Thursday, May 8, 2014

Q & A: XVIII: Random Questions (Religion Focus)

Q. What is the essence of the proton and the electron? What causes the polarity of the particle? Is there a God particle, the elementary building block of the universe? 
A. I see that all living things have some sort of electrical charge (energy). It may vary slightly from living thing to living thing, but we have have this slight electrical charge running through our bodies. The electrical charge and how that energy flows through us is how you manipulate your vibration. Some people feel it, some see it and some can (with a true sense of self) mentally focus on that energy and control it.  I also see that because energy does flow through you, it will naturally create polarity in your cells (if there wasn't polarity, it wouldn't flow- two north poles against each other, or two south poles against each other would interrupt the flow, because energy does flow that way).  

I see that when a woman gets pregnant, and the soul enters the fetus, the heart begins to beat. The motion of the soul entering the baby looks like the ignitor to start these electrical charges.. 

I ask myself about the God particle, and I get that the soul is the real key. Then I get that you can have several element lined up next to each other (just like elements in the body)  and without that slight electrical charge, they are just elements which is why we die when the soul leaves our physical body. That electrical charge attaches elements together like a magnet, and the flow of this energy is what makes our system function.

That may not exactly answer the question, but that is all I can get.

Q. I am curious about the Temple Mount in old Jerusalem. This area is sacred to Christians, Jews and Muslims. It is rumored that the Israeli government plans to demolish the Muslim structures there, the Al-Aqsa mosque and the Dome of the Rock, to erect a Jewish temple. Jewish tradition maintains that the third and final temple will be built on the Temple Mount. What do you see regarding this site? Will there be a war over this site? Is it the site of the second coming of Christ?
A. I do see a war over this.  It won't be a global war, but this area will most definitely be in conflict,  I see many "peace talks" going on in reference to this. (To stop the battling of the neighboring countries and try to come up with a compromise).  I see that Israel wants to do this because the feel like the Jewish religion is the "only" true religion and that they are justified because what they believe is superior. ?? They really have no respect for the values that other people believe in and I see they look down on it. ??  I also get that Israelis treat other with respect and appear to be sincere to there face, but when it comes to religion they very much believe in what they believe. 

I don't see any action being done right away.. Talks go on for a long time.  In the end some kind of trade or agreement will be made in exchange for not destroying this site.  I don't see it as a second coming of Christ, just a LOT of negotiations. 

Q. I doubt this be a subject many others would be interested in, but I really want to know what spiritual forces inspired the 18th century English preacher George Whitefield (1714-70). As one of the creators of the so-called "Great Awakening", he had tremendous oratorical powers and great influence over thousands of souls. I am very curious about the esoteric side of his inspiration and work, and what kind of karma was at work in such a much loved and much hated soul.
A. I see that he was very intuitive and he would "hear" things in his mind.  When he would pray or focus on something, it was as if he could hear a voice that was talking with him.  I keep getting the words "fallen angles" that knew truth and were trying to redeem themselves.  These fallen angles were doing work through Mr. Whitefield.  He very much believed in what he was spreading. 

Q. There is a wonderful person in Brazil called John of God - from wikepedia "João Teixeira de Faria (born June 24, 1942), known also as João de Deus ("John of God"), is a self-described medium and "psychic surgeon" from Brazil. He is based in Abadiânia, a small town in the state of Goiás, southwest of Brasília."
Would like to understand about spiritual healers? How can they do what they do? Who sends them for the mission on earth?
A. These people are very in tune with their spiritual side versus religious (on a scale when I compare the two). They use their belief in  religion (through thought, focus and prayer) to amplify the intent to the "universe" to heal. Their openness to receiving that healing energy in return allows there body to receive that energy (the image I see is lightening hitting a lightening rod) and funnel that energy through their body. I don't see it as a "who" that is sending the healing energy, but rather a "what". And the "what" is the universal energy or energy from the Oneness. 

Q. It seems to me that organized religion is anti-woman. Are these religions afraid of the feminine? Why? When did this start? Thanks very much!
A. I don't see they are afraid in the sense of being scared of women, but there were afraid how society would react to creating the idea of women being equal. When religion became organized I see it was a time when men were dominant. A man may wish to have a woman's support, but they ultimately made the decisions and society expected the women to follow.  Because of the dynamic, religion appealed to men.  If religion would have appealed to women, and given them empowerment, it would have been a threat to the dynamic in which they were living, and religion would not have been accepted.  For organized religion to be created and spread it had to appeal and support the part of the population that had the most voice, and that was the men. 

Thank you. That is all I have for now.


a2k said...

Dear Psychic,could you please tell us what is the source of energy to the primary action of heart to pump blood by continuously expanding & contracting?Do heart can pump without the spirit inhabiting in it?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@ a2k: I see it as your soul. When your soul enters your body the electric (even though minute) pulses are the energy used to start your beating heart.

KnockandWatch said...

Hi Lynn, if I may ask another question concerning the heart: when people get a new heart through transplantation, what is it that (for example) their eating preferences change (as reported from a case in Australia and the donor's family confirmed that these new habits where characteristic to the donor)? Thank you!

YourPsychicFocus said...

@knockandwatch: It is because there is still residual energy from the other person attached. This heart resided within someone else and that residual energy, and to some extent memories within the DNA that make that heart remember traits of the original owner.

a2k said...

Long time,no updates!

YourPsychicFocus said...

@a2k: Did you leave a question somewhere that I didn't answer? I try to be good about that, but sometimes things get overlooked. Occasionally I do take a weekend off to spend with my family (my number one priority) and don't do a new blog, as I did this weekend when it was Mother's Day. Hopefully when I am absent you will find something that interests you deeper in the blog. I do the entries as time and availability permits. My personal goal is at least every other day but at times things come up that make that a challenge.

Thanks for the feedback. Love and light- Lynn

a2k said...

Dear Psychic,I am really sorry,I didn't know that.Such interesting your readings are that,I have become sort of addicted to this blog! and keenly await your updates.Keep it up.Bye!

Anonymous said...

@a2k: I, too, really love it when Psychic Focus gives us a new session. But I also find that the old readings have such wonderful information....every time I read back over some of the older stuff, I find things I didn't really notice before, that now makes sense in a different way. I agree with PF's suggestion that you go deeper into the blog: look over the older stuff and I bet you will find some wonderful insights!

a2k said...

@mtpeach:Thanks for the suggestion dear,I think you are right.I guess you feel the same way,I do!ha ha!