "gods" and telling a story.

The knowledge source that appears to have given these prophets their information (and I see some prophets were psychic and gained this information through a connectedness to the aliens, and some were normal people that actually communicated with the aliens face to face by a telepathic means) were in fact alien.

Q What was said and why?
A. I see (I get the number 2000?) that approximately 2000 BC the aliens outlined a specific guideline of how we were to take the knowledge and technology that they supplied and grow as a society.  They wanted to see what humans could do without continued influence. The aliens thought they gave us a good start, but wanted to see how we would harness and develop from that knowledge. 

Humans are very intriguing to the aliens because we are of a lower density / vibration, however we have tremendous potential if focused and trained.  One of the things they find the most fascinating is how we rule on both emotion and rational behavior.  Many aliens don't have the emotional side that will influence the rational side, so the aliens don't understand how we can made decisions that aren't always of a rational perspective. I see that some aliens (depending on the species) can experience feelings, but it is as if they are interwoven within their rational mind (decisions are still rational based), whereas humans have two very distinct
sides that compete (rational mind versus emotional mind). 

I see that they (aliens) explained that they would watch over earth, and finally return at a time that corresponds with the Mayan calendar. I get that the aliens explained that if certain expectations weren't met, or humans chose a selfish and destructive path, we would be punished by an apocalypse of sorts to reset humankind. In my mind it looks like they were outlining a test and we had a predetermined amount of time to complete it.

I don't see that this time frame of the apocalypse has completely passed. The time lines appear to be crossed and also shifted.  In the scope of the earth there has been a lot of free will that has changed the timeline over the past 4000 (approximately) years. 

And that is all I have for now.  Thank you.  It is 6:08 AM.


a2k said...

ear Psychic,the one thing that interests me is that across all major religions like Christianity,Buddhism,Hinduism,Islam,etc. the same description of apocalypse/end-of-Kaliyuga,etc. is portrayed like In Christianity,the return of christ with Sword in hand & on horse.In Hinduism,it is predicted,Lord Kalki avatar will come on white horse and sword in his hand to kill the darks,same way in Islam,Mehandi Imam returns.So what I believe that there could be various pathways to arrive at the end of this Dark-age but the end is as if divinely predestined to happen in this fashion.Am I right?Also I feel that sometimes your psychic perception is blocked when there is some event or being of Higher vibrational energy.As if your intuition is restricted there.Is it so?I am saying this because what I have read/realized is that Lord Kalki has incarnated long back on earth in Human template like us.He has contributed heavily in clearing dark reptilians, & other negative-being from earth's 3D physical as well as 4D lower astral realm/hell.Presently he is in disguise and is the head of a secret world-wide militia.He has been a past vietnamese war veteran and fluent in speaking 500+ languages.He will chose not reveal us until NESARA is enacted.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@a2k: I do think there can multiple ways to reach the same end, and unless there is a strong free will of intervention occurs it will be destined.

I wouldn't say I'm blocked, because when I am blocked things come to me like a bit of a studder. This was rather fluid. I will say that I approach all readings with the intent of seeing what is the the greater good, so possibly I didn't get all the information because I'm not suppose to know or share that much detail. ??

I still have an image that rather than a person coming back to earth it will be an ET. Possibly if Lord Kalki did incarnate to protect us he was a descendant of an ET force or energy.. ?? Or even an ET cloaked as a human.. ??

a2k said...

Dear Psychic,I really appreciate your readings especially when it is free to all and for the general benefit of we,the readers.I think I should share my opinion regarding ETs.What you are stating is all right but simply a play of words.Yes,Lord kalki is Higher-dimensional being,a warrior of sort,who was always there,works in conjunction with Galct. Fed. often,now he wore this body of Kalki,to complete his mission of abolishing darkness in this part of Galaxy.So, yes he is of higher origin and in a sense ET.And yes,I also believe that your perception is warded off from all which may break the secret needed in mission freeing the humanity.Was this in line with your visuals or still you believe that things are different here???

YourPsychicFocus said...

@a2k: I do see this in line. Thank you for the comments. :-)

wendy tascione said...

When you say we were given time to see if we could develop into a batter species, is the tipping point 144,000 humans to awaken.? Have we reached that or did they change the number? ALSO is it basically like we are good and bad bacteria to this planet and whichever one supercedes the other will be whether we get wiped out? Just like in humans we have both good and bad bacteria ans if the bad start overtaking the body we need the penicilan to come and wipe everyone out.

KnockandWatch said...

Thank you for the wonderful Post Lynn! Comments are very elucidating!

YourPsychicFocus said...

@ Wendy: I never got a specific number, but your analogy to the bacteria is pretty good. There is good and bad, but I don't see those people being separate (some go one way, some go another) but rather mixed together like a bowl of soup and the overall view once they are mixed will be the view.

When discussing ascension, that is different. I am talking in terms of how the aliens view earth, mankind, and what we have done.