Monday, May 12, 2014

Q & A: XIX: Middle Class, Chemtrails, New World Order and WWIII

2:05 PM
Q. The middle class seems to be in trouble. Do the rulers want the middle class to become poor?
A. I don't see the rulers wanting the middle class poor, but the focus is on keeping them (the rulers) rich and in power.  I also hear that the word "poor" is not as accurate as saying they want to keep them dependent.  As long as the poor are dependent and need the "rulers" for things such as food stamps and medical coverage, in a sense that are enslaved to the system and less able or willing to rebel.  Your instinct for survival is many times overridden by doing what is ethically right.

Q. Are Chemtrails real and are they hurting us and other living things?
A. Chemtrails are very real and I do see them hurting people.  I see they were started as a way to assist in manipulating the weather. These chemicals where induced in the air (and I always see a cloud of what looks like metal shavings when I focus on the chemtrail itself) to assist HAARP in directing its signal to manipulate weather and create situations that look like "natural disasters." The goal was to use this manipulation as the next form of defense in cases of war and disagreements.  The intent was not to hurt people or plants, but it was an unintended consequence as a result.  The gain of this new line of defense was so great, they ignored and covered up the damage being caused...

People with sensitive immune systems for various reasons are really effected by the intake of these toxins.  Most people can pass them, but some have autoimmune reactions (MS attacks, Crohn's, Lupus, etc).  

I also see crops being hurt by this as well, and in comes Monsanto. Genetically bred seeds have been created to thrive in adverse situations, whereas real seeds don't grow as well.  I see Monsanto has made large amounts of money due to the damages caused by chemtrails. 

Q. . Will there be a "New World Order" ruling the USA? (And other countries?) If so...when will this take place?
A. I don't see a world order in the sense that there is one governing body that rules the world, but I do see a "new world" being born that will be different than what we know now.  The biggest thing will be a reset to the monetary system, and a world currency.  I see late 2014 to early 2015 this taking place.  That will come to a surprise to many people that don't follow alternative news sources and only follow mainstream media.  

I also see some kind of alien disclosure being forced.  That will change the ideals of many.  I get the impression that subtle hints have been made to desensitize us somewhat before the official announcement is made.  I also see that ideas are being influenced in movies and books to get us "used to the concept" so when it is revealed we already have a familiarity to it.  I see this coming out in the next couple years. 

I also see a shift a world power occurring and look to see China and Russia rise to the top.  I see this is slowly happening now.  I see China as becoming a large shareholder in American soil and owning parts of the United States.  This largely occurs to the west of the Mississippi River where we have fertile growing land.

I don't see the label as "New World Order" but rather a new type of world that we live in.

Q, Do you know when and if there be a WWIII?
A. I see that we will have many world "conflicts" going on that feel like the equivalent to war, but I don't see the word "war" in a near future context.

Q. There is a rift between the rich and the poor and a corresponding attitude that goes along with it. Do you see this rift widening or shrinking in the near future (5 - 10 years) or the far future (20 - 50 years). Thank you so much for what you do, I really love your site.
A. I see the gap continue to grow until there is a revolt by the poor.  When the poor can no longer sustain, they will rebel.  As long as the poor have enough to get by, the gap will widen between the rich and poor, because the poor need the rich to survive (food, medical, housing, etc). There won't be a shrinking of the gap when it happens, it will be a huge reset, and I don't see that happening until the monetary system is revised and gold backed money is introduced again. 

Q. I read recently that many 50-60 yr olds in CA were having to move back in with their parents due to the shrinking economy, Greek young men are committing suicide because of the austerity measures, and that the whole economic system seems due to collapse, and that the divide between the rich and the poor is the greatest since the Great Depression and the middle class is basically one step above poverty on that scale.

Can you see things changing in the near future? Massive debt forgiveness? A resource-based economy not built on a debt-instrument (money) created out of thin air by the banks?
A. I see the divide being huge, and the whole system is really an illusion.  There isn't enough backing to cover the credit debt and money grown in the stock market.  Everything is based on electrons, not physical cash (or something of value).  The money we have is so diluted due to the continued printing and inflation that it value isn't even true.  It will really take a reset of the financial system to stabilize things, and only then can the economy build itself back from the ground up. Skills and ability to produce things and provide valuable services will be valued again. The barter system will also be huge during this transition. 

Thank you.  That is all I have.  It is 2:46 PM. 


a2k said...

Dear Psychic,Thanks for the long update to all of us!This was again an important emphasis you are providing continuously since some of your past updates.Let's sum-up this here. (1)World-economy control from west is heavily rigged. (2)USD diluting due to controversial Quantitative-easing program by FED (3)The whole of economy is in deep crisis and a no-way-out situation except restructuring.
you further predicted,(4) the coming of Gold-Back-Currency and Revaluation.
Question:Do various governments in different countries are aware of this economic-situation, and preparing for a massive transition covertly?My personal opinion is that,Only countries,world-leaders,like US,EU,China,Russia,Japan know this secret and in a sense,are prepared for this global-restructuring.I guess this from the clue that,in our country,viz. India,the government as well as private machinery takes steps that sound they are in no clue to whole of the coming transition.e.g. our government imposed heavy duty on import of Gold to balance CAD,private IT giants like Infosys,wipro are still outsourcing job to US clients and not focusing on other markets.There are talks in government to allow Foreign-direct-investment(FDI).I guess that beforehand info on upcoming Transition is a strategic-tool for Russia+China to prepare a position for global-leadership.What's your take on this?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@a2K: I do see many governments realizing this is happening and are trying to minimize the effects when it does. I also see that when smaller govts (and I get a pic of Egypt in my mind) try to prepare, the US goes in and tries to shake things up so they can't prepare themselves. It is if the US feels that as long as they create conflict in many govts it will prolong the inevitable. ??