Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Q & A: XVII: Deep Space, Aliens, UFO, Galactic Federation [Group Posting]

Q Could you tell us more about aliens - Galactic Federation you mentioned in one of your readings? How did those highly evolved aliens came to form an organization? Will they help our planet with our issues and our government? Will Earth be invited to become a member?
A. I get this federation (my mind wants to call it a "council") was created thousands of years ago, it existed before man was even here on earth. They were created as a way to have balance in the universe, and serve as a checks and balances.  Even though some races of aliens may not like constraints, they are intelligent enough to accept this as necessary because it is the the "greater good." 

I see they will help out planet, because in many ways earth is the "experiment" or their "training ground." They observe earth, with little interference, to see how humans behave. And then I get there are always some that rebel (alien races), and I hear the word "reptilian." Earth is a third density place, and they find us intriguing to see the differences in people and the range of abilities in this type of constrictive environment. Some try to overcome the environment and advance spiritually and heighten their vibration, while others get absorbed by their surroundings. By constrictive I mean new or different ideas are not embraced and accepted as a whole. Opinion and judgement, and fear of judgement hold many of us back.  The energy around this is changing, but it is SLOW... I also get that many people trying to heighten their awareness and connectedness with their higher self are able to with work, for some it is easier than others, but at times most people experience times of difficulty that would feel equal to walking through a "pond of mud".

I get that the council's biggest battle is opposing the aliens that go against them, in space and on earth. They don't intervene with issues and the government, but rather focus on the selfish alien races that don't care about the "greater good" and would just as soon see the earth become weak so they can have it for themselves. 

When I ask if earth with be invited to the council, the answer I get is "no".  What I ask, Why? I hear the phrase earth isn't advanced enough to be able to understand the issues of the universe. The example I am told is: having us be a part of this council would be like having your two-year old pick your stock portfolio.

Q. What do you think about the 1997 Phoenix, AZ lights and who were they?

A.  I get that was alien craft.  There is some kind of energy vortex around there.. ?? That vortex is what makes this a popular location for craft to come to earth.  I get that the aliens navigate earth via these vortexes, and they (these vortexes) in a way form a map of earth..?? I also see a mountain, that from a forms a pyramid near there.  Deep within this mountain (looks like a cave of sorts with its entrance near the top) the craft can enter and it serves as a base here on earth.  

Q. I live in SF Bay Area and feel a pronounced shift in UFO/Alien presence.  It feels like attention is being diverted to this presence much like a honing device or tractor beam.  It feels imminent, but not negative.  What is happening????

A. I see an overall subconscious awakening happening. This isn't happening in just San Francisco, but rather everywhere.  In our deep subconscious we all know the truth because we are all connected to the Universal Knowledge or Universal Energy. I see they (aliens) exist, and many other people see it too.  For some, their rational mind filters those thoughts because the belief in alien life threatens their own paradigm or belief system (the way you were taught or your religious beliefs), but deep down we all know the truth, and that truth is slowly trying to surface (dreams, thoughts, it comes out in tv shows / movies, books) and can't be suppressed forever. 

Q. Are aliens spiritually advanced?
A. Yes. Some are more that others, but they all have access to parts of their brain that humans don't seem to have (even the most spiritually advanced on earth).  They are able to mentally "talk" to one another and just "know" things. They have a vast understanding of technology and how laws of the universe work... Humans are progressing, but we haven't gotten there yet.  Aliens are like a grandparent with worlds of experience, knowledge and wisdom.  Humans are like young children learning the world as if it were fresh and new, learning along the way.

Q What is at the edge of the universe?

A.  I've never been able to see this.  In my mind when I focus on it, it feels to go forever.  I never see an end, and in fact it is so far and the distance is so great that I get a "panicky" feeling as if it will never stop when I keep going.

Q. I would like to know if angels are really aliens doing God's work. Also why does The ZetaTalk website predict such world wide devastation with the passing of Niburu and sites like The Golden Age of Gaia channel from angels that the ascension process will not include such devastation. Why such different predictions?

A. I do see the word aliens and angels used to describe the same spiritual energy at times. Aliens can look very different from angels in your mind, but they can also have a rather ambiguous presence to where you can't really tell.  Angels, Spirits and Aliens can all do work to help humankind in their greatest good. 

I see several factors causing different predictions.. Predictions and how a psychic gets their information is different for everyone. For some, they hear things as if they are talking to someone of a higher vibrational force and they "hear" it directly and that is their only or main source.  Others see images, get impressions or feelings using their own life experiences as symbols or analogies. Your whole life is like a movie, and certain events get paused (could be a childhood friend, clip from a movie you saw, advertisement in a magazine from three years ago, verse from a song, smell of a flower, hearing a phrase, the list is infinite) and the message you are to give is based on what scene from your experience you are paused on.  Other people use cards or pendulums, and there is room for error in that as well.  Some messages are literal , and some symbolic.  Things get misinterpreted, and time-frames or the literal event can be off due to that.

I also see the challenge being time itself.  In the vastness of the universe, time in our sense is very small. For example, our life span is like a blink of an eye to others.  The perception of time can be off when connected to an outside force.  We also describe time as linear, but in reality it overlaps.  The past, present and future and really the same, but we don't experience it that way in our physical bodies.  That leads to misread time frames as well.

(I will continue a reading on this topic through another group post... I have more questions regarding this topic to discuss.)

Thank you.  That is all I have for now.  Love and light-


Eva Witte said...

you used the word embarrassed with this statement: ideas are not embarrassed and accepted as a whole.

did you mean embraced instead of embarrassed?

They Live said...

I knew two members on this council. They were angles in human form, one good one bad(fallen.)

YourPsychicFocus said...

@ Eva: Thanks. You were right. I fixed it. I didn't catch it.