Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Q. Can you please ask about Fukushima. 3/11/2011. Before this event happened things were very "off" energetically, some people felt sick etc. When it happened some people saw a big energetic "rip" or black hole open, there was also meltdowns of 3 of 5 nuclear plants, something being hidden. It is the worst disaster in history. The metallic particles were in the air over the us and came down via rainfall. I was in San Fran during the period just after and I could feel it. Many people are monitoring seafood. There is a restaurant in Santa Barbara that no longer serves fish out of the Pacific. Whole Foods is monitoring all fish with radiation monitors, kelp and iodine suppliers are monitoring sources. All green tea from Japan is being tested for radiation by key retailers and suppliers. I know this because I have direct experience. The government increase the accepted levels of radiation recently.
A.  I see this disaster effecting a lot of environmental things, and will continue to do so.  To back up, the energy was off during this time- I see that many people felt it.  It feels like there was just an overall heaviness and tension when this happened.  It is the same "feeling" you get when you walk into a room and people just got done fighting.  The fight may be over, but the residual energy of the fight is still lasting.  Then I ask, who was fighting, what countries were fighting, was this disaster intentional or was it an act of nature?.. My initial gut told me it was nature due to a shift in plates on the Pacific floor BUT I later had my intuition kick in and realize that something instigated the Pacific floor to shift (or have an earthquake) which created this to look like a complete natural disaster.  As I focus, very few countries are capable of creating such an "instigation", one of which being the US. I now have to ask myself, who was the US mad at and why?.  (This is taking me full circle back to the image of  energy lingering in a room after an argument). I get Japan was making an agreement with another country (China?- sense it but don't get a clear image??) and the US didn't like it.  They created the event to scare Japan but NEVER intended on this type of a global disaster to result. 

The lasting effects will be around for a long time.  I see the Pacific as heavily polluted, destroying and altering a lot of life in those waters.  Many of those fish are toxic.  I do see huge bans on the seafood, and many places will stop serving it.  As the toxicity increases in the water, which will trickle down to the food, I do see governments increasing what is acceptable, and people will have to pay attention to where there food is coming from.  

I also see the farm lands on coast of California being effected by the rainfall (the pollution in the air is being brought down to the earth). These toxins get into the soil and effect the plants.  I see the government is aware and trying to work on something that neutralizes the soil.  I also see that in California the chemtrails are increasing because the chemtrails (or rather the metallic particles in them) are what help HAARP more effectively manipulate the weather.  They are inducing droughts to try to keep these particles from saturating the growing lands in California while they work on a fix to neutralize.

As I re-read the question, I also get that the metal particles you felt raining down on you in San Francisco after the event happened were the remnants of the chemtrails in place to help create this earthquake.. (I see the chemtrails above the location of the quake, and then blowing east over California as they dissipate).

It seems that the Fukushima plants and people were very slow to respond, I imagine they were stunned a bit, but the responsiveness seemed very lethargic and very weird, like there was interference from darker energies that wanted to cause this or slow responsiveness. It could also be due to the energy that was created during the quake caused people to feel off.
A.  They were in shock.  It was like there systems (physical, emotional and mental) were on overload.  This type of an event is something you prepare for, but never see it as real.  Many people couldn't even comprehend how bad or serious this would get.  The quake seemed to come from nowhere (no lead up seismic activity) and then the tsunami hit.  It was very unsuspecting. 

And that is all I have.  Thank you.


Baku Matsumoto said...

Hello!! I have a 1 year old niece living in Tokyo. Do those babies in Tokyo also get affected by nuclear contaminated foods in a long run??? Any recommended diet to decrease the nuclear effect, if any????

a2k said...

Dear Psychic,Thanks a lot for your continued help extended to all.Regarding fukushima, I have read somewhere that disaster of this level was beyond human capability to overcome alone,so Galactic,intervened here to save mankind,by mitigating the radiation to overwhelm us.Do you really see so?Did they neutralize the radiation?

RFK Pope said...

I feel like we are experiencing a real-life Game of Thrones with the US and Japan and China jousting for position. Are the individuals behind these actions of human origin or is there an ET competent to this?

siketa said...

It's Fukushima, not Fukishima.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Baku: I see all of Japan in a zone that will be effected. Food and animals grown there will have varying degrees of exposure. Some is intense and some is minimal, but I get that the toxins are all there. They (the toxins) do get blown to the east, so there is some relief there. It is important to be cautious. I see imported foods as safer. I would stay away from food from the ocean. Even washing produce can't rid of the contamination within it. Just use caution with your food choices.

@a2k: I didn't see any ET involvement (that doesn't mean it didn't happen, I just don't see it). I still see it as a threat and it isn't neutralized as of yet. In fact, I see our oceans being heavily polluted still.

@RFK: I see this as all human doing. The ET involvement is for the most part to protect us from ourselves (with the exception of what we call "reptilians"). I do see this as human origin.

@siketa: Thank you for catching this. I corrected it.

Bee E-lightened said...

Siketa is really making issue of the misspelling of one letter in that non -english/foreign word?! Really?!

Thank u PF. A lot of people (including myself) believe its man made and that the intentions were evil

Baku Matsumoto said...

Thank you!! All affected, wow!.,,

siketa said...

Bee: Yes, it is important.
That way you show respect to those people there.

Bee E-lightened said...

What have you contributed to the discussion except being a grammar nazi?

siketa said...

I tried to teach you something....but I obviously failed.

Bee E-lightened said...

Lolol...teach me. I would hv learnt more if you contributed to the topic than being a grammar police